The COMBS-COOMBS &c. research project is an international family history research effort. Our objective in studying DNA is to determine the assumptions that can be made about relationships of persons and their ancestral connections (lineages) as a result of DNA testing. By design, we have tied our DNA study to our original family history research project and would like to have those persons participating in the study also contribute their family history to our project for the mutual benefit of project members and study participants.

We hope our study will be viewed as providing a unique approach to melding family history with science. The study has been designed and is managed by a Project Administrator on behalf of our COMBS-COOMBS &c. research group and organization. Please note our copyright restrictions on this and other web pages in our family history project and DNA study. We would appreciate your supporting our efforts by honoring our copyright and conditions for use of our website.

Our project design is organized into five main sections ---

The family history details in each of these sections of the DNA study and the original COMBS-COOMBS &c. family history project are tied together by links. A key has been developed to link the --


These links will enable movement back and forth between the different sections of the family history research project and the DNA study to facilitate our understanding of family history.

Additional tools will assist us in knowing which branches of specific lineages have been tested or are in the process of being tested to follow the progress of the test results and their outcomes as our study moves forward.

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“How To Use Our
Family History Research Project & DNA Study”
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Combs-Coombs &c. Family History Research Project

Main Web Page

This is where you will be able to learn about our vast collection of family history resources. This includes search engines from which to access our in depth and well documented family history project covering a broad range of resource types organized into geographic, related family branches, and by unique record types or topics, as well as access to an extensive e-mail archives; and, instructions for joining our research group to contribute your family history and identify others with similar research interests.

Combs-Coombs &c. International DNA Study

Main Web Page

This is where you can learn in depth about our DNA surname project, surname variations included in our project, study objectives and design, ways you can participate, how the study will support furthering family history research and how our project will utilize DNA findings to interpret family history. Additional resources are also mentioned.

Portal to Request A DNA Test Kit

Choices to consider in ordering a DNA Test Kit are outlined. An explanation and a link to a Disclaimer are provided for review. This is required to participate in the DNA STUDY. Once in agreement, each person requesting a DNA test kit will be able to access a unique portal to the business with which we have arranged to conduct DNA testing specific to our Combs-Coombs research interests.

Lineages/Persons in Need of Male Representatives for DNA Testing

This part of the study will help us see who needs support in finding male representatives to be tested for our surname study. Specific branches that DNA findings could make a significant difference to many researchers, if DNA data was available, will also be noted.

Lineage Studies

As our project progresses, we will have main lineages of Combs-Coombs &c. and family branches presented in the form of studies to specifically outline the relatedness of the branches based on the learnings from the DNA findings. A prototype has been created as a model for the creation of additional studies. Special studies regarding other subjects of specific interest will also be included. The studies underway or being planned are outlined at this part of our project.

Oral History

“Stories” are often used to substantiate that a lineage should be included on one’s family tree. This section provides a mechanism for examining a story, the lineage it purports, and the likelihood it is true based on learnings by DNA Test results. Other factors that relate to the story and its interpretation are also considered.

Virtual Archive of Lineages

Lineage “snapshots” of Combs-Coombs researchers have been compiled and organized in an abbreviated form that can be scrolled through and searched. Key research issues of concern are outlined. Study goals are noted.

A guide for "how to use" the Archive for family history research is included in this section of the Study to enhance information access. Researchers will no longer need to come back again and again over time and restate their lineage re: COMBS-COOMBS &c. in our on-line discussion group. As new information about ones lineage is learned, updates can be made to maintain ones COMBS-COOMBS &c. lineage in this part of our Study.

Form to Submit a Lineage to our Virtual Archive

Whether you are tracing a direct-line or a collateral line, by completing the requested information, your own Combs-Coombs &c. lineage can be included in the VIRTUAL ARCHIVE where other researchers may come across your research interests. The details you provide can be useful in interpreting DNA findings, as well, particularly with respect to lineage studies. A sample has been created to use as a model for organizing your own information for inclusion in the Archive.

DNA Findings

This is about melding DNA test results and family history, the organization and accessibility of genetic data, sample test data charts, how results are used for interpreting family history in this Study, and general DNA findings. There is also a secure site for researcher´s who have submitted their DNA for analysis and inclusion in the project. Other researcher´s will still benefit from interpretation of the DNA findings into family history learnings although they do not have access to the scientific data from this part of our study. The learnings will be accessible to the public as is our family history project on-line.


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