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Background: Membership in The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) requires a Patriot Ancestor (not necessarily a soldier, but one who aided Colonial efforts to win the Revolutionary War in any way). DAR was founded in 1890 in Washington D.C., and in 1895, DAR began publishing their Lineage Books, and by 1938, had published 165 volumes. Initially, requirements for "proving" one's ancestry for membership in DAR were not particularly stringent - in good part because most of the early members had close relationships to the Patriot Ancestor - in somecases, they were even what DAR refers to as "real daughters." Over the years, however, DAR has become increasingly strict in regard to documentation, in good part due to the discovery of past errors.

Because the D.A.R. did not demand the high degree of documentation thatit does today, a number of errors have been discovered throughout the years- errors which are now in the process of being corrected. Nevertheless, the early DAR Lineage volumes are often the source of valuable Family History since applicants may have even known their Patriot Ancestor personally, which is the case with the first Combs DAR Lineage:

DAR Lineage Book, Vol. 1 (1890-91). R. E. 202.5. Ai 5. (submitter) Mrs. Anna May EDWARDS, born in Ohio. Descendant of John COOMBS of VA. Daughter of William COOMBS and Barbara Ellen ___________, his wife and granddaughter of John COOMBS and Nancy VINNANDER, his wife. John COOMBS (1754-1849) enlisted in the Continental Army 1781, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis. Pension Certificate. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sherry Marine)

Note: RW John COOMBS of Loudoun Co, VA (s/o Andrew COMBS I of Tonoloway), b ca 1754; d 1849, Loudoun Co, VA; m (1) CRAIG, d/o James CRAIG of Loudoun; m (2) 1797, Loudoun Co, VA, Nancy GREEN, widow of George VENANDER (m 2 Jan 1794, Loudoun), b 1768-1771, d 1860, Morgan Co, OH.

Moreover, even the later volumes are a valuable later marriage source - whether the marriage was that of the DAR applicant herself or that of her parents, grandparents or great-grandparents.

Combs Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt extracted all remaining Combs references from the first 165 volumes, and she and various Combs Researchers have subsequently annotated numerous of them (ultimately, all will be annotated).

Note: To search the DAR Lineages, use the Combs Research Search Engine, including search words DAR and Lineages.

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Index to DAR and DAR-Associated Records

Extracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from the "DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Part I," National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Centennial Administration, by Mrs. Eldred Martin Yochim, President General, published Washington: 1990. Surnames: COOMBS; Combs, COOMERS. Annotations (in progress) by the Combs &c. Research Group.

Note: This is an index to later Combs' DAR lineages. Many of these remain undocumented marriages. PS=Patriotic Service rather than Military Service.

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