Grayson County was established in 1846 from Fannin County. The county seat is Sherman.

Cemetery Records

Note: The following were found on the Grayson County, Texas, GenWeb site or in the Texas GenWeb Archives. They are arranged chronologically by birth.

COMBS, G. W. 19 Jan 1849 - 10 Mar 1891(Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

Note: He was the husband of Johnnie COMBS.

COMBS, J.C. 4 Jan 1851 - 11 Feb 1908 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

COMBS, Jason T. 28 Jun 1852 - 16 Apr 1922 (Georgetown Cemetery)

COMBS, Mary J. 1858 - 1917 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

Note: On the stone it looks like birth date is 1868

COMBS, Jonathan Elbert 27 Dec 1859 - 26 Dec 1946 (Coffman-Layne Cemetery)

Note: He was the husband of Sarah Margaret with whom he shares a headstone on which is inscribed "Wed August 14, 1881." (from Grayson County History Volume II. by Grayson County Frontier Village. 1981. p. 54) Jothan [sic] Elbert COMBS and Sarah Margaret BOMBS [sic] were the parents of Febbie Lieu COMBS BOREN.

COMBS, Linnie Evelyn 1862 - 1924 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

COMBS, Wilson Lafayette 1862 - 1925 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

Note: (from Grayson County History, Volume II. by Grayson County Frontier Village. 1981, p. 104) Wilson Lafayette COMBS (Sr.) was the son of John COMBS (b. 1805 in TN) and the grandson of Lewis (b. 1784 in VA) and Jane SMITH COMBS. He was the great-grandson of John COMBS, Jr. and Sarah MABRY. Wilson Lafayette COMBS and his wife Linnie Evelyn moved to Grayson County from Arkansas in 1889 immediately after the birth of their first child. Their children were James Oliver, Pearly, Walter Clayton, Viola, Chloe, [daughter], and Wilson Lafayette Jr. Wilson Lafayetter Sr. earned a living by farming and carrying the mail from Pottsboro.

COMBS, Sarah Margaret 2 Apr 1865 - 18 Jan 1944 (Coffman-Layne Cemetery)

Note: She was the wife of Jonathan Elbert COMBS.

COMBS, Johnnie 17 Jan 1867 - 22 Jan 1891, wife of G.W. COMBS (Preston Bend Cemetery)

COMBS, Pomeroy 1875 - 1922 (West Hill Cemetery; with "Hattie L. COMBS 1881-1973)

COMBS, William Walter 18 Jul 1879 - 5 Mar 1966 (Fairview Cemetery)

COMBS, Hattie L. 1881 - 1973 (West Hill Cemetery; with Pomeroy COMBS 1875-1922)

COMBS, Alstone Whiteworth 24 Jun 1881 - 9 Jan 1973 (Fairview Cemetery)

BOREN, John Edward 25 Oct 1881 - 23 Aug 1968 (Coffman-Layne Cemetery)

Note: He was the husband of Febbe Leiu COMBS with whom he shares a headstone.

COMBS, Homer Sr. 12 Mar 1884 - 30 Mar 1963 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

BOREN, Febbe Leiu COMBS 21 Aug 1884 - 19 Jun 1965 (Coffman-Layne Cemetery)

Note: She was the wife of John Edward BOREN and the daughter of Jonathan Elbert and Sarah Margaret COMBS.

COMBS, Mollie 15 Nov 1888 - 28 Mar 1959 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

COMBS, John F. 1890 - 1923 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

FRITTS, Pearl COMBS 3 Mar 1890 - 18 Apr 1928 (Clarke Cemetery) D/O J.E. & Maggie Patricia COMBS

COMBS, Pearley 22 Jun 1891 - 16 Oct 1896 d/o Wilson Lafayette (Sr.) & Linnie Evelyn COMBS (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

COMBS, Monty Otto 23 Oct 1892 -- 1972 (Cedarlawn Cemetery; stone with Jewell Pearl McKEIVER COMBS)

BOTHE, Homer Edward 24 Oct 1892 - 17 Dec 1969; Wed Stella COMBS 5 Sep 1916; s/o William Henry & Sarah Ellen ANDREWS BOTHE (Fairview Cemetery)

COMBS, Jessie J. 9 Dec 1892 -- 14 Jan 1968 (Cedarlawn Cemetery; Born Hugo, Oklahoma, Choctaw County, Oklahoma; son of Ed & Sara HARLAND COMBS; Wed Jennie Belle LaROCK 5 Oct 1928 Sherman, Grayson County, Texas; Private, US Army, WW II.)

COMBS, Hazel Kirke 1894 - 1936 (Fairview Cemetery)

BOTHE, Stella COMBS 19 Aug 1894 - 4 Jan 1959; Wed Homer Edward BOTHE 5 Sep 1916 (Fairview Cemetery)

COMBS, Fred 23 Nov 1894 - 24 Aug 1918 s/o J.C. & Mary EDWARDS COMBS (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

COMBS, Jewell Pearl McKEIVER 1896 -- 1959 (Cedarlawn Cemetery; stone with Monty Otto COMBS)

COMBS, Viola 10 Jun 1900 - 11 Jun 1900 infant (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

Note: (from Grayson County History…) Viola was the daughter of Wilson Lafayette COMBS (Sr.) and Linnie Evelyn Brewer RUSSELL.

COMBS, Pauline Henry 15 Feb 1905 - 26 Aug 1974 (Fairview Cemetery)

COMBS, Lee Vera 16 Dec 1905 - 22 Mar 1981 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

Note: She shares a headstone with Wilson Lafayette COMBS (Jr.).

COMBS, Lucile 16 May 1907 - 22 Dec 1909 d/o Walter & Aussie COMBS (Fairview Cemetery)

COMBS, Wilson Lafayette 5 Nov 1908 - 9 Apr 1993* (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

Note: He shares a headstone with Lee Vera COMBS. (from Grayson County History Volume II. by Grayson County Frontier Village. 1981. p. 104) Wilson Lafayette COMBS (Jr.) was the son of Wilson Lafayette COMBS (Sr.) and Linnie Evelyn Brewer RUSSELL. He was born in Grayson County when his mother was 48 years old. (Texas Death Records: 1964-1998) *Wilson Lafayette COMBS Jr. died in 1983, not 1993.

COMBS, Jennie Belle LaRock 25 Sep 1910 --(Cedarlawn Cemetery; Wed Jessie J. COMBS 5 Oct 1928 Sherman, Grayson County, Texas)

COMBS, Hershell 1911 infant (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

COMBS, Ernest 1912 -- (Cedarlawn Cemetery; stone with Gladys M. COMBS)

COMBS, Gladys M. 1914 -- 1951 (Cedarlawn Cemetery; stone with Ernest COMBS)

COMBS, John F. Sr. 15 Apr 1914 - 25 Oct 1990 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

Note: (Texas Death Records: 1964-1998) The "F" stood for Franklin.

COMBS, Guy W. 19 Mar 1916 - 23 Feb 1991 (Fairview Cemetery)

Note: He shares a headstone with Roberta B. COMBS.

COMBS, Roberta B. 9 Mar 1917 - 19 OCT 1996 (Fairview Cemetery)

Note: She shares a headstone with Guy W. COMBS.

COMBS, Homer 29 Mar 1918 - 26 Dec 1958 (Preston Bend Cemetery Photo)

COMBS, Joe D. 1921 - 1986 (Cedarlawn Cemetery; stone with Sue Erwin COMBS)

COMBS, Sue Erwin 25 Aug 1928 - Jun 1988 (Cedarlawn Cemetery; Born Okfuskee, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Vernie Lee ERWIN; Wed Joe D. COMBS, 4 Nov 1948, Denison, Grayson County, Texas)

March 1860 (from Texas Mortality Schedules 1850 [sic]-1860, transcribed by Kathryn Hooper Davis, Nacogdoches, Texas: Ericson Books.)

p. 80 - Grayson County
Mary COMB died at age 26 of "consumption." She was a married female who had been sick for 90 days. She was born in Missouri.

Early Texas Marriages. Grayson County: 1846-1877

(microfilm. Hopkins County Genealogical Library. extracted by S. C. Hefner)

1 Jan 1874 Aaron Burr COMBS married Seraph T. STEVENS.

9 Aug 1875 W.W. COMBS married Narcissa CRAIG.

1880 Grayson Co, TX Census Index

(transcribed by S. C. Hefner)

WINN Elijah White Male 43 head Physician GA VA VA
Dora White Female 32 wife KY KY KY
Frank White Male 19 son Cigar dealer GA GA GA
Hassler White Male 14 son at school GA GA GA
Mary White Female 12 daughter at school GA GA GA
Fester White Male 10 son GA GA GA
Allan White Male 8 son GA GA GA
Nellie White Female 9/12 daughter TX GA KY
COMBS Mattie White Female 23 servant IN FL IN

1893-1894 (Sherman/Denison City Directories)

"Whitewright, Farmers, P.O. Address Whitewright"

Floyd Combs' Note: "Combs, F. M." was Francis Marion Combs. He married Emma Lee Earnhart in Collins County, Texas. Their marriage certificate is registered there. In 1894 they were living in Whitewright, Texas. He was my great-grandfather. He was the son of Wiley and Polly Combs. His birth certificate is recorded in the 1852 Perry County, Kentucky records. He died in 1906 and is buried in Coalgate, Oklahoma. Francis Marion “Frank” is in the 1880 Collin Co, TX Census with the STOOPS family (step-father to Emma Lee Earnhart).

Texas Death Records: 1964-1998

02 Mar 1967 Lloyd Miller COMBS died. He was single.

26 Aug 1974 Pauline COMBS died. She was a widow.

13 Feb 1978 Adelaide F. COMBS died.

14 May 1981 Frances Morrow COMBS died.

04 Dec 1981 John Aaron COMBS died.

14 Jul 1986 Joe D. COMBS died.

10 Apr 1987 Eithel Mae COMBS died.

08 Jun 1988 Sue Nell COMBS died.

25 Sep 1989 Zelma Faye COMBS died.

23 Feb 1991 Guy Willie COMBS died.

19 Oct 1996 Minnie Violet Roberta COMBS died.

13 Sep 1998 Emma Merrill COMBS died.

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