Chapter XV

Johns, Nicholases, Jeremiahs, Birams

To avoid confusion, I list here some common given-names among the early Combses in Kentucky. It is a singular fact that, as far as is known, only one of the "eight brothers" named one of his sons John. It is stranger, still, that up to the beginning of the eighteenth century, in Maryland and Virginia, there were sometimes two children bearing the same given-name in the same family. One Thomas Wharton, in St. Marys, or Charles Co., Maryland, had two daughters named Elizabeth, after 1700. (1) Things like this get in the hair of genealogists and investigators. The Arabic numerals below do not indicate generations, nor do the names necessarily represent related families.

  1. John, sire of the "eight brothers".
  2. John, Jr., one of the "eight".
  3. John, to Madison Co., Arkansas.
  4. John Lorenzo, son of Jeremiah ("Long Jerry").
  5. John S., son of Jeremiah ("Chunky Jerry").
  6. John, to Lincoln (Boyle) Co., to Perry Co., then to Boyle [Cos, KY].
  7. John, son of John, of Boyle; called "Jack", lived in Owsley Co [Co, KY].
  8. John, H., son of Benjamin, of Clark Co [KY].
  9. John, son of Cuthbert of Clark [Co, KY], details scarce.
  10. John, son of [left blank] Loudon [Loudoun] Co., Va., or Fayette Co., Pa.; to Nelson Co. [KY].
  11. John, son of Loudon [Loudoun] John. (2)
  1. Nicholas ("Danger Nick"), uncle of the "eight brothers".
  2. Nicholas, Jr., ("Bird Eye"), son of "Danger".
  3. Nicholas, son of "Bird Eye".
  4. Nicholas, son of "Chunky Jerry".


  1. Nicholas, one of the "eight," details scarce.
  2. Nicholas, Jr., son of Nicholas (5), Owsley Co.
  3. Nicholas, son of Samuel, one of the "eight". Died in Clay Co. [KY].
  4. Nicholas, son of John S., son of "Chunky Jerry".
  5. Nicholas, son of George, son of [Henry] Harrison, one of the "eight".
  6. Nicholas (''Shanghai Nick"), son of "Long Jerry". (3)
  1. Jeremiah C. ("Chunky Jerry"), son of "Danger Nick".
  2. Jeremiah C. ("Tight Jerry"), son of "Chunky".
  3. Jeremiah ("Long Jerry"), son of John, one of the "eight".
  4. Jeremiah Lorenzo, son of "Long Jerry".
  5. Jeremiah ("Short Jerry"), son of Moses, son of "Chunky".
  6. Jeremiah, son of old Alfred, son of Matthew.
  7. Jeremiah, in Perry in 1850 at age of 62, with wife and five children.

Some later ones:

Jeremiah, b. in Tenn., moved to Madison County, Ark., and aged 74 in [Madison Co, AR] Census of 1860. Probably a son of William (b. 1740), and a cousin of the "eight" brothers.

  1. Jeremiah ("Ram Jerry"), son of John Wesley.
  2. Jeremiah ("Curly Jerry").
  3. Jeremiah ("Beet-Nose Jerry").
  4. Jeremiah ("Free Jerry"), son of Jack.
  5. Jeremiah ("Loose Jerry")
  6. Jeremiah ("Rebel Jerry").
  7. Jeremiah ("Young Jerry").
  8. Jeremiah ("Yankee Jerry").
  9. Jeremiah (''Slow Jerry").
  10. Jeremiah ("Round Jerry"). (4)
  1. Biram (Barm), one of the "eight".
  2. Biram, Jr., On Carr's Fork, Mouth of Irishman Cr., 1827. Old Biram's son.
  3. Biram, son of George, one of the "eight," 37 in 1850.
  4. Biram, on Ky. River, 1829; George's son.
  5. Biram, married in 1836.
  6. Biram, died in 1852.
  7. Biram, killed in Civil War.
  8. Biram, S., 32 in Perry [Co, KY] Census, 1850. (5)