Montague County was established in 1857 from Cooke County.

1870 U.S. Census Index

(extracted by S. C. Hefner)

Tillis Point

p. 415

31-31 COMEBS, John W. 39 W M farmer VA
Jane 27 W F LA
Lucinda12 W F 12 TX
Edwin10 W M TX
Rufus8 W M TX
Laura2 W F TX
Adrian(a?)8/12 W F TX

10 Apr 1870 (Montague Co. Marriage Records, extracted by Birdie Totty McNutt)
Benjamin Alton GAGE married Sarah Louise TOTTY.

NOTE: The GAGE family are likely connected to the COMBS through Phebe Inez GAGE COMBS and her husband John David COMBS, son of Jeremiah C. COMBS and his wife Charity RHODES. Benjamin Alton GAGE and Phebe Inez GAGE are lineal descendants of the David GAGE who migrated from Orange County, New York. See below in 1880 Census.

(Excerpts from CENTENNIAL Forestburg, Texas, History of Forestburg 1957. "How Forestburg was named." extracted by Combs researcher Birdie Totty McNutt)

Forestburg was originally called Horn Hill but was later changed to Forest Hill because of its location in an evergreen grove of live oaks. Later it was changed to Forestburg because of another town of the same name. Austin Perryman, Wash Williams, and a Mr. Morris were the men who named the town.

Its first settlement was in the early 1850's, Some of the first settlers were Bob Clark, Mr. Long, Parkills, Barnes, J.A. TRAYLOR, Austin Perryman, Levi Perryman, the Singleterrys, Poyners, Roberts (father of Van Roberts who was killed by the Indians) Abner Riddles, Manfield<sic> ESTES [son of Matilda EASLEY ESTES TOTTY], Levi Blankenship, John Steadham, Jim Box Grants, and Bowers.

Some old timers recall *Mrs. Billy McGEE saying her father, *Mr. COOMBS, brought the first gin machinery from Tarrant County in 1867, by ox cart. She also stated after a wedding or celebration of any kind, the boys would carry her father's circle saw around and beat on it.

This could be heard for miles. Also the boys would build rail fences around the stores at night, making it necessary to remove them before the store could be entered.

The only form of entertainment was log rolling and house raisings.

First people to be buried in the Perryman cemetery was a Morris baby, some people named Bull and Hood.

Fort Bingham - somewhere in 1850's. Little is known about the old fort that was located on Bingham Creek about 4 miles southeast of Forestburg.

Old timers recall hearing their parents talk of the water mill on the creek and the old guide tree, a huge cotton wood on the hill. This tree could be seen a long way. It was a sign to guide them to the fort.

This fort was used to protect the settlers during Indian raids. It was used as headquarters for Indian scouts and Texas rangers. A strong picket fence made of split logs enclosed the buildings. A trench was dug to the creek so the occupants could obtain water without being exposed to Indian arrows.

One of the Texas Rangers stationed at the fort was Captin F. M. Teddy<sic> [TOTTY]. He was a civil engineer and surveyed the site of Montague for the Court house. Captain Teddy[TOTTY] died January 31, 1884, and was buried at old Bean graveyard on Denton Creek. Frank Teddy[TOTTY], of Mobetti, Texas, a grandson of the Captain, has the diary of the Captain's wife. They cover a period of twenty-two years. In these diaries she gives a day by day account of the weather, births, marriages and deaths of all the family, and the neighbors.

In 1883 she tells of the whole settlement sick and dying with the fever.

Extraction from Diary of Rhoda SPRADLING TOTTY, wife of Captain F. M. TOTTY. (transcribed by Birdie Totty McNutt, 1999, from original diary in her possession)


April 1st - Heard Alice COMBS married last night, going to have a dance at Lewis COMBSes, Frank [TOTTY] could not stand that, mounted Josh and started for the Burg. Mr Scirly staying all night. Mr. TOTTY and him talked some about lawyers and Montague, the third term. Thundering tonight think it will rain.

April 2nd - Frank got back in the night. Douthie Scivily, Mr. TOTTY and all asked him something about the party he went to. He answered very briefly, for he had not been there at all. Mr. TOTTY in high way about going to Montague. Walking and talking to himself. I think if he had his choice to go to Heaven or Montague, I think he would to to Montague. I cooked and fixed for him and got in the wagon, went with him to Bens.

Birdie Totty McNutt NOTES: *Margaret Levine Combs [b. 1857] mentioned, was married to William McKEE or Billy McKEE, her father was *Albert G. COMBS, her mother was Mary Ellen KELLEY of Camden County, Missouri. Albert G. COMBS was the son of Simon COMBS, son of Mason and Dorothy COMBS. Alice May COMBS was the daughter of Leven Green COMBS (See "Allie" in the HH of Mary Southward below). She married William H. MAGEE. They are recorded in the Diaries of Rhoda SPRADLING TOTTY 1876-1899 to which I hold the copyright. Francis Marion TOTTY Jr., the brother of Annie TOTTY HARVILLE, was smitten with Alice COMBS and was upset when she married Wm. MAGEE.

31 Mar 1880 (Marriage Records of Montague County, extracted by Birdie Totty McNutt)
Alice May COMBS married William H. MAGEE.

1880 U.S. Census

copied from microfilm # T9 #1320 by Combs Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt who also provided the annotations.


1 June 1880 by Wm. ROBERTSON

245/266 COOMBES, Leven WM 58 Miller KY KY KY
Nancy WF 58 wife Kh MS MS MS
Henry WM 20 son TX KY NC
SINCLAIR, James WM 16 step son TX TX MS
WASHINGTON,Harvey BM 58 laborer TN TN TN
Rachel BF 30 laborer LA LA LA
James BM 13 laborer TX TN LA
Scoot BM 12 laborer TX TN LA
Ellen BF 10 laborer TX TN LA
Bill BM 08 TX TN LA
Sam BM 06 TX TN LA
Wm. BM 02 TX TN LA

244/265 COOMBES, L. H. WM 30 Miller TX KY IL
Jane WF 22 WF kh AL AL AL

Note: This is Lewis H. COMBS and his wife Minerva Jane ROSS on August 13, 1879. Lewis H. COMBS is the son of Leven Green COMBS and his wife (widow) Nancy M. (Unk) SINCLAIR COMBS in the above HH #245/266. Lewis COMBS is also documented in the Diaries of Rhoda SPRADLING TOTTY and is the brother of Alice May COMBS MAGEE.

348/349 GAGE, Benjamin WM 32 farmer TX AL IN
Sarah WF 35 wf kh TN TN TN
Mary WF 09 dau TX TX TN
Augusta WF 08 dau TX TX TN
Ferdinan WM 06 son TX TX TN
Farcis WM 02 son TX TX TN
Sarah WF 4 mo dau TX TX TN

Note: Benjamin Alton GAGE was the son of David Ferdinand GAGE and his wife Nancy HOOVER, both of whom died in Upshur County, Texas.

370/371 TODY, Francis WM 53 Fmr TN TN TN
Rhoda WF 55 wf kh TN TN TN
Francia M WM 22 son TX TN TN
Louis WM 17 son TX TN TN
Lillian WF 11 dau TX TN TN

Note: This is Francis Marion TOTTY, son of Robert W. TOTTY and his wife Matilda EASLEY ESTES TOTTY from Hickman Co., TN. Rhoda May SPRADLING TOTTY (born Hickory Creek, Warren Co., TN), documents these families in her diaries dated from 1876-1899. Francis Marion TOTTY Jr. married Mollie SPRINGER, Lewis P. "Pea" TOTTY married Virginia SIMMONS, and Lillie married George Washington WELCH all in Montague County, Texas.

418/419 HARVILL, John WM 34 farmer AR TN TN
Annie WF 30 wf kh TN TN TN
Walter WM 08 son TX AR TN
Sydna WM 03 son TX AR TN
Louis WM 01 son TX AR TN

Note: John HARVILL(E) was married to Annie C. TOTTY HARVILL(E) in Hickman County, Tennessee. Annie was the daughter of Francis Marion TOTTY and Rhoda May SPRADLING TOTTY. This family left Hickman Co., Tennesee on Oct 5, 1853 in a wagon train. Six weeks later they arrived in Cooke County, Texas.

419-420 HARVILL, James WM 60 farmer TN NC VA
Wiliam WM 14 son TX TN TN
Annie WF 30 dau AR TN TX
Robert WM 10 son TX TN TX

Note: James HARVILL(E) is the father of John HARVILL(E) in HH#418/419. They came to TX from Hickman County, Tennessee.

421/422 SOUTHWARD, Mary WF 31 wid MO MO MO
Inez WF 10 dau TX MO MO
William WM 8or 9 don TX MO MO
Allice WF 09 dau TX MO MO
May WF 05 dau TX MO MO
MAGEE,William WM 20 brother TX MO MO
Allie WF 16 sister-in-law TX KY KY

Note: Allie is Alice May COMBS, the daughter of Leven Green COMBS. She married William H. MAGEE. Mary (nee MAGEE) SOUTHWARD married second to John HARVILL in HH#418/419 after his second wife, Annie C. TOTTY HARVILLE, died on Oct 31, 1880 after child birth. Widow Mary MAGEE SOUTHWARD and widower John HARVILL were married in Montague County, Texas on May 15, 1881.

2 Jan 1895 (Montague County Marriage Book F: 1895-1899, Volume IV, p. 11, by Mrs. Frank G. Hankins, extracted by Birdie Totty McNutt)
R. L. COMBS married Mettie WOOD

BTM Note: Is this R. L. COMBS [b 1867- d: 1901], the same as R. Leslie COMBS s/o Howard Tilford COMBS and Mary Eleanor Loud COMBS? Howard Tilford COMBS was s/o John Leslie COMBS, s/o Benjamin B. COMBS and Sarah Richardson COMBS s/o John & Seth Bullitt COMBS.
Again it is interesting to see familiar names associated with these COMBS, such as Fielding, Thomas, John, Joseph and the association of Jefferson, Warren, Barren and Allen Co's, KY plus Camden, Morgan & Pettis Co.'s MO and Clark & Gibson Co.s IN, NOT to mention VA and Sebastian Co.'s AR. Many of the Montague Co. TX citizens were also found in Sebastian Co., AR. Example: My great grandfather John Whitfield TOTTY born Hickman County, Tennessee, where Sarah COMBS HORNBEAK is also found. John W. TOTTY married Sarah Ellen YANDELL in Montague Co., TX and moved to Sebastian Co., AR 1879. The YANDELL families were also from Tennessee, Texas and Arkansas.

1901 (Extracted By Combs Researcher Frieda Bjork from Montague County, Texas, Records of the Burgess Funeral Home, Bowie, Montague County, Texas. Alvarado Library Genealogy REF: 929.3 TX)

R. L. COMBES, age 34, survived by wife & two children. Died 10-11-1901; buried 10-13 at the city cemetary.

Voters Registration - Montague County, Texas (extracted by Frieda Bjork)

page 25, #306 COOMBES R.A., Pct. 2

1920 U.S. Census

(1920 Federal Census Soundex Mi1589-62 C500-C512 -Sue, read at the Dallas County Public Library, Dallas, Texas, by Birdie Totty McNutt).

Last name/given/race/relationship/age/state of birth

Vol 122 ED 133 sheet 8, Line 41 (hereafter V-ED-S-L)
COMBS, Hattie W 39 Kansas
Marieta Dau 14 Iowa
Junita Dau 11 Iowa
Myra Dau 7 Texas
POSTO, Benj F 75 Illinois
Hannah M 73 Iowa

V158 ED153 S 17 L 29
COMBS, Josie W 52 Arkansas
enumerated with Clinton Cagle
relationship mother

V127 ED91 S8 L68
COMBS, Simon W 63 Arkansas
Minnie wife 51 Arkansas

V127 ED105 S13 L59
COMBS, Virgil W 27 Arkansas
living on Clark St, Nacona, Texas
Edna wife 24 Texas
Travis son 3 Texas

V177 ED155 S9 L62
COMBS, Walter C. W 38 Arkansas
Delia wife 39 Texas
Hugh son 17 Texas
Winnie dau 12 Texas
Dorotha dau 7 Texas
Lesley son 7 Texas

Texas Death Records: 1964-1998

6 Jul 1968 Walter C. COMBS died. He was single.

6 Apr 1975 Hugh COMBS died.

27 Dec 1979 Delia Belle COMBS died.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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