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An Index to all Pre-Revolutionary Combs (& some Assoc. Families) Military Records located thus far in the American Colonies - still very incomplete - a work-in-progress. Note: When the county of service is listed, the source record may have been included in that county. See Combs &c. County & State Records.

Name Last, FirstYear(s)Location(s)
ASHBY, John (Jane Combs)1755Frederick Co VA
Combs, Daniel (Sgt.)1756Queens Co, NY
Combs, John1754Tyrell Co NC
Combs (Coombs), John1766-1767Georgia
Combs, Joseph1755-1758Frederick Co VA
Combs, Josiah1758Augusta Co VA
Combs, Richart (Richard)1715Queens Co, NY
Combs, Robert1754Tyrell Co NC
Combs, Samuel1754Tyrell Co NC
Combs (Coombs), Thomas1756b MD? Capt. George Mercer's Company, (Culpeper?) VA
Combs (Coombs), William1738Georgia (& SC?)
Combs (Coombs), William1756Georgia & SC
Combs (Coombs), William1766-1767Georgia
Combs (Coombs), William1756-8Capt. Thos. Waggener's Co, Fort Holland & Fort George, James City, VA

Between 1677 and 1760
During the French and Indian Wars

By Emma Lewis Coleman

Combs, Philip, II, 336
Combs, William, II, 336

Bill Martin's Genealogy pages only has the index available of this book. Full extract needed.

To Be Continued…

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