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Taylor County was established in 1847 from Page. The County seat is Bedford.

The family of Joseph N and Nancy BRABHAM of Morgan Co., Ohio migrated to Henry Co, IL, and then settled in Taylor Co., Iowa. Obituaries and county biographies provide a description of their migration westward and also state Joseph N Combs was the grandson of a Revolutionary Soldier which may help to firmly establish his lineage. The Thomas BRABHAM family bible (per Pat O'Dell) provides names and family information (given below)

1870 Taylor Co., Iowa Census

Dallas Twp

PO Hawleysville

p. 7/26, Aug. 31, 1870

50/50 Combas B H, 31, MW VA, Farmer, RE=$1300, PP=$350
Lua, 19, FW Keeping House OH

(Source: Original census images,

Notes: Burr Harrison Combs. The biography of son Lloyd Combs that states Burr was married to Laura PAINTER and that he served in the Civil War. This Burr appears to be the son of Joseph N Combs of Morgan Co., OH who is the son of Robert Combs and Nancy SEARS of Loudoun Co, VA and later Morgan Co, OH. Henry Co., IL marriage records show that Burr H Combs married Lou PAINTER on March 10, 1870. The obituary of their son Charles states he was born in Henry Co., Illinois. Other members of this Morgan Co., OH group are also found in the 1870 Henry Co., IL census. Civil War records do show a Burr H Combs as a private in the Ohio 77th Regiment, Co. K.

Benton Township

Bedford PO

p.8/16, 29 July 1870

127/127 J. M. Combs, 32, m, w, Wagon Maker, PP=$1000, b. IN
M. E., 32, f, w, Keeping House, b. IN
S. J., 14, m, At home, b. IL
E. U., 11, m, At Home, b. IL
L. L., 8, m, At Home, b. IL
E. E., 6, m, At home, b. IL [Edgar Elsworth, b. 21 March 1865]
E. M., 3, m, At home, b. IA [Ethan Marcus, b. 11 Oct. 1867]

SE Note: J. M. Combs, aka James M. Combs, s/o Job Combs and Henrietta WILLIAMS of Clay Co., IN. per Combs Researcher Benjamin Combs. James married Minerva Ellen WILSON in 1852 in McDonough Co, IL. James was born 20 April 1832 and can be found with parents in the 1850 Clay Co, IN census. In 1860 he and Minerva are in Wapello Co, IA with son Salathiel and an Ennos Combs (age 21), a probable brother. Minerva dies on 6 June 1871 shortly after the birth of their last child James Henry Combs. James remarries to Lucy ACRE and together they have two daughters, Alta Elizabeth and Vinnie Myrtle. They are next found in 1880 in Washington Co, KS.

p. 11/22, August 8, 1880

180/180 Coombs, James W, 37, MW Carpenter, RE=$2000, PP=$200, KY
Rebecca J, 30, FW Keeping House, OH
Lafayette, 13, MW At Home, OH
Mary B, 10, FW At Home, OH
John W, 7, MW At Home, OH
Sherman 5, MW At Home, OH
Bird, 5, MW At Home, OH

(Source: Heritage Quest original census images)

Notes: In 1875, J W Combs of Benton Township is listed in the Andreas Atlas Patron's List: Combs, J.W., Bedford, furniture dealer, Clark co, Ind, 1865 [the year he arrived in Iowa]. Source: Iowa, Taylor Co. Genweb site: Appears to be same as J W in Clayton Twp in 1880.

1880 Taylor Co, IA Census

SE Notes: There were some other Combs in townships of Benton and Mason that were indexed but unreadable in the original census images available on Heritage Quest. They might be more readable on Ancestry.

Holt Twp

ED 212

p. 2, June 30, 1880

8/7 Combs Thos, Husband, 44, MW Md, Farmer VA VA VA
Keziah, Wife, 44, FW Md, Keeping house, OH VA VA
Joe, Son, 17, MW Single, Farmer, OH VA OH
Ellen, Dau 15, FW Single, IL VA OH
Marion, Son, 8, MW Single IL VA OH
SHUSTER Henry, Boarder, 39, MW Md, Farmer, OH Penn OH
JONES [or JAMES?] Anthony, Husband, 52 or 58, MW Md, Carpenter, NY NY NY
Elna?, Wife, 48, FW Md, Keeping house NY RI RI
?arny, son, 19, MW Single, Farmer, NY NY RI
Lyzie, dau 12, FW Single, At Home, IL NY RI
Delia, dau 6, FW Single, At Home, IL NY RI

(Source: Heritage Quest original census images)

SE Notes: Previously found as Joseph Combs in 1870 Henry Co., IL census. The 1860 Morgan Co., OH census record shows him as Joseph T. He may also be the Joseph T Combs who served as a Union soldier in Ohio's 77th Regiment, Co. K along with Burr H Combs. The Henry SHUSTER may be same as who married Nancy, the daughter of Robert Combs and his second wife Lucinda SEALOCK. Henry would be a brother-in-law to [Joseph] Thos Combs.

ED 212

p. 10, July 5, 1880

70/75 SCOTT Nelson, 24 MW Married, Farmer, IA NY IND
Laura, Wife, 21, FW Married, Keeping House, MO IND [? IL]
Norton, Father, 62 MW Widowed or Divorced, Boarder, NY VT [? can't read]
SPRINGER? Almeda, Sister, 19, FW Married, At Home, IA, NY, IND
Combs William, Brother, 17 MW Single, Farm Laborer, NE IND [? IL]
DUNCAN Grant, Laborer, 17 MW Single, Farm Laborer, IA IND KY

(Source: Heritage Quest, original 1880 census images)

Notes: Nelson Cornelius Scott and wife Laura Combs, d/o of John and Sarah Combs, formerly of Holt Co., Mo. See biography of Nelson below. Brother William also living with Laura. In the 1900 census, Laura states she was born July 1862 in Missouri and that her father was born in Ohio and her mother was born in Illinois.

Dallas Twp

ED 214

p. 52/20, June 11, 1880

175/179 Combs H, 40, Md MW Farmer VA VA VA, farmer
Lu, Wife, 28, Md, FW OH VA VA, House Keeper
Charles, Son, 9, Single MW IL VA VA
Cora, Dau, 8, Single, FW IA VA VA
George, Son, 5, Single MW IA VA VA
Rosa N, Dau, 4, Single, FW IA VA VA
STEVENS, John, Hired help, 26 MW Single, KY KY KY, farm laborer

(Source: Heritage Quest original census images)

Notes: See below obituary of Charles Combs.

Film # T9-0366

Clayton Twp

ED 224

p. 1/68, June 22, 1880

J. W. COMBS Self M Male W 47 IN Contractor & Builder ENG --
R. J. Wife M Female W 40 OH Keeping House -- PA
Blanche Dau S Female W 20 OH -- --
J. W. JAMES/COMBS Son S Male W 17 OH -- --
S. Grant Son S Male W 15 OH -- --
J. B. Son S Male W 12 IA At School -- --
Frank Son S Male W 8 IA At School -- --

1900 Taylor Co, IA Census

Dallas Twp

ED 117

p. 52A, June 18, 1900

141/148 Combs George Head MW 25, Nov 1874, Md 1, IA OH OH, farmer
Sarah E, Wife, FW 25, Nov 1874, Md 1, 1 child, IA OH OH
Florence E, Dau FW ?/12, Feb 1900, Single, IA IA IA

(Source: Heritage Quest original census images)

Notes: Son of Burr H Combs, see biography of brother Lloyd Combs.

141/149 Combs Burr H Head MW 60, Dec 1839, Widowed, OH OH OH, Farmer
Nellie, Dau FW 23, July 1876, Single, IA OH OH, Housekeeper
Ned, Son MW 19, Aug 1880, Single, IA OH OH, At School
Elizabeth, Dau FW 16, Apr 1884, Single IA OH OH, At School
Lloyd, Son MW 14, June 1886, Single, IA OH OH, At School
Osa, Dau FW 10, June 1889, Single, IA OH OH, At School

(Source: Heritage Quest original census images)

ED 117

p. 55A, June 22, 1900

203/213 Combs Charles, Head MW 29, Jan 1870, Md 8yrs, IL KY KY, Farmer
Ida, Wife, FW 26, Aug 1873, Md 8yrs, 4ch/4 liv, IL Germany Germany
Harry G, Son MW 7, ?? 1893, Single, IA IL IL
May E, Dau FW 5, M?? 1895, Single, IA IL IL
Evalena, Dau FW 3, Apr 1897, Single, IA IL IL
George D, Son MW 1, Feb 1899, Single, IA IL IL
THOMPSON, Charles, a Hire MW 17, Jan 1881, IA IA IA, Farm laborer

(Source: Heritage Quest original census images)

Notes: Charles, son of Burr H Combs, see 1880 census record. He married Ida Caroline WIRTH. See his obituary below. Ida's obituary (same source) states she was the d/o of Elizabeth Letterman and Charles Wirth and was born in Peoria, Illinois August 31, 1873 and passed away March 17, 1959 at the age of 85 years, six months and 17 days. Both she and Charles are buried in the Guss Cemetery.

Washington Twp

ED 129

p. 208A, June 15, 1900

165/174 Combs Frank M, Head MW 52, May 1848, Md 24yrs, OH VA VA, Farmer
Flora A, Wife, FW 42, April 1858, Md 24yrs, 6ch/5 liv, IL OH IL
Ida V, Dau FW 15, Aug 1874, Single, IA OH IL, At School
?essie M, Dau FW 12, J?? 1888, Single, IA OH IL, At School
Blanch E, Dau FW 8, Nov 1891, Single, IA OH IL, At School
Beulah O, Dau FW 5, Aug 1894, Single, IA OH IL, At School

Notes: Could this be Frank, son of Burr H Combs? See biography of Lloyd Combs. He is not yet located in 1880 but can be found in the 1870 Henry Co., IL census with his mother and apparent brother Sydna L Combs.

ED 129

p. 208A, June 23, 1900

168/176 Combs Sydnor L Head MW 39, July 1860, Md 18yrs, OH VA VA, farmer
Mary B, Wife, FW 37, Mar 1863, Md 18yrs, 3ch/3 liv, IA IA IA
Flora J, Dau FW 17, Aug 1882, Single IA OH IA, At School
John W, Son MW 15, Feb 1885, Single, IA OH IA, At School
Coryl L, Dau FW 2/12mos, Mar 1900, IA OH IA

(Source: Heritage Quest original census images)

SE Notes: First found as age 9 in hh of Francis Combs and with his mother Nancy J Combs in 1870 Henry Co., IL census.

From: History of Taylor County, Iowa From the Earliest Historic Times to 1910 by Frank E. Crosson, 1910, pages 515-516
Biography of Nelson Cornelius Scott, not entirely transcribed

…On the 25th of March, 1878, Mr. Scott was united in marriage with Miss Laura Combs, a native of Mound City, Missouri, and a daughter of John and Sarah Combs, both deceased. Mrs. Scott died March 9, 1909, and is survived by six of her seven children. They are: Dora, deceased, who was the wife of Frank Chapell; Myrtie, the wife of Jule Demangue, a farmer of Nebraska; Theresa, who is the widow of Oliver Landers, and makes her home with her father; Esther, who is the wife of Arthur Welch and they also live with Mr. Scott; William, who married Miss Rose Still and lives on his father's farm; Walter, who wedded Miss Vina Nott and is an agriculturist of Holt township; and Fannie, who is at home…

Submitted by Linda Berney

From: History of Taylor County, Iowa From the Earliest Historic Times to 1910 by Frank E. Crosson, 1910, page 519
The biography of Allie E. Pullen starts on the previous page and is not included in its entirety here

…On the 2d of March, 1892, Mr. Pullen was united in marriage to Miss Nellie Combs, who was born in this county, July 30, 1876, and is a daughter of Burr and Lucretia Ann (Painter) Combs. The father, who is a son of Jacob Combs, was born in Virginia in 1839. In his family were eight children: Nellie, Charlie, George, Floyd, Ned, Cora, Lizzie and Osie. The mother, who before her marriage was Lucretia Ann Painter, was the daughter of Jacob and Ruth Painter and one of a family of six children: George, John, Nettie, Melissa and Sarah, being the others. Mrs. Combs was born in 1850 in Ohio and was twenty years of age when she came to live in Taylor county…

Submitted by Linda Berney

From: History of Taylor County Iowa From the Earliest Historic Times to 1910 by Frank E. Crosson, 1910, page 442-443


A valuable farm property pays tribute to the care and labor of Lloyd Combs, who is the owner of one hundred acres of rich and productive land in Mason township, which he purchased in 1908. He is one of Taylor county's native sons, his birth having occurred at North New Market on the 15th of May 1886. His parents were Burr and Laura (Painter) Combs. The former was a representative of a family that came from Pennsylvania to Iowa and his brothers and sisters were Seth, Frank Joe, Nancy, and Sissy Combs. At the time of the Civil war Burr Combs responded to the country's call for troops and did valiant service with the Union army, in defense of the stars and stripes. Having arrived at years of maturity he married Laura Painter, who was one of five children, the others being John, Elda, Lizzie and Sadie Painter. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Burr Combs was blessed with eight children, namely: Lloyd, George, Charles, Ned, Osea, Nell, Cora and Lizzie, of which number Cora is now deceased.

At the usual age Lloyd Combs entered the public schools which provided him his educational privileges. He continued his studies until his seventeenth year, and through the periods of vacation assisted his father on the home farm. After putting aside his text-books he continued to aid his father in the development of the fields of the old homestead up to the time of his marriage, which occurred in North New Market on the 22d of March, 1905, the lady of his choice being Miss Glenna Johnson, a daughter of Kelso and Mary (Wisener) Johnson. The latter is a daughter of John Wisener and her brothers and sisters were John, Ernest, Nina, Jean, Sadie, Bertha, Grace and Della Wisener. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had two daughters and two sons, Mrs. Combs, Luella, Ed and John.

The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Combs has been blessed with one child, Harold, who is the light and life of the household. In his political views Mr. Combs is a republican, having continuously supported that party since age conferred upon him the right of franchise. He does not seek nor desire office, however, but prefers to concentrate his energies upon his business affairs, which are carefully conducted and are bringing to him substantial success. He carries on general farming and raises all kinds of stock. He is a young man, having but recently passed the twenty-third milestone on life's journey, but his business ability has already made him recognized as one of the representative agriculturists of Mason township.

Submitted by Linda Berney

SE Notes: This Burr H Combs appears to be the son of Joseph N Combs and his wife Nancy of Morgan Co, Ohio, who was possibly the son of Robert Combs and Nancy SEARS, originally of Loudoun Co, VA. Other records seem to indicate Burr's wife was named Lu or some variation thereof.

Family Info for James M. Combs

The following are a list of the children with dates of birth and death found on the Craig C. Combs Family Tree Maker webpage:

James M. Combs, b. 20 April, 1832, d. 14 March 1905 Goodman, McDonough Co, MO
Md1. 22 Dec. 1852 Manurva Ellen WILSON, b. 7 Dec. 1833, d. 6 June 1871
Md2. 30 March 1872 Lucy C. ACRE

Children by Minerva Ellen WILSON

  1. Basyl Socrates Combs, b. 30 Sept. 1853, d. 1853
  2. Salathiel Job Combs, b. 21 Sept. 1855, d. Oct. 1862
  3. Arminda Etta Ann Combs, b. 14 April 1858, d. 1859
  4. Ennis Udell Combs, b. 13 July 1860 Agency City, d. 7 Aug. 1940 Bakersfield, CA
  5. Lennis Lincoln Combs, b. 1 Jan. 1863 Bushnell, IL, d. 6 Dec. 1954, Visalia, CA, m. Caroline M. COON 12 June 1887 in Adell, AR.
  6. Edgar Elsworth Combs, b. 21 March 1865,, d. 16 Nov. 1947, m. Ida May COON
  7. Ethan Marcus Combs, b. 11 Oct. 1867, d. Dec. 1925
  8. James Henry Combs, b. 30 May 1871 Bedford, Iowa; d. 21 Dec. 1952 Derby, CO., Md1. Nora Catherine HILEMAN, Md2 Martha Etta HARRINGTON

Children by Second wife Lucy C. ACRE

  1. Flores Ellen Combs 28 Feb 1873 Bedford, IA - May 1958
  2. Alta Elizabeth Combs 21 Oct. 1875, md. J. T. R. MILLER
  3. Vinnie Myrtle Combs 6 Oct. 1877 - July 1893


Extracts from obituary of Joe Tom [aka Joseph Thomas] Combs (9/7/1835-11/2/1923)

Joseph Thomas Combs, son of Nancy J. and J.N. Combs, was born in Loudoun County, Virginia, Sept 7, 1835. When six years old, his parents moved to Morgan County, Ohio…

He married Keziah McDONALD on Jan 22, 1858. They had six children: Mrs Sarah Jane DAVIS, Joseph E. Combs, Mrs John LOWER, a daughter who died in infancy, Francis Marion Combs, and Edward Melvin Combs. The obituary goes on to state that he moved to Henry County, Illinois, in 1863 and then to Iowa in 1876 settling near Guss in Taylor County. Three children died: Joseph, Ellen and Edward. In 1900, he moved to Humeston and cared for his invalid wife until her death in Sept 1910. Since then he lived with his children and grandchildren…

He was well fitted by nature for the pioneer life. He enjoyed very robust health and liked to boast that during eight-six years of his life he had never been under the care of a physician. This he inherited from ancestors who were all long lived. His grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was at the surrender of Yorktown. At the age of ninety years his grandfather applied for a pension. One of his uncles lived to be ninety-nine years old. The good health of the deceased was all the more remarkable when we think of the hardships he must have endured as a soldier of the Civil War and as a pioneer"………

He died at the home of his grandson, Thomas Lower in Gravity, at the age of 88 years, 1 month and 25 days. He leaves two children, Mrs A.C. Davis, of Westlaco, Texas, and Frank Combs of Fleming, Colorado. He also leaves an aged sister, Mrs Barman, of Battle Creek, Iowa. He was interned in the Guss Cemetery.

(Source: Obituaries, Taylor Co., Iowa USGenweb/Ancestry)

SE Notes: Researchers of this line should review the obituary in its entirety. It provides a rather impressive description of his character. This obituary states he was a soldier in the Union Army which is corroborated by a record for Joseph T Combs as a private in the 77th Ohio Regiment, Co. K. Perhaps the biggest value is the statement that his grandfather was a soldier in the Revolution and that he applied for a pension at the age of 90 years.

Extracts from obituary of Burr Harrison Combs (12/27/1839-2/25/1918)

Burr Harrison Combs was born in Loudoun County, Virginia, December 27, 1839, and died at his home near New Market, Iowa, February 25, 1918, aged 78 years, 1 month and 29 days. When two years of age his parents moved to Morgan County, Ohio, living there until 1863, when they moved to Henry county, Illinois, where he was married to Lucretia Pointer (sic) in 1870..." They had 8 children, 4 sons and 4 daughters. He is survived by Charles, George and Ned Combs also Nellie PULLEN, Lizzie THOMPSON and Osie McALPIN all of New Market, Loyd Combs of Mitchell, S.D., one daughter Cora DARNOLD having died June 19, 1908, also one step son Lee QUIMBY of New Market.

His first wife, the mother of his children, died January 3, 1892. He was second wife, Elizabeth QUIMBY who survives him, January 7, 1904. Also surviving are 3 brothers and 1 sister: J.T. Combs of Gravity, Ia, Frank Combs of Spencer, S.D., C.L. Combs of Hymore, S.D., and Mrs Sam Barman of S.D…Interment at Guss cemetery.

(Source: Taylor Co. IA USGenweb/

SE Notes: Researchers of this family should review the obituary in its entirety. This obituary states he was the brother of J T [Joseph Thomas], Frank [Francis], and C L [Sydnor L] and Margaret BARMAN [Mrs Sam BARMAN].

Extracts From Obituary of Francis Marion Combs (5/8/1848-4/28/1921)

~ obituary of "Frank" Combs was in the New Market Herald, May 12, 1921, reprinted from the original obituary in the Spencer, SDak News.

Frank M. Combs was born in Morgan County, Ohio on May 8, 1848, and died Thursday April 28, 1921, aged 70 years, 11 months, and 20 days. In 1863, he, with his parents, moved to Illinois where they resided ten years and in 1873 moved onto a farm in Taylor County, Iowa. On Nov 14, 1875 Mr Combs was united in marriage to Miss Flory Rbelle Hixon..." They had six daughters: Nettie May ROGERS, Alta Alvena Combs, Ida Viola Young, Bessie M. COZINE, Blanche Ellen YOUNG, and Beulah Olive FAST. Flory Rbelle Combs died Feb 6, 1910. On the 5th day of December, 1912, Mr Combs married Mrs Marie EIGHNY, of New Market, Iowa, who survives her husband. In 1906 the family moved upon a farm three miles north of Farmer, S.D., where they resided until in 1916, when Mr Combs bought a residence in Spencer. "He was one of a family of thirteen children of whom but two brothers and one sister remain livings." He was buried in the family burial plot in Alexandria

(Source: Taylor Co. IA USGenweb/

SE Notes: Francis Marion Combs, son of Joseph N and Nancy Combs of Morgan Co, OH. The obituary of his brother Burr H Combs identified Frank Combs of South Dakota as a brother.

Obituary of Charlie Combs

1951 Charlie Combs, son of Burr and Lucretia Pointer [sic, Painter] Combs, was born Jan 19, 1871, at Woodhull, Henry county, Ill., and died at his home in New Market, Ia, Nov 9, 1951, at the age of 81 years, 9 months and 22 days. He was one of a family of eight children. All survive except one sister, Cora DARNOLD, who died in 1908. At a very early age, Charlie, with his parents, moved from Illinois and settled north of New Market where he grew to manhood. Oct 21, 1891, he was united in marriage to Ida Carolina WIRTH. They established their home on a farm north of New Market where they resided for 37 years, and reared their family of eight children. They then moved to Page county, living near Villisca and Hepburn until four years ago when they retired and moved to their present home in New Market. Oct 21, 1951, Mr and Mrs Combs celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. For many years, Mr Combs was an outstanding farmer and live stock feeder, operating on an extensive scale. With no thought of recompense, he was always first to volunteer his assistance, or share his possessions with others less fortunate. He led a full and active life until his illness, which lasted about three months. Those who survive are his wife; two daughters, Mrs Bernard Ketchem of Williamson, Ia, and Mrs Arnold BASHOR of New Market; four sons, John and Dewey of New Market, and Harry and Glen of Gravity; 23 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. Two daughters preceded him in death, Pearl and Lena. Also surviving are three brothers, George of Bedford, Lloyd of Kent, Ned of New Market, and three sisters, Mrs Charlie Thompson of Earlham, Mrs Gail Berger, and Nellie Combs of New Market. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church in New Market at 2 pm Monday Nov 12. Burial was in the Guss cemetery.

(Source: Taylor County, Iowa Obituaries, [transcribed by Pat O'Dell)

Notes: See the Iowa Genweb Taylor Co. webpages for more information and obituaries for the children of Charles and Ida WIRTH Combs. Also, Henry Co., IL marriage records show one Burr H Combs married Lou PAINTER.

Cemetery Records

Guss Cemetery

There are numerous Combs burials listed on the Taylor Co., IA USGenweb site. Only a few of the older ones are listed here.

Combs, B.H. 1839 - 1918; WPA - Dec 27, 1839 - Feb 25, 1918

Combs, Lucretia A. 1850 - 1892 (wife of B.H.),

Combs, Nancy J. wf J.N., d Apr 17, 1884 aged 69yrs & 9 days
[Wife of Joseph N Combs and mother of Burr H Combs]

Combs, J.T., Sep 7, 1835 - Nov 2, 1923 (ss Keziah), [Joseph Thomas]

Combs, Keziah, Feb 7, 1836 - Sep 27, 1910 (ss J.T.)

Combs, Charlie, 1871 - 1951

Combs, George, Nov 6, 1874 - Jul 29, 1955 (ss Lida)

Combs, Lloyd 1886 - 1952

Bible Information from Taylor Co., IA Genweb

Pat Combs O'Dell - Joseph Napoleon Combs, b 06 Oct 1808 Loudoun Co, Va [date from Thomas Brabham bible]

death date, place

Marriage: 19 Dec 1831 Loudoun Co, Va: Nancy Jane BRABHAM, b 08 Apr 1815 Loudoun Co, Va, d. 17 Apr 1884 Dallas Twp, Taylor Co, Ia 69yrs & 9 days, buried: Guss Cemetery, Nodaway Twp, Taylor Co, Ia Father: Thomas Brabham, Mother: Mary Powers


  1. Robert William, born 02 Dec 1832 Loudoun Co, Va, married 23 Nov 1854 Morgan Co, Oh: Sarah Keever, died 30 Oct 1891 Morgan Co, Oh, buried Centerville Cem, Centre Twp, Morgan Co, Oh
  2. Sarah Jane, born Apr 1834 Loudoun Co, Va, married 08 May 1856 Morgan Co, Oh: Edward Petty, died 1915-1918 near Akron, Plymouth Co, Ia, buried Riverside Cem, Akron, Plymouth Co, Ia
  3. Joseph Thomas, born 07 Sep 1835 Loudoun Co, Va, married 22 Jan 1858 Morgan Co, Oh: Keziah McDonald, died 02 Nov 1923 Gravity, Taylor Co, Ia, buried Guss Cem, Nodaway Twp, Taylor Co, Ia
  4. Mary Nancy, born 1837 Loudoun Co, Va, married 13 Nov 1862 Morgan Co, Oh: David Davis, died Apr 1912 near Gravity, Taylor Co, Ia, buried Guss Cem, Nodaway Twp, Taylor Co, Ia
  5. Burr Harrison, born 27 Dec 1839 Loudoun Co, Va, married 10 Mar 1870 Henry Co, Ill: Lucretia Ann Painter, died 25 Feb 1918 Dallas Twp, Taylor Co, Ia, buried Guss Cem, Nodaway Twp, Taylor Co, Ia
  6. John Albert, died 22 Jul 1841 Loudoun Co, Va [Thomas Brabham bible]
  7. Elizabeth Francis, born c1844 Morgan Co, Oh, married 17 Nov 1861 Morgan Co, Oh: Robert Wines, died 1870's Henry Co, Ill
  8. Francis Marion “Frank”, born 08 May 1848 Morgan Co, Oh, married 14 Nov 1875 Taylor Co, Ia: Flora Belle Hixson, died 28 Apr 1919 Spencer, McCook Co, SD, buried Spencer, McCook Co, SD
  9. Margaret Anna “Sis”, born 07 Jun 1852 Morgan Co, Oh, married 12 Sep 1872 Henry Co, Il: Samuel Barman, died 13 Mar 1928 Ida Co, Ia, buried Mt Hope Cem, Battle Creek, Ida Co, Ia
  10. Cydnor “Cyd”, born 23 Jul 1860 Morgan Co, Oh, married 08 Oct 1881 Holt Twp, Taylor Co, Ia: Mary Belle Casteel, died 09 Feb 1923 Alexander, Hanson Co, SD, buried Alexander, Hanson Co, SD

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives