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On 08 Jul 1630 at Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, Elizabeth LOVETT, daughter of Sir Robert LOVETT and Anne SAUNDERS of Liscombe, Soulbury, Bucks, married John COMBE, son of John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London. Elizabeth's brother, Robert, married, as his first wife, Penelope AYLETT, daughter of Thomas and Lettice WILLIAMS Lovett of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex and Hovells, Essex.

The marriage of Robert LOVETT the younger, baptised 22 Jan 1623/4 at Dinton, Bucks; is documented by both the visitations of Bucks and a marble monument in the church at Soulbury, Bucks, that gives his death date as 11 Aug 1699, and states that he married "Penelope, daughter and sole heiress of Thomas AYLET of Hovels in the County of Essex, Esq...," and also lists their children (See Lovett Memorials...)

A footnote in the Lovett Memorials states that "The family of AYLET were staunch royalists: King Charles I m. 1646 to show approbation of the zeal displayed by captain AYLET, in his desperate defence of Colchester, ordered the augmentation to his arms of --on? a canton or, the rose of England proper -- having no other reward to bestow on him. There is a beautiful portrait at Liscombe, of Penelope LOVETT, daughter of Thomas AYLET (faded) represented with a rose in her hand."

The ancestry of Penelope AYLETT is further documented by the Essex Visitation of 1634, Aylett, which lists Penelope as the daughter of Thomas and Lettice WILLIAMS Aylett:

The Visitation of Essex, 1634, AYLETT Family:
1. William AYLETT of rivenhall in com. Essex
   2. Leonard AYLETT of Rivenhall m Anne d. of PATER
      3. Leonard AYLETT of Braxsted in com. Essex m Sarah WESTROP
         4. William AYLETT of Colchester 1634 m .. d. of BARINGTON of Colchester 
         4. Robert.
         4. John
         4. Thomas
      3. Robert AYLETT docter of the civill law ao 1634, m Penellapy WISEMAN
   2. Robert AYLETT of Coggershall, co. Essex m ... d. of ... THOROGOOD
      3. Thomas AYLETT of Coggershall com. Essex ao. 1634, m Anne MILBORNE
         4.1. Thomas AYLETT of Lincoln's Inn m Lettice d & heire of Thom. 
              WILLIAMS servant to Q. Elizabeth & King James.
              5. Thomas AYLETT aged abt 7 yeares ao 1635
              5. Penelope
         4.2. Robert
         4.3. John
         4.4. William
         4.5. Nicholes.
         4.6. James
         4.7. Jheromy
         4.   Anne ux. Will'm BRAGG
         4.   Dorathey ux. Xpofer ELLIS of London
         4.   Mary ux John SORRELL
         4.   Judith
         4.   Elizabeth
              5. Allice
      3. Dorythy, 1 married RIDDESDALL; 2 to SMITH; 3 to Edward MOTT
      3. Robert AYLETT of Stisted in com. Essex ao 1634 m Elizabeth BARROWES
         4.   Robert AYLETT
         4.   Edward
         4.   Thomas
         4.   Anne
      3. Jheromy AYLETT of Rivenhall m Frances FRESHWATER
         4.   Richard
         4.   Jheromy
         4.   Bridgett
         4.   Frances
   2. Elizabeth ux LAMBE mother of Sir John LAMBE Knt. deane of the arches
(Visitations of Essex, 1634, AYLETT, p. 339) SW: Jeremy

The will of William AYLET (No. 1) above provides the additional information that (1) his wife was named Margaret; (2) either he or his mother had married a RAYMOND; (3) he had brothers, Robert and Thomas still living; and (4) that his daughter, Elizabeth, had died before 1581, the wife of John LAMBE; and :

page 247

27 Jul 1581 - 7 May 1583 P.C.C. Rowe 26. Will of William AYLETT of Rivenhall, Essex, Yeoman. To be buried in the churchyard of Rivenhall or Kelvedon. Bequests to the poor of a number of parishes. To wife Margaret for her life copyhold land called More Land in Kelvedon. Also to her 100 and cattle &c. half of household stuff and the occu pation of a tenement called Graces. To my eldest son Richard my lease in Cressing. To son Leonard my copyhold closes in Rivenhall called Elmesfield and Sewerland and other copyhold lands held under same Manor, and a lease called Little Rivenhall and my lease in Black Notley which I late had of George RAYMOND of Braintree. To son Robert my lease in Coggeshall. To son William my lease in the moiety of a tenement in Mayland called Bovells and all my tenements in Mayland Southminster and Steeple which I late had of Henry LUCKYN of Roxwell. To son Thomas lease of a meadow in Rivenhall I bought of Thomas BURGESS, a copyhold tenement in Rivenhall called Black Mere and a meadow called Bayes. To son John the other half of my househld stuff by the dividing of my brothers Robert & Thomas AYLETT and George RAYMOND and also the lands bequeathed to wife, after her death, and 100 at age 21. My executors to have my lands held of the Manor of Kelvedon Hall for the better per formance of this my will. To my daughter Susan the wife of Edward SAMROES 20. and each of her children (not named) to have 6. 13. 4. To John, Thomas, Edward and Susan LAMBE, the children of my daughter Elizabeth, deceased, late the wife of John LAMBE 6. 13. 4. each. To Judith the daughter of my brother Thomas AYLETT 6. 13. 4. at age 21. To each of my servants 3/4- Res. & Ex. my six sons. Supervisor: my brothers, George RAYMOND and Thomas AYLETT. My free messuages and tenements in the hamlet of Stansted in the parish of Halsted which I bought of Robert NOKE, gent, and Dorothy his wife to remain to the uses declared in a pair of indentures dated the 25 July 23 Eliz. between myself and wife on the one part and George RAYMOND of Brain tree, Grocer, (my brother-in-law) and Thomas AYLETT of Leaden Roding (my natural brother), on the other part as in the same more plainly doth appear. And whereas I have taken up by copy of Court roll of George WHITE, Esquire, one parcel of the waste ground of his Manor of Rivenhall and thereupon have builded one house, being now two tenements for the poor of the parish of Rivenhall, my sons to have the appointing of such persons to dwell therein. Wit: Thomas HUNT, gentleman, John UPCHER, John BINDED, William PIGGETT. Proved 7 May, 1583, by the ex. named. (English Origins of American Colonists, J. R. Hutchinson) Search Words: UPSHER PIGGOTT

The author adds that Henry LUCKEN was the Rector of Layer Bretton. Also note William PIGGOT above and that Lettice LOVETT, daughter of Robert and Penelope AYLETT, married Thomas PIGGOT of Doddeshall, Bucks. Another AYLETT (AYLOTT), John of Cranham, Essex, died testate in 1695, naming father, William (alive), brothers Gilbert and Thomas, sister Ann, wife of Francis LEA, and sisters Agnes and Ellen (unmarried), and daughter, Elizabeth (unmarried). He refers to his brother HARRYS [HARRIS], possibly brother of a pre-deceased wife (See Combs &c. Families of Essex for more complete abstract of this will and other Essex records).

The relationships of the next two Ayletts of record have also not yet been determined:

22 Mar 1657/8. "Capt. John AYLETT, now of London, mariner, formerly living in New England, deposes 22 March, 1657-8, aged 30. He was master and part owner of a ketch called the Providence, which, in a voyage from New England to Jamaica, was taken by the Spaniards and carried into San Domingo, where deponent was held prisoner for twelve months and better." ("Genealogical Notes From The High Court Of Admiralty Examinations," J. R. Hutchinson, page 176)