Atchison County was originally Allen Co (re-named in 1845). It is at Missouri's northeastern corner, and was part of the Platte Purchase (attached to Holt Co until 1843-5). Atchison Co lost a 10 miles strip of the north county in 1848-9 when a boundary dispute was settled with Iowa.

22 Jan 1846 (Atchison Co MO Marriage Records) Lucy Ann Combs m Nathaniel BLEVINS (Combs Researcher Karan King)

04 Jun 1846 (Atchison Co MO Marriage Records) Cynthia Combs m Isom WRIGHT

04 Jun 1846 (Atchison Co MO Marriage Records) Elizabeth Combs m Joseph WAITS

1850 Atchison Co MO Census

(William Combs' HH transcribed by Combs Researcher Michael Wilson; remainder courtesy of Missouri GenWeb Archives)

P. 275

078 WRIGHT Isom 26 MO
Scynta 23 KY
Mary J 3 MO
Amos 2 MO
Silas 1 MO
WRIGHT Caleb 16 MO
Martha 15 MO
John 13 MO
Fesras 10 MO

P. 298

244 WAITS Joseph 26 OH
Elizabeth 19 KY
Sarah C 1 MO
Margaret MO

245 HOFFMAN Peter 21 MO
Elizabeth 27 OH
Misouri J 8 MO
Richard MO

246 RUPE Richard 37 MO
Mary J 36 KY
Kisira 7 MO
Bradford 3 MO

247 William Combs age 46, KY
Margaret Combs age 43, KY
Daniel Combs age 18, MO
Jesse Combs age 16, KY
Jackson Combs age 13, MO
William T. Combs age 10, MO

248 Nathaniel BLEVINS age 21, KY
Lucy BLEVINS age 23, KY
Elise A. BLEVINS age 8 months, MO

(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson)

Note: William Combs m 16 Jun 1825, Green Co, KY, Margaret "Peggy " ROBERTS.

Michael R. Wilson & Karan King Notes: The above Lucy BLEVINS was the d/o William and Margaret Combs. Her 1st husband, Nathan BLEVINS, died in Green River WY. Nathan BLEVINS' parents were Daniel and Lucy (ROBERTS) Blevins, who did reside in Atchison County, Missouri. Lucy Ann Combs Blevins next m 27 Nov 1852 in Atchison Co MO, James GILKINSON. Lucy Ann Combs Blevins Gilkinson died 5 Nov 1871, age 44 years, 2 months, 24 days; and is buried in the Beck Cemetery, Atchison Co., Missouri. James A. GILKISON is buried in the English Grove Cemetery.

17 Feb 1852 Jackson Co MO DBS:202 "State of Missouri, County of Atchison, Remembered that on the 17th day of February in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty two before J.D.N. THOMPSON, Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for the County and State aforesaid personally appeared William Combs and Peggy his wife who are personally known to me, to be the persons whose names is to the forgoing deed…" (Jackson County, Missouri; Jackson County Archives, Combs Researcher Michael Wilson).

Note: See Jackson Co MO where in 1838, William and Margaret ROBERTS Combs, then of Ray Co, MO, sold land to his brother-in-law, William CRABTREE.

27 Nov 1852 Atchison Co, MO. Lucy BLEVINS m James GILKINSON

Notes: Lucy Combs m (1) Nathaniel BLEVINS, and following his death, m (2) James GILKISON.

25 May 1854 Susan Combs married Christopher Marshall JOHNSON 25 May 1854 in Clark twp., Atchison Co., MO

(no source, submitted by Non Member)

05 Feb 1857 (Atchison County, MO Marriages 1845-1863) Polley A. CANDEL married Jesse Combs (book A, pages 94-95, line 1)

03 Oct 1858 (Atchison County, MO Marriages 1845-1863) GILKISON, S.E. married Combs, A.J. (Index "G", line 5) SW: Andrew Jackson

1857/02/20 MO BLM Patent Description MO4720__.392 Cancelled: N Document Nr.: 20545 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: Combs, Drucilla Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 2/20/57 Metes/Bounds: N Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: PLATTSBURG Comments: Legal Land Descriptions Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Acres Counties 1 SWSW 15/ 63-N 40-W N 5TH PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 40 ATCHISON.

30 Jan 1859 (Atchison County, MO Marriages 1845-1863) Drusella Combs married Jacob GUSGEN(?) (book A, page 137, line 9) [GLASGEN per Beck Cemetery marker]

1860 Atchison Co, MO Census

Clark Twp

p. 4; 2 Jun 1860

25/25 Combs, Jackson 25 m KY
Sarah 20 f IN
Lewis 1 m MO

p. 15; 8 Jun 1860

98/98 Combs, William 56 m KY
Margaret 53 f KY
NEIGHT, Mary Jane 14 f MO

(1860 Federal Census, Atchison County, MO ; compiled by Elizabeth Prather, Ellsberry, Box 206, Chillicothe, Missouri)

Benton Twp

Rockport PO

p. 59; 5 Jul 1860

405/402 Combs, John 23 M OH
Emily 18 F IL
Laura E. 1 F MO
Luisa E. 10/12 F MO

1862 Land Patents issued to General Leslie Combs (of Fayette Co, KY) in Atchison County, Missouri:

1 JUN 1860 , issued by President James BUCHANAN, SE SW & S ½ SE Section 32 Township 65, Range 39; 120 acres - Deed Book 9, page 343.

20 JUN 1862 , issued by President Abraham LINCOLN, NE NW & N ½ NE Section 32, Township 65, Range 39; 120 acres - Deed Book 9, page 344.

20 JUN 1862 , issued by President Abraham LINCOLN, N ½ SE & NE SW Section 32, Township 65, Range 39; 120 acres - Deed Book 9, page 345.

20 JUN 1862 , issued by President Abraham LINCOLN, SE NW & S ½ NE Section 32, Township 65, Range 39; 120 acres - Deed Book 9, page 346.

20 JUN 186 2, by President Abraham LINCOLN, W ½ NW & W ½ SW Section 32, Township 65, Range 39; 160 acres - Deed Book 9, page 347. (Combs Researcher Michael Wilson)

MW Notes: These land patents are not listed in the data bank for the BLM. All five are for military service and not cash entry sales. There is no indication that Leslie Combs lived in Atchison County, Missouri. He did have one land transaction with his son Leslie Combs Jr. dated 31 JUL 1873. This property was located NE SW Section 32, Township 65, Range 39. This would have been part of the parcel of land in the second transaction listed above. Again there is no indication that Leslie Combs Jr. ever lived in Atchison County, Missouri.

11 May 1864 (Atchison County Marriages 1863-1869) Thomas Combs married Sarah Jane GREEN (page 3)

29 Sep 1864 (Atchison County Marriages 1863-1869) Andrew Combs married Elizabeth PORTER at the home of William Combs (page 3)

13 Nov 1873 . Atchison Co, MO DB20:133. William and Margaret (also Peggy) Combs to the Township Board of Education for the local school. Lot in NW NE Section 18, Township 64, Range 40).

(Combs Researcher Michael Wilson who adds: This is the third family connected with the Combs in Missouri which has donated land for a school: Jason Combs in Buchanan County, Missouri; and the Crenshaw school in Ray County, Missouri.)

1870 Atchison Co, MO Census

Source: Original images, 1870 Atchison Co, Mo census,

Clark Twp

Rockport PO

p 25; 31 Aug 1870, E. L. Clark

163/163 Combs, Jas 42 MW Farmer 7400 2605 VA
----, Ann 27 FW Keeps House OH
----, Mary H. 10 FW
HIATT, John 15 MW ID

168/168 Combs, John 37 MW Farmer 630 320 KY
----, Polly 36 FW Keeps House MO
----, Nancy 11 FW MO
----. Wm 8 MW NE
----, Elizabeth 6 fw MO
----, Leorinda 4 FW MO
----, Francis 1 MW MO

p. 32; 1 Sep 1870

219/219 Combs Silas, 29, M, W, Farmer KY, RE=$800, PP=$300
----, Lavina, 22, F, W, Keeps House MO
----, Dulcina, 5, F, W MO
----, Jas F, 2, M, W MO
----, Amanda, 1/12, F, W MO

SE Notes: Holt Co, MO, 6 Mar 1863 Silas C COMBS married Lavina WILSON. He was the son of John Combs and Susan JONES of Green Co, KY. Susan remarried Thomas J WHITNEY and they brought their family to Holt Co, MO by 1850 where the census records show William, John, Melissa, James, and Silas Combs in their stepfather's household. Silas' mother Susan WHITNEY is living with him per the 1880 census(but not in 1876). Silas served as a Union soldier in the Civil War per official records (9th Reg’t, MO St Mil Cav Co C). By 1890 he had removed to Richardson Co, NE where he is found on the 1890 Veterans' Census. Silas C Combs died June 21, 1932 in Lincoln, NE and was born May 1, 1841 in Green Co, KY. Silas's sister Melissa Combs and her husband Wade H WHITNEY had previously moved to Richardson Co, NE. Silas, his mother, and several brothers are missing in the 1860 census. After the war, he may have moved to Atchison Co because his uncle William Combs (who married Margaret ROBERTS) was a resident. Silas C Combs applied for a Civil War pension on 5 May 1873. These pension application files are generally very informative as the applicant had to prove his identity, service, and family.

1876 Atchison Co, MO State Census

(Source: Original images, 1876 Missouri State Census,

Township 64

Combs Silas C, age 21 to 45, can read/write, 6 horses, 8 cattle, 20 sheet, 53 hogs
James F, age under 10, also age 6 to 18, and can read/write
Thomas J, age under 10
Levina, age 21 to 45, can read/write
Dulcina, age 10 to 18, can read/write
Malaso, age under 10, also age 6 to 18
Susan J, age under 10

Combs William, age over 45, cannot read/write, 5 horses, 3 cattle, 11 hogs
Margaret, age over 45, cannot read/write
James, age 18 to 21, can read/write

Note: Son of William Combs Sr and Mary “Polly SKAGGS of Green Co, Ky and wife Margaret ROBERTS.

1876 Atchison Co, MO State Census

Andrew J Combs 21 to 45
Sarah 21 to 45
George W 10 to 18
Mary under 10 years

Pollie A Combs 21 to 45
William 10 to 18
Rinda J 10 to 18
Marion under 10 years

William Combs 18 to 21
Martha 18 to 21
Charles under 10

Hayes, John J. C. 21 to 45
Hayes, Margaret 18 to 21
Combs, Lewis 10 to 18
Gilkison, Joseph 18 to 21

Township 65

Lunsford, James over 45
Lunsford, Charithey 21 to 45
Combs, George 10 to 18
Lunsford Benjamin under 10
Wade, William under 10
Wade Rebecca under 10
Lunsford, Isaac under 10
Lunsford, Joseph under 10
Lunsford, Henry under 10

Source: Missouri State Census Collection, 1844-1881 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: Missouri State Censuses. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Submitted by Barbara RIVAS

1880 Atchison Co, MO Census

(Source: Original images, 1880 Atchison Co, Mo census,

Dale Twp


p. 23 June 17 1880

186/188 Combs Silas C, Head, W, M, 39, Head, Constable KY KY KY
Luvina, Wife, W, F, 32, Md, Keeping House, b MO MO MO
Dulcina, Daughter, W F, 15, At Home, Fits, b MO KY MO
James F, Son, W, M, 12, At School MO KY MO
Malissa F, Daughter, W, F, 10, At Home MO KY MO
Susan J, Daughter, W, F, 8, b. MO KY MO
Thos J, Son, W, M, 6 MO KY MO
Silas T, Son, W, M, 4 MO KY MO
Mary L, Daughter, W, F, 2/12 April MO KY MO
WHITNEY Susan, Mother, W, F, 78 KY KY KY

SE Notes: Susannah JONES who married John Combs in Green Co, Ky., and the same found with Thomas J WHITNEY in the 1850 Holt Co, MO census with several (including Silas) Combs children in the household, and the same in the 1870 Holt Co. census. She was only age 38 in 1850; therefore, age has been inconsistent in census records. Silas next found in Richardson Co, NE in the 1890 Veterans Census.

19 Jun 1880 The Atchison County Journal , Rockport, Missouri 19 JUN 1880 (PAGE 2).
Lucy BLEVINS is a student at English Grove School.

1904 Atlas of Atchison County, Missouri, Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 68, Section E, St Joseph Missouri 64505. (page 10)

W. L. Combs-Section 2, Township 64, Range 40; 155 acres
Thomas Combs-Section 18, Township 64, Range 40; 40 acres
J.P. Combs-section 18, Township 64, Range 40; 40 acres
C.H. Combs-Section 17, Township 64, Range 40; 40 acres
(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson)

BECK CEMETERY. Located 4 ½ miles south west of Fairfax - taking J Highway to County Road Z, then County Road Z to County Road W for about ½ mile. Necessary to be "led in" by locals (across a bean field, around a pond, through a cow pasture, etc.) Partially Enumerated by Combs Researcher Michael Wilson)

On top of the small hill stood two very impressive monuments (all adj. unless otherwise noted):
Jacob GLASZGEN, b: 4 JUN 1825, d: 8 FEB 1899.

Drusilla GLASZGEN, b: 10 JUL 1837, d: 1 APR 1918.

MW Note: Drusilla HUFFMAN, wife of Daniel Combs, the son of William Combs of Atchison County, Missouri.

Martha C. WAITS; daughter of Reason & M.J. WAITS; d: 13 FEB 1867, age 2 months, 10 days.

Elizabeth, wife of Joseph WAITS; d: 2 SEP 1868, age 39 years, 3 months. "Gone but not forgotten."

Lucy GILKISON, d: 5 NOV 1871, age 44 years, 2 months and 24 days; husband J. A. GILKISON.

MW Notes: James Armstrong GILKISON is not with this group. Not known where he is buried.

William Combs, b: 24 JAN 1804, d: 28 AUG 1879, age 75 years.

(The next stone is on its face, and would need to be lifted to read the inscription. Possibly his wife, Margaret)

Elsewhere in the cemetery:

"Lucy wife of Daniel BLEVINS, died 16 NOV 1870, age 72 years, 1 month and 5 days."
"Daniel BLEVINS, died 20 APR 1875, 80 years, 9 months and 5 days."

Also in the cemetery: Thomas Combs, his wife Sarah Jane Combs, and his daughter Clara Inez Combs. They are flat on the ground and covered with the tall grass. All three are towards the top of the hill behind Lucy GILKISON. Thomas and Sarah Combs markers are in good condition but Clara Inez Combs stone is in bad condition.

2 Feb 1919 Atchison Co DC #4638-A. Thomas Combs, Clark Twp, d. 2 Feb 1919, age 78y, 1mo, 22 days, Male, White, Wid., born 10 Dec 1840 Ray Co, Mo., Retired Farmer; Cause: Cerebral Hemorage; Father: Wm Combs Ky; Mother: Margaret ROBERTS Ky; Informant: Charles H Combs, Tarkio, Mo. Burial: Beck Cemetery 3 Feb. 1919.

(Source: abs. by SE from Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1957, Missouri State Archives, original images.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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