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Chapter XVI, Some Unidentified Combses (pp. 90-93)

Pages 90-93. 1.

So far as is known at this point, neither William COMBS, Sr., nor Mason COMBS, Jr., both sons of Mason COMBS, Sr., had relatives in either Sullivan or Hawkins Co, TN aft 1808.

Although the author states that "John Combs of Lincoln-Boyle" is "not to be confused with the John of the eight brothers;" and was "apparently, a son of William Combs, (born 1740)," he was RW John "8" COMBS, s/o John and Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr. Also note that this manuscript conflicts itself in that in some instances the two John COMBS of East Kentucky (not counting John COMBS, Sr., father of the eight) are treated as two separate individuals, yet in other instances, treated as one man with two marriages. See also John COMBS (III) and Chapter X, Combs Footnote 4.

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Page 91. 2. It appears that "Patsy Jane BROWN" was not one wife, but two: Benjamin, son of RW "8" John COMBS, married twice: (1) 8 May 1816, Clay Co, KY, to Jane BROWN; and (2) Martha "Patsy" JOHNSON, earlier wife of Thomas TERRY (See also Combs &c. Families of Breathitt Co, KY).

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Page 91. 3. Sally, d/o RW John "8" COMBS, m (1) 2 Nov 1810, Clay Co, KY, James HUNDLEY; m (2) ca 1826, Claiborne COMBS (s/o George "8" and Lydia HARRELL Combs). Of her sons, from her first marriage, Samuel went by HUNDLEY, but Harvey used COMBS (See Combs &c. Families of Owsley Co, KY).

Although the author states that Harvey Hundley COMBS married "Sarah, a sister of Judge Josiah H. Combs, of Hazard, Perry Co." (s/o Jesse and Polly BOLLING Combs), Harvey is recorded in Owsley Co, KY with first wife, Elizabeth PARSONS, and second wife, Lucretia SMITH Moore. It appears that the source for Harvey's marriage to a sister of Josiah H. is the Dickey Diary interview of Margaret COMBS Lewis, as is also the case for the statement that Kenneth, s/o Samuel HUNDLEY, "married a Mattingly, sister of Judge Josiah H. COMBS' wife" (not researched).

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Pages 91-92. 4.

John COMBS," s/o John "Jack" of Owsley Co, KY, m 16 Apr 1855, Clay Co, KY, Rachel BAKER; which is also where his brother, A. Meredith COMBS (aka Meredith & Ameridith) m 3 Aug 1856, Easter ALLEN.

It was A. Meredith's daughter, Mary J., not America, who m (1) 17 Apr 1876, Clay Co, KY, Irvin HENSLEY; and (2) ca 1883, Martin DOYLE. His daughter, America, m 14 Sep 1871, Clay Co, KY, Jackson BURNS.

Samuel COMBS" m 13 Dec 1852, Owsley Co, KY, Cassandra BISHOP, but was not the s/o John and Rachel BAKER Combs. Instead, he was also a s/o John "Jack" COMBS of Owsley.

Page 92. 5. Hardin COMBS, Sr. of Owsley Co, KY (s/o RW John "8" COMBS), m 25 Aug 1814, Clay Co, KY, Nancy COMBS, d/o Mason "8" and Jane RICHARDSON Combs. Their daughter, Mary Louisa "Poppy" COMBS m Robert WHITE; and her sister, Paulina "Perlina" m William CORUM.

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Page 92. 6.

Re "Jeremiah COMBS, b. 1788-'89. Married Elizabeth, dau. of Henry COMBS, 1810;" he was Jeremiah C. "Curly" COMBS, not Jeremiah C. "Chunky" COMBS (s/o s/o Nicholas "8"). His ancestry has not yet been determined.

Re "William D. of Lower Perry," seeking source for wife, Vina. William is apparently the same who was on the 1850 Perry Co, KY Census, age 60, birthplace unknown, no wife, but on the same property as a Lurena COMBS, age 29, in Dwellings 12 and 13 of District 2 (listed immediately preceding Alexander S. and Mary "Polly" COMBS Combs, neither of whose ancestry is known either). In 1860, William D. is missing, but Lurena and some of her 1850 children are listed in the census as STACYS.

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Page 92. 7. Clinton COMBS, b 1809-10, was not the s/o Biram "8" COMBS, Sr. He was (documented) the s/o Mason "8" and Jane RICHARDSON Combs (and identified as such elsewhere in this manuscript as well as in the Dickey Diary Interviews). His wife is identified elsewhere in this manuscript as Elizabeth COMBS, d/o Shadrach "old Shade" COMBS of Letcher Co, KY (seeking source for latter).

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Pages 92-3. 8. At least two different groups of Combs Families were in Madison Co, AR:
  1. The Combs of Warren Co, TN, which included sons and grandsons of Mason COMBS (Jr.?) of Hawkins Co, TN, and the Combs-Johnson Families, also earlier of Hawkins Co, TN; and 

  2. (2) the Combs of Perry Co, KY, including "Two Hiram & Mary Combs of Perry Co, KY and Madison Co, AR," one of whom was the s/o Elijah and Polly COMBS Combs, Jr. of Perry.
The John COMBS, b ca 1811, TN, with wife, Malinda (1850 Madison Co, AR Census), was not the same as the John "Combs-Couch" who conveyed land in Perry Co, KY to Robert S. BRASHEAR in 1837, and the John "Combs-Couch" of 1837 was not the same as the John COMBS who was in Madison Co, AR in 1858 when he conveyed land to William L. COMBS.

The John "Combs-Couch" of 1837 has not been identified, but the John COMBS of 1858 Madison Co, AR was the same who was 16 on the 1850 Perry Co, KY Census in the household of Polly COMBS Combs (widow of Elijah COMBS, Jr. and d/o Jeremiah L. COMBS, Sr.), and 24 in the 1860 Madison Co, AR household in which Polly is also found. She was the mother of Capt. Hiram COMBS whom the author refers to as having moved from "Perry to the White River, northern Arkansas, about 1855" (See also Two Hiram and Mary COMBS of Perry Co, KY and Madison Co, AR).

Nothing is known of land purchased by this John COMBS from Biram COMBS, Jr.; however, unless there were two transactions, the land conveyed to William L. COMBS was land which John COMBS inherited as the heir of Dicey COMBS, who was the heir of Biram COMBS deceased.

Granville COMBS was the s/o Mason & Matilda WATTS Combs (s/o John COMBS (III)?).

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