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Dyer County, located in North-West Tennessee, was formed in 1823 from Indian lands.

~ William Jefferson Combs Family ~

William Jefferson Combs was born 1841 in TN, and died 1929 in Dyer County, Tennessee. He married Sarah Elizabeth BAKER (born in 1850 in TN) on March 15, 1869 in Dyer County, Tennessee. (see Dyer Co. TN. marriage record below). William lived in Gibson Co, TN before moving to Dyer Co. by 1880. W. J. Combs was a soldier in the Confederate Army. He was a private and enlisted March 24, 1862, Company B, 47th TN Inf. CSA. He is buried in the Bowen Chapel Cemetery, Dyer County, Tennessee with his wife Sarah Elizabeth BAKER who died 1919 in Dyer Co., TN. Both William Jefferson Combs and Sarah Elizabeth BAKER were born in TN. Their five children were also born in TN. William Jefferson Combs' mother was Mary Ann “Polly” Reasons, daughter of George and Dicey Rhodes REASONS. Mary Ann married Alfred Combs, father of William J. September 25 1838 in Madison County. Alfred and Mary Ann REASONS Combs were both born in North Carolina. William Combs, age 18, is living with his mother, apparent widow Mary Combs in Gibson Co. in 1860 and then Mary is living with William and Sarah per the 1870 Gibson Co. census. William's family has been researched extensively and descendant Phyllis Combs generously provided the Combs &c Research Group with a list of descendants and source record notations.

1830-1860 Dyer Co, TN Census

No Combs/Coombs

15 Mar 1869 William Jefferson Combs and Sarah Elizabeth BAKER - Marriage license records; Dyersburg, Dyer County, Tennessee

William Combs s/o Alfred & Mary Ann “Polly” REASONS Combs

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1870 Dyer Co, TN Census

Newburn, Civil District 6

p. 90A, Line 35

101/101 WYNNE Henry 61 M W farmer 2,000 5,000 VA
Harret 56 F W keeping house VA

ADAMS Morkus 32 M W farmer 200 TN

PIRKINS Elizabeth 32 F W out of Emply TN
Willie 2 M W TN


USGenWeb Census Project pg0089A.txt

Newburn, Civil District 9

179/179 McCombs, Wm 62 M W farmer 300 TN
Ellen 45 F W keeping house KY
Ann 17 F W at home TN
John 14 M W at home TN
Margret 32 F W keeping house TN
Wm 2 M W TN
Maney 25 F B house Servant TN
Rose 2 F B TN

Dist No. 14 Part 2

96/96 BAKER, Pink 51 M W Merchant (Ret) 3,880 3,000 TN
Nancy 40 F W Keeping house TN
Mary 15 F W At home TN

Note: Pinkney BAKER married Nancy McDURMIT, 1842 (Gibson County Tn - Vital Records - 1824-1950 Marriages), Parents of Sarah Elizabeth BAKER w/o William Jefferson Combs, Sr.

(Submitted by Phyllis Combs)

3 Oct 1874 STATE GAZETTE - Dyersburg, TN - Vol. 9 NO. 40 - Saturday October 3, 1874
THE P. & M. RAILROAD--The Ripley News, in speaking of the rumor that McCOMBS has stopped work on the P. & M. Railroad for the purpose of forcing the Elizabethtown Railroad to sell or lease, says; (very long story, no names used.)

(Submitted by Phyllis Combs)

1 Feb 1877 (Dyer County, Tn - Marriages - 1860 - 1880) McCombs, Rosa P. to Chamberlain, J. R.

(Submitted by Phyllis Combs)

1880 Dyer Co, TN Census

P. 18D

??/?? Combs Cintha J. 31 W __
Ellen 8 W TN
J. 30 W TN
Joseph 11 W TN
Mary A. 6 W TN
William 1 W TN

District 1

Page 26 - 14 June 1880

236/236 Combs, W W M 39 Head M Farmer TN NC NC
Saurra W F 29 Wife M Keeps House TN ALA TN
James W M 10 Son S TN TN TN
Cordy W M 6 Son S TN TN TN
Adgermay W F 3 Dau. S TN TN TN
Larenia W F 8/12 Dau. S TN TN TN

p. 26c

38 SMITH, J.W. 34 W TN
Emily 34 W TN
James 11 W TN
Augustus 8 W TN
Ellie 6 W TN
Laura 3 W TN
Dorah 1 W TN

Emily Combs d/o Alfred and “Polly” Combs, see Emily age 3 in 1850 Gibson Co, TN Census. Also see 1900 Gibson Co, TN Census

1890 Dyer Co., TN Veteran Census

No Combs/Coombs

1891 Dyer Co, TN State Census

Enumeration of male inhabitants of Twenty-one Years of Age and upward, citizens of Tennessee, January 1, 1891, as provided for by an Act of General Assembly of Tennessee, passed January 15, 1891, and approved January 22, 1891. Source: TNGenweb Dyer Co.

District 1

123 1 W. J. Combs 49
124 1 J. W. Combs 21

District 2

158 2 J. A. Combs 21

1900 Dyer Co, TN Census

District 1

01 June 1900

157/158 Comes, William J. Head W M Oct 1841 58 M 32 TN NC NC
Sarah E. Wife W F Jun 1850 49 M 32 3-3 TN ALA TN
Adria M. Dau. W F Dec 1876 23 S TN TN TN
William J. Son W M Dec 1881 18 TN TN TN
Finis T. Son W M Oct 1885 14 TN TN TN
Warmoth, C Servant W M 1883 17 TN TN TN
Fitz????, Virginia Boarder W F Nov 1891 8 TN TN TN

?? Twp

18 June 1900

?/? GLENN, Loflin Head W M Oct 1878 21 S TN TN TN Book Store
Mary Mother W F Jun 1855 45 WD 7ch. 6liv. TN NC NC
Eveline Sister W F Apr 1881 19 S TN TN TN
Francis E Sister W F Aug 1883 16 S TN TN TN
Josie B Sister W F Nov 1884 15 S TN TN TN
Pearl Sister W F JUN 1888 12 S TN TN TN
VAHETMAN, Fred B-in-law W M Nov 1864 35 WD Mich Mich Mich Runs Files
Ilam Neice W F Jun 1896 4 S TN Mich TN
F. L. Nephew W M Sep 1897 2 S TN Mich TN

Note: Pearl GLENN marr. Twid Combs 21 Jan 1909

1910 Dyer Co. TN Census

District 1

15 April 1910

9/9 Combs, W. J. Jr. Head M W 28 M 0 TN TN TN Barber Own Shop O M H
Dora C Wife F W 25 M 0 TN TN TN

85/85 Combs, Finis T Head M W 24 M 0 TN TN TN Farmer General farm O F F
Pearl M Wife F W 22 M 0 ARK US US

9th District

148/150 Combs, Halbert Head M W 32 M5 TN MISS NC Farmer Home farm OM
Joisie Wife F W 29 M 5 2-2 TN MISS TN
Edward Son M W 2 S TN TN TN
Lasino Dau. F W 1 5/12 TN TN TN
MEDORIS, Benu Handman M W 19 WD TN TN TN Farm Laborer

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

    6 Aug 1917 Pearl M. Glenn Combs Death Certificate
      Wife of Finis Twilight Combs
      Dyer, Co. TN Civil District 1
      born: January 17, 1887, TN
      age: 30 years 7 months 24 days
      Occupation: Housewife
      Father: William Glenn b. TN
      Mother: Elizabeth (Blank) b. TN
      Ill: July 24, 1917 to August 6, 1917 of Pellagra in Tigrett, TN
      Burial: August 8, 1917 Bowen Chapel Cemetery

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

    24 Jul 1919 Dyer Co. TN Civil District 1 Regestration District No. 42301
      Sarah Elizabeth Combs
      Date of birth: June 24, 1850 ~ age 68 years, 1 month
      Occupation: House wife
      Birth place: TN. 
      Father: Pink Baker b. TN
      Mother: Nancy McDerm(ink blot here) b. TN
    Date of Sarah's death July 24, 1919
      Cause of death (Can't read 0r understand) 
      Looks like Amifs Deputesf Co (blanked Out)
      Buried Bowen Chapel Cemetery July 25, 1919

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1920 Dyer Co, TN Census

9th District

31 Jan 1920

FM 243 244 Combs, Halbert C Head M W 41 M TN MISS NC Farmer Farm 221
Josie Wife F W 39 M TN MISS TN
Edward Son M W 12 S TN TN TN
Lausa Dau. F W 10 S TN TN TN
Eliza Dau. F W 8 S TN TN TN
Jerry Son M W 6 S TN TN TN
Cherry Dau. F W 6 S TN TN TN
Fred Son F W 4 S TN TN TN
Oliver C. Father M W 76 WD MISS TN TN

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

Note: See Rockingham Co, NC 25 Jul 1865 marriage of Oliver C. Combs to Arian W STUBBLEFIELD. Oliver Combs also found in 1850 and 1860 (mis-transcribed as Olive) Wilkinson Co, MS census.

20 Apr 1929 William (Bill) Combs: death certificate was found on p.7476 Dyer County in 1929.
He was born 10/28/1841 and died 4/20/1929 at the age of 87y4mo20d. He was listed as a widower and occupation as farmer. His father was listed as Alford Combs b. NC. and MARY COMBS b. NC. His cause of death was listed as endopericarditis, possibly bacterial infection. He was buried in Bowen's Chapel Cemetery and his information was provided by his son, Jim Combs of Memphis.
Burial: Bowen Chapel Cemetery, Dyer County, Tennessee.

Note: Interesting that father's name was given as ALFORD instead of Alfred. Alford also seen in one of the early tax records.

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1930 Dyer Co, TN Census

Tigrett District 1

p. 1b

18/19 Combs Todd F. W 42 TN TN TN
R??? W 28 TN TN TN
Finis C. son W 18 TN TN TN
Tommy son W 6½ TN TN TN
Willie J. son m w 3 4/12 TN TN TN

Note: Ancestry shows Todd F. as Twid F. and R??? as Robbin. When they make the Robbin into Robbie and Finis C. into Finis G. they will have it correct.

Tigrett & Stokes Rd.

34/36 Clark, Jesse F. Head M W 57 M 28 TN TN TN Farmer
Adria [COMBS] Wife F W 54 M 25 TN TN TN
Harold Son M W 20 S TN TN TN
Gerald Son M W 18 S TN TN TN
Elton Son M W 13 S TN TN

Note: Adria Combs is the daughter of William Jefferson Combs

9th District

23 April 1930

309 309 Combs, H. C. Head Own M W 51 M 26 TN MISS NC Farmer
Josie Wife F W 49 M 24 TN MISS TN
Edward Son M W 22 S TN TN TN Farm Laborer
Lavina Dau. F W 21 S TN TN TN
Eliza Dau. F W 19 S TN TN TN
Jerry Son M W 17 S TN TN TN
Cherry Dau. F W 17 S TN TN TN
Fred Son M W 14 S TN TN TN
Josie B. Dau. F W 9 S TN TN TN
Willie Son M W 8 S TN TN TN

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

Dyer County Register of Deeds Volume 1
833235 5442 Roll 108

CLARK, H. T. J. W. CLARK Power of Attny. B.C. 381

Note: Most of this volume is clear and easy to read but the bottom of the pages are another story. The bottoms are so faded that from 3 to 8 lines are impossible to read. Many lines are almost entirely faded out. But the lines that were clear revealed that Sheriff CLARK, H was seizing property probably for unpaid taxes, and the sheriff seized quite a great deal of property. When listed as CLARK, H. T. he was acting not as the Sheriff but on his own as a citizen buying or selling property. W. J. Combs had a son and two daughters who married into the same CLARK family. Their father was J. W. CLARK and mother Mary. Sheriff CLARK H might have been related to the family as he was listed as CLARK, H. T. a private citizen selling a piece of property to J. W. CLARK, father off the children married into W.J. Combs children.. I believe this person is Henderson CLARK. W.J. Combs and mother Mary are listed in the 1860 and 1870 Gibson County Census, on a farm (owned or rented?). W. J. Combs married P.P. Baker's daughter Sarah Elizabeth Baker 1869. P.P. Baker was Pink or Pinkney Baker. Pinkney Baker was listed as having quite a bit of real-estate and personal wealth, in the 1870 Census.

Dyer Co. Register of Deeds - Soundex 5443 Roll 109

Combs, W. J. Thomas YOUNG " T 242
Combs, W. J. P. P. BAKER " T 301
Combs. W. J. P. P. BAKER " T 302
SMITH, J. D. W. J. Combs " T 273
SMITH, J. D. etal. W. J. Combs " T 274
Combs, W. J. Thomas YOUNG " U 585
JONES, S. T. W. J. Combs " U 495
YOUNG, Thomas W. J. Combs " U 497
FASON, J. S. W. J. Combs " V 59
BAKER, P. P. etal. W. J. Combs. " X 495
YOUNG, Thomas W. J. Combs " 2 145
ECHOLS, N. W. J. Combs " 3 4
DUNCAN, John & Wife W. J. Combs " 5 458
Chancery Court W. J. Combs Deed Fee 5 543
YOUNG, Thomas W. J. Combs Deed 5 547
YOUNG, Thomas W. J. Combs Deed 5 548
WALSEN, W. P. W. J. Combs Deed 5 549
GREEL, J. L. W. J. Combs Trust 6 555

Note: We can see here that W. J. Combs was a mover and a shaker in buying and selling property. He must have purchased property, cleared the land and planted it and them resold it, many times selling to the person he purchased the land from. He nor his mother Mary had slaves to work the land and it was a dog eat dog life during the Civil War. There was thirteen years from that time to 1878 when the above Volume of Deeds began. Thirteen years to clear land for cultivation, plant, clear more land harvest, clear more land, plant and work constantly, he and his mother Mary. And then in 1869 his wife Sarah Baker who might have brought property to the marriage for later we see her name on the deeds of town lots that were sold.

VOLUME 5 - 1892-1900 - Found on the same reel as the above.

BRECK, S. F. W. J. Combs Deed 2 139
YON, U. C. W. J. Combs Deed 14 221
HAMBRICK, DD & Wife W. J. Combs Deed 14 222
HAMBRICK, DD & Wife W. J. Combs Trust 14 223
YOUNG, BF & Wife W. J. Combs Deed 99 473
YOUNG, BF & Wife W. J. Combs Deed 99 474
SEENEY, LC & Wife W. J. Combs Deed 99 475
Combs, WJ & Wife R. R. ROSS Deed 18 385
Combs, WJ & Wife D. C. HOPPER Deed 18 391
Combs, WJ & Wife C. W. EASON Deed 18 444
BROWN, WHF W. J. Combs Deed 18 525

VOLUMES 6 & 7 - 1900-1915

Combs, H. C. Tom Ferguson Cik & Spl. Com Deed 60 acres 26 28
Combs, H. C. E. W. Dunshop Deed 9 acres 26 28

Note: This is Halbert Combs born TN Father born Ms, Mother born NC, Wife Josie and no relation to the William Jefferson Combs Line, as far as I can tell. Now W. J. Combs is nearing 70 years of age and we see him deeding property to his CLARK sons-in-law to his son Jay, to son W. J. Jr and to son F. T. (Twid - Finis Twilight Combs) and now maneuvering Property here and there to the benefit of his children.

Combs, W J etux A. E. WILLIAMS Deed 7 tracts. 28 248
Combs, W.J & Wife W A CLARK Deed 65 acres 28 350
Combs, W J etux Josh PULLEY Deed 44 acres 29 3
Combs, W J W. A. CLARK Deed 50 acres 30 299
Combs, W J Jesse CLARK Deed Tract 31 256
Combs, W J etux Jesse CLARK Deed 50 acres 31 256
CLARK, W A & Wife Tom WOODS & Wife Deed 115 acres 34 85
Combs, Jay & Wife E. E. GREEN Deed Lot 34 87
Combs, W J & Wife W. J. Combs Jr. Deed 100 acres 34 89
YOUNG W. A & Wife Jay Combs Deed Lot 34 87
Combs, W J & Wife W.J Combs, Jr Deed 100 acres 34 89
Combs, W J F. T. Combs Deed 100 acres 34 470
Combs, F T & Wife J. F. CLARK Deed Lot 1 acres 34 471
HILL, J B & Wife J. Combs Deed Lot 35 96
CLARK, J F & Wife E. O. MEREDITH Deed 30 acres 35 169
Combs J & Wife E. O. MEREDITH Deed Lot 35 170
Combs J & Wife J. N. BAKER Deed Lot 35 306
BAKER J. D J. Combs Deed 3 Lots 35 287


Combs, Jay & Wife Henry PENNINGTON Deed Lot 36 159
E.E. GREEN J. Combs Deed Lot 36 474


Combs, J E.E. GREEN Deed Lot 36 475
Combs, F.T & Wife J N BAKER Deed Lot 37 32
CLARK, J F & Wife E. O. MEREDITH Deed 15 acres 37 39
J N BAKER & Wife F.T Combs Deed Lot 37 31

Submitted by Phyllis Combs

1931 - 1938 J. W. Curry Funeral Home Records, Dyer Co, TN

21 Sep 1935 Boswell, John Logan White TN b.21 Oct 1862 d. 21 Sep 1935 72y 11m 0d Residence of Dau, Joyner, AR wid/o Mrs. Liza Boswell. Father Johnson Boswell TN Mother Miss COMBS NC burial Basset, AR W. D. Boswell & Curry Burial Association

24 Aug 1936 Combs, Inez Nadine White TN 3 Nov 1935 - 24 Aug 1936 9m 21d Dist. #4 Residence 24 Aug 1936 Single Father Edward Combs TN Mother Miss Combs TN Fairview Cemetery Rev. J. B. Baney Self Buried in Potters Field

Note: Inez Nadine Combs' d/o Edward Combs s/o William J. Combs Jr, s/o William J. Combs Sr., s/o and Alfred Combs

(Submitted by Phyllis Combs)

Combs, Paula Patterson Obituary

40yrs Apr 18 2001 Dyersburg, TN - dau: Cammee Jo Combs - D/o Jerry & Glenda Patterson - sis: Ann Leath - bro: Kenneth Patterson [Fairview Cemetery, Dyersburg]

(Submitted by Phyllis Combs)


John W. Wright, one of the old residents and farmers of the Fifth District, was born in North Carolina, in 1816, and was one of thirteen children; only two of them are living. The parents were Isaac and Martha (Wilburn) Wright. The father was born in North Carolina about 1776, married and raised his family there, and engaged in farming. He went to school with Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk. He died before the late war, at the advanced age of eighty-four years. Mr. Wright's mother was born about 1771, and died in 1836. Mr. John Wright was educated at Chapel Hill Institute, North Carolina. In 1838 he married Miss Mary McCOMBS, who was born in Davidson County, in 1821. They have five children: Sarah (widow of Alvin Kirk), Elijah, Tennessee (wife of James M. Gleves); and next were twins - Grant and Sherman. After marriage he located in the Sixth District, of Dyer County, and remained on that farm ten years, then moved to another farm in the same district, and stayed there ten years; then located on his present residence. Mr. Wright at one time owned over 1,200 acres, but has been an exceedingly liberal man with his children, giving them many advantages and a start in life. He is a Republican; was formerly a Whig and voted for William H. Harrison, and was bitterly opposed to the succession of the State. William, the eldest son of Mr. Wright, was in the Federal Army and died in Hospital No. 3, at Nashville.

(Submitted by Phyllis Combs)

Dyer Co, TN Marriages
(Source: TNGenweb Dyer Co, Marriages Surname C - compiled from marriages on microfilm)

15 March 1869 Combs, W. J. and Baker, Sarah E. 15 Mar 1869 (license) aka William Jefferson Combs and Sarah Elizabeth BAKER.
26 Dec 1897 Combs, Jim W., and CLARK, Clara B., (S=MBk B:250)
3 Feb 1897 Combs, Cordie B. and CLARK, W. A. (m), (S=MBk B:56)
23 Mar 1899 Combs, J. A. (m). and Barlow, Claudie, S=MBk B:489)
29 Dec 1900 Combs, A. M. (f), and CLARK, J. F., Marriage License, (S=MBk B:372)
30 Dec 1900 Combs, A. M. (f) m. CLARK, J. F. (m), (S=MBk B:344)
1 Jan 1905 Combs, H. C. (m) and LAMBERT, Josie (S=MBk W:199)
23 Apr 1905 Glenn, Idella and CHILDRESS, Ivor W:276
21 Jan 1909 Combs, Twid and Glenn, PEARL, (S=MBk W:101)
27 Dec 1909 Combs, Jay and CARPENTER, Dora (S=MBk W: 385)
15 Sep 1923 GLENN, Leora and FERRILL, Harvey (W:360)
7 June 1924 Combs, Finis T. and MINTON, Robbie Maifare notes "don't publish" (S=MBk W:477)

Dyer Co, TN Cemeteries

(Source: TNGenweb Dyer Co. Cemeteries)

Pierce Cemetery also known as Trimble Cemetery

Located off the left side of Hwy 211, at Trimble, Dyer Co., TN

BAKER, Pinkney P. Mar 11 1821 - Jan 14 1898

Combs, Cherryl Aug 23 1912 - Dec 26 1988, rem: s/s as Annie Lou Combs

Combs, Annie Lou Nov 15 1913 - Mar 26 1994, rem: s/s as Cherryl Combs; wed Nov 15 1934

BAKER, C. M. J. ----- Apr 4 1892 w/o P. P. BAKER

Fairview Cemetery

Located in Dyersburg, Section 70

Combs, Billy Joe Oct 28 1946, - Sep 14 1992, Sec 70, rem: s/s as Saundra Combs
Combs, Saundra Feb 21 1948, - ----, Sec 70, rem: s/s as Billy Joe Combs
Combs, Kevin Joel Mar 31 1970 - Apr 15 1997, Sec 70
Combs, Denise Kay Dec 15 1964 - Dec 15 1964, Sec. 36A, rem: d/o James & Brenda Combs
GLENN, Lofton J. Oct 29 1878 - Aug 25 1910 [sister of Pearl GLENN, w/o Twid Combs]

Bowen Chapel Cemetery

Dyersburg, TN, very near the Crockett/Dyer Co. line, near Friendship

Combs, Dora C. 1889 no date s/s as William J. Combs

Combs, Pearl GLENN 17 Jan 1888 - 6 Aug 1917

Combs, Ruby Emily 6 Apr 1896 30 Nov 1896 d/o J. A. & R. C. Combs

Combs, Ruby Gude 27 Apr 1875 11 Apr 1896 w/o J. A. Combs

Combs, Sarah 1850 1919 s/s as William J. Combs Sr.

Combs, William C. 8 Jun 1911 5 Aug 1912

Combs, William J. 1881 1917 s/s as Dora C. Combs

Combs, William J. Sr. 1841 1929 s/s as Sarah Combs

Fairview - Newbern Cemetery

Combs, Edward Merdith, b. May 16 1907, d. Jul 18 1985, New Section, rem:s/s as Eudora L. Combs;

Combs, Eudora L., b. Nov 17 1915, d. Nov 16 1957, New Section, rem: s/s as Edward Merdith Combs

Combs, Esther M., b. Apr 12 1919, d. -----, Old Section, rem: s/s as Fred L. Combs;
wed Apr 3 1937

Combs, Fred L., b. Oct 19 1915, d. Apr 6 1996, Old Section, rem: s/s as Esther M. Combs

Combs, Halbert C., b. Apr 5 1878, d. Aug 2 1959, Old Section rem: s/s as Josie L. Combs

Combs, Josie L., b. Dec 3 1880, d. Jul 8 1975, Old Section, rem: s/s as Halbert C. Combs

Combs, Ronnie, b. Aug 31 1940, d. May 5 1942, Old Section, rem:s/o Fred & Esther Combs

Combs, Willie S. "Bill", b. Feb 17 1922 , d. Nov 1 1971, Old Section, rem

Glenn J., Lofton Oct 29 1878 Aug 25 1910

Childress, Della Glenn 1881 1963 s/s as Ivor Lee Childress

Childress, Ivor Glen Sep 2 1910 Jan 2 1996 s/s as Margaret Moore Childress;
Cpl US Army WW II

Childress, Ivor Lee 1879 1924 s/s as Della Glenn Childress

Poplar Grove Cemetery

Located on Hwy 77, Newbern, TN

Combs, Jerry H., b. Aug 23 1912, d. Mar 21 1997, rem: Papa Jerry; s/s as Shirley B. Combs
Combs, Oliver C. (no dates), rem: Pvt Co E 21 Miss Inf CSA, Company & Inf. Regt on cem. marker
Combs, Shirley B., b. Dec 10 1912, d. -----, rem: Mama B.; s/s as Jerry H. Combs

Military Records of Dyer Co., TN

(Source: TNGenweb Dyer Co.)

Civil War Veterans who applied for a Pension

Combs, Oliver Calwell 21st Miss. Inf. S15527

WWI Civil Registrations

Combs, Finis Twilight, b. 15 Oct 1885, White, b. [blank], res. Tigrett, Dyer Co., TN, next of kin: Mrs. Addry Clark (sister), Tigrett, farmer
Combs, Halbert Caldwell, b. 5 Apr 1878, White, b. [blank], res. RFD #4, Newbern, Dyer Co., TN, next of kin: Lula J. Combs wife), RFD #4, farmer

Dyer Co, TN Obituaries

These obituary extracts were contributed by James Woodley from Dyer County newspapers, from 1999 - 2005. Source: TNGenweb Dyer Co.

McKnight, Beatrice
of NEWBERN - 97yrs, homemaker, died Thursday, Nov 20 2003 at her home. Services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Johnson Funeral Home with the Rev. Bobby Williams officiating. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery. She was a member of Palestine Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Mrs. McKnight, the widow of Mogie McKnight, leaves five daughters, Saundra Combs, Alice McIntosh, Betty Murray and Violet Stout, all of Newbern, and Vinie Phillips of Dyersburg; a son, Sidney McKnight of Halls, 14 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and seven great-great-grandchildren. She was preceded by a sister, Thelma Rasberry - a gr'son, Kevin Combs [Fairview Cemetery, Newbern]

McNeill, Sarah
of DYERSBURG -83yrs, retired from Colonial Rubber Co., died Monday, April 19 2004 at her home. Services will be at 3 p.m. today at Dyersburg Funeral Home with burial in Fairview Cemetery. She attended First Assembly of God. Mrs. McNeill, the widow of Joe McNeill, leaves three daughters, Marsha Combs and husband Stan of the Philippines, and Bobbie Ledford and husband Joe and Peggy Burks and husband Jerry, all of Dyersburg; a son, Ted McNeill and wife Jennifer of Dyersburg; a sister, Ophelia Paide of Jackson, seven grandchildren, Roger Ledford, Shelia Harden, Randy and Ginger Burks, Chad McNeill, Courtney and Whitney Combs, and six great-grandchildren. She was preceded by her husband; her parents, Robert and Gertrude Lathum. The family requests that any memorials be sent to Dyer County Alzheimer's Association. [Fairview Cemetery, Dyersburg]

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives