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Bere Regis is less than five miles northeast of Milton Abbas As of 1998, there were no IGI parish extracts for this parish.

1689/90 1 & 2 W & M [William and Mary]. Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Depositions taken by Commission. E 134/1&2W&M/Hil3. William COOMBES v. John TUTTY, Thos. TUTTY.: Parish and impropriation of Bere Regis, a tenement there called "Bolters," lands formerly of Anthony WILLIAMS, and the lands of John PLUCKNETT, &c., &c. Tithes.: Dorset (>Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, E Series - record not yet acquired)

1690/91 2 W & M. ibid. E 134/2W&M/Trin3. William COMBES v. Thos. TUTTY, John TUTTY.: Vicarage and parish of Beer Regis, in the county of Dorset. Tithes.: Dorset (ibid.)

Nothing further is known of William COMBES at present.