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Beaminster is less than five miles southeast of Misterton, Somerset. From Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, Series C, Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Early Proceedings, Richard II to Philip and Mary [22 Jun 1377 - 17 Nov 1558]:

C 1/492/37 William COMBE. v. Oliver GYBBYS, parson of South Mapperton.: Detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land at Combe in Beaminster.: Dorset.

C 1/1205/52 "William COMBE v. John DAVYE.: Contempt of a decree rendered in the manor-court of Beaminster Secunda by Lord St. John, late Lord Keeper, as steward, and ---- Penrodoke as under-steward, concerning tenements there. D. V, 31.: DORSET.

C 1/1205/53-56 William COMBE v. Robert HORSFORD, Cristyen his wife, Joan DAVYE, and John NELE.: Assault at Beaminster after complainant had fastened a summons from this court on the door of John DAVYE, father of the said Cristyen and Joan. Answer wanting; 2 replications...[incomplete entry]"

Search Words: NEALE, DAVIES, Christian

C 1/1212/34 "John DAVY v. William COMBE.: Contempt of a decree of this court concerning tenements in the manor of Beaminster Secunda.: DORSET."

Nothing more is known of this William COMBE at this time, and no IGI parish entries have been located for this parish as yet (as of a 1998 search). See also Sir John DAVIES of Englefield, Berks, brother-in-law of Thomas COMBE of Tisbury, Wilts.