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The earliest Combs &c. Families to come to what is now Madison County, Arkansas, but was earlier Washington and Izzard Cos, AR, from the same location: Warren Co, TN, but settled in two opposite sections of the county: (1) Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs (new report) and their children settled in the early 1830s in Kings River Twp on land that was originally Izzard, then Carroll Counties prior to becoming part of Madison County shortly before 1840. (2) Martin & Sarah COMBS Johnson, Sr.'s children began arriving before 1830 from Warren Co, TN, and settled primarily in Richland Twp, but also in Prairie Twp, both on the west side of the county. (3) At least one child of Simon & Martha MURRILL Combs, Mahala COMBS, wife of Barnett OWEN, also came to Madison County; (4) "it is said" that Martin JOHNSON'S brother, William JOHNSON married a Tisha COMBS; and (5) it is likely that John & Mahala COMBS (unidentified, but found near Jeremiah COMBS in Kingston Twp. in 1840 and near his daughter, Sarah COMBS Lane in Prairie Twp. in 1850) also came from Warren.

During the 1850s yet more Combs arrived - cousins of the earlier Combs, although many of the various specific relationships are still being sorted out. Simon & Jeremiah COMBS were sons of Mason & Dorothy COMBS (Jr.?) of Hawkins Co, TN who was probably the son of Mason & Sarah COMBS, Sr. of Stafford & Frederick Cos, VA & Surry Co, NC. Sarah COMBS Johnson was somehow kin to them, and may even have been their sister; likewise, Tisha COMBS(?) Johnson. Other COMBS continued to arrive in Madison Co, AR, many from Perry Co KY (See our New Two Hiram and Mary COMBS of Perry Co KY and Madison Co AR); but more continue to dangle, and the following is part of our continuing effort to both untangle and undangle them all.

Chronology of Madison Co, AR Records

1832 (then Izard Co, AR) "The first Free Will Baptist Church west of the Mississippi River was constituted in 1832 by Samuel WHITELEY, at the house of David PICKETT, on War Eagle, with seven members: Ann and Sallie WHITELEY, Polly PICKETT, Malinda COMBS, John CLARKE, Ann PERROTT, and one other whose name has not been ascertaned. This is now extinct."

(Goodspeeds' History of Northwest Arkansas, Madison County)

Notes: Malinda, b ca 1811, KY, was the wife of John COMBS, b ca 1811, TN, listed on 1840 and 1850 Madison Co, AR Census, but gone by 1860. In 1840, John COMBS is listed on the Madison Co, AR census adjacent to in Kings River Township adjacent to John D. COMBS (son of Jeremiah and Charity RHODES Combs, formerly of Hawkins and Warren Cos TN) and a John CLARK. By 1850, however, John and Malinda COMBS (Madison Co, AR HH#42), William and Sarah COMBS Lane (daughter of Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs), and John CLARK are all listed across the county in Prairie Township near William JOHNSON and Lishley (a.k.a. Tisha) Combs Johnson, and William Murray and Sophronia BELL Drake (the former brother to Martin & Sarah COMBS Johnson, Sr., all also formerly of Hawkins and Warren Cos, TN). This move from Kings River twp (by John COMBS and Sarah COMBS Lane) to the Prairie Twp neighborhood of the COMBS-JOHNSON Families constitutes the primary evidence we've uncovered this far to indicate that there was association between the two families after they left Warren Co, TN. In 1860, John & Malinda and all their children are gone from Madison Co, AR - and remain unfound to date.

Also Note: Contrary to statements made in The Combes Genealogy…, this John COMBS is not the John COMBS of 1858 Madison Co, AR who appears in Perry Co, KY records, and is sometimes termed John Combs-COUCH (see below).

1840 Madison Co, AR Census
(partial selections) (Transcribed by Mrs. Chloe Presley)

Hilburn Twp.

P. 28, L. 23: Jesse D. COMBS 002001-010001-0

Notes: Jesse D. COMBS of Hilburn Twp. (this name has also been transcribed as Jessie D. COMBS), b 1790-1800, has not yet been identified, and has not yet been located on the 1850 Census. No Combs were in Hillburn in 1850, but in the early 1850s, Polly COMBS Combs, widow of Elijah COMBS, Jr. and d/o Jeremiah "Long" COMBS, came to Hilburn from Perry Co, KY. Was Jesse D. also from Perry? Did Jesse D. own land in Madison? Was his household near to Polly COMBS Combs?

Kings River Twp

Page 38

ln 11 John COMBS 11002-20001-0
ln 13 John COMBS 00001-00001-0
ln 15 James B. McELHANEY 21001-0
ln 17 Thomas CLARK 110001-22001-0
ln 18 Jeremiah COMBS 2111001-0010001-0

Notes: Line 18 is Jeremiah COMBS (h/o Charity RHOADS). Line 11 John COMBS is John D. COMBS (h/o Phoebe GAGE and s/o Jeremiah & Charity); and Line 13 John COMBS is h/o Malinda and possibly also earlier from Warren Co, TN. Line 15 is James B. McELHANEY, m Emeline COMBS (d/o Jeremiah and Charity), and Line 17 is Thomas CLARK, m Nancy COMBS (d/o Jeremiah and Charity).

1850 Madison Co, AR Census (Complete - Partially Annotated)

Index to Combs &c. Families

Prairie Twp.: William C. & Sarah COMBS Lane; John & Malinda COMBS; William & Tisha? Lishley COMBS? Johnson; John COMBS (in Samuel BANKS' HH)

Richland Twp.: Martin JOHNSON, Sr., widower of Sarah COMBS; and most of their children

Kings River Twp.: Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs and most of their children

Bowen Twp.: Barnett & Mahala COMBS Owen

War Eagle Twp.: Joshua BOREN, widower of Martha JOHNSON, d/o William and Tisha COMBS? Johnson

29 Oct 1853 Madison Co AR. Married: Wheeling COMBS & Susan Emily Jane STEPHENS, d/o Thomas STEPHENS (Cassville Democrat, May, 1906, Cassville, Barry Co, MO)

Notes: Wheeling was the s/o Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs.

1853 Madison Co, AR. According to W. T. NEAL, b 1839, Knox Co, TN, s/o John A. and Harriet (COMB) Neal, who were also born in Tennessee, and were farmers by occupation, his parents became residents of Madison County, Ark., in 1853, but the father's death occurred in Washington County, in 1883. (Goodspeeds' History of Northwest Arkansas, Benton County, 1884)

Note: Not found in 1850 on TN Census (surface scan only) and not on 1850 Madison Co, AR Census. See also Combs-Neal of Jefferson Co, TN

4/21/1858-4/21/1858 (Perry Co, KY DBC:476) John COMBS of Madison Co., AR sold to Wm L. COMBS of Perry Co, KY, for $125, all his interest in the estate of Biram COMBS decd. His interest is in land on Carrs Fk that descended to his sister. In DBC:475, John defines his sister as Dicy COMBS, decd.

(Combs Researcher Sue Elfving)

Notes: This is the John COMBS who is sometimes termed John COMBS-COUCH, s/o Biram COMBS, Jr., in The Combes Genealogy…, which has mistakenly identified him as the John COMBS of the 1850 Prairie Twp., Madison Co, AR Census. Instead, he is listed in the 1850 Perry Co, KY census HH of Polly COMBS (widow of Elijah COMBS, Jr. and d/o Jeremiah "Long" COMBS). By 1855, he, Polly and some of her children had come to Madison Co, AR (See Two Hiram and Mary Combs of Perry Co, KY and Madison Co, AR), and in 1860, John is listed in Hilburn Twp. of Madison Co, AR with Polly COMBS Combs in his household. In 1850, his sister, Dicey COMBS, then age 11, was listed in the Perry Co, KY household of Benjamin and Sarah COMBS Davidson (the latter d/o Elijah and Polly COMBS Combs, Jr.) immediately following Polly COMBS Combs and this John COMBS.

1860 Madison Co, AR Census

(Madison Co AR Gen Soc Edition, p. 59)
Note! Not all Combs Families Entered Yet!

Kings River Township

0769 Marion [Mason] C. COMBS 37 m TN
Margaret E. [HOGAN] 37 f AR
Polly A. 17 f AR
Albert A. 16 m AR
Elvira T. 14 f AR
Wilson L. 12 m AR
Matilda J. 10 f AR
Orpha C. 8 f AR
Nancy E. 7 f AR
John W. 6 m AR
Eliza M. 4 f AR
Teressa 3 f AR
Sarah E. 1 f AR

Notes: Mason Canada Combs, s/o Jeremiah & Charity RHOADS Combs, is found on the 1870 Barry Co, MO Census.

0772 Jeremiah COMBS 74 m VA
Charity 70 f NC [b ca 1790]
Jesse R. 20 m AR [b ca 1840]
Houston FULINGTON 40 m TN
Susan " 34 f TN
Sarah J. 14 f TN
George 12 m TN
William 10 m TN
Mary A. 7 f TN
Nancy M. 6 f TN
John F 5 m MO
Loyd J. 2 m MO

Notes: Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs (s/o Mason & Dorothy COMBS). Why Houston FULLINGTON and his family were residing in Jeremiah's household in 1860 is not known, but before 1870, they were in Wright Co, MO living as near neighbor's to descendants of Jeremiah's cousin, Winnifred Combs Sumner Hicks.

0773 John D. COMBS 45 m TN
Phebe [GAGE] 39 f TN
Amanda 22 f AR
Sarilda 16 f AR
George W. 12 m AR
Levi 10 m AR
Julia A. 6 f AR
Andrew 4 m AR
Jonathan E. 1 m AR

Notes: John D. COMBS, s/o Jeremiah and Charity RHOADS Combs

0779 Sarah [COMBS] Lane 35 f TN
Columbus 16 m AR
Wilson 14 m AR
Emiline 12 f AR
Jeremiah 8 m AR

Notes: Sarah COMBS, d/o Jeremiah and Charity RHOADS Combs and widow of William LANE. In 1850 William and Sarah were living in Madison County's Prairie Twp, by John & Malinda COMBS. Wm apparently died between 1852 and 1860.

Hilburn Twp

St. Paul PO

312 Hiram COMBS 28 m KY
Mary [WALKER] 26 f KY
Elijah 8 m KY
Leonidas 6 m KY
Louisa 2 f KY
James 6/12/ m KY

316 Wiley TUCKER (0/100) (Farmer) 26 m AL
Manerva [COMBS] 19 F KY

(Madison Co, AR Gen Soc. Transcription, 1996)

324 John COMBS (0/415) (farmer) 24 m KY
Polly 52 f KY
Nancy SHASTED (0/100) 10 f AR


Note: See Two Hiram and Mary Combs of Perry Co, KY and Madison Co, AR re Hilburn Twp. Families.

1860-1865 Civil War Service
COMBS, Hiram AR 7th Cav. Co. E. Capt.
(The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865, Vol. IV edited by Janet B. Hewett. Broadfoot, Publishing Co., Wilmington, NC 1996, page 57)

Notes: Civil War service of the "other" Hiram Combs was as a private in KY.

Apr 1861- Apr 1867 (Madison Co AR Will Book I page 195) Columbus COMBS. Apr Term 1861, 202 & 208 July Term 1861, 230 & 234 Nov Term 1861; I-4 & I-5 & I-7 Feb 1862, May Term 1862; 303 Oct Term 1865, 328 & 329 Jan Term 1866, 352 & 354 Apr Term 1866, 449 Apr Term 1867. (Index to Arkansas Wills & Admins from earliest to 1900, extracted by Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter)

Madison County Probate Book Register of Claims vs Estates page 98 & 99. Estate of
Columbus COMBS
Claimants - On What Founded - Rate of Interest - Time Probated - Class - Amount
J. E. & W. K HENDERSON Note 10 April 4 6.29
Miley or Eli BASHAM Acct. 6 July 29th, 1861 4 22.32
W. R. RODGERS & Co. Acct. 6 July 29th, 1861 4 6.43
B. T. LOGAN Acct. 6 Nov. 6th, 1861 4 2.50
S. E? KENNER Acct. 6 Nov. 7th, 1861 4 3.50
(Provided by Combs Researcher J.T. Anderson from Project ARK1-044 Roll #6 Microfilm in possession of Wally Waits, Muskogee Public Library, Muskogee, Oklahoma)

Notes: Columbus M. COMBS, s/o Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs (See Next).

aft Jun 1860 Married: Jacob DRAKE, Jr. (s/o Jacob & Hannah ROSS Drake, Sr.) & Telitha YOUNG Combs (d/o Robert Coleman & Elizabeth PATTERSON Young and widow of Columbus M. COMBS (s/o Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs). Columbus M. and Telitha YOUNG Combs are in the 1860 Carroll Co, AR census.

Source: Letter written by Jacob Drake, Jr., and transcribed by Drake researcher Richard O. Johnson who adds: I have two copies of this letter, neither the original. One was sent by Diana Davis, the other passed through several hands but apparently originally came from Mrs. Donald Drake. It is the latter that is copied here, with differences indicated in brackets.]

Purdy [Barry Co], Mo.
August , 1893 [ROJ: Davis copy says August 6 93]
Mr. Wesley Drake
I received your letter asking information in regard to my fathers relation, my grandfather, Benjamin DRAKE was born on the Jersey Islands, immigrated to Penn. Rhe [ROJ: Davis copy says "Abe"], Isac, Elijah, Jacob were his sons.

Jacob was my fathers name. He was born in 1779 in Penn. on the Juniata River. Moved to Tennessee in Warren County, was married to Mary NOLEN, he had two children by his first wife Easter and Benjamin. She died and he married Hannah ROSS his children were Polly, Elijah, Isaac, Elexander, E. Selina [ROJ: Davis omits the E], Elizabeth, Feby, Jacob, Rutha, Hannah, Ekreim Vina and Mary Jane 14 children in all. He imigrated to Arkansas in 1832 settled a farm on Richland Madison County died in 1856.

I was born in 1824 married Margaret COUNTS in 1851 had 4 children, Alfred, John, Nicholas and Ann. She died and I married Telitha COMBS in 1860. We had Margaret, Young, Rutha, Elijah, Nancy, Emeline, Thomas, Amanda and Ross 13 in all 5 boys and 2 girls married 4 girls 2 boys at home. I have 29 grandchildren. Alfred and Nicholas live in Arkansas, Elijah in Gatesville [Coryell Co], Texas. John and Young here Thomas and Ross at home.

Your Resp.
My brother Isaac lives at Drakes Creek Madison co. Ark. He is 12 years older than me, he might give you more information than I can.

Note: Jacob's first wife, Margaret COUNTS, was the d/o Nicholas & Sarah JOHNSON Counts, and granddaughter of Martin & Sarah COMBS Johnson.

1870 Madison Co, AR Census

(US Census, Madison Co, AR, 1870, Transcript, Madison Co, AR Genealogy Society) (More Combs to come…)

Prairie Twp

p.420, Hindsville PO, 15 June 1870

162/166 RICKER, Eliott, 56, M, W, Farmer, b. Tennessee, RE=$6500, PP=$400
Rebecca, 49, F, W, Keeping House, b. ILL
William, 22, M, W, Farm Hand, b. MO
Perry, 14, M, W, At Home, b. MO
Amanda, 12, F, W, At School, b. MO
ADAMS, George, 14, M, W, At Home, b. MO

Note: Rebecca Combs RUCKER, the d/o of Jesse Combs whose will was probated in 1848 in Henry Co, MO, and who was identified in said will as daughter Rebecca, wife of Elliet RUCKER. On 21 Mar 1841 Rebecca Combs married 21 Mar 1841 Elliott RUCKER, Jasper Co, MO (Jasper Co, MO GenWeb Archives, Marriages 1841-1854). Elliot and Rebecca can be found in 1860 in Barry Co, MO census. George ADAMS may be Rebecca's nephew, the s/o of Martha Combs and Isam ADAMS (see their 1860 Newton Co, MO census record).

Kings River Twp

pg. 390:

57 J. R. COMBS 30 m AR
Mandy 25 f AR
Saramar 1 f AR
Lizzie GRIGGS 15 f AR

Notes: Jesse R. COMBS, s/o Jeremiah and Charity RHOADS Combs, m Amanda E. HENRY per an undocumented source which lists his name as Jesse Rhoads COMBS.

59 John COMBS 54 m TN
Phoebe 49 f TN
Levi 19 m AR
Julia + 16 f AR
Andrew 14 m AR
Elbert 12 m AR
Susan 8 f AR
America HOGAN 30 f AR
John M. + 12 m AR
George + 10 m AR
Richard + 8 m AR

Notes: John D. and Phoebe GAGE Combs, s/o Jeremiah & Charity RHOADS Combs. Their daughter, America COMBS, m (1) Richard HOGAN and (2) James C. JOHNSON.

Richland Twp

129 (of Jacob DRAKE, Jr. and his wife, Telitha YOUNG, widow of Columbus M. COMBS)
William COMBS, age 13, M, b AR
Tennessee A. COMBS, age 11, F, b AR

Valley Twp, St. Paul P.O.

84 Mary PRATER 23 f KY
George W. + 14 m AR
Tennessee 9 f AR
Manervy 8 f AR
George GIBSON 20 m KY
Mary COMBS 68 f KY

(Source: 1870 Madison Co, AR Census transcription, Madison Co, AR Gen. Soc.)

Notes: The above Mary COMBS was Mary "Polly" COMBS Combs, widow of Elijah COMBS, Jr. and mother of Mary "Polly" COMBS Prater, 2nd wife of George PRATER.

Marble Twp

6 George COMBS - Dec. 24 m AR
Julia 19 f MO
(*Married within Census year)

Notes: George, s/o John D. & Phebe GAGE Combs, m 20 Nov 1869, Julia Ann BRADLEY (History of George Washington COMBS)

Note: Remainder of 1870 Madison Co AR Combs Entries to be entered shortly.

1880 Madison Co, AR Census

(incomplete, more Combs still to come…)


p. 577b

Ellet RUCKER Self M Male W 65 TN NC NC Farmer
Rebbeca RUCKER Wife M Female W 58 IL NC NC Keeping House

(Source: FHL Transcription of 1880 Prairie, Madison, Arkansas, Family History Library Film 1254050, NA Film Number T9-0050, Page Number 577B)

Kings River Township

Serilda [COMBS] F 36 m Wife KH AR TN TN

(1880 Madison Co, AR Census, Madison Co, AR Gen Soc. Transcription)

Notes: Serilda COMBS, d/o John D. & Phebe GAGE Combs

131 G. W. COMBS M 32 m -- Farmer AR TN TN
Julia F 29 m wife KH MO TN IL
Cora F 6 dau AR AR MO
Jane F 4 dau AR AR MO
J. R. M 2 son AR AR MO

Notes: George W. COMBS, s/o John D. & Phebe GAGE Combs

Enumerated 9 Jun 1880 by J. M. Williams

167 Wm. COMBS M 58 m Farmer TN -- --
Lucinda [MASHBURN] F 43 m wife KH TN NC --
W. D. M 14 s son work on farm AR TN TN
Charity F 11 s dau at home AR TN TN
John M 8 son AR TN TN
Thos. J. M 4 son AR TN TN

(transcribed by C. Hammet, 1996)

Notes: William Buford COMBS, s/o Jeremiah & Charity RHOADS Combs, m Lucinda MASHBURN.

Hilburn Twp

HH? Hiram COMBS Self M M W 50 Farmer KY KY KY
Martha J. COMBS Wife M F W 33 Keep Hse MS GA GA
Abba COMBS Dau S F W 14 KY KY IN
Sarah COMBS Dau S F W 12 KY KY IN
Samuel COMBS Son S M W 10 Farm Lbr KY KY IN
Emily COMBS Dau S F W 8 KY KY IN
Clint COMBS Son S M W 6 KY KY IN
William C. COMBS Son S M W 5 KY KY IN
Thomas COMBS Son S M W 4 KY KY IN
Allis M. CAMP Dau S F W 9 MS AL MS
Willie M. CAMP Dau S F W 6 MS AL MS
Ella J. COMBS Dau S F W 1 AR KY MS

Source: FHL Transcription of FHL Film 1254050, NA Film Number T9-0050 - Sue Elfving

Note: Hiram Combs, son of Clinton Combs (s/o of Mason "8" Combs) and Matilda Combs, (d/o of George “8” Combs). He appears to have remarried after he removed to Arkansas. He is found in the 1870 Perry Co., Ky. census.

Martha appears to be the same as Martha CAMP, age 23 (b. MS), with husband William B. Camp (b. AL) in 1870 in Calhoun Co., MS. This matches the 1880 census wherein Willie M. and Ella J. CAMP shows their father as being born in AL. Martha J. states she was born in MS. In 1870, they were listed as having been married less than 1 year having married in August which would mean they married in Aug. 1869 since the Calhoun Co., MS, 1870 census was taken in July 1870. See Logan Co, AR for this family in 1900 Census.

192 Hiram COMBS M 48 m Farmer KY KY KY
Mary " F 46 m wife "
Ella J. F 18 s dau AR KY KY
John M 15 s son Farm Laborer "
Virgil M 13 s son " "
William WALKER M 24 s servant Farm Laborer KY KY KY
Mary D. CREECH F 7 s servant AR AR AR

(Transcribed by Ruby Johnson Wiedeman, new transcription coming shortly)

Note: Living next door to Hiram Combs (s/o Elijah and Mary "Polly" COMBS Combs, Jr.) & Mary WALKER Combs was their son, Elijah COMBS, and his family, wife's maiden name unknown:

191 Elijah COMBS M 28 m -- Farmer KY KY KY
Armintie " F 24 m wife KH "
Willis " M 05 son AR KY KY
Arizona " F 02 dau "
Milley " F 9/12 dau b Sep "


199 Wiley A. TUCKER M 47 m Farmer TN TN TN
Manerva [COMBS] F 31 m wife KH KY KY KY
Mary J. F 19 s dau AR TN TN
Nancy A. F 17 s dau "
Emily F 15 s "
Josie F 13 s "
Sarah F 10 s "
Ellen F 5 "
Navada F s "
WILLIS KINNEY 13 s adopted son; Farm Laborer AR MO AR
Thomas R. MONTGOMERY M 38 s boarder Phisician AR AR AR

(Transcribed Ruby Johnson Wiedeman, needs to be proofed)

322 John CORNITT M 52 m Farmer KY VA VA
Nancy [COMBS] " F 46 m wife KY KY KY KY
Archibald M 26 s son Farm Laborer KY KY KY
John M 25 (ditto above)
Elijah M 23 (ditto above)
Lousana F 18 s dau KY KY KY
Addaline F 15 s dau KY KY KY
Robertt M 12 s son Farm Laborer KY KY KY
Manerva F 9 dau KY KY KY
Emma F 3 dau AR KY KY

Notes: John CORNETT m Nancy COMBS, d/o Elijah & Mary "Polly" COMBS Combs, Jr., bet 1850 and 1853, per census, deeds, and birth of eldest known child, Archibald. See 1850-1870 Perry Co KY Records.

1900 Madison Co, AR Census

Prairie Twp

p.295, June 27 1900, ED 74, Sheet 14,

235/239 RUCKER Perry G, Head, 45, W, M, b. Feb. 1855, md. 22yrs, b. MO TN IL, Farmer
Sarah, Wife, 45, W, F, b. Dec. 1854, md. 22yrs, 5ch 4 living, b. AR TN TN
Charley E, Son, 16, W, M, b. Feb. 1884, S, b. AR MO AR
George, Son, 14, W, M, b. March 1886, S, b. AR MO AR
Albert E, Son, 7, W, M, b. June 1893, S, b. AR MO AR
Rebecca, Mother, 77, W, F, b. Sep 1822, Wid, 8ch 4 living, b. IL NC NC
KNIGHT Eliza, 67 W, F, b. May 1833, Wid, 2ch 2 liv, b. TN TN TN

Note: Rebecca Combs RUCKER, widow of Eliott RUCKER, and the d/o of Jesse Combs of Henry Co., MO.

15 Mar 1910 (Madison Co AR Marriage Book H253) COMBS, Garland (23) m. BOATRIGHT, Drusie (17) (Madison Co AR GenWeb Coordinator, Peggy Tice Rogers)

21 Jun 1916 (Madison Co AR Marriage Book I272) COMBS, Harvey G. (28) m. GUINN, Mary Leslie (22) (Madison Co AR GenWeb Coordinator, Peggy Tice Rogers)

31 Jul 1920 (Madison Co AR Marriage Book J068) COMBS, Walter L. (28) m. CRAVENS, Mildred (18) (Madison Co AR GenWeb Coordinator, Peggy Tice Rogers)

Madison Co, AR Cemetery Enumerations

Kingston Cemetery, Kings River Twp (incomplete)

Jeremiah COMBS Jul 1788 - 1 Feb 1867
Charity COMBS Jan 1794 - 30 Aug 1860

(Combs Researcher Tom Lincoln)

Brashears Cemetery (incomplete ?)

Row 10
COMBS, James (fieldstone, b 1858 d 1870 census)
COMBS, infant (fieldstone)

Row 11
COMBS, Capt. Hiram H. May 1832 Aug 1917

(Combs Researcher Glenda Flaugher who adds that CW marker was placed at this site indicating Capt. Hiram, AR Confederate Service (thus the middle initial “H.” may be later addition))

Notes: James COMBS, b Dec 1859, is in the 1860 census HH of his parents, Capt. Hiram & Mary WALKER Combs, and named in his father's 1886 Goodspeeds' Madison Co, AR Biography.

Greasy Creek Cemetery (incomplete ?)

Hiram COMBS, 1829- aft 1880, Confederate Army, Private, Kentucky

Notes: According to oral family tradition, Madison Co, AR, Private Hiram Combs was buried in the Greasy Creek Cemetery, Madison Co, AR. A Civil War marker erected by descendants states: Hiram Combs, born 1829, d aft 1880, Madison Co, AR, Confederate Army, Private, Kentucky.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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