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Dubois County was established in 1819 from Pike County. Descendant Counties include Martin in 1820.

1820 Dubois Co, IN Census


P. 38

Lewis COMBS 3111101101002000
3 M<10 1 M10-16 1 M16-18 1 M16-26 1 M26-45 1 F<10 1 F10-16 1 F26-45
2 - AGR


P. 39

Benjamin COMBS 3000102001001000
3 M<10 1 M16-26 2 F<10 1 F26-45
1 - AGR

Notes: The above Lewis COMBS was the s/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs (See Also the Carlton W. Combs Letter). Benjamin COMBS has not yet been identified. Also Note: Only a small portion of the research in this county (primarily done by Combs Researcher Joyce W. Kahre) has been entered here. See the above references for much more. Updates by J.Wilhelmi from online images.

1830 Dubois Co, IN Census

COMBS, Louis
3212101000 00100100000

(Linsey? -- one household listed between Louis and John Jr.)

COMBS, John Jr.
200010000000 11010100000

COMBS, John Sr.
111200100000 11010100000

COMBS, Joseph
001010100000 00210010000

As transcribed by J.Wilhelmi from online images.

1837 Lewis COMBS registered stock mark 1837 Dubois Co., IN. (Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre, hereinafter JWK)

10 Aug 1838 43d Reg. Indiana Militia. Dubois Co IN. Lt Matthew COMBS.

Notes: Matthew Combs was a s/o Lewis & Jane SMITH Combs, and executor of the estate of his sister Sarah in Apr 1845. He left IN between Oct 1847and Oct 1848 when his father Lewis Combs Sr. took over the estate of Sarah Combs. (JWK) Untraced. Movements unknown.

1840 Dubois Co, IN Census

Transcribed by Birdie McNutt from Microfilm.

Starling COMBS 1000200000000 2000100000000

BTM Note: This Starling COMBS was the same as Dr. Sturling COMBS listed in 1850 with wife Susannah (West) Children Elizabeth, Albert, Malvina, Sarah, Henry, Ann S. and Mary. I find Starling COMBS very interesting because their was a Dr. Sterlin COMBS age 50 listed in the HH of Moses FIFFER in the 1870 census of Gibson CO, IN. Moses was the brother of Pricilla FIFFER who was engaged to my Peter Anderson COMBS before she died. Could Peter A. COMBS and Dr Sterlin, aka Sterling & Dr. Sturling COMBS be related. I also find it interesting that both named a son Albert. SE Also Note: Sterling is a name in the John & Sarah MABRY Combs descendant line. One or more of their descendants went to Dubois Co. See Carlton Combs letter: John's son George M Combs had a son named Alfred Sterling and he was a doctor.

John COMBES Sen 0011200100000 0111000100000

10 Jan 1841 (Dubois Co IN Marriages Book A, p. 7) COMBS, Lewis & HADDOCK, Mary Dubois 1-10-1841 Bk A, p7 (Combs Indiana Marriage Index)

Notes: Lewis COMBS, Jr. , b ca 1818, was the s/o Lewis & Jane "Jinny" SMITH Combs, Sr. and gs/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs. In 1850 census with wife, Mary , Henry 5, Jane 9, John 5, Elizabeth 1. Guardianship of Mary HADDOCK estate, children of Lewis and Mary Combs. John W. of age 1865, Henry B of age 1863, Jane A. L. of age 1863. guardianship ended 7 Oct 1867 Dubois Co., IN. By 1860 he was in Marion Co IL with wife Deletha/Delitha. By 1862, he was in probate with wife Talitha Anne [sic] from Knox Co., IN; and in 1880 he was with wife Felitha [sic] in Lawrence Co., AR (undoubtedly same individual) (Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre)

30 Apr 1843 (Dubois Co IN Marriage Records, Book A, p. 28) COMBS, Milton & DAVIS, Sarah (Bk A p28 not in index) (Combs Indiana Marriage Index)

Aug 1844 - Civil Order Book #1 Circuit Court August Term 1844 Dubois Co., IN. John COMBS vs Delila COMBS. "To the honorable, the judges of the Dubois Circuit Court in chancey sitting humbly complaining herewith unto. Your honor your orator John Combs of the County of Dubois and State of Indiana that on or about 25th day of Dec AD 1825, your orator intermarried and was Lawfully joined in the bonds of wedlock with Delila Combs his present wife. That your orator done everything in his power to render ___ hapy their said marriage unions, at all times, treating the said Delila with tenderness, care and respect, but to the great disappointment of your orator the said Delila (his wife) exhibited upon many occasions a harsh and unhappy temper, so much so, that the domestic quietude and peace of your Orator was wholy destroyed.

Your Orator further shows unto your honors that the said Delila Combs, his said wife, (whom your orator prays may be made defendant hereto) with out any just cause or provosation what ever, on or about the first day of November 1840, volentarily left and abandance your Orator with intention of making that abandoment perpetural and with out any intention of Returning your orator and from the day and year last aforesaid, up to the time of exhibiting this bill being a space of more than ___ whole years and still does entirely absent herself from the society of and refuses to live with your orator and has during all this time aforesaid failed to assist your orator in any of his domestic affairs and business.

Your orator further shows to wit Your honors that he was wholy resided in the County of Dubois and State of Indiana for the ten years last past. That as the fruit of their marriage union your orator and the said Delila his wife have had and still have living Seven Children, to wit, Lewis Combs, James W. Combs, John S. Combs, who are now with and under the care of your Orator, and Litle H. Combs, Sarah M. (?) Combs, Sterlin Combs and Louisa M. F. Combs, who reside with and are under the care of the said Delila (the Defendant) and all of whom are infants. By means of which said premises the domestic peace and happiness of your orator has been wholy destroyed, in tender consideration where of and to the end that the said deft. may full time and perfet answers make to all and singular the premises as particularly as if the same were here repeated.

Your Orator prays Your honors to take the premises under Your tender Consideration, and grant to Your Orator a decree of this honorable court desolving the bands of matrimony now subsisting between your Orator and the said Delila Combs (his said wife) and that your orator may have the cair custody and guardianship of three of the children which are now with him, to wit, Lewis Combs, James W. Combs and John S. Combs and that your Orator may have such this and further relief in the premises as shall be consistent with equity.

And that your honors may grant your orator this the States most gracious writ of subpaena directed to the said Delila Combs commanding her to be and appear before your honors in this honorable Court then and then to answer this bill and to stand to and abide by such order and decree therein as shall be made in the premises and your orator will ever pray. by Terry and DeBrulen his Sols. s/ John Combs

Aug 1839 - Jun 1846 Civil Order Book #1 Circuit Court August 1839 - June 1846, page 172. August Term 1844. John Combs vs Delila Combs. Now on motion of the complainant this cause is continued until the next term of this court.

Feb Term 1845 page 403. John Combs vs Delila Combs Petition divorce. On motion this cause is continued until the next term of this court and then an alias supoena upon ______ to the sheriff Scott Co., IN.

Aug Term 1845 page 445. John Combs vs Delila Combs Bill for divorce. Comes the complainant by Terry and DeBRULEN and the defendant by the States Attorney and the court after hearing the proofs and allegations of the parties consider that this bill be dismissed. It is therefore considered that the defandent recover of the complainant her costs and charges herein and the complainant in Mercy.

Notes: John Combs was the s/o Lewis & Jane SMITH Combs, m Delilah APPLEGATE in Scott Co IN on 25 Dec 1825.

Apr 1845 Sarah Combs died before Apr 1845. Matthew Combs was executor, but left IN between Oct 1847 and Oct 1848 and their father Lewis Combs Sr. became the new executor for her estate. She owned property of 75 + acres (see files) and some of the following of personal property. 1 Bed stead and bedding, i side saddle, 1 rocking chair, 1 lot of cupboard ware, 1 lot castings (?), 1 looking glass. for a total value of $31.12 1/2. The real estate value was $125.00. She was described as "having no children or husband" so lists her father and sibling as her heirs. Matthew Combs paid $13 for her coffin and $12 for her funeral 5 Jul 1847.

Thomas POLSON and Jane POLSON sued Sarah's estate for debt of $750. Property description: Dubois Co., IN the west half of the northwest quarter of Section 19, Town 2, south of Range 3 containing 75 20/100 acres.

1850 Dubois Co, IN Census

Hall Township

pg 451

377/377 Lewis COMBS 66 M farmer $600 TN
Jane 64 F Tn
Wilson 25 M IN
Pleasant 22 M IN
James J. 20 M IN

Note: Lewis Combs (s/o John & Sarah MABRY Combs) married 5 Jul 1803, Grainger Co, TN, Jane SMITH. According to Carlton Combs Letter of 1885, Lewis was born in 1784; however, Carlton also states that Lewis and older siblings were all born in Abington, Washington Co, VA. This latter fact is not borne out by census records.

pg 457

464/464 Sturling COMBS 39 M Physician TN
Susannah 38 F KY cannot read or write
Elizabeth 15 F IN
Albert 13 M IN
Malvina 11 F IN
Sarah 9 F IN
Henry 6 M IN
Ann S. 4 F IN
Mary 2 F IN

Notes: Dr. Sterling Combs was s/o Lewis & Jane SMITH Combs, m Susannah WEST. In 1860 he was in census of Harrison Twp., Daviess Co, IN. He signed an indenture for the estate of his father on 4 Oct 1859 as a resident of Daviess Co., IN. In the Sheriff's summons on the complaint of his mother Jane SMITH Combs, he was served in Daviess Co., IN - 3rd Monday in Oct 1860 (JWK) (See Below)

1 Oct 1856 Dubois Co., IN Married: Pleasant COMBS to Sarah MAIN (Marriages in Dubois Co, Indiana Extracted by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre from Indiana Source Books)

Notes: Pleasant Combs was s/o Lewis & Jane SMITH Combs, later resided in Clay Co IL.

19 Aug 1856 Civil suit Dubois Co., IN, Hall Twp vs Pleasant, Wilson & Jackson COMBS for non appearance for work on Road. $22 fine (JWK)

Notes: Pleasant, Wilson and James Jackson "Jack" Combs were all sons of Lewis & Jane SMITH Combs, Sr.

11 Jun 1857 - 10 Feb 1858 (Dubois Co IN Wills 1 121) LAST WILL OF LEWIS COMBS, SR. State of Indiana. Dubois County. I Lewis COMBS Sen., In the Name of God do hereby will and bequeath all of my Real and personal property that It has pleased God to intrust into my hands, in the following manner biz: 1st That all my just debts and funeral Expenses be paid after my body be decently. 2nd That my wife Jane Combs, if she is living to be supported out of my Estate as long as living as it may please god for her to Live to be managed by my Executors, at her death I will my sons James J. Combs the East half of the south East quarter of section No 13 thirteen Town 2 Two south of Range 4 Four West Containing Eighty acres. Then the ballance of my Real Estate and personal property to be sold and the money be equally divided with all my children Except my son Pleasant Combs he is to have fifty dollars over and above the rest of Each of my children. 3rd and lastly I do hereby appoint my sons Pleasant and James J. Combs to be my Executors to carry out this my last will and Testament, hereunto this day I set my hand and seal this the 11th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fifty seven. s/ Lewis Combs Servt. Attest Benjamin T. GOODMAN, Dr. Isaac BEELER, State of Indiana, Dubois Co.

I Isaac BEELER Swear that I was present And saw Lewis Combs Senior The Testator sign seal and deliver the within Last will and Testament of said Testator and at the Time of signing sealing and delivering the same Said Testator signed the same was of sound Mind and Memory. And further saith not Dr. I. BEELER

Subscribed And sworn to before me this 10th day of February 1858. Bazil B. EDMENTON Clerk (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre who adds that this is Lewis & Jane SMITH Combs)

25 Mar 1861 Pleasant COMBS bought property from the Wabash and Erie Canal to Evansville IN, 40 acres in Dubois Co., IN. (JWK)

3 Apr 1861 JASPER SPRING FIGHTS. Another set-to of the Spring meetings came off on the Public Square last Friday, between one Jack COMBS and Cole BURTON. This was a contest for gladiatorial honor -- each one claiming to be the best man. The contest was cut short by interference of the bystanders, but not until the liquor the combatents had drunk had proved itself master of both, and a wool enough had been pulled to make each of their heads sore, if not start a haircloth manufactory. BURTON'S style of dress, or rather undress, for the fight was strictly ala Prize Ring, viz: naked to the waist. They were arrested and tried for an affray, before Esq. ALEXANDER, and both went to jail-- BURTON for 4 days and Combs for 5. (JWK)

03 Apr 1861 Jasper Courier Apr 3, 1861. ASSUALT WITH INTENT TO KILL

Pleasant Combs, Jack Combs and Cole BURTON were arrested yesterday for an assualt and battery with intent to kill one Joshua BURTON in Hall Twp. The writ was sued out before Esq. CONNELLY, on affidavit made by Milton BURTON, a brother of one of the accused, who states that the parties went to the house of Josh BURTON on the night of the 22nd inst. and said they were going to kill him, and after scaring all the other inmates of the house out, threw him on the bed and castrated and beat him, and then left. He lay there for some time, and got up and went out, since which nothing as been seen of him, and a still darker crime is suspected. The defendants charge that the mayhem was committed on a fried of theirs and that BURTON has run off to escape the consequences. The parties are to have a preliminary trial before Esq. CONNELLY today.

17 Apr 1861 Jasper Courier Wednesday. After all the excitement, and a thousand reports about the Combs and BURTON affair, which we noticed two weeks ago, the parties were finally brought out for examination last Saturday. The examination was very tedious, nearly 50 witnesses sbeing examined, and finally resulted in recognizing all three, in $400 each, to answer a charge of assult and battery at the next Court. The parties were reminded to jail in default of bail. On Monday Mr. Harvey NICHOLSON were security for Cole BURTON and Mrs. Combs and others for Jackson Combs and they were released, leaving Pleasant Combs still in jail. The examination was made before a bench of six Justices, and was attended with a good deal of excitement the court house being crowded during the whole trial which did not close till about 12 o'clock at night.

May 1861 Pleasant Combs signed the indenture of his fathers real property to John OPAL with his name and his wife Sarah with an X

03 Jul 1861 Mary "Polly" [Combs] Felts and her husband, Samuel FELTS, signed a quit claim for the property of her father Lewis Combs. She signed with an X the indenture to John OPEL on 8 May 1861 and her husband signed with his name. (JWK who adds that they appeared in 1830-1850-1860 Census Hall Twp., Celestine PO, Dubois Co., IN

05 Jul 1861 Pleasant Combs Signed quit claim to real estate of father's estate 5 Jul 1861. (JWK)

1863- 7 Oct 1867 Dubois Co, IN Records. Guardianship of Mary HADDOCK'S children to Charles FELTS. Guardianship ended for Jane A. L. Combs when of age in 1863, for Henry B. Combs when of age in 1863; for John W. Combs in 1865 [age 21] and Elizabeth Combs in 1867 [age 18]. (Combs Researcher Joyce W. Kahre).

Notes: Lewis Combs, Jr. (s/o Lewis and Jane SMITH Combs) m 10 Jan 1841, Dubois, Mary HADDOCK. In 1850, Lewis, Mary, and the above four children were enumerated in Perry Co, IN, but in 1860, Lewis was enumerated in Marion Co, IL, with wife, Deletha, who may have been widow of a BLACKSTONE (children in household), and in 1862, he and Tolitha-Delitha were in Knox Co, IN in 1862 when Lewis Combs and Wife Tolitha signed quit claim deed to John OPEL (as did the rest of Lewis (Sr.) children after his death). Lewis signed with a mark. Lewis' children were not in his 1860 census HH, and have not been located elsewhere. The above Charles FELTS was Lewis' nephew, s/o Samuel & Mary Combs Felts. Why Lewis' wife, Mary, is listed as HADDOCK rather than Combs in the guardianship records is not known. It is also not clear whether she was deceased or if she and Lewis had separated, divorced, etc. (as did his brother John & Delilah APPLEGATE). Lewis and Telitha have not yet been located in 1870, but were in Lawrence Co, AR in 1880

26 Dec 1875 Dubois Co IN Marriages Married: John V. Combs to Mary E. ALLEN (Marriages in Dubois Co, Indiana Extracted by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre from Indiana Source Books)

26 Sep 1880 Dubois Co., IN Married: Luda C. Combs to Alonzo A. LITTELL (Marriages in Dubois Co, Indiana Extracted by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre from Indiana Source Books)

1 Jan 1891 Dubois Co., IN. Married: Rosie E. Combs to Edward L. MOORE (Marriages in Dubois Co, Indiana Extracted by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre from Indiana Source Books)

11 Jul 1891 Dubois Co., IN. Married: Nora I. Combs to Silas C. SMITH (SCHMIDT) (Marriages in Dubois Co, Indiana Extracted by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre from Indiana Source Books)

Dubois IN Cemetery Records

Wininger Cemetery

19. COMBS, Otis E., Died 1936, age 2 years. FL-4

(WPA Card Index, Orange Co, INGenWeb [sic])

Reminder: This County has been well-researched. All records have not been here in as yet, but see John & Sarah MABRY Combs and Carlton Combs for much more… See also the Combs Research List Archives