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Chapter X, The Eight Brothers Settle Down (pp. 63-76)

Page 63. 1. See Combs &c. Research Reports for John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr., parents "of the eight" (including individual Research Reports for each).

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Page 63-4. 2. The relationship between the East Kentucky Combs and those of Clark Co, KY has not been determined.

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Page 64. 3. RW Nicholas COMBS and Danger Nicholas COMBS were one and the same, the s/o John & Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr., and h/o Nancy GRIGSBY.

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Page 65. 4.

Seeking source for Vina as name of wife of William D. COMBS of the 1850 Perry Co, KY Census.

The Jeremiah of the 1850 Perry Co, KY Census (District 1, 007-007) with wife, Elizabeth, was Jeremiah C. "Curly" COMBS, h/o Elizabeth, d/o Mason and Jane RICHARDSON Combs, Sr.

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Pages 66-67. 5. RW William COMBS "of the eight," brother of RW John COMBS, was in Bath Co, KY in 1820 and Fayette in 1830. He is not known to have lived in (then-Perry, now Breathitt) in between (research in progress).

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Page 67. 6. See John COMBS III re the children of "the other" John COMBS of East KY, including Millie COMBS, daughter of Sarah COMBS, who m 20 Apr 1816, Floyd Co, KY, William SMITH, s/o Rev. Richard and Elitia COMBS Smith.

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Pages 67-8. 7. RW John COMBS "of the eight" has been confused with "the other" John COMBS (III), and this manuscript conflicts itself in that in some instances, "John, one of the eight" and "John of Lincoln (Boyle)" have been merged, and in others not. The records, however, clearly indicate that there were two John COMBS of East Kentucky, and that one apparently died in Perry (prior to 1840) and the other in 1848 in Washington Co, KY. The John Combs whom the author states died ca 1840, buried "on the old Matt Crawford place" in then-Perry (now Letcher) County, was clearly not the Revolutionary Soldier since the latter John Combs did not die until 1848 - in Washington Co, KY, while living with his son-in-law and daughter, Joseph and Nancy COMBS Goode, who had m in Lincoln Co, KY on 2 Dec 1807.

It is only the "merger" of the two John COMBS which necessitates two marriages - not the records (which do not indicate a second wife for RW John COMBS). By separating the two men based on the children of each marriage, the two John COMBS can also be separated; i.e., the children who are claimed to have been of the earlier marriage (still undocumented) would be those (with the exception of John) of the "non-RW" John COMBS; to wit: Jeremiah "Long Jerry", born ca 1782; Shadrach, born ca 1784­'85; Mason, b ca 1795, and Millie, b 1796-1799. It was RW John COMBS who was "one of the eight" since it is he who is documented as having had brothers, William, Nicholas and Henry, all but the latter documented as also having been Revolutionary War soldiers. Also note that although, the children of the "first marriage" have been tentatively listed as the children of John COMBS III, all are undocumented at this time (research in progress).

Re the children of RW John COMBS, according to the Dickey Diary Interview of Margaret COMBS Lewis, her aunt Margaret never married. According to his Rev. War Pension File, Sally had married a HUNDLEY (See Footnote 9 below).

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Pages 69-70. 8. See the Combs &c. Research Report for Henry COMBS "of the eight," b 1765-1768, Virginia; d aft 1848, possibly in Greene Co, Indiana; m (1) 26 Sep 1788, Montgomery Co, VA, Rachael CLEMENTS (d/o Benjamin), b 1768-1774, Virginia, d bef 1833, probably in Perry Co, KY; m (2) Phoebe FRANCIS (no more info as yet). Although several references to Henry COMBS indicate he was called "Harrison," all are from either Dickey Diary Interviews or other family histories. In all public records, he is listed as Henry (with no middle initial). He has not yet been located in the records of Russell County, Virginia, but may have been the signer of the East Tennessee petition (See Frontier Combs of Tennessee). There is no evidence he was ever in Johnson County, Indiana as yet, and the Mason Combs who was the bondsman at his first marriage was his brother rather than his uncle. The family tradition that Henry's son, Matthew, was born in Buncombe Co, North Carolina is the interview of Henry's great-grandson, Isaac B., in Goodspeeds' History of Northwest Arkansas, Washington Co, Arkansas. The source for the tradition that his son, Matthew, was age ten when the family removed to Kentucky, is the Sewell Combs manuscript. See also the 1922 Thomas A. Combs Letter for more traditions.

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Page 70. 9. See the Combs Research Report for George COMBS "of the eight," b bef 1774; d 1826/7 [sic], Perry Co, KY; m bef 1805, Lydia HARRELL (a.k.a. HERALD), d/o John HARRELL of Hawkins Co, TN. See his None of the children of George and Lydia have been documented as yet (estate and land records still needed).

George's son, Claiborne, b 1801-5, Kentucky, married Sarah COMBS, d/o RW John COMBS and widow of James HUNDLEY (See Owsley Co, KY Records)

Matilda, b 1810-1815, Kentucky, is listed on page 70 only as "unmarried," but the General Table, page 139, states that she had natural children: Jeremiah "Tight Jerry" COMBS by Jeremiah "Chunky Jerry" COMBS; and George and Hiram COMBS by Clinton "Grizzler Clint" COMBS, and that she married Preston JOHNSON and Felix COMBS (See her father's report for more on Matilda).

Elizabeth "Eliza," b ca 1819, Kentucky, is listed on page 70 as "Elizabeth married Zach. MORGAN," and is not included in the list of George's children in the General Table, page 139; however, an Elizabeth (Lisa) COMBS, termed "dau. of old George," is listed on page 139 as the wife of 9 Samuel ("Black Sam") COMBS, s/o Nicholas ("Bird Eye") COMBS and Elizabeth COMBS. Eliza actually married (1) Zachariah MORGAN and (2) Samuel COMBS (See her father's report for more).

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Pages 70-72. 10. See the Combs &c. Research Report for RW William COMBS "of the eight."

His daughter, Wilmoth, m Henry BANTA, not BURTON.

Seeking documentation for daughter, Margaret, m 13 Jan 1820, Madison Co, KY, James B. HEATHERLY.

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Pages 72-74. 11. See the Combs &c. Research Report for Elijah COMBS, Sr., b 17 Mar 1770, Virginia, d 12 Sep 1855, Perry Co, KY, m bef 1799, Sarah "Sallie" ROARK (d/o RW Michael and Letitia GRIGSBY Roark of Rockingham Co, VA and Hawkins Co, TN), b 1767-1773, Virginia, d 7 Sep, 1855, Perry Co, KY. Seeking source for his birthdate, and marriage location, no record of which has ever been located. Elsewhere in this manuscript, it is stated that the marriage took place in that part of Montgomery Co, VA which later became Roanoke Co. Also seeking documentation of Elijah's children, particularly his daughters. Apparently the primary source for Elijah and his descendants was his son Jesse COMBS via Jesse's granddaughter, Susan COMBS Eversole (d/o Josiah H. and Polly Ann MATTINGLY Combs). Seeking copies of any interviews and/or manuscripts.

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Pages 74-5. 12. See the Combs &c. Research Report for Biram COMBS, b 1760-1769, a Tory of Surry Co, NC. He married, bef 1791, a (natural?) daughter of William RIDGE, h/o Winnifred COMBS, d/o Mason COMBS, Sr. of Surry. Biram appears on the 1799 tax lists of Cumberland Co, KY, apparently that part which later became Wayne Co, KY, where he is found in 1804 land records. He may be the Biram-Biran COMBS who appears on the1817-1818 Clay Co, KY tax lists, and was possibly the Biram who appears on the 1820 Harrison Co, IN Census and the 1830 Green Co, IN Census, who may be the William Biram COMBS of 1839 Green Co, IN land records (which means we need also to be checking every William B. COMBS record).

It is not known why the author believed that Biram had a son, Biram, Jr. who resided in Perry Co, Kentucky. No evidence has been found to document that the Robert COMBS of Otter Creek in Wayne County had any connection to Biram. Not one, but two Biram COMBS m in 1836 in Perry Co, KY, one having been Biram, s/o George, and h/o Mariah MESSER, b ca 1812, the other possibly the Biram COMBS, b ca 1818, whom the author notes as having also been on the 1850 Perry Co, KY census, with children June and Jesse (our transcription shows a wife, Feribe, and children, James and Jesse). Since the author posits in the General Table that John Combs-Couch of Madison Co, AR (b ca 1811, Tennessee) was a son of Biram, Jr., he apparently also placed Biram, Jr. as b bef 1791, thus neither of the above, nor the Biram of Letcher Co, who was b ca 1815?

While the ancestry of the Harrison COMBS of Johnson Co, IN has not been documented, he seems unlikely to have been the s/o Biram given that he (a) m in Johnson Co, IN (not Kentucky) in 1842, a Susan RANSDALL; and (b) also in Johnson Co, IN was Joseph A. COMBS who m 1822, Woodford Co, KY, Nancy RANSDELL, and removed to Johnson Co, IN between 1830 and 1835 (thought to have been s/o Claytor and Jael RANSDELL Combs of Mercer Co, KY).

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