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Great Burstead and Little Burstead, adjacent parishes in the hundred of [not yet extracted], county of Essex , with Ramdsden Bellhouse, Ramsden Crays and Downham to the northeast; Basildon to the southeast; Laindon and Dunton to the southwest; 5 miles northeast of Horndon

3 June 1568 Copy of Probate of Will (12 May 1567) of Richard, Lord RICH. Bequeaths various sumsas marriage portions to grand daughters Agnes and Dorothy PYGGOTT, Anne DRURYE, Luce BARLEY and Eliz. DARCY. Bequeaths Manors of Great Waltham, Braintree, Newarks with the Four Prebends and parsonage in Good Easter, Broomfield Hall, Chatham Hall ion Great Waltham, Shelley, Paslow Hall in High Ongar, Fyfield and Herons in Fyfield, Upper Hall and Nether Hall in Moreton, Greensted Hall in Greensted, Wanstead (with the late park), Hatfield Broad Oak (with the mill and late park), Sutton Hall, Breames and Moulsham Hall in Great Leighs, Warrocks in Little Leighs, Felsted with Grandcourts, Enfields, Glanfields and Whelpstones in Felsted, Leighs Richard in Little Leighs, East Wick and West Wick in Burnham, and Barnards and Blakes in Prittlewell, the Hundreds of Ongar and Harlow, messuage called Watermans and the Waltham quarter of Abchild Park, both in Great Waltham, messuages called Gales and Frenches in Felsted, Pleshey Old Park, and farms called Slampseys in Black Notley, Camsix in Felsted and Ravens in (?Good Easter), to his executors for seven years to fulfill the terms of his Will, pay his debts, etc. Bequeaths the reversion of all the above, with the site of the capital messuage called Leighs, Leighs Park and Littley Park in Little Leighs and Hatfield Forest, to s. Sir Robert Richard and his heirs in tail male, with rem. to testator's heirs in tail male.
Bequeaths Manors of Hockley, Hadleigh, Prittlewell, Milton Hall, Sutton Temple and Earls Hall in Prittlewell, Eastwood, Southchurch South Shoebury, and his part of the Manor of Sutton and Butlers in Shopland, to s. Sir Robert Richard and his heirs in tail male, with rem, to testator's heirs in tail male, rem. to testator's daughters and their heirs in tail.
Bequeaths Manors of Rochford and Combes in Rochford, Rochford mill and the tile-kiln, and farms called Myntons, Stroudwick in Rochford, and Swaynes to s. Sir Robert Richard and his heirs in tail male, rem. to testator's heirs in tail male, rem. to his base son Richard and his heirs in tail male.
Bequeaths Manor of Patching Hall alias Wood Hall with land called le Hide in Broomfield and Chelmsford to s. Richard and his heirs in tail male.
Authorises his executors to purchase a female ward for marriage with his base son Richard.
In a codicil, he bequeaths lands in Rochford and Great Wakering for the use of the almshouse to be erected in Rochford, and 'as much ground within the clappgate leading to Rochford town… for the site … of the almshouse'. [See Reports of the Charity Commissioners for Essex… (1819-37), p.625.] Ref: Petre Family of Ingatestone And West Horndon, D/DP/O40/1)

Robert, Lord Rich, was grandfather of Frances RICH, daughter of Robert and Mary BALDRY Rich, and wife of Robert CAMMOCK of Layer Marney (See also Cammock-Rich Families). Frances and her brother, Robert RICH (Earl of Warwick in 1618) were sons of Robert and Mary BALDRY Rich.

7 Jan 1661 Essex Sessions Roll Epiphany 1661 Bastardy Order made by the undersigned justices, reciting that Elizabeth GROOKE of Great Burstead, "att, before and sithence her delivery" of her child, before the midwife and divers others and on examination saith that William COOMBES then of the said parish but now of London, victualler, is the father, they therefore order that the reputed father shall pay her or the overseers 12d. a week monthyly at the parish church on the sabbathday betwixt the hours of two and four o"clock in the afternoon, from the date of its birth until it attain the age of 12, "and for that it is doubled", if he the said COOMBES should have the keeing of it, "it may be carelessly looked unto, and not well used", she shall and will nurse and bring it up and shall bear the rest of the charge of nursing and bringing it up, the punishment of the reputed father and so is the punishment of the mother for that she seems to be very sorrowful and pentient for her fault and also is weak and infirm of body, and is charged with the nursing and bringing up of the child. Signature of: (sir) John TYRELL, with armorial seal, and Gec. [George?] WALTON. (Abstract of fonds, Reference Code: Q/SR 387/81, Essex Record Office, Essex Archives Online. Note: Ordering information is available at this locale)

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