Tazewell County, VA was established in 1799 from Russell & Wythe Cos VA.

1800-1840 Tazewell Co, VA Census Indices

No Combs
(1800 and 1810 probably not extant)

27 July 1825 Tazewell Co., Virginia Court Order Book, 1820-1825, p. 439; William COMBS v H. P. GEORGE and T.(?) L. or S. GEORGE and Wm WILLIAMS } Debt. It being suggested to the court that H. P. GEORGE has departed this life since the institution of this suit, it is ordered that this suit abates to him, James C. DAVIDSON and Robert W. DAVIDSON come here into court and acknowledge themselves special bail for the surviving defendants...

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from original on FHC microfilm Court Order Books v. 1-3 1800-1817, 1820-1825, Film #0034208)

SE Notes: I saw no other COMBS in these early court records. The GEORGE family in Tazewell Co. were desc./relatives of one William and Jane GEORGE who lived in Russell Co. or Lee Co. (can't remember which, maybe both) at one time. Wm and Jane died in Tazewell. I think it is possible that this William GEORGE was related to Nicholas GEORGE family whose daughter, Wilmouth GEORGE, m Henry HARDING, and their daughter, Nancy HARDING, m John COMBS (s/o Mason COMBS, Sr., and "father of the eight").

02 Apr 1841 Tazewell Co, VA Marriage Records Shadrach COMBS m Elizabeth BOLLAND

(Combs Researcher Robert Bradford who adds: Although Shadrach's ancestry has not yet been documented, he is believed to have been the s/o John & Rebecca Combs, with whom he appears to have moved from somewhere in VA to Morgan Co KY ca 1842-1844. Following the death of Shadrach ca 1865 in Morgan Co KY, Elizabeth returned to Tazewell where she is found on the 1870 Census (Combs Researcher Jackie Combs, record not yet transcribed).

Note: A marriage CD spells COMB. SW: BOLLING

10 Oct 1845 Tazewell Co, VA Marriage Records William VAUN & Luisa Combs

(Extracted from Dodd, Jordan R, et. al. Early American Marriages: Virginia to 1850. Bountiful, UT: Precision Indexing Publishers, 19xx [sic], Ancestry On-Line (http://www.ancestry.com/)


1850 Tazewell Co., VA Census

473-473 Campbell COMBS 46 farmer NC cannot read or write
Nancy 43 NC " " " "
Adeline 15 NC
Matilda 13 NC attended school within the year
Franky 6 male NC
Pheby 4 VA
Mary 2 VA

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Notes: Based on birth records of the children in the above family, they removed from NC to VA between 1844 and 1846. The 1840 Wilkes Co NC Census includes a Cambel [sic] Combs; however, no marriage record has been located for him.

18 Oct 1855 (Tazewell Co VA Marriage Records) Lavisa COMBS & George CHAPPELL

(Marriage CD - record not yet obtained)

12 Aug 1856 (Tazewell Co VA Marriage Records) Martha Matilda COMBS & Nathan LAWSON


Notes: Probably the Matilda COMBS, b ca 1837, and d/o the Campbell & Nancy Combs of the 1850 census? (See Nathan and Matilda in 1860 Census below in HH of Carmel (Campbell?) Combs)

1860 Tazewell Co, Va Census

The Western District

Cedar Bluff PO

p. 153, July 25 & 27, 1860

1060/1031 Carmel Combs, 50, Male, ditto [farm laborer], RE=$0, PP=$55 NC
Nancy, 50, Female NC
Adeline, 21, Female NC
Franky 17, Female NC
Phebe 15, Female VA
Eliza 3, Female VA
David 2, Male VA

1061/1032 Nathan LAWSON, 27, Male, farm laborer, RE=$0, PP=$66 NC
Matilda, 20, Female NC

Note: Martha Matilda Combs m Nathan Lawson 12 Aug. 1856.

31 Jan 1861 (Tazewell Co VA Marriage Records)

Francis COMBS & Calvin LONG


Note: Franky was a common nickname for Frances, and it is possible that the above male, Franky, aged 6 in the 1850 hh of Campbel COMBS, was actually a female, and the Francis COMBS Long of 1861 (who would have been 17 years of age at the time of marriage if this is her record).

13 Sep 1864 (Tazewell Co VA Marriage Records)

Elizabeth A. COMBS & John TURNER


31 Jan 1866 (Tazewell Co VA Marriage Records) Isabella COMBS & Milbourn W. BARETT



1870 Tazewell Co, Va Census

Maiden Springs Twp

PO Knot

p. 52, Aug 14, 1870

351/251 Combs Elizabeth, 45 FW, Keeping House VA
Jordan W, 28 MW Farm Laborer VA
William, 16 MW Farm Laborer VA
David, 19 MW Farm Laborer VA
Mary 18 FW VA
Martha A 11 FW VA
Manerval, 7 FW VA

Note: Elizabeth BOLAND married Shadrack Combs (ancestry unknown). Couple previously found in 1850 and 1860 Morgan Co, Ky census. Son David married Nancy NEACE and raised a family in Letcher Co, Ky.

Jeffersonville Twp

Tazewell Court House

p. 15, June 25, 1870

89/87 Combs Andrew J, 44 MW Farm Laborer NC
Martha, 30 FW NC
David H, 15 MW Farm Laborer NC
Rebecca J, 14 FW NC
Calvin M, 13 MW Farm Laborer NC
Sallie, 11 FW NC
Meriday, 10 MW Farm Laborer NC
Nancy, 8 FW NC
Matilda, 3 FW VA
Susan, 1 FW VA

p. 17/358, June 25, 1870

105/103 Combs William, 60 MW Farm Laborer NC
Sybin, 63 FW, Keeping House NC

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Combs, Milly A, 23 FW, At Home NC
Elmira, 20 FW, At Home NC

PENDLETON Elizabeth, 37 FW, Domestic Sevt NC
Poindexter, 14 MW Farm Laborer NC
Meredith, 11 MW Farm Laborer NC
Harvey, 3 MW NC
William F [or J], 5 MW NC

Note: This couple found in the 1860 Wilkes Co, NC census.

p. 62, July 14, 1870

387/387 BARRETT Melburn, 25 MW, Farmer, RE=$300, PP=$150 VA
Isabell, 20 FW, Keeping House KY
COLMER, Jefferson D, 6 MW KY [Or COHMER or COLMES]
Sarah A, 15 FW KY Domestic Help

Note: 31 Jan 1866 (Tazewell Co VA Marriage Records) Isabella COMBS & Milbourn W. BARETT. Appears to be Isabell, d/o of Shadrach Combs and Elizabeth BOLLAND.