Chapter XIV

Children of John W. and Clementina

I. Ballard French. Born September 29, 1877. Married Arminta, daughter of Emery and Lucinda Perkins, of Perkins Branch, Knott County, 1907. B.S., Kentucky Wesleyan College. LL.B. Washington and Lee University. Attorney at Law. Lived at Prestonsburg, Kentucky. Died in Huntington, [Cabell or Wayne County] West Virginia, May 30, 1948. Children of Ballard French and Arminta:

  1. 1. Ballard Fletcher. Born at Hindman, August 7, 1908. Married Mary, (b. June 17,1913), dau. of Leo Bernard and Mary Gaeke, of Dayton, Ohio, Mch. 20, 1937. B.S. and M.D. Univ. of Cincinnati. Surgeon. Home. Lexington, Ky. Children: Philip Gordon, b. in Lexington, Sept. 12, 1938; James Allan, b. in Lexington, Nov.10, 1942; Kenneth Lee, b. in Lexington, Jun.20, 1945; Byron French, b. in Lexington, Jul. 1, 1946.
  2. 2. John Graham Leroy. Born at Hindman, Mch. 6, 1910. A.B. and LL.B. Univ. of Kentucky. Married Ilene, dau. of J.J. and Zinphora Hamilton Fyffe. Attorney at Law, firm of Combs & Combs, Prestonsburg. Home: Prestonsburg. Children: John Mason, b. Aug. 6, 1946, in Lexington; Charles Hamilton, b. in Prestonsburg, Dec.18, 1947.
  3. 3. Arthur Lamar. Died Feb. 1, 1917, at the age of 5.
  4. 4. Paul Churchill. Born at Prestonsburg, Mch. 15, 1919. A.B. and LL.B. Univ. of Kentucky. Married Mildred, dau. of Jesse P. and Nell Witt Turpin, April 10, 1943. Home. Prestonsburg. Children: Paul Stephan, b. in Lexington Mch. 25, 1945; Mary Lynn, b. July 7, 1949.

II. James Monroe. Born Nov. 7, 1879. Married Elizabeth,


dau. of Thomas Waddle. Elizabeth died in 1906. No. issue. Second marriage to Lula, dau. of Ison Adkins. Children:

  1. 1. Fay. Born at Hindman. Married Bartee, son of William Estep. Children: Robert Gene, b. Dec. 25, 1929.
  2. 2. George Denny. Born at Hindman. Married Orbie, dau. of Roach Gayheart. Children: Paul Dean, b. Sept. 27, 1934; Billie Louise, b. Nov.28, 1936; Carl Monroe, b. Jul.17, 1939 (deceased); Lawrence Henry, b. Dec.11, 1941; Glenna Sue, b. Sep. 7, 1942; Anna Rose, b. July 17,1944; Lillian Lorraine, b. May 14, 1946; Wendall Ray, b. June 1, 1949; Catherine Jane, b. Aug.20, 1956; George Kenny, b. Aug.16, 1961 (deceased).
  3. 3. Evelyn. Born at Hindman. Married Basil L. Click, of Kingsport, Tenn.
  4. 4. Dora Madeline. Born at Hindman. Married Forest, son of James Gentry. Children: James Lee, b. Feb. 17, 1935.
  5. 5. John W. Born at Hindman. Married Blanche, dau. of Rube Bailey. Children: Judly, b. Nov. 4, 1941; John Warren, b. Apr. 18, 1943.
  6. 6. Charlie. Born at Hindman. Married Lovena, dau. of Marion and Sarah Slone. Children: Lula Marcelle, b. Apr. 15, 1943; Evelyn Ann, b. Dec. 18, 1945; Marion Waldo, b. Jan. 28, 1946; Madilyn Irene, b. July 27,1947; Charles Dempsey, b. Mar.23, 1949; Grace Marie, b. Dec. 7, 1952; Shelby Lee, b. May 29, 1955.

III. Alafare (Allie). Born Mar. 17, 1882. Married Edwin Daniel, who died in Chicago, June, 1926. Home: St. Louis. Children, all born in St. Louis; Zena Dare, Frank Edwin, John, Robert Lansing, Richard (deceased).

IV. Ira J. Born Mar. 6, 1884. Died in St. Louis Feb. 18, 1919. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Webster Groves [St. Louis Co.], Mo. First marriage to Octavia Whittaker. Children: Alma. Second marriage to Myrtle, dau. of Robert Combs, May 9, 1914. Children of Ira and Myrtle:

  1. 1. Norris Keith. Born at Webster Groves, Mo., Nov. 14, 1915. Married Loretta, dau. of Michael and Kathryn Sheridan, of North Chicago, Ill., Aug.24, 1940. B.A., Lake Forest College, M.S., Northwestern University. Commander, U.S. Navy. Home, Pensacola,


Florida. Children: Thomas Michael, b. in Waukegan, Ill., Dec. 23, 1948; Richard Sheridan, b. in Denver, Colo., Oct. 8, 1950; Robert Keith, b. in Japan, June 22, 1954.

  1. 2. Peggy (deceased), b. in Webster Groves, Mo., Feb. 22, 1918. Died and buried in Hindman, Ky.

V. Josiah Henry (Harrison). Born Jan. 2, 1886, at Hazard, Ky. A.B., Transylvania Univ. 1911; Ph D., University of Paris, 1925; College professor and author. Married Charlotte, b. Mar. 27, 1900; dau. of Paul Amedee Bernard Benard and Louise-Marie Mimard Benard, Jul. 12, 1920. Mr. and Mrs. Benard lived at Laroche-Migennes (YONNE), Burgundy, France. Mrs. Benard's father was a merchant and manufacturer, of Paris. He received a silver medal from Napoleon III for bravery in the campaign of Italy, June, 1859. Charlotte was born at Laroche-Migennes. Josiah H. died in Ft. Worth [Tarrant Co], Texas, June 28, 1960. Buried in Fort Sam Houston Cemetery, (San Antonio, Texas). No issue.

VI. Anthony Burnam. Born March 22, 1890. A.B., Transylvania University; LL.B., Univ. of Ky. Married Hazel, dau. of Mrs.Belle C. Gardner of Prestonsburg, Ky., March 11, 1923. Attorney at Law, firm of Combs & Combs, Prestonsburg. Home: Prestonsburg. Children: Cleon Kilmer, b. at Prestonsburg, Jan.20, 1924; A.B., LL.B., Univ. of Kentucky; Gardner Kent, b. at Prestonsburg, Feb. 5, 1927; Vyvyan, b. at Prestonsburg, Jan. 22, 1932. Anthony Burnam, died in Lexington, Sept.14, 1954.

VII. George Denny. Born Apr. 28, 1892. Died January 13, 1950. Married Iva, dau. of Edwin Daniel, 1921. Home: Ft. Worth, Texas. Children: George Denny, b. in St. Louis; Peggy, born in St. Louis; Colette, b. in Ft. Worth; James, b. in Ft. Worth; Margery, b. in Ft. Worth.

VIII. Dora Marguerite. Born Oct. 30, 1895. Married Jack Holcomb. No issue. Died in St. Louis.