In order to understand family history and how it relates to the study of DNA it is important to learn ABOUT -- different approaches in applying DNA testing to genealogy or family history -- the expertise required to interpret DNA Findings -- how DNA can define our ancestory -- how DNA results are compared to determine relatedness of lineages.

Lineages Confirmed by DNA Test Results are presented in a table that includes:

As COMBS-COOMBS researchers request kits and begin submitting their DNA samples, there can be a 4-6 week turn around period, or possibly earlier. After that period of time DNA Heritage will provide a report, to the person who was tested and to the Project Administrator, establishing the “genetic profile” of that person and their male COMBS-COOMBS ancestry. The Project Administrator and the researcher tested will discuss the data and posting it to the SECURE WEBSITE to ensure if there are any concerns for the data, they are addressed. Part of this section will include a secure web page only to be accessed using a password and an ID by those researchers who paid to have their DNA tested or who have submitted their DNA data from another testing company to the Project Administrator. No names of persons tested will appear. However, a code for the person tested and the name of their earliest known Combs-Coombs ancestor will appear in this part of our study.

The Project Administrator, or someone designated by the Project Administrator to compile a comparison chart of DNA results, will place information on the DNA Test Results web page. It is in this step that the data will be grouped when matches are evident among DNA “genetic profiles”. The extent the “genetic profiles” match will determine relatedness. Findings will be interpreted into learnings which will then be included in the RECENT DEVELOPMENTS, LINEAGE STUDIES and VIRTUAL ARCHIVE sections of the study to benefit all COMBS-COOMBS researchers.

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If there are any questions you still have about this science, please contact the Project Administrator, Denise Mortorff.

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