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North Petherton, a parish in the northern division of the hundred of Petherton , county of Somerset, 3¼ miles SW of Bridg-water (Bridgewater, Bridgwater, Briggwater), a port, borough, market town and parish, having separate jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of North Petherton , county of Somerset, 35 miles SW of Bristol, 20 miles WSW of Wells, and 137 miles SW of London. See also Parishes within 20 miles of North Petherton

North Petherton, Somerset: Baptisms , 1570-1793

Notes: The following records were extracted from Dwelly's Parish Records vols. 10-12, by Coombs Researcher Pete Coombs who adds that (a) he will be adding burials and marriages shortly; and (b) that the following is actually his transcription of notes given him by his father who had transcribed them from Dwelly's when researching their family history back in 1987. What follows is all the 'Combs' baptism entries in Dwelly's. These have been copied directly, including all the inconsistencies in spelling of surnames etc. but please bear in mind that this is my transcription of someone else's handwritten notes. See also below re Pete's direct Coombs' ancestry and additional selected North Petherton Parish Records)

1595 Feb 2 Willm. COMBE
1601 Sep 13 George COOMBE
1604 May 26 Georgins f. Georgij COMBE
1606 Jan 11 Willm. f. Georg COMBE
1608 May eod Edw. & John f. Georgij COMBE
1610 Jan 28 Thomas s. of George COOMBE
1613 Apr 5 Mary d. of Robert COOMBE
1613 Aug 1 Mathew fil George COOMBE
1614 John COOMBE was listed as churchwarden
1615 Dec 10 Jane d. of George COOMBE
1640 Feb 28 Thomas s. Tho. COMB & Margaret
1641 Feb eod Katherin f. Rob. COMBE & Jane
1643 Oct 15 Matthew f. Geo. COMB
1644 July eod Jane f. Ro. COMB & Jane
1645 Aug 2 Mary f. Gawen COMB & Marg.
1645 Oct 26 Blaze f. Tho. COMB & Mary
1646 Jan 6 John f. Ro. COMB & Jane
1646 Feb 14 Joseph f. Gawen COMB & Marye
1647 Mar 12 Hannah f. (d) Gawen COOMBE & (blank)
1651 Sep 6 Robte. s. of Robert COOMBE
1651 Nov 7 John s. Thomas COOMBE
1654 May 14 Elizabeth d. Gawen COMBE
1655 Nov 3 Susana d. Robart COOME
1656 Feb 2 Mary d. Robart COOME
1657 Sep 7 Gawen s. Gawen COOMB
1659 Mar 29 Katherin d. Gawen COOME
1660 Jun 24 Robart s. Robart COOME
1663 Mar 25 Francis s. Robert COOME
1667 May eod John s. Robart COOME
1679 Jun 20 Eliz. d. Thomas COMB
1681 Apr 29 Hannah d. Tho. COMBE
1681 Oct 29 Jone d. Edward COMBE
1687 Mar 28 Jane d. Edward COMBE
1688 Apr 30 Hannah d. Tho. COOMBE
1688 Jun 27 Mary d. Edw. COOMBE
1705 Mar 9 John s. of John COOM & Joan
1708 Jul 14 Mary d. of John COOM & Joan
1711 Mar 24 Robt. s. of John COOM & Joan
1741 Jan 27 Betty d. of Robert COOME & Love
1745 Jan 25 Sarah daughter of Eliz. & Geo. GODFREE
1745 Dec 1 Robert s. of Robert & Love COOMBS
1748 Apr 10 John s. of Robt. & Love COOMBE
1750 Aug 5 John s. of Robt. & Love COMBE
1753 Jan 21 Thomas s. of Robert & Love COMBES
1756 Feb 8 Joseph s. of Robert COMBES & Love
1759 Nov 18 Elizabeth d. of Robert COOMBE & Sarah
1762 Jun 13 Edward s. of Robert COOMBE & Sarah
1769 Jun 16 Robert s. of Robert COOMBE & Margery
1776 Jan 2 Catherine d. of Rev. COOMBE & Martha
1777 May 16 Edward s. of Edward & Jenny COOMBE
1788 Mar 19 Robert s. of Robert & Ann COOMBE, blacksmith
1790 Mar 17 Ann d. of Robert & Ann COOMBS
1793 Jan 4 Mary d. of Robert & Ann COOMBES, smith (born 9 Nov. 1792)

05 Sep 1611 Robert COOMBE m Margaret KELLEY, North Petherton, Somersetshire, 5-Sept-1611. (Extracted by Coombs Researcher Pete Coombs from Dwelly's 'Parish Records. See Combs Research List Archives , Year: 1998, Message ID: v01540b02b1752074bf52)

PC Note: The ancestry of Robert COOMBE has not yet been determined. Seven children of Robert & Margaret KELLEY Coombe were baptised at North Petherton: Mary, 5 Apr. 1613, Joseph, 9 Nov. 1616, Gawen, 14 Mar. 1618, Joan, 9 Mar. 1620, Agnis, 25 July 1623, Robert, 8 May 1625, Judith, 13 July 1628. (See Below)

Other marriages (not yet acquired) occurring around the same time as Combs-Kelly, according to IGI Entries, include (but are not limited to):

20 Oct 1599 George COOMBE m Edith QUARRELL, North Petherton, Somerset, EN (IGI, Ba: E002591, So: 908500, Pr: 0883842, film not yet read)

21 Nov 1607 Agneta COMBE m Jacobus BURGE, North Petherton, Somerset, EN (IGI, Ba: E002591, So: 908500, Pr: 0883842, film not yet read)

10 Apr 1624 . North Petherton, Somersetshire. Married: Elizabeth COOMBE and Henry THATCHER. (IGI Parish Extract, Batch E002591, Source: 908500, Pr: 0883842, film not yet read)

13 Sep 1624 . North Petherton, Somersetshire. Married: Dorothie COOMBE and John NOWELL. (IGI Parish Extract, Batch E002591, Source: 908500, Pr: 0883842, film not yet read)

10 Apr 1624 . North Petherton, Somersetshire. Married: Elizabeth COOMBE and Henry THATCHER. (IGI Parish Extract, Batch E002591, Source: 908500, Pr: 0883842)

Notes: The above Henry and Elizabeth COOMBE Thatcher marriage was excerpted due to the (a) John and Elizabeth (LOVETT?) Combs transaction in London in 1634 with George THETCHER [sic]; (b) the association between Abraham and Archdale Combs of Old Rappa Co VA with Margaret UNKNOWN who m (1) Sylvester THATCHER and (2) Warwick CAMMOCK (Sly THATCHER'S ancestry remains unknown, but possibly Lincolnshire roots). Also note that in 1638, Simon STACY was born in North Petherton Parish, Co Somerset, England to John and Mary ___ Stacy (The Stacy Journal, Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews).

Earlier STACYS are also found in Essex, England, and later in MD, York, Stafford & Frederick Counties, VA, where, in the mid 1700s, another Simon STACY'S children marry descendants of Archdale Combs I of Stafford & Old Rappahannock Co VA, and it is possible that the Combs-STACY association was much earlier than the 1700s. Elizabeth STACY christened 14 Nov 1630 in North Petherton Parish, County Somerset, England to Simon and Johan COLL (COLE) Stacy, married William DARNELL 28 July 1645 in Epping Parish, County Essex, England; later removed to Maryland (Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

13 Jan 1622 . North Petherton, Somerset, EN. Christened: Redigan COMBE, d/o George. (IGI Parish Extract, Ba: P002591, So: 908499, Pr: 0472195, film not read)

Notes: The above record may indicate a connection with Shebbear, Devonshire where two earlier Redigan/Rodigun etc. Combs records are found.

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