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Note: Many of the sources used for the following, particularly those of Combs who actually served in the Revolution, are "placeholders" pending completion of individual Combs Research Reports for each Revolutionary Patriot. This index report is still very incomplete as is our cross-referencing to the applicable Combs &c. County Records.

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See Also: RW Soldiers of Warren & White (and Surrounding) Cos, TN, hosted by the Combs Research Group.

Name (Assoc. Names)Location(s)
ASHBY, John (Jane Combs, d/o Joseph Combs I of Stafford VA)Frederick, Stafford VA
BRESHEARS, Samuel (John Combs, CORNETTS & others)Sullivan Co TN; Perry Co KY (See Also RW Wm. CORNETT)
BROWN, Robert& Thos. , & Alexander, Robert, & William (Sarah Combs JOHNSON)Augusta VA; Rowan, Rutherford & Burke NC; Hawkins, Knox, Roane, Smith, Warren TN; Waxhaws, SC
CHAFFEE, Abiel and Hannah (Hannah Coomes)Windham Co., CT
CHIVVIS, William (Emma P. COMES)Gloucester VA & NY, NY
Combs, Col. UnknownBuckingham or Chesterfield or Louisa Co VA
Combs, Anthony (Lydia; TURTELOT, PRENTISS, HILL)Cheshire Co NH
COOMBS, Anthony (William, Sylvanus, Sally M., Christiana Anne Combs; Susan ROBERTS)Georgetown MA (ME); Hancock, Lincoln ME
Combs, Benjamin (Sarah RICHARDSON; BULLITT)Frederick, Stafford VA; Clark Co KY
Combs, BennettSt. Mary's Co, MD
COOMBS, Edward, sub-Lt. (John, Joseph)Bedford Co PA
COOMBS, Edward, Maj., (John, Joseph)Bedford Co PA
COOMBE, FrancisCaroline VA
Combs, George (Ann, Basil & Fielding, Surnames ALEXANDER, BALTRIP, DENNEY, ROSE, HOOTS) WilkesNC
Combs, George (Elizabeth WILDE) WestchesterCo., NY
Combs,Gilbert (Christianna DENTON, Robert, Martha, Thomas, Job Combs)Monmouth, NJ; Shenandoah, Culpeper & Botetourt VA; Sullivan, Hawkins & McNairy TN.
Combs or COOMBS, Hezakiah (Frances BARTOL, former widow)MA Line (W1124, BLW #19527-160-55 Filed at NA Under COOMBS)
Combs, Hosea (Judith,Deborah, Betsey, Solomon, Jeremiah, Hosea, Isaac).Hancock Co, ME; Brunswick, MA, Ilesborough, ME
Combs, Ignatius (Mary FENWICK; Manning)St. Mary's Co, MD
Combs, JohnKentucky
Combs, Capt. John
Monmouth Co., NJ
COOMBS, John (Edward, Joseph)Bedford Co PA
COUMBES, Johnfather of(?) William COUMBES of North Carolina
Combs, JohnSullivan Co TN (1788)
Combs, John "8" (Henry, Margaret, Nicholas, William Combs)Frederick/Shenandoah VA; Lincoln, Perry, Washington, KY
Combs, JohnAmelia VA, Fairfield Dist, SC & Wilkes GA
Combs, John (s/o Jno & Seth BULLITT; h/o Sarah LUTTRELL)Stafford, Fauquier VA
COOMBS, John (Mahlon Combs, Mrs. Nancy GREEN Vinnander)Loudoun VA & Morgan OH
Combs, JohnCT & NY
Combs ,John (5)Massachusetts/Maine/New Hampshire
COOMBS, Joseph (Edward & John)Bedford Co PA
Combs or COOMBS, JosephMA & RI Lines, Worcester Co MA; Douglas MA; Freetown MA
Combs, Joseph (GORDON, HEADDEN)NJ Line; Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co NJ; Middlesex, NJ
Combs, JoshuaMA Line; Warren NY; Douglas NY; Warrensburgh, NY
Combs, LawrencePrivate, NJ Line (BLW #8192-100-28) Oct 1791
Combs, MahlonLoudoun VA; Licking, Wayne, OH; Kendall, IL
Combs, Mason (CODY, PRICE, SKAGGS, STACY & more)Capt. Trigg's Co, Montgomery VA, 1781
Combs, Moses N.NJ & Cont. Lines; Newark, Essex Co NJ; Morris Co, NJ; Randolph, NJ
Combs, NancyVirginia
Combs, NicholasMaryland
Combs, Nicholas "8", Sr. (Elijah, Jesse, Nicholas, Jr. Combs, Austin Godsey, William T. LEWIS)NC Line, Surry/Wilkes NC; Shenandoah, VA; Clay, Perry,KY.
COMBE or COOMBE, Peter (Rachel)NY Line (File W16217) See Onondaga Co NY
Coombs, Rhoda (See Nutting, Abel)Lincoln Co., MA; Cumberland Co., ME
COOMBS, RichardPrisoner of War (Newman's "Maryland Revolutionary War Records,"1938, Non-pensioners, page 89
Combs, Robert (alias ASHBY?)VA Line; Frederick, Loudoun & Fauquier VA
Combs, RobertNorthampton Co, North Carolina
Coombs, Rhoda (see Nutting, Abel)Lincoln Co., MA
Combs, Samuel and Squire (See Requa, Isaac)Westchester and Dutchester Co.< NY
Combs or COOMBS, Samuel C. (Rachael)MA Line, RW Pension File W22821, filed at NA under COOMBS
Coombs, Stephen (See Keen, Jacob)Thomaston, MA (ME)
Coombs, Susannah (See Peters, James)Berkshire Co., MA; Gloucester Co., RI; Cheshire Co., NH
Combs, Squire and Samuel (see Requa, Isaac)Westchester and Dutchess Co., NY
Sylvanus, Combs (See Pratt, Sylvanus)Middlebury, MA; Otsego Co., NY
Combs, Thomas, Capt.d 09 Jul 1785, Served in NJ Militia
Combs, WilliamKentucky
Combs, William "8"VA Line; Frederick & Shenandoah Co, VA; Bath, Fleming & Fayette Cos KY
Combs,William (Michal TRAYLOR Stare, Hannah TOUSSON?)NC Line; Wilkes NC; Charlotte, Chesterfield VA; Sullivan TN
Combs,William, Sr. (Sarah Ann MILLION)VA Line; Stafford, PW & Russell VA; SC, Floyd, Montgomery KY; Edgar, IL
Combs,William (Stephen Greenwell)MD Line; St. Mary's Co, MD
Combs,William (CODY, PRICE, SKAGGS, STACY & more)Capt. Trigg's Co, Montgomery VA, 1781
CORNETT, William (Elijah,Samuel Combs; & BRESHEARS, CODY, STACY; EVERAGE & More) VA Line; Hanover VA; Sullivan, Washington TN; Clay & Perry Co, KY
DAWSON, Jeremiah (Elizabeth DAWSON Combs)VA Line; Hanover & Bedford VA, Hart KY (and possibly Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA & Clark KY)
DODSON,WilliamVA Line; Shenandoah VA; Nelson KY
FEAGAN, Daniel (Violet/Lettie & Joe Combs, BURGAT/BUSGAT, THOMPSON, POLK,ARNOLD)VA Line; Loudoun VA; Mason, KY; Fayette & Brown, OH
(RW Nicholas Combs)
Surry and Rowan Co NC; Shenandoah Co VA; Sullivan Co TN;and Perry Co KY
GOODRICH, Isaac (Anson and Sally Combs)CT Line: Litchfield Co., CT; Delaware Co., NY
GUTHRIE, Christian (Guttrick) (Oliver Combs and Sally)NY Line; Oneida Co., NY
HILL, Jonathan and Rosilla (Anthony Combs)NY Line; Oneida Co., NY
HARRELL, James (William Combs, William DODSON)MA Line; Cheshire Co., NH
HICKS, William (Edward & Sophia Combs Hicks)Fayette, Jessamine, Garrard KY
HYNES, Hardy (Jesse Combs)Muhlenburg KY; Posey, IN
(John "Jack" Combs, s/o RW John Combs of Perry KY)
Surry NC; Shenandoah and Frederick Cos VA; Sullivan Co TN; and Perry and Owsley Cos KY
KEEN, Jacob and Hannah (Stephen Coombs) MA Line

KYLE, Ephraim (Koyle)
(David and Jane Combs)
NH Line: Windham, NH; Bennington, VT
McDANIEL, John and Elizabeth (Elizabeth Coombs)Augusta VA; Madison, KY; Madison AL
McNEELY, David and Rebecca (John, William A. Combs)Augusta VA; Madison, KY; Madison AL
MILLION, John (William Combs, Sarah Ann MILLION)Stafford, PW VA; Madison KY; Edgar, IL
MORRISON, Patrick (& Hugh & George; & Benjamin BELT, Ann FOSTER,John Combs)Rowan, NC; Sullivan TN; Smith & Wilson TN; Crittenden KY
MOSS, Wilkins (Dorcas, Priscilla Combs)Washington VA, Floyd KY?
NORWOOD, John and Clary (Gilliam Comb)NC Line; Franklin Co., NC
NUTTING, Abel (Dorcas, Priscilla Combs)Washington VA, Floyd KY?
O'REAR, Daniel (Seth R. Combs)Prince William VA
PETERS, James (Susannah Combs)Gloucester, RI; Berkshire Co., MA; Cheshire Co., NH
PRATT, Sylvanus (Sylvanus Combs)MA and RI Line; Middlebury, MA, Caroline VA; Otsego, NY
RAY, Benjamin (Fielding, William Combs)Surry NC, Russell, VA
REQUA, Isaac and Henrietta (Samuel and Squire Combs)NY Line; Westchester Co., NY; Dutchess Co., NY
ROCK, John (John Washington & Nancy Combs)Augusta, VA; Sullivan & Washington TN
RORK (Roark), Michael (Sally, Elijah, Jesse, Nancy Combs, John KITE)Augusta, Rockingham, Shenandoah VA; Warren, Hawkins, TN; Perry KY
SMALL, Ephraim and Dorcas (Dorcas Coombs)Kennebec Co., ME; Harpswell, MA
STAPLES, Stephen (Charity Coombs)Cumberland Co., MA
(John "Jack" Combs, s/o RW John Combs of Perry KY)
Rowan NC; Russell VA; Holston River, TN; Clay KY
(Catherine M. Combs)
VA, Line; Cumberland Co., PA; Knox Co., OH
TEMPLE, John and Mary Lincoln Co., MA; Bowdoinham, ME
WOODRUFF, Gad, Azuba Comes former widow
(Ebenezer and Azuba COMES)
MA Line; Berkshire, MA; Herkimer Co., NY
ZIMMERMAN, Frederick
(Francis H. Combs)
Culpeper VA; Fayette, Jessamine, Nelson KY

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