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Washington Territorial Legislature created Chehalis (becomes Grays Harbor) County out of Thurston on April 14, 1854. Chehalis encompassed most of southwest Washington. The legislators placed the county seat at Bruceport on Willapa (Shoalwater) Bay, very remote for the Chehalis River settlers. In 1860, the Legislature settled the boundary between Pacific County and Chehalis County. In 1915, the county changed its name to Grays Harbor eliminating some confusion since the city of Chehalis was in Lewis County (Source: The Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History,

1880 Chehalis Co, WA Territorial Census

(Source: Original census images,, abs by SE)

ED 38

p.10, June 15 1880

1/1 Combes, Corodon, W, M, 38, Md, Farmer, b. KY KY VA
Emily, W, F, 27, Wife, Keeping House, b. KY TN KY
Virgil, W, M, 7, Son, Single, b. Wash Terr, KY KY
William, W, M, 5, Son, Single, b. Wash Terr, KY KY
Pearl, W, F, 1, Daughter, Single, b. Wash Terr, KY KY

Notes: Coryden Combs son of William Combs and Mary Ann CRAIG. William was the son of John Combs and Mary 'Polly' ADAMS who married 27 Feb 1798, Mercer Co., KY. Corordon/Corydon's mother Mary Ann CRAIG was daughter of Samuel & Mary HUGHES Craig of Goose Creek, Loudoun Co, VA, born 16 Jul 1815, KY; died 17 Dec 1886, Hopkins Co., KY. Coradon aka Coryden found in parents 1850 Hopkins Co, KY census.

Bob Craig Notes: Coryden Conradus Combs, born 24 Nov 1842, Hopkins Co., KY; d 21 Nov 1912, Elma, Grays Harbor, WA, at 69 years of age; interred Masonic Cemetery, Elma, Grays Harbor, WA; married 24 Oct 1871, Hopkins Co., KY, Emily Frances ANDERSON (daughter of James Monroe ANDERSON and Louisa PITT), born in McLean Co., KY, 18 Nov 1852; d 25 Apr 1926 in Elma, Grays Harbor, WA, at 73 years of age. Coryden traveled to the Northwest through San Francisco, CA where he boarded a boat for Portland, OR. There he bought a wagon and team and drove to near Elma, now-Grays Harbor Co, WA. Children: Virgie Combs, born WA Territory, 17 Sep 1872. William A. Combs, born WA Territory, 23 Sep 1874. Pearly Hope Combs, born 30 May 1879, Elma, WA, died 26 Sep 1967 in Tacoma, WA, at 88 years of age; interred in Elma, WA, Masonic Cemetery; married in Elma, WA, 16 Mar 1903, Oliver McKinstry GORDON (son of Louis Francis GORDON and Annie MCKINSTRY), born Pottsville, PA 15 Jul 1876; d 24 Jan 1929 in Elma, WA, at 52 years of age; buried in Masonic Cemetery, Elma, WA. (dau. Gertrude Combs was born in WA Territory, 24 Jan 1886).

1900 Chehalis Co, WA Census

Source: Original census images,, abs by SE)

Elias Pct

ED 8

p. 168A, Sheet 1 June 1 1900

7/7 Combes, Robert Head, W, M, 26, b Aug 1873, md 4yrs, b MO KY MO Logger Lumber
Effie, Wife, W, F, 21, b Jan 1879, md 4yrs, 1ch/1liv, b KS IA OH
Mary E, Daughter, W, F, 1, b Sept 1898, Single, b WA MO KS

Elma Pct

ED 12

p. 244A Sheet 17, June 18 1900

358/361 Combes Corydon, Head, W, M, 57, b Nov 1843, md 29y, b KY VA VA, Merct (Genl)
Emily L, Wife, W, F, 47, b Nov 1852, md 29y, 5ch/3liv, b. KY MO KY
Pearl, Daughter, W, F, 21, b May 1879, Single, b. WA KY KY At School
Gertrude, Daughter, W, F, 14, b Jan 1886, Single, b WA KY KY At School

p. 245A Sheet 18, June 18 1900

382/385 Combes William M Head W, M, 25, b Sept 1874, md 3yrs, b WA KY KY Journeyman
Anna, Wife, W, F, 25, b. Oct 1874, md 3yr, 0ch/0liv, b WI WI KY

p. 251A Sheet 24, June 23 1900

512/515 CAMERON Wm Head, W, M, 34, b Nov 1865, Single, b Canada (En) Canada (E) Canada (E) Foreman in Camp, Immigrated in 1886 Combes, John P, Assistant, W, M, 20, b. Apr 1880, Single, b. MO KY KY, Logger

[one of many assistants in hh]

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