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Hendricks County was established in 1824 from the Delaware and New Wabash Purchases in 1824.

Hendricks County, Indiana Births, Deaths and Marriages

Hendricks Co. Combs BLM patents

9/3/1834 Combs, Elias of Fleming Co, KY patented 80 acres, Hendricks Co, IN., Township 15-N, Cert. 17169, IN1210__.371

9/30/1834 Combs, Levi of Fleming Co, KY patented 80 acres, Hendricks Co, IN., Township 15-N, Cert. 18573, IN1240__.282

(Source: Original Images from BLM Patent Database)

SE Note: Levi and Elias are styled as being of Fleming Co, KY on the original patent image. Levi Combs appears last on the 1829 Fleming Co, KY tax list, and Elias Combs appears last on the 1833 Fleming Co, KY tax list.

1830 US Census, Hendricks Co IN

No Combs found

1836/05/10 (Hendricks Co IN Marriages) COMBS, Levi & SMITH, Lucinda (Index to Combs Marriages of IN)

Provided by Meredith Thompson from entries from the "1878 Atlas of Hendricks County, IN to to Debi Kendrick who adds that Washington Co., Ind should read Washington Township, Hendricks Co., IN:

"Brown Township: COMBS, Levi (deceased), born in Fleming Co, Ky. Feb. 9 1807; settled here in 1841; Section 29. Married in 1836, in Washington Co., Ind.*, to Lucinda SMITH; ten children-Thomas, b.1 25 1837 (deceased); James, b. 7 18 1838; Minerva, b.7 20 1841; --, b. 5 8 1843; John, b. 1 4 1845; Elias, b. 2 8 1848; Benjamin, b. 2 6 1849; Jennie, b. 2 13 1852; Wilson, b. 3 16 1854; Rolly, b. 11 10 1856 (deceased). Mr. COMBS and his wife were members of the Christian Church."

1837/11/30 Hendricks Co IN Marriages. COMBS, Elizabeth & DEARMAN, William (ibid.)

Notes: Not yet located in 1840.

1840 US Census, Hendricks Co IN

(Hendricks Co, INGenWeb [USGenWeb Census Project] Transcription & Patience Northern)

Pg 9

Ln.3 COMER Jeremiah
1 m to 5; 1 m 5-10; 1 m 10-15; 1 m 30-40;
1 f 5-10; 1 f 10-15; 1 f 16-20; 1 f 30-40; 1 f 70-80; - 1 m: agriculture

Ln.4 COMBS, Levi
2 m to 5; 1 m 30-40
1 f to 5; 1 f 20-30 - 1 m: agriculture

Pg 11

Ln.30 COMBS, Elias
1 m to 5; 1 m 5-10; 1 m 16-20; 1 m 30-40;
1 f to 5; 1 f 5-10; 2 f 10-15; 2 f 16-20; 1 f 30-40; - 2 m: agriculture

Notes: This census is in alphabetical order by first letter of surname, possibly indicating that Levi and Elias did not live near to each other. Levi COMBS m 10 May 1836, Hendricks Co, IN, Lucinda SMITH. Elias COMBS was probably same listed on the 1830 Fleming Co KY Census; m 21 Dec 1820, Fleming Co KY, Alsy ALEXANDER (See 1850 Hendricks). Also note that the USGenWeb Census Project transcribed Jeremiah (Pg.9 Ln.3 above) as COOSNER.

1844 Hendricks Co., IN Tax List

Washington Twp

Combs, Elias

Washington Twp

Combs, Joseph

Brown Twp

Combs, Levi

(Source: USGen Web Hendricks Co., IN., "Index to 1844 Hendricks Co., IN Tax Lists" by Meredith Thompson)

1848/03/23 (Hendricks County, Indiana Index to Marriage Records M-Z Book 1 Vol 3, 1823-1920) COMBS, Job S. & Louisa WICK (Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick) Job S. Combs died 12/16/1874, the son of Rev. Michael Combs per his 1/21/1785 Danville Union obituary (p.3, c7. Plainfield, Indiana Library Obituary Database).

Notes: Jobe S. & Louisa WICK Combs are on the 1850 Clay Co IN Census

1849/09/06 (Hendricks Co IN Marriages, 4-88) COMBS, Lydia & SNADERS, David (Index to Combs Marriages of IN)

1849/10/25 (Hendricks Co IN Marriages, 4-100) COMBS, Mariah & DUNCAN, John (ibid.)

1850 Hendricks Co, IN Census

(Provided to Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick by Meredith Thompson)

Washington Township

627/634 Enoch KOOCH 51 Ky farmer $3000
Elenor 38 Ky
Jackson 20 IN farmer in school
James W. 17 IN farmer in school
Martha Jane LOWDER 9 IN in school
Melinda COMBS 20 Ky
Rollin ALEXANDER 36 Ky cooper

DK Notes: Is the above Mary ALEXANDER the mother of Ailsey ALEXANDER Combs, wife of Elias COMBS? (See Next) Is Melinda COMBS the d/o Elias or some other kin?

645/652 Elias COMBS 49 Ky farmer $900
Alcy 48 MD cannot read or write
Mary 26 Ky
Rebecca 22 Ky
Allen R. 19 Ky farmer in school
Alcy Ellen 17 Ky in school
Levi T. 14 IN in school
Sarah E. 12 IN in school
Solomon J. S. 9 IN in school

DK Notes: Elias Combs appears to be the same Elias COMBS who married 21 Dec 1820 Fleming Co KY Ailsy ALEXANDER.

Brown Township

1071/1082 Levi COOMBS 41 Ky farmer $1000
Lucinda [SMITH] 33 OH
James M. 12 IN in school
Mary M. 9 IN in school
Ninetta M. 7 IN in school
John H. 5 IN
Elias A. 3 IN
Elijah B. 1 IN

Guilford Township

p. 105A 9 Aug 1859

415/421 Jacob KENNEDY 53 m farmer RE=$2000 VA
Isabella 43 f KY
John O. m farmer IN
Margaret Ann SMITH f 6 IN

(Census Source: Heritage Quest Original Image)

Note: Living 2 doors from Stephen A. HARDEN. On 01 Jul 1823 COOMBS, Isabella married KENNEDY, Jacob, Mercer County, Kentucky

Note Re: Isabella Combs KENNEDY (1807-1883); cousin to Gen. Leslie Combs but no information about name of her parents. (see J.O. Kennedy Bio below)

1853 Hendricks Co, IN Census

Source: "Index to 1853 Hendricks Co., IN Census" by Meredith Thompson, USGen Web (

This special census was certified on 1 July 1853 by Allen Hess, the Hendricks County Auditor. It was an enumeration of all white males over the age of 21. The census asked only for the male's first and last name.

Combs, Levi, Brown Twp
Kennedy, Jacob, Guilford
Kennedy, Jacob, Union
Kennedy, Jesse, Center
Kennedy, John O., Guilford [s/o of Jacob KENNEDY and Isabella Combs]
Kennedy, Joshua, Middle
Kennedy, L.H., Liberty [s/o of Jacob KENNEDY and Isabella Combs]
Kennedy, Peter S., Center

1860 Hendricks Co, IN Census

Brown Township

Brownsburg PO

p. 718, 14 June 1860

247/247 James Coombs, 21 m carpenter, IN [s/o of Levi per 1850 census]
Elizabeth, 18 f IN

248/248 Levi Combs, 52 m farmer KY RE=$2500, PP=$866
Lucinda, 42 f OH
Mary m 18 f IN
Ninetta, 17 f IN
John H. 14 m IN
Elias A, 12 m IN
Benjamin, 10 m IN [Elijah B in 1850 census]
Irena I (or J), 8 f IN
Wilson A, 3 m IN
Eliza Ann, 1 f IN
Rawley, 3 m IN

(Living next door to Rawley C. and Mary E. NELSON)

Notes: Lucinda Combs died 20 Jan 1900 (see Deaths below). Benjamin, aka Elias B. per 1850 census may be same as Elijah Combes who married 25 Dec 1873 GOSSETT, Hannah L (see marriages below). John H. Combs married America BALLARD 8 Feb 1881 (see marriages below). Irena J. Combs married 20 Jan 1881 SMITH, Alfred.


(Source: "The People's Guide: A Business, Political and Religious Directory of Hendricks County (Cline & McHaffie, 1874)--Brown Township entries)

Entries by Township: Headings are: Name, Occupation, Residence, Where Born, When Born, Came to county, Politics, Religion

Combs, E.A., farmer, 2 mi W of Traders Point, Hendricks Co., 1847, 1847, Democrat, Christian

Combs, E.B., farmer, 2 mi W of Traders Point, Hendricks Co., 1849, 1849, Democrat, Christian

Combs, John, farmer, 2 mi W of Traders Point, Hendricks Co., 1845, 1845, Democrat, Christian

Coombs, Wm., farmer, 3 mi SW of Traders Point, Ohio, 1851, 1869, Republican, Methodist

J. O. Kennedy

J.O. Kennedy, general merchant at New Winchester, was born March 20, 1827, in Liberty Township, Hendricks Co., Ind., a son of Jacob Kennedy, one of the pioneers of this county. He has always been a resident of this county, and in 1871 he engaged in his present business at New Winchester. He was married to Melissa F. Roach, a native of Kentucky. They have two children--Benjamin F. and Nannie. Jacob Kennedy was born in Virginia in 1797, and when a small boy removed with his parents to Woodford County, Ky., where he was reared and married. His wife was Isabella Combs, a cousin of General Leslie Combs. They had two children--Dr. L.H. Kennedy and our subject. He came to Hendricks County with his family in 1825, and settled in Liberty Township, remaining there about fifteen years. When he arrived in this county he had but $4, but by industry and economy he earned enough to buy a farm, and later bought a farm in Guilford Township, where he lived forty-five years. His wife died in Liberty Township, aged seventy-ix years, since which he has made his home with his son in Danville. He is now eighty-eight years of age. Dr. L.H. Kennedy was born in Kentucky, July 16, 1823, and came with his parents in October, 1825. He worked on a farm till twenty-four years of age, and helped clear a farm of 100 acres. He began the study of medicine at Belleville in 1847, with Dr. Moore, and graduated from Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill., in 1855. He began his practice with Dr. Moore in 1850, remaining with him about twenty years. He located in Danville in 1869, where he has built up a good practice.

(Source: "Index to 1885 History of Hendricks County", "The History of Hendricks County" (Chicago: Interstate Publishing, 1885)--Marion Township, pages 687-688. USGen Web Hendricks Co., IN.))

Isabella Combs KENNEDY died 1883 per her 7/19/1883 Republican Obituary (p.1, c6). and is buried in the Irons/Miles Cemetery, Liberty, two miles east on US 40, Belleville, IN
Last Name: Kennedy; First Name: Isabella: Middle Name/Initial: W.; Maiden Name: Combs; Date of Death: 07/13/1883;
Spouse: Jacob;

(Source: Plainfield, Indiana Public Library Obituary Database;)

Tuesday, May 28, 1907 THE ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS (Hardin Co, KY) Evangelist J.V. COOMBS of Danville, Indiana, is to conduct the annual revival services at the Christian Church of this city, beginning Sunday, Aug. 4 and continuing to Aug. 20. Evangelist COOMBS enjoys the distinction of being one of the greatest evangelists of the Christian Church. He is a University graduate, was a college professor for 6 years and since entering the evengelistic field, has preached in every state in the Union, and has called thousands around the banner of Christ. Recently at a meeting held in East. St. Louis, 75 were added to the church at one call and at Carmi, Ill., in a short meeting recently held, 134 were added to the church. He is now in a great meeting in Alton, Ill. He is an able lecturer and while here will deliver one or two of his noted lectures.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives