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Charles Towne, was first settled when the "Carolina" landed at Bull's Run on 15 Mar 1670. The settlers established a town on Albemarle Point, on the west bank of the Ashley River. They Chose the name Charles Towne in honor of King George II of England. In 1669, the Lord Proprietors decreed that Oyster Point, a peninsula defined by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, was a better site for settlement. Charles Towne was laid out in a regular grid pattern on the Cooper side of the peninsula. Since the site was exposed to attcks from the sea, a wall was erected around the settlement, along with moat and draw bridges. The walls were torn down in 1718 and the grid pattern was continued across the peninsula. The fortifications remained along the Cooper River side of town and along the neck between the two rivers. Charles Towne District was officially established in 1769, an original District in South Carolina. The name was changed to Charleston in 1783. Charleston District stayed the same from 1769 until portions were split off first in 1800 to form Colleton County and then again in 1882 to form Berkeley County. All South Carolina counties, before 1820, were subdivisions of circuit court districts. In 1868 all South Carolina districts were redesignated as counties.

25 May 1769 - 5 Feb 1771 (Charleston SC Will Book SS 1771-1774) Will. Isaac MAZYCK, Charles Town, Gent. Sons: Isaac, the younger, my house and lot where I now live in said town on N side Broad St. part of which I purchased of Catherine TAYLOR and part adjoining lot No. 70 purchased of Robert RAWLINS and his wife bounded N by Dupy's Alley; Peter share in lot No. 4 conveyed to son Isaac at N. side Broad St. where I now live, house and lot on corner Tradd St. and Bedon's Alley which I had by deed from my father Isaac MAZYCK, deceased; William, house and lot in said town on Tradd St. purchased of brother Stephen MAZYCK; Paul, plantation on Santee River purchased of Joseph SPENCER called Rommey, swamp I hold by a grant, lot No. 5 in said town shown on plat dated 18 Dec. 1742 made between myself and brother Paul, Benjamin and Stephen MAZYCK, my brothers-in-law Benjamin GODIN and John GENDRON, lot No. 89 in George Town, Winyah, Craven County, purchased of Rev. Mr. William HUTSON; Stephen, 2 lots of land in said town Nos. 12 and 13. Daus: Mary PORCHER; Marianne, 1/2 lot No. 20 in said town on Mazyck St. and street leading from Archdale St. and Magazine St., lot No. 15 in George Town purchased of John JORDON, that due her from estate of James de St. JULIEN, deased. Grandchildren: William MAZYCK, the younger, lot No. 90 in George Town purchased of Mr. William HUTSON, his brother Isaac MAZYCK and sister Mary MAZYCK, the younger, being 3 infant children of son William and his wife Mary MAZYCK; unborn child of son William; children of dau. Mary PORCHER. Niece: Susanna KENNAN, widow. Son-in-law; Philiop PORCHER. Mentions: 1/2 my books to son Isaac, other 1/2 to son Paul; pew No. 25 in St. Michael's Parish Church to son Isaac, he allowing his brothers and sisters use of same for period of 7 years: legacy to grandchildren to son William in trust for education and maintenance of said children during their minority; £12,000 to executors to be put at interest for support of "my loving, but unfortunate son Stephen MAZYCK so long as he shall or may contiue in his present melancholy and helpless condition;" Mr. WAYNE; legacy left in my deceased father's will for use of minister of Gospel of French Church in Charles Town; Susanna BURNETT, widow of London, and her children; Widow COMBEE and her dau.; residue of estate to 4 sons Isaac, Peter, William and Paul. Exors: sons Isaac, Peter and Paul; son-in-law Philip PORCHER. Wit: Thomas ADAM, Aaron LOOCOCK, William LEE. D: 25 May 1769. P. 5 Feb. 1771. R: nd. P.1. (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1760-1784, Compiled and Edited by Caroline T. Moore, page 153) Search Words: HUDSON KENTON

Notes: Might the Widow COMBEE have been Martha, w/o Phillip, or of John Combs below? Also note that the reference to "minister of Gospel of French Church in Charles Town" indicates French Huguenots. See Also John JORDAN Above in possible reference to John Jordan COMBAA [sic] of Orangeburgh District (Northern Part) among the 1790 Census records below. Another possibility, particularly given that the above record is Charleston, is that this surname is a.k.a. COOMER

24 May 1770 - 15 Dec 1781 (Charlestown District SC DBG-5, 218-221) Thomas GRIMBALL Junr, Esquire, Sheriff of Charles Town District, to John DEAS of Charles Town, Esquire, whereas John COMBE of parish of St Thomas & St. Dennis in Berkley County, planter, deceased, was seized of a tract of 200 acres on Lynches Creek adj. land belonging to the French Parsonage of St. Dennis Parish and land of said John DEAS late BONNEAU, land of said John DEAS late John LIP'S, and said John COMBE by his bond dated 24 May 1770 bound to Paul MURREL of province and county aforesaid in the penal sum of ~L1100 SC money for the payment of ~L550, and Paul MURRELL in the court of common pleas did implead Daniel DUBOIS, admr. of the estate of John COMBE deceased and obtain judgment…now for ~L580 SC money paid by John DEAS. T. GRIMBALL Junr. Shff. C.T. D. (LSS), Wit: Benj'a VILLEPONTOUX, Joseph MILLIGAN. Proved by the oath of Joseph MILLIGAN 15 Dec 1781 before William RUGELEY, J.P. Recorded 15 Dec 1781. (South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1776-1783 Books Y-4 through H5, Abstracted by Brent H. Holcomb, page 220)

8 Oct 1770 - 8 Mar 1771 (Charleston SC - SC Will Book, p. 11) Will. William COOMER, Charles Town. Brother: George FICKLING, 1/4 estate. Sisters: Sarah BRADLY, 1/4 estate at interest; Martha LANGWELL, 1/4 estate at interest. Nephew: William FICKLING, son of George FICKLING [brother-in-Law?]. Cousin [niece]; Mary FICKLING, dau of George FICKLING. Brother-in-Law; Alexander RUSSELL, 1/4 estate, executor. Mentions: Children of sister Sarah BRADLY. Wit; John CROSS, Benjamin DARLING, John TROUP. D: 8 Oct. 1770. P: 8 Mar. 1771. R: nd. (ibid.)

4 Feb 1771 - 8 Mar 1771 (Charleston SC - SC Will Book RR 1767-1771, p. 589) Will. Alexander RUSSELL, Charles Town, ship-carpenter. Wife: Elizabeth, the right to build on part of lot bequeathed said daus. During her life. Sons: Alexander and Robert, under 21 years, part of my low water lot and wharf in said town and house intended to be built there. Daus: Jane, Elizabeth and Margaret, under 21 years, other part of said lot next Mr. Richard MUNCRIEFF'S land to Bay St. Mentions: to wife that left her by her father and her brother, Mr. William COOMER, deceased. Exors: wife; William RUSSELL and John GILES guardians of my children. Wit: John TROUP, Anthony BOTHEL, John RUSSELL. D: 4 Feb. 1771. P: 8 Mar. 1771. R: nd. (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina, 1760-1767, Caroline T. Moore, 1969, pg. 11) Search Words: MONCRIEF

A COMBER (a.k.a. COMER) or a Combs?

18 Jan 1773 - 5 Nov 1773 (London EN & Charleston SC - SC Will Book, p. 466) Will. Lambert LANCE, late of Charles Town, but now of London, merchant. Wife: Ann Magdalen, house and 2 lots in Friend St. Nos. 5 and 6, said town, during her life. Son: Lambert, under 21 years, residue of estate. Son-in-law: James St. JOHN. Sisters: Mary and Elizabeth LANCE; Abigail TATE, wife of Richard TATE. Brother: William LANCE. Mentions: children of sister Abigail TATE; Mr Robert RAPER of said town: Mr. Peter RAINIER of London; Jacob WARLEY and Michael BOOMER. Excors: wife; Mr. Robert RAPER, Wm. COOMBES, Wm. PASHLY. D: 18 Jan. 1773. P: 5 Nov. 1773. R: nd. (Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1760-1784, Compiled and Edited by Caroline T. Moore, page 204)

Note that the above document does not indicate which of those named (other than the testator, and presumably his wife) resided in EN, and which in SC. (See Also London, EN)

13 Jun 1788 - 30 Oct 1789 (Charleston SC Will Book, 1783-1800, p. 355) William UNDERHILL, Charleston, formerly of Parish of St. Maris Mackfelin, White Chapel, County of Middlesex, plasterer. Dau: Fanny DIXON, under 18 years. Mentions: to margaret GRAYHAM, now of Charleston, for 14 and 1/4 years all rents for houses in Adam and Eve Court, Hatchett Alley, Spectal Alley, Church Lane, Cholchester St., Parish of White Chapel and free renewal of all leases when expired, said lands and houses in care of Richard COLGATE of Parish of Lime House, that which my father will leave me in Parish of Wednesbury, Staffordshire, and that left me by James TAYLOR, Esq. Exor: Margreate GRAYHAM. Wit: George COOMB, Thomas COOK, Richard GORDON. D: 13 June 1788. P: 30 Oct. 1789. R: nd. ["This James TAYLOR his<sic> a Stock Broker in Queen St. in the Borough of Southwark."] (Abstracts of Wills of Charleston District South Carolina and other wills recorded in the district 1783-1800, compiled and edited by Caroline T. Moore. Copyright 1974 CCC#74-22551 Printed by The R L Bryan Co. Columbia SC. Page 189)

Note: Again, the above document does not indicate which of those named (other than the testator, and presumably the witnesses, and Margreate GRAYHAM), resided in EN, and which in SC. George Combs as a witness is interesting in that (a) it is his first appearance (for us) in the records; (b) we have a surfeit of George Combs in Wilkes Co NC, some with both possible SC and COOK Family connections, and (c) no indication that the others who witnessed the above document were also Englishmen.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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