Tarrant County was established in 1849 from Navarro County. The county seat is Fort Worth.

Land Grant (from the Texas GenWeb Archives, extracted by S. C. Hefner)
Joseph COMBS J. COMBS Abstract #316

1848 - 1857 (First Settlers of Tarrant County, Texas: 1841 - 1859, Volume I Compiled by Weldon I. Hudson, 2807 Cedar park Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas 76118, extracted by Birdie Totty McNutt)

page 96.
Robertson.... Land District, County of Tarrant Survey No. _______
for ........Joseph COMBS........... Location East part of Tarrant Co.
Colony Cert. #686 Vol. 2 464 acres Issued ......21 May 1850......
Date Surveyed ....2 June 1852........Date Recorded ...25 Sept. 1852
Adjoining Surveys(s) ....Hiram BLACKWELL, James HYDEN.........
Deputy Surveyor ........A. J. LEE........................
Chainmen ........Wm BURFORD, M. J. BRONSON...........
Remarks.........Peters' Colonist.............................................

page 221
Denton....... Land District County of Tarrant Survey No. ________
For......John W. GORBETT.........Location Waters of Mountain Creek
Colony Cert. #510 Vol. 2 489 acres Issued _______________
Date Surveyed ....13 Apr. 1857.....Date Recorded ...29 Apr. 1857...
Adjoining Survey(s) .....Joseph COMBS, ?. L. HARVIS
Deputy Surveyor.........J. P. SMITH.................
Chainmen ............Thomas J. JOHNSON, Buck SELF
Remarks.......Peters' Colonist.............................................

page 244
Denton.........Land District County of Tarrant Survey No. ______
For ...Heirs of John BLACKWELL.. Location waters of Mountain Creek
Headright Cert. .....320 acres.... Issued .......10 July 1848............
Date Surveyed .......14 July 1857 .......Date Recorded.......................
Adjoining Survey(s) ......J. COMBS.........................................
Deputy Surveyor ..........John P.
Chainmen ............John J. JOHNSON, Buck SELF........................
Remarks .....Issued by the Board of Land Commissioners of Nacogdoches Co.

BTM: This is most likely Joseph P. COMBS husband of Mary Elizabeth PARKER COMBS and father of Zur David COMBS, the father of Erastus Milton COMBS and ?possible? father to John Tipton COMBS.

1850 Tarrant Co, TX Census Index

extracted by S. C. Hefner


p. 088

4/4 COMB, Joshua W. 26 M AR married within the year
Ruth A. W. 20 F KY married within the year
RICKET, David M. 23 M KY

5 Sep 1893 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Frieda Bjork from Tarrant County, Texas, Marriage Records Volume III, published by the Fort Worth Genealogy Society. Alvarado Library Genealogy REF: 929.3 TX Tarrant, p. 13, #226)
W. C. COMBS married Maggie G. HATHORN

search word: Hawthorn

2 Jan 1897 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Frieda Bjork from Tarrant County, Texas, Marriage Records Volume III, published by the Fort Worth Genealogy Society. Alvarado Library Genealogy REF: 929.3 TX Tarrant, p. 72, #313)
Minnie COMBS married Ada PERRY

1920 Tarrant Co, TX Census

Federal Census Soundex Mi1589-62 C500-C512 -Sue, read at the Dallas County Public Library, Dallas Texas. transcribed by Birdie Totty McNutt

V153, ED87, S5, L47
Vougant Addition twp not names

COMBS, Cary w 29 TX
Pearl wife 27 Mississippi
COKER, Martin Bro 34 Arkansas
“ Catherine wife 33 Arkansas

Note: A Pearl Taylor COMBS died in Tarrant County 29 Mar 1988.

V153, ED89, S89, L251
826 Ernest Polglecknos, TX

COOMBS, Emmett w 42 TX
Emma wife 39 IN
Robert son 7 TX
Dorothy dau 5 11/12 TX
Kenneth son 3 8/12

Note: A Kenneth W. COOMBS died in Tarrant County 14 Dec 1977.

V155, ED108, S4, L7
enumerated with John H. JAMES relationship listed as son

COMBS, Ned w 5 TX

V155, ED119, S11, L58
Fort Worth, TX

COMBS, Robert w 86 Il

V155, ED121, S11, L13
429 South Ballinger Forth Worth, TX

COMBS, Robert C. w 56 MD
Katherine L. wife PA
Kathylen L. dau TX
BRYANT, Oscar son of SE TX

Note: See below for more information on this family.

V155, ED122, S7, L36
2001 Burford Forth Worth, TX

COMBS, Minna Mu 46 TX
Ada wife 40 TX
Andrew son 21 TX
Asbury son 18 TX
Bernice dau 8 TX
Geneva dau 7 TX
Andala son 6 TX
Oline dau 3 TX
Burnett B. COMBS Labor 21 unk

V156, ED112, S11, L83
665 Crawford Street
both enumerated with Emma A. McFALLS Relationship not reported

COMBS, Tom w 27 OK
Vera w 26 OK

Note: A Tom & Vera Combs are buried together in Gregg County. The dates given on their headstones are: Tom 1897-1894 and Vera 1894-1977.

V157, ED135, S24, L24
2015 Fairmount Ft Worth, TX

COMBS, Adoniram J. w 70 IN
Louisa R. wife 61 KY
Dale M. D. son 30 Illinois
BOTTS, Josephine sis-in-law 53 Il

V158, ED153, S17, L27
720 Sycamore Street Forth Worth, TX

COMBS, Josie w 32 TN
Dennie son 10 TX
Fern dau 8 OK
Erma dau 5 TX
Lenora dau 2/12 TX

Note: A Josephine M. COMBS died in Tarrant County 24 Sep 1970.

V158, ED158, S30, L67
Division Street Arlington, TX

COMBS, Frank L. w 58 IN
Nannie wife 57 TX
Nick son 37 TX
Ada dau-in-law 34 TX
Cecil GS 7 TX
Paul GS 5 TX

VINYARD, Gertrude dau 18 TX
Jewell son-in-law 23 TX
Jewell GS 2 TX

Note: A Paul COMBS died in Tarrant County 21 Jun 1968.

(The Trecentary History of Maryland, Volume IV, Henry Fletcher, Powell, S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., Chicago-Baltimore, 1925)

Robert C. COMBS, a substantial business man of Fort Worth [Tarrant Co], Texas is descended from one of the honored pioneer families of Maryland. For generations his forebears were distinguished for their patriotism, their high intellectual gifts and their splendid moral and religious qualities--traits, which he has inherited in a marked degree. He was born in St. Mary's county, Maryland January 28, 1863, a son of Lewis Cornelius and Mary Elizabeth (COAD) COMBS and a grandson of William and Elizabeth RODMAN (SMITH) COAD, who lived in Cherryfield, St. Mary's county. Richard SMITH, the great-grandfather in the maternal line, was born in Burlington, New Jersey, March 22, 1735, of a Quaker family, distinguished in the annuals of the colony, and passed away in 1803, when he was sixty-eight years of age. He was an able representative of the legal profession and was called to public office, serving as recorder of the city of Burlington and as deputy from New Jersey to the first continental congress. He was reelected February 14, 1776 and in the historical painting entitled “The First Prayer in Congress”, he is portrayed as the typical Quaker, standing with his hat on.

The paternal great-grandfather, Ignatius COMBS, was a member of the Committee of Safety and the original commission is one of the tresured possessions of Mrs. I.P. GOUGH of Baltimore, a sister of the subject of this sketch. Ignatius COMBS was also a member of the commission appointed to settle the disputed boundaries of crown lands in St. Mary's county, the original copies of which are in possession of Mr. COMBS' brother Arthur C. COMBS of Drayden, Maryland. Ignatius COMBS served as a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War and his commission was issued August 26, 1777, as recorded in the Journal and Correspondence of the Council of Maryland. The family tree is preserved in an old Bible in possession of Arthur C. COMBS. This book was brought from England and proves that Robert COMBS is a descendent of William COMBS, mentioned by Craegar, and whose will, recorded in Leonerdtown [Leonardtown, St. Mary's Co MD] in 1740, names the following children: Mary WAUGHOP, Ellen WOODLEY (sic), Enoch COMBS, Thomas Hatton COMBS, William COMBS Jr., James Philip and Susannah COMBS. The mother of these children was Mary (HATTON) COMBS. Through intermarriage the COMBS family is related to the MANNINGS, FENWICKS, HATTONS, FORDS, COADS, etc. Mary FENWICK was the wife of Ignatius COMBS, mentioned above, and a direct descendant of Cuthbert FENWICK, who came to America in 1634 as a passenger on the Ark and Dove, and was one of the original settlers of St. Mary's county.

Lewis Cornelius COMBS was born in Park Hall Manor, St. Marys county, a son of Lewis and Margaret (FORD) COMBS, and received a classical education at old St. Mary's College in Baltimore, from which he was graduated in 1838. During his infancy his father died and his uncle and foster-father was one of the incorporators of St. Mary's Female Seminary, acting as president of the board of trustees of that institution until his death. His place on the board was taken by Lewis C. COMBS, who also served until his death, when he was succeeded by his son, Arthur C. COMBS. Lewis C. COMBS was commissioned first lietenant of the Third Company, Twelfth Regiment of Maryland Militia, July 11, 1845, by Thomas G. PRATT, governor of the state, and the document is now in possession of his son, Arthur C. COMBS. He had a family of eight children, four sons and four daughters, namely: Arthur Cornelius, William Coad, Robert C., Philip Ford, Mary Margaret, Fanny (COMBS) Gough, Ellen Virginia (COMBS) Bond, and Emma Elizabeth COMBS. Lewis COMBS was a lifelong resident of Park Hall Manor and passed away on the 18th of June, 1899.

His son, Robert C. COMBS, attended the public schools of St. Mary's county until he reached the age of sixteen years, when he went to Texas [abt 1879] and has since been a resident of the Lone Star state. For many years he was a traveling salesman for a wholesale produce house and eventually established a business of his own in Fort Worth, organizing the firm of R.C. COMBS & Company, merchandise brokers, of which he is still the senior member. Years of experience have given him a detailed knowledge of the trade and his administrative power is demonstrated by the success of the business, which is one of the largest of the kind in Fort Worth.

In that city, on the 16th of October, 1889, Mr. COMBS was married to Miss Katherine LESLIE, a daughter of J.E. and Martha Jane (SUTTON) LESLIE. The children of Mr. and Mrs. COMBS are: Cecilia, the wife of W. D. BELL of Fort Worth; and Kathleen LESLIE, who became the wife of Douglas LAIRD of New York City. Mr. COMBS enjoys outdoor life and is also a member of the Fort Worth Club. Through the organization and development of an important mercantile enterprise he has contributed his quota toward civic growth and progress, and among those with whom business or social relations have broughr him into contact he is held in the highest regard.”

See Also St. Mary’s Co, MD, Park Hall Manor and the Fannie COMBS Gough Manuscript. Also note that we are seeking a transcript of the above-referenced bible record and family tree.

Tarrant County, TX Death Records

13 Jan 1950 George D Combs, died 13 Jan 1950, Ft Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas
age: 56y, 8m, 15d
buried 16 Jan 1950
born 28 April 1893, Kentucky
resided Ft. Worth
Father: John W Combs, born Ky.
Mother: Clemintine CODY
Occupation: Guard Duty

Source: Texas Death Record 1890-1976 database, FamilySearch - Record Search - Pilot Site

Note: This George is a brother to Dr. Josiah H Combs. The following from The Combes Genealogy…: George Denny. Born Apr. 28, 1892. Died January 13, 1950. Married Iva, dau. of Edwin Daniel, 1921. Home: Ft. Worth, Texas. Children: George Denny, b. in St. Louis; Peggy, born in St. Louis; Colette, b. in Ft. Worth; James, b. in Ft. Worth; Margery, b. in Ft. Worth.

28 Jun 1960 Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Died: Josiah H. COMBS, b 2 Jan 1886, Hazard, Perry Co, KY, s/o John Wesley and Clementina CODY Combs, author of The Combes Genealogy….

Rendon Cemetery (from Texas GenWeb Archives, extracted by S. C. Hefner)

Mary Bessie COOMBES 18 Aug 1889 - 8 Apr 1967

Leslie COOMBES 22 Apr 1869 - 21 Mar 1950

7 Feb 1994 (The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Monday, extracted by Debi Houser)

IRVING - Hazel HARDING Combs, a homemaker, died Saturday at a Grand Prairie hospital. She was 93.

Funeral will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Arlington Funeral Home in Arlington. Entombment will be in Laurel Land Mausoleum in Dallas.

Mrs. COMBS was born in Kentucky and had lived in Irving for three months. She had previously lived in Grand Prairie. She was the widow of Mitchell COMBS.

Survivors: Daughter, Mary E. ANDREWS of Camden, Ohio; 21 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.

Note: The Ky Birth Index lists two births (that I've found) for Mitchell and Hazel HARDING Combs. They are:
Mary E. COMBS b 10 Apr 1921 Letcher Co. Glanda COMBS b 21 Aug 1926 Perry Co.

Tarrant County Deaths of Combs &c. Families: 1964-1998

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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