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Note: The Tories (aka British Loyalists) were in many cases also (at one point or another during the War), Patriots, thus it is suggested that researchers also consult the Combs &c. RW Patriot's Index.

Also Note: Most of the following records already are, or will be shortly, “hot-linked” to other electronic web locations. See Also the applicable Combs &c. County Records for additional records and sources. The primary researcher for the Allen, Cody, Combs, Ridge & Stacy Tories of Wilkes and Surry Cos, NC is Combs Researcher George Baumbach, to whom we express our great appreciation for all of his tremendous “finds”. Many of his transcriptions can be found at: George's Genealogical Filing Cabinet.


Adjutant Dennis COMBS of Middlesex Co, NJ and New Brunswick, Canada,
see also List of New Jersey Volunteers
Lt. John COMBS of NJ and New Brunswick, Canada
Ensign Nathaniel COMBS of Middlesex and Monmouth Cos, NJ
Rev. Thomas COOMBE of Philadelphia, PA and London, England
Thomas COMBE of Georgia
William COMBS, h/o Seth STACY & s/o Mason & Sarah COMBS, Sr. of Surry Co, NC
William COMBS of Surry or Wilkes Co, NC (Deposition of Elihu AYRES)

The Revolutionary Pension Declaration of Elihu AYRES (a.k.a. AYERS) (Rev. War Pension File NC R335) identifies one William COMBS of Wilkes or Surry Co NC as a Tory:

Patrick Co., VA, 16 Nov 1832 Elihu AYRES, age 72 the 26th of Jan. Last past, makes the following declaration in order to benefit under act of 7 June 1832: That he entered the service 28 Jan. 1778 as a volunteer private, or minute man, as they were then called, under Col. Benj. CLEVELAND of Wilkes Co., NC. Served in a militia company commanded by Capt. Micajah LEWIS, for 12 months and 13 days. Was not in any engagements with the foreign enemy, it being in that section of the country made up of Whigs and Tories, and was kept constantly in service defending the Whigs and their property from the ravages of the Tories. He traveersed the surrounding country from Allen's Iron Works on the Yadkin River to Mitchell's River, Fisher's River, Codie's Creek, Roaring River, Lewis Ford, Riddie's River, to the head of the Yadkin, thence around by the Table Mountains, crossing the three creeks of the Catawba River, thence to the main river down the same to Greenlees Ford, thence to Burke courthouse and from thence crossing the South Yadkin to the shallow Ford of the main Yadkin River. From thence through the Tory country to the Iron Works above mentioned. During this term of service he was present and assisted in half hanging William COMBS whom they let off on promise of better behaviour, hanging William KOYLE [a.k.a. COYLE] and Lemuel JONES who were condemned by a court martial consisting of the following officers: Col. Benj. CLEVELAND, Capt. Benj HEARNDON, Capt. GORDON and Lt. Baker AYRES…"

The North Carolinian, V - 1 & 2 (929.1 N81) Abstracts of Pensions (Rev. War)

Notes: It is highly probable that the above was William COMBS, h/o Seth STACY and son of Mason Combs, Sr. of Surry Co NC, both as documented by depositions in the Estate File of British Loyalist, William RIDGE, Sr., h/o Mason, Sr.'s daughter, Winnifred COMBS. A number of these depositions identified various COMBS, including Biram (who married a d/o William RIDGE); Jeremiah (unidentified), John, Mason and William, as well as various CODY'S, STACY'S, ALLENS(?) and others. Additional information re the Tory Combs &c. Families of Surry Co NC, will be published shortly.

Dennis COMBS (Adjutant) - He was, apparently a coachmaker in Middlesex County, NJ and was born in America. His service in the War included that of Adjutant of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteers. He was married in New Brunswick, Canada on February 22, 1784, to Martha VAIL, by Rev John BEARDSLEY, the Connecticute [State of Connecticut, USA] divine and Loyalist refugee. His claim for compensation was rejected. He died on Apr 10, 1827.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Jean Smallwood from The Loyalists of New Jersey, Their Memorials, Petitions, Claims, Etc. From English Records by E. Alfred Jones, M. A. F. R. Hist. Soc - Published 1927 by the New Jersey Historical Society)

Dennis COMBES of Middlesex Co, NJ Fled into British lines in N. Y. in 1776 and has given services. Memorial 22 Mar 1786 St. John's. Claim: House; land; cattle; coachmaker's tools, etc. Rejected.”

(American Loyalist Claims, NGS)

Dennis COOMBES included on “A list of the names of all those Persons whose property was Confiscated in the Several Counties of the State of New Jersey, for joining the Army of the King of Great Britain &c. as returned to the Auditors Office, previous to the first day of May 1787.” Property Confiscations Middlesex County Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 12, Volume 85, folios 43-46.

John COMBS (Lieutenant) - He was born in America about 1752 and was given a commission as Lieutenant in the 3rd New Jersey Volunteers on Sep 10, 1778. He died about 1828 on half-pay in the same rank, in the 2nd Battalion of that Regiment, to which he had been transferred in 1781. He died in 1827 (?) in New Brunswick, Canada

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Jean Smallwood from The Loyalists of New Jersey, Their Memorials, Petitions, Claims, Etc. From English Records by E. Alfred Jones, M. A. F. R. Hist. Soc -Published 1927 by the New Jersey Historical Society)

Lieutenant John COOMBES; included on Muster Roll of Captain Bartholomew THATCHERís Company in the 3rd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers from the 24th February to the 24th April 1781 Inclusive 60 days. New Jersey Volunteers Thatcher's Coy National Archives of Canada, RG 8, “C” Series, Volume 1856, Page 90.

14 July 1784 Lieutenant John COOMBS included in list of names of officers and men of the 2nd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, who received grants of land in Kingís County, New Brunswick. Post War Settlement 2nd Battalion New Jersey Volunteers Collections of the New Brunswick Museum, F 75, B. 9.

John COMBS Lieut., Prisoner of War, signs a letter to the Continental Congress, dated October 1777, along with others stating “that this Prison is perhaps the worst on the continent being rather a ruin than a Gaol.” Full letter can be viewed at New Jersey Volunteers Prisoners' Letter to Congress Papers of the Continental Congress, M247, r100, i78, v18, p117.

Nathaniel COMBS (Ensign) - He was born in America about 1757 and appears to have served as a private before the grant of a commission as Ensign in the 3rd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, on July 29, 1778; later 1780 was transferred to the Second Battalion. He was married on Aug 25, 1806 to Alice OLIVER of Woodbridge [Middlesex Co], New Jersey, who is described in the official document as the mother of Charles OLIVER of the same place and therefore, probably a widow. He died on half-pay of the 2nd New Jersey Volunteers, on March 22, 1813 at Allentown [Monmouth Co], New Jersey, and was buried in the graveyard of the Episcopal Church.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Jean Smallwood from The Loyalists of New Jersey, Their Memorials, Petitions, Claims, Etc. From English Records by E. Alfred Jones, M. A. F. R. Hist. Soc - Published 1927 by the New Jersey Historical Society)

“Nathaniel COOMBES, Ensign on half pay of New Jersey Volunteers who died at Allentown, New Jersey. Administration to James TIDBURY, attorney for relict Alice COOMBES at Allentown.” (Dec. 1822)

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from English Estates of American Settlers American Wills and Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1800-1858. by Peter Wilson Coldham, © 1981, Published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore)

23rd February 1781 Muster Roll of Lieutenant Colonel ALLENís Company in the 3rd Battn. New Jersey Volunteers from the 24th February to the 24th April 1781 Inclusive 60 days; Ensign Nathaniel COOMBES; New Jersey Volunteers Allen's Coy National Archives of Canada, RG 8, “C” Series, Volume 1856, page 80.

“The Rev. Thomas COOMBE, the Rector, resigned his place and took refuge with the British in New York because he could not swear allegiance to the new government of the States; on that occasion Doctor Wm. WHITE was made his successor. It was from the family of Mr. COOMBE, I believe, that we have derived the name of Coombe's alley. He was an American, and much esteemed.”

(Watson's Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, 1857, Vol. I, Chapter 44, Christ Church (Written 1830-1850))

Extracted by Combs Researcher Judi Stull from Who Was Who During The American Revolution, compiled by the editors of Who's Who In America with Jerry Kail, p. 322 under Pennsylvania:

"COOMBE, Thomas: clergyman. Born Philadelphia [PA], November 1, 1747; died August 15, 1822. COOMBE went to England in 1768 and was ordained to the ministry of the Church of England the following year. He returned to America in 1772 to serve as assistant minister to the congregations of Christ Church and St. Peter's until 1778. He was friendly toward the cause of the colonies, but his ordination oath made it impossible for him to approve of the Declaration of Independence. In 1778, he moved to New York City and the following year went to England. He was chaplain to the Earl of Carlisle and later, chaplain in ordinary to King George III. He was prebendary of Canterbury for eight years (1800-08). From 1808 until his death fourteen years later, he was the rector of three united London parishes. COOMBE was the author of The Harmony between the Old and New Testaments Respecting the Messiah, 1774; Influences of Christianity on the Condition of the World, 1790 (both of these being sermons); The Peasant of Auburn; or The Emigrant (poem), 1783.

Notes: The Rev. Thomas COOMB m (1) Sarah BADGER on 13 May 1773, Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA. See also his sons at Cambridge University, England.

1776-1783 Georgia Loyalist Claims - British Public Records Office - London, England - Extract A. O. 13 - Bundle #34. COMBE, Thomas.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Susan Combs Hefner from Georgia Citizens and Soldiers of the American Revolution, p. 222)

New Jersey Volunteers List of Officers from 1776-1683

A list of all officers who served in the New Jersey Volunteers during the course of the American Revolution from 1776 to 1783 includes:

NameBattalionRank & Date of Commission/Warrant
COOMBES, Dennis6thPrivate in 1777
3rdPrivate 4/25/78
3rdSergeant in 1779
4thAdjutant 9/7/83
COOMBES, John6thLieutenant in 1777 (warrant only)
3rdLieutenant - 9/10/78
COOMBES, Nathaniel6thEnsign in 1777 (warrant only)
3rdEnsign - 5/28/78

Source: The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies submitted by Lauraine Syrnick

4th August 1782 - Camp Fresh Meadows - Volunteer Robert COOMBS appears on Muster Roll of Captain John FULTONís Troop Kingís American Dragoons.

Full list can be view at King's American Dragoons Fulton's Troop Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/5208.

Important: All Loyalist Records have not yet been extracted from our searchable Combs Mailing List Archives

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