Chapter XVI

Some Unidentified Combses

As has been stated in an earlier chapter, the probability is strong that the Combses who came to Perry County [KY] left relatives in the Holston River country in [Sullivan & Hawkins Cos] Tennessee, and in Russell County, Virginia. The given names of these relatives point strongly toward descent from Mason Combs, of Stafford [VA]. Some of them moved to Kentucky later, and others to Arkansas, several years after that State was admitted to the Union, in 1836. Between 1850-1860 a colony of them settled in Madison County, Arkansas. Some of the Perry County Combses made visits back to Sullivan County (on the Holston), Tennessee, after 1800. Their relatives there were the children of William Combs, and possibly of Mason Combs, Jr., both sons of Mason Combs, of Stafford.

JOHN COMBS, of old Lincoln (Boyle) County [KY], born in 1760. Not to be confused with the John of the eight brothers. Apparently, a son of William Combs, (born 1740), and a cousin of the eight brothers. Further research (1954), but not documentary, establishes him as a nephew of "Danger" Nick Combs. "Danger's" son, "Bird-Eye" Nick, married John's daughter, Elizabeth (Betts), his first cousin once removed. He is also established as a nephew of John, father of the eight brothers, since his son, Hardin, Sr., married Nancy, his second cousin, and daughter of Mason, one of the "eight". This would seem to settle the relationship between "Danger" Nick and John, father of the "eight": they were brothers. With this evidence at hand, it may seem hardly necessary to list John of Boyle under Unidentified Combses. As to John's presumed father, William, see a later chapter, William Combs, of Russell County. Further clarification: we know that John was not a son of "Danger" Nick, nor was he a son of John, father of the "eight", both brothers of William, also, he was born too


early to have been a son of Mason, Jr., another brother. This leaves but one conclusion, that John of Boyle was a son of William. (1)

John of Boyle lived in Sullivan County [TN] for a few years, then back to Virginia, probably to Russell County [VA] , then over to Kentucky, Boyle [Lincoln] County, about 1795. May have married in Surrey County, North Carolina. Moved to Carr's Fork of the Kentucky River, Perry County [KY], before 1817, then back to Boyle, where he died; in 1848. Left numerous descendants, in Owsley, Breathitt, Perry and Clay Counties [KY]. John's children:

1. John (Jack), b. in Tenn. 1792-'93. Married Elizabeth -, b. in N.C., 1803-'04 Lived on Cow Creek, Owsley County.

2. Benjamin, b. in Tenn., 1793-'94. Married Patsy Jane Brown, in 1816. b. in Tenn. 1792-'93. Lived on Turkey Creek, Breathitt Co [KY]. He had: Rebecca; Margaret, married John ("Calico") Gabbard; Elvira, m. Anse Short; Seburn, m. a Combs; Miranda, m. Thos. Johnson; Emily, m. Richard Herald; William, m. Eliz., dau. of Edward Stapleton. (2)

3. Hardin, Sr. ("Sooner Cat"), b. in Va., 1795-'96. Married Nancy, dau. of Mason Combs, 1814. Lived at the mouth of Buck Creek, Middle Fork, Breathitt County; also lived at mouth of Carr, and in Owsley.

4. Elizabeth, b. in Ky., 1795-'96. Married Nicholas ("Bird-Eye Nick") Combs, 1817. Children are listed in General Table, under Nicholas Combs.

5. Nancy, married Joseph Goode, 1807. Nancy, b. in N.C. 1786.

6. Sally, married James Hundley, 1810.

7. Dicie, married a Spencer.

8. Margaret, unmarried.

Sally [COMBS Hundley] had two sons, Harvey and Samuel. Harvey married Sarah, a sister of Judge Josiah H. Combs, of Hazard, Perry Co., [KY]. Kenneth, Samuel's son, married a Mattingly, sister of Judge Josiah H. Combs' wife. (3)

Children of John (Jack) and Elizabeth:
1. John, m. Rachel Baker. Lived in Clay Co. [KY].
2. A. Meredith, m. Easter Allen. Lived in Clay Co.[KY].

Children of John and Rachel:
1. Grant, m. Belle Baker.
2. Morris, m. Letitia (Tishia) Campbell


3. James, m. Rebecca Burns
4. Crit, m. Mary Ellen Hylton
5. Wade, m. Easter Bishop
6. William, m. Rhoda Allen
7. General, m. Mary Baker
8. Samuel, m. Cassie Bishop
9. Mary Ellen, m. Theodore Allen
10. Nannie m. Hardin Byrd; George Allen; [and] John Fields

Children of A. Meredith and Easter:
1. Tinsley, m. Mary Burns; had George W.
2. Marion, m. a Brewer
3. Lee, m. Louisa Nantz; had six boys and five girls
4. William, m. Sophia Baker
5. John, m. America Baker
6. Catherine, m. a Davidson; Berry Powell; [and] Squire Hensley
7. America, m. Irvin Hensley; [and] Martin Doyle
8. Martha A. (4)

Hardin Combs, Sr., and Nancy [h]ad: Caroline, m. Joseph Marshall; Poppy, m. a White; Paulina; Hardin, Jr., m. Dicie, dau. of "Bird-Eye" Nick Combs; Leslie.

Hardin Combs, Jr. had: Woodson; Leslie; Ike; Nick; Dicie. (5)

JEREMIAH COMBS, b. 1788-'89. Married Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Combs, 1810. Lived in lower Perry. Children listed under Nicholas, of the eight brothers; probably a son of Nicholas.

WILLIAM D. COMBS, b. 1790-'91. Probably a son of Nicholas of the eight brothers. Lived in lower Perry. Married Vina . . . . . (6)

WILLIAM COMBS, b. 1806-'07. Married Elizabeth . . . . . . ,b. 1810-'11. Children (Census of Perry County, 1850): Malinda, Franklin, Larkin, Rebecca, Armina, Josie, Anna, Jesse, Mary.

CLINTON COMBS, b. 1809-'10. Married Elizabeth. . . . . . . , b. 1810-'11. May have been a son of Biram of the eight brothers. Children (Census for Perry, 1850): Hiram, Martha, Nelson, Hugh, Sidna Emma, Emmaline, Susan, Adrian. (7)

JOHN COMBS, b. 1811-'12 in Tenn. Married Malinda. . . . . ., b. in Ky. 1811-'12. This John is sometimes styled John "Combs-Couch" in the Perry [Co, KY] records. In 1837 John Combs-Couch conveyed to Robert S. Brashear in the region of Big Creek, in Perry or Breathitt. He was in Madison County, Arkansas by 1858; in that year he sold to William L. Combs land at the mouth of Irishman Creek, a part of


which land he had previously purchased from Biram Combs, Jr. (son of Biram of the eight brothers), and later known as the Spencer Combs place. On the opposite side of Carr's Fork, at the mouth of Irishman Creek, and continuing up the creek, was the John W. Combs place, and some, or all of it, in the transaction of 1858.

Children of John Combs-Couch and Malinda, as listed in the Census of 1850 for Madison County, Ark: Benjamin, Jeremiah, Margaret, Nancy, John, Sarah, Elizabeth.

The following names appear in the Census of 1860 for Madison Cty., Arkansas:

JEREMIAH C. COMBS, 74, b. in Va. Wife, Charity, b. in N.C. Ten Children. Apparently a son of William of Russell County, and a cousin of the "eight brothers".

POLLY COMBS, 52, b. in Ky. Widow of Elijah Combs, Jr.?

JOHN D. COMBS, 45, b. in Tenn. Wife, Phoebe, 39, b. in Tenn. Seven children.

WILLIAM B. COMBS, 32, b. in Tenn. Wife, Lucinda, 24, b. in Tenn.

MASON C. COMBS, 37, b. in Tenn. Wife, Margaret E. 37, b. in Ark. Children: Polly A., 17, Albert A., 16, Elvira T., 14, Wilson L., 12, Matilda J., 10, Orpha O., 8, Nancy E., 7, John W., 6, Eliza M., 4, Teresa, 3, Sarah E., 1. Son of Jeremiah C., above.

JOHN Combs, 24, b. in Ky.

A Hiram Combs, probably a son of Elijah Combs, Jr., moved from Perry to the White River, northern Arkansas, about 1855. Isabelle Combs Hammonds, daughter of William L. Combs, moved from Perry to Carroll County, Arkansas, in the 1880's. Granville Combs, son of Mason; son of John of the eight brothers, migrated to Taney County, Missouri, in 1891. Five of his grandchildren (whose father was Enoch) migrated to Idaho: Cullen, Riley, Ira, Violet, Lillie. (8)