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What is now the state of Iowa was formed from Missouri Territory in 1816, and designated Howard County. When MO was admitted as a state in 1821, Iowa became again "unorganized territory." In 1834, it became part of Michigan Territory, with the counties of Dubuque (Northern IA) and Des Moines (Southern IA) established. In 1836, further "splits" took place, with Wisconsin Territory formed, and a territorial census was taken that year that included both Dubuque and Des Moines.

No Combs were listed in Dubuque; however, two were found in Des Moines.

1836 Iowa Territorial Census

Demoine County

Page 58
Briggs, Isaac
Burton, Isham
Coon, Edward
Cotton, John S.
Driskall, David
Fike, James
Forrester, William
Foster, Harrison
Herrin, George
Hinkle, Zebidiah
Hinkle, Abraham
Howard, William
Howard, Joseph
Hunsuker, Abraham
Jackson, Levi L.
Jones, Peter P.
Lory, Peter
Martin, J. J.
Miller, Henry
Nelson, Isaac W.
OWEN, Josua *
PAIN, Slyvia [sic] *

PERKINS, Stephen
Pitman, Lewis
Ruggles, Jesse
Smith, Randolph
Smith, Joel
Stewart, William
Swan, Christopher
Swere, Aantonia [sic]
Taylor, Hawkins
Wild, John

Page 67
Candy, John [sic - possibly CANADAY/KENNEDY?]
Collfield, Orvin
Combs, Samuel
Conck, Samuel
Cordle, James
Davison, John
Dodd, William
Duglass, Joseph
Fletcher, J. B.
Fox, Timothy
Gillan, J. M.
Hesler, Samuel
Hills, H. F.
Hills, F. A.
Hortin, Augustine
Hustin, Samuel
Ops, Lewis
Pedago, Edward
Ross, Samuel
Shed, Curtis
Smith, Michael
Smith, J. O.
Tiffin, William
Tilford, Preston
Welch, A. B.
White, Joseph
White, John
White, Elijah
Whitney, W.
Whitney, Elizabeth
Williams, James
Wilson, Jesse
Wiley, Jacob
Wright, Josua [sic]

(Extracted from the 1836 Demoine IA Territorial Census)

Samuel Combs is found on the 1840 , (see below). Thus far, only a few records have been entered for Iowa Combs“ with more to come. See Also Greene and Madison Cos IA.

The earliest Combs of Iowa appeared on the 1836 Territorial Census:

Notes: Samuel Combs has not been identified. Sylvia PAIN was neè Combs, the widow of Daniel PAYNE who d in 1833 in Hancock Co, IL. They had previously resided in Hawkins & Warren Cos, TN; and Walker Co, AL respectively; and in 1840, Sylvia was on the Lee Co, IA Census. Joshua OWEN married Nancy PAYNE, d/o Daniel & Sylvy Combs Paine. (See Daniel & Sylvia Combs Payne)

26 Dec 1837 (Des Moines Co IA Marriage Records) Combs, Minerva married PERKINS, Drewary B.

(Marriage CD - Source record still needed)

1840 US Census

Jefferson County, IA

(From Henry in 1839, Henry from Des Moines in 1836)

No Twp

Samuel Combs 12010-01-00001

Muscatine County, IA

(from Des Moines in 1836)

No Twp

Mrs. Combs 0111-0001001

Linn County IA

(From Dubuque, 1837-1839)

Cedar Rapids Twp

Page 017:
Harriet F. Combs
William COOMBS 2nd

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from CD 153 U.S. Census Index; Mid-West, Great Lakes. from Automated Archives, Inc. c 1994)

02 Jan 1842 (Jefferson Co IA) Combs, Mary Jane married BONNETT, Jacob

(Marriage CD - Source record still needed)

14 Mar 1844 (Muscatine County, Iowa Marriage Records) COOMBS, Abigail & CARPENTER, Lyman

(Marriage CD - Source record still needed)