Smyth County was established in 1832 from Wythe and Washington counties.

1900 Smyth Co, VA Census

(Source: Original census images,

Williams Pct.

ED 87

p. 1B, June 2, 1900

8/8 Combs Calvin, Head w, m, 50 Sept 1849, md 22yrs NC NC NC
Martha V, wife wf 38, July 1861, md 22yrs, 9ch/7liv NC NC NC
John C, son wm 23, Jan 1877 s NC NC NC
Elmoy A, son wm 20, Feb 1880 s NC NC NC
Arthur C, son wm 13, Sept 1886 s NC NC NC
Cora E, dau wf 9, July 1890 s NC NC NC
Mary J, dau wf 7, Aug 1892 s NC NC NC
Lou(a)na, dau wf 6, Sept 1894 s NC NC NC
Jessie M, son wm 2, April 1898 s NC NC NC

Notes: April 29, 1877 Wilkes Co, NC Marriage Records (Courthouse). Calvin Combs (29) married Virginia BROOKS - Issued April 29, 1877 - John M. ADAMS, J.P. - At J. M. ADAMS - Witness - T. ADAMS, C. ADAMS, L. HANDY. (Combs Researcher Vanessa Combs Church). This couple found in Alleghany Co, NC 1880 Census. Was the above Martha the same as Virginia Brooks of the Wilkes Co, NC marriage record. Calvin's daughter Lou Annie's marriage record states her mother was named Nancy. Her Pulaski Co, Va., DC names her mother as Sallie Brooks. There is a Virginia Brooks, age 9, in the 1870 Wilkes Co, NC (Mulberry Twp) household of her apparent mother Martha Brooks (widow of Thomas). Calvin and Gennie are living close to the same Martha Brooks and her family in 1880 in Alleghany Co.

Rich Valley

ED 85

p. 8B, June 16/17, 1900

143/143 LEFTWICH Rush [or Russell] Head wm 33, Nov 1867, md 0yrs VA VA VA
Sarah A, wife wf age [?], Nov 1873, md 0yrs, 5ch/5 liv VA VA VA
Combs Emma A, s-dau wf 8, May 1892 s VA VA VA
Combs Roy, s-son wm 6, Jan 1894 s VA VA VA
LEFTWICH Hattie B, dau wf 3, Aug 1896 s VA VA VA
Oscar Lee, son wm 2, Feb 1898 s VA VA VA
unnamed, dau wf 312 mos, Feb 1900 s VA VA VA

Notes: Appears that both Rush [or Russell] Leftwich and his wife Sarah were previously married. No further information available.

1910 Smyth Co, VA Census

St. Clair

ED 91

p. 190/10B, May 6, 1910

155/158 Combs Emey Head mw, 25, md1 for 7yrs NC NC NC
Lorettie V Wife fw, 23, md2 for 7yrs VA
Mertie C Daughter fw, 6, single VA VA VA
Bertie Daughter fw, 4, single VA VA VA
Ray Son mw, 2, single VA VA VA
BELTINGER [sp?} Mary J Sister fw, 19, single NC VA NC
Laura B Niece fw, 012 mos, single VA NC NC

ED 92

p. 197/3A, April 21, 1910

40/40 Comes Arthur Head mw, 22, md1 for 7yrs NC NC NC
Susan A Wife fw, 24, md1 for 7yrs, 3ch/3 liv VA NC NC
Anie M Daughter fw, 4, single VA NC VA
Vincel J Son mw, 2, single VA NC VA
Cora L Daughter fw, 212, single VA NC VA
Comes Lue Sister fw, 18, single NC NC NC

Notes: Annie Lou married Jonas Wesley PARKS in 1911 (see below) and removed to Pulaski Co, Va.

p. 202/8A, May 2, 1910

141/141 PENINGTON Troy Head mw, 64, md2, md 2y, b VA VA VA
Cora Wife fw, 22, md1, md 2y, 0ch/1 liv NC NC NC

[same house]

141/142 Combs Cal Head mw, 56, m2, for 0yr NC NC NC
Nansie Wife fw, 18, m1, for 0y. 1ch/1liv b NC NC NC
Milard Son mw, 13, single NC NC NC
Melvin Son mw, 11, single NC NC NC

Notes: Calvin with new wife Nancy [ELLER per Ralph Sully]. Cora Pennington was d/o of Calvin and Martha Virginia BROOKS Combs.

11 Sept. 1911 Certified Copy of Marriage Record for Jonas W Parks and Lula Combs
Date: Sept. 11, 1911;
Place: Smith County, Va.;
Name Of Husband: Jonas W PARKS, Race: Not Stated;
Age: 34, Single;
Birthplace: Grayson County;
Residence: Wythe County;
Name of Parents: David and Rosa;
Name of Wife: Lula Combs;
Race: Not Stated;
Age: 17, Single;
Birthplace: Wilkes County, North Carolina;
Residence: Smyth County;
Parents: Calvin and Nancy;
Ceremony Performed By: R. K. Smith;
Reported By: H. L. Kent, Clerk of Circuit County, Smyth County, Virginia, Page: Not Stated, Line 101;
Date Record Filed: Not Stated

(Source: Transcribed from image of Certified Marriage Record from the Virginia Department of Health - Division of Vital Statistics and provided by Ralph Sully)

Notes: The bride went by the name of Lou Annie Combs PARKS. See her Pulaski County, Va., death record. Her father Calvin appears to have remarried to a Nancy which may explain why Nancy is listed as the mother when she would have been the stepmother.

1920 Smyth Co, VA Census

(Source: Original census images, Heritage Quest)

Marion Town

ED 109

p. 32/22A, Jan 30, 1920

406/412 Combs Milard Head mw, 19, md NC NC NC
Lizzie Wife fw, 33, md VA VA VA
Ethel Step-dau fw, 12 s VA VA VA
Alice Step-dau fw, 9 s VA VA VA

Chilhouse Pct, Convict Camp

p. 53, Jan 31, 1920, ED 112

1/1 Includes:
Combs Melvin, prisoner mw, 19 NC NC NC

ED 114

p. 93/23A, Jan. 26, 1920

754/756 Combs C L Head mw, 75, md NC NC NC
Nancy Wife fw, 30, md NC NC NC
Louenia Dau fw, 6 s VA NC NC
Martha Dau fw, 4 s VA NC NC
Tom [?] Son mw, 1 s VA NC NC

Notes: Appears that Calvin remarried to a Nancy and that explains why she was listed on Annie Lou's 1911 marriage certificate. See obituary and note below.

p. 94/24B, , Jan 1920, Jail

785/786 Jail
Combs Ruth Prisoner fw, 17, md VA VA VA

ED 115

p. 96/1B, , Jan 1920 Southwestern State Hospital

Combs C D Inmate mw, 34 VA VA VA

Combs Seymour Inmate mw, 46 VA VA VA

St Clair Mag Dist

ED 121

p. 195/ 9B, , Jan 22, 1920

191/191 Combs Emery Head mw, 40, md NC NC NC, Laborer
Jennie, Wife fw, 34, md VA VA VA
Murtiel, Dau fw, 16 s VA NC VA
Bertie F Dau fw, 14 s VA NC VA
Ray, Son mw, 12 s VA NC VA
George W Son mw, 9 s VA NC VA
Gim Son mw, 6 s VA NC VA
Alice Dau fw, 1 & 412 s VA NC VA

Notes: Possible son of Calvin. See 1900 census.

Williams Pct

ED 122

p. 220/11B, an 20, 1920

208/211 Combs Arthur C Head mw, 22, md NC NC NC
Susan A Wife fw, 34, md VA VA VA
Mary A B Dau fw, 15 s VA VA VA
I??y g C Son mw, 12 s VA VA VA
Thomas Son mw, 8 s VA VA VA
Elija Son mw, 6 s VA VA VA
Jessie R Son mw, 4 & 812 s VA VA VA
Francis K Dau fw, 912 mos s VA VA VA

Note: Possibly Arthur, s/o of Calvin although his age is understated.

Rich Valley

ED 117

p. 124/20 B, , Jan 19, 1920

333/344 Molly Combs Boarder fw, 40, widowed VA VA VA, Servant - House

Notes: Boarding in the house of Thomas M and Gussie Allison who have a son named Rush T. Could this family be related to Rush LEFTWICH of the 1900 census record (above)?

20 Feb 1936 - Obituary: “Smyth Co. News”, Thursday February 20, 1936

Calvin Combs, 83, died Saturday, February 15th. He is survived by his wife and several children.

Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon, February 16th, at Falling Spring Lutheran church, by the Rev. Kenneth Killinger, assisted by Rev. W. C. Plummer.

Note: Calvin was the son of Andrew Jackson Combs and Martha HOWELL. Calvin was first married to Martha Jane Virginia BROOKS and second to Nancy ELLER. He and Martha had eight children including John Sylvester, Emery Austin Thomas, Sr., Arthur C., Cora Elizabeth, Lou Annie, Mary J., Jesse Millard and Melvin James. He and Nancy had four children, Lavenia, Martha, Thomas and Mirtie. there are several references on the Internet that show his death date as 1963. This obituary shows the correct date of Feb. 15, 1936.

Submitted by Ralph Sullivan

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