Holt County was est. in 1841 from non-county area and encompassed the northwestern corner of Missouri until 1843 when Allen County was est. Richardson Co, NE lies to its west, Doniphan Co, KS to the south, Atchison Co, MO to the north, Nodaway Co, MO to the northeast, and Andrew Co, MO to the east.

1850 Holt Co, MO Census

38th District

pages 081 a & b, 29 Aug 1850

140/140 Thomas WHITNEY 31 M TN Farmer $500
Susan 38 F KY
William Combs 22 M KY
Melisa ” 17 F KY
John ” 14 M KY Attended School
James Combs 12 M KY
Silas ” 10 M KY
Thomas I. WHITNEY 5 M MO

(transcribed by Combs Researcher C. H ammett from copy of original provided by Holt Co, MO GenWeb, Image 0081a and Image 0081b) SE Note: A review of the original shows Susan's age was 38 instead of 28. In 1870 she was age 59 and age 78 in 1880.

DNA Alert: DNA tests show this Combs line to match the genetic profile of Archdale Combs (1640?-1684?). John Combs of Green County, Kentucky, who married Susan JONES was the son of William Combs who married Mary “Polly” SKAGGS, d/o of Henry SKAGGS Sr. See Green Co, KY. for more information on this William Combs Sr and Mary SKAGGS.

SE Notes: Susanna JONES married John Combs 20 Dec 1827, Green Co, KY. The Sept 24 1920 Holt Co, Mo., DC of John J Combs states he was born in Green Co, Ky., and that his parents were John Combs and Susan JONES, both born in Kentucky. John Combs' 1830 Green Co, Ky census record shows 2 young males. Susan remarried to Thomas WHITNEY and they apparently had at least one child together. Susan and Thomas have not been located in 1860 but Susan WHITNEY, age 59, is found in the 1870 Atchison Co, MO census living in the household of one Solomon COUCH and wife Mary, relationship unknown. Son Silas Combs and his wife Lavina WILSON (married 6 March 1863) are also in Atchison Co by 1870 where Silas Combs' uncle William Combs who married Margaret ROBERTS resided. In 1880, Susan WHITNEY, age 78 [probably overstated] is listed as Mother and living with Silas and Lavina. Silas C Combs served as a Union soldier in the Civil War (9th Reg’t, MO St Mil Cav Co C) and is found in the 1890 Veterans' Census in Richardson Co, NE, where his sister Malissa Combs and her husband Wade H WHITNEY had removed by 1856. Silas C Combs applied for a Civil War pension on 5 May 1873.

The following information about this family per a newspaper extraction taken from Eileen Derr's book, Going Home: “John J. Combs came to MO from KY when a small boy with his step-father, Jim [sic] WHITNEY, and a male negro slave. They settled in the locality 4 3/4 miles south of Craig, known for many years as Rush Bottoms. When John J grew up he built a story and a half log cabin, heated with a large fireplace. It was to this house he brought his wives and where raised his twelve children.” (Cl. info). Above submitted by Denise Parker who adds: The statement about John J. with his wives and raising his twelve children is true. John J. married Dulcenia Brenigar (1st wife), had 3 children (Susan, Mary & Cordelia M.), and then Dulcenia died (some kind of illness is what I was told by living family). John J. then married Louisa HARRISON, and had 10 more children with her (in order: Dulcenia, William H., Blair Burl, Fannie Lee, John Jefferson Jr., George Washington, Cora Bernice, Weaver, Omer Philip (my g grandfather), and Silas Christopher (also known as Silias C. or "“Shorty”").

Additional Notes: Both Thomas and Wade H. Whitney (who married Melissa Combs see below) are on 1856 Richardson Co, NE Census. Richardson Co, NE is just across the Missouri River from Holt Co, MO. It is not known when Thomas died. RE: Whitney Missouri Land Records: One Thomas J Whitney obtained land patent in Howard Co in 1841 and a Wade H Whitney did same as early as 1828 in Howard Co. Then there are 2 BLM land warrants issued to Susan Whitney, widow of Wade H Whitney wherein he is listed as being a private in Capt. West's Tenn Militia in the War of 1812. One patent (Barton County) issued on 7/10/1858 to Susan WHITNEY, widow, who has assigned it to George W Mitchell who then assigned to Thomas and Elliott Mathews. The second one (Stone Co) issued to Susan WHITNEY was dated 6/1/1859. Official War of 1812 records show Wade (Corpora0 and Aaron WHITNEY (private) as being in Roulston's 3rd Regiment of the West Tennessee Militia. As for Melissa Combs WHITNEY, she must have died because Wade married Mariah Boyd on 3/24/1863 in Richardson Co, NE. These WHITNEYS appear to be related to Thomas J WHITNEY.

25 Sep 1853 Holt Co., MO. Melissa Combs married Wade H. WHITNEY

(Extracted from MISSOURI PIONEERS, Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume1 of MARRIAGE RECORDS OF MISSOURI by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

Notes: Wade H. and Melissa Combs Whitney are on the 1860 Richardson Co, NE Census. Relationship of Wade H. to Thomas WHITNEY remains unknown.

1854 - 1855 George R. Combs Plattsburg Land office.
T61NR37WS9SE¼SW¼ 40 acres

Holt Co, MO Land Patent. Vol 11:355. (Combs Land of Missouri)

12 Jun 1856 William B Combs and Mary KAY

Holt Co, MO Marriages, 1853-1860. (Combs Researcher Cheri Astrahan)

11 Nov 1859 Holt Co. James Combs married Eliza J. BRIDGMAN

(Extracted from MISSOURI PIONEERS, Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume1 of MARRIAGE RECORDS OF MISSOURI by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

1860 Holt Co, MO Census

(Source: Original images, 1860 Holt Co, Mo census, Ancestry.com)

Dallas Twp

Rush Bottom PO

p. 134, July 13 1860

978/978 James Combs, 20, M, Farmer, PP=$200 KY
Eliza J Combs, 15, F MO

Notes: On 11 Nov 1859 Holt Co. James Combs married Eliza J. BRIDGMAN. This James may have been James, s/o of John and Susan.

26 Feb 1863 J. J. COMBS and Dreicena BRINEGAR

Holt Co, MO Marriages, 1860-1880. (Combs Researcher Cheri Astrakhan)

6 Mar 1863 Silas C COMBS and Lavina WILSON


1870 Holt Co, MO Census

(Source: Original images, 1870 Holt Co, Mo census, Ancestry.com)

Union Twp

North Point PO

p.4, Aug 16, 1870

21/21 CRANSTIN Henry 33, M, W, Farmer, RE=$5000, PP=$2500 MO
Serilda, 32, F, W, Keepinghouse IL
Nancy J, 4, F, W MO
Margaret A, 3, F, W. b. MO
Henrietta, 3/23 (b May), F, W MO
Combs John R, 13, M, W MO

Notes: Identity unknown.

Clay Twp

North Point PO

p. 9/118 July 16 1870

59/56 Combs, James W, 37, M, W, PP=$800 IN
Martha, 39, F, W, Keeping House PA
James, 13, M, W IL
Elizabeth, 11, F, W IL
Sarah, 4, F, W MO

Notes: Identity unknown.

Benton Twp

North Point

p. 19/94, 7 July 1870

135/128 COUCH Solomon 27, M, W, Laborer MO
Mary, 21, F, W, Keeping House MO
John W, 2, M, W MO
Cora E, 1, F, W MO
WHITNEY, Susan, 59, F, W KY
NASH, Will, 23, M, W, Laborer MO, PP=$200
COUCH Frank, 22, M, W, Laborer MO, PP=$150

SE Notes: Susan JONES Combs WHITNEY next found in 1880 Atchison Co, MO census with son Silas C Combs. Susan nor her husband Thomas J WHITNEY found in 1860.

p. 30, Aug 11 1870

227/219 Combs John 49, M, W, Day Laborer, RE=$200, PP=$200 MO
Dulcina 47, F, W, Keeping House MO
Cordelia 5, F, W MO
Mary 1, F, W MO

SE Notes: John J Combs, s/o of John Combs and Susan JONES; J J Combs Married 26 Feb 1863 Dreicena [Dulcina] BRINEGAR. John's brother Silas named a daughter Dulcina.

23 Sep 1874 Corning, Holt Co, MO. “Minnie Jane COMBS was born September 23, 1874 in Corning, Holt Co, MO to Monroe Jackson COMBS and Julie ROBERTS Combs. Monroe J. COMBS' parents were Jefferson Lee COMBS and Jane SWAN Combs…”

Notes: Monroe COMBS is in the 1860 Nemaha Co, NE and 1850 Bureau Co, IL Census Households of his parents. Jefferson Lee COMBS was the s/o John and Jean JACKSON Combs and gs/of John & Sarah MABRY Combs, and he and wife are on the 1900 Harlan Co, NE census.

18 Dec 1874 John J. Combs and Louisa E HARRISON


1876 Holt Co, MO Special Census

WB Combs, 21-45
Barr 21-45
Lyddia 11
Samuel 9
Jacob 6
Ella M. 2-3yrs
John under 10

(Combs Researcher Lisa Combs Rainwater)

LCR Notes: The children listed in this household, Lyddia, Samuel, Jacob and Ella are all the children of Norton Davis and Larinda RANDAL Combs (d/o Samuel RANDAL of KY). John, age 10, has not been identified, nor the relationship between Norton Davis and I have not found Norton or Larinda until the 1880 Holt county census (See Next)

JS Combs 21-45
Eliza F 21-45
John M 10-18
Martha B10-18
Silas M under 10

William W Combs 21-45
Marvinda 21-45
Lula Helso 21-45

Township 62

T J WHITNEY, age 21 to 45, can read/write [very light page]
Martha J, age 21 to 45, can read/write
C? L, under 10
Wm, under 10
Wade, under 10

Note: Probably the son of Susan JONES Combs WHITNEY and Thomas J WHITNEY.

(Source: Original images, Missouri 1876 State Census, Ancestry.com]

A J Combs 21 to 45?
Louisa ?
Cordelia 10 to 18?
Mary under 10
Dulcena under 10

Annie Coombs
Bayra Coombs
Eliza Coombs
Ella M Coombs
Jacob Coombs
John Coombs
John Coombs
Jos G Coombs
Lydia Coombs
Marinda Coombs
Martha B Coombs

Saml Coombs
Silas Coombs
W B Coombs
Wm S Coombs

Source: Ancestry.com. Missouri State Census Collection, 1844-1881 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: Missouri State Censuses. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Submitted by Barbara RIVAS

1880 Holt Co, MO Census



p. 30B

William COMBS Self M m W 33 IL Clerk In Lumber Yard TN TN
Marion L. Son S m W 3 MO IL MO
Orta J. Son S m W 9M MO IL MO
Marinda Wife M f W 22 MO Keeping House PA MO

Why is Marinda “out of order”, significant or not?

Next Household

Cornelius HOBLITZELL Self M Male W 39 MO Lumber Merchant MD OH
Amanda M. Wife M Female W 37 IL Keeping House TN TN
Winnie V. Dau S Female W 11 MO At Home MO IL

Annie COMBS SisterL S Female W 17 NE House Work TN TN

Note: Amanda Combs, d/o of Jefferson Lee Combs and Jane G SWAN, married 19 Mar 1861 Cornelius HOBLITZELL in Peru, Nemaha Co. She was b. 14 Nov 1842, Bureau Co, IL, and d 27 Apr 1931 in Nodaway Co, MO, where she is buried in the Skidmore Cemetery ((Source: The Swiss Family Hoblitzell, Betty Mumford Wills, Nov. 2007, and the Dorland Enigma Solved - a Revision of the Dorland Genealogy, compiled by Barbara A. Barth, 2007. Eliz. Dorland was the mother of Cornelius). Record of marriage not yet located to confirm date listed in above source. Amanda appears to be the same as Martha who is found with parents in 1860 in Nemaha Co, NE and in 1850 in Bureau Co, IL. Information about Amanda courtesy of descendant Cornelia Montgomery. Annie appears to be a possible sister to Amanda, having been born after 1860.


p. 49B

John J. COMBS Self M m W 43 KY Farmer VA KY
Louisa Wife M f W 23 VA Keeping House VA VA
Cordelia M. Dau S f W 14 MO At School KY VA
Mary Other S f W 10 MO At School KY VA
Elsemia Other S f W 4 MO KY VA
William H. Other S m W 2 MO KY VA

Note: See marriage (above), 18 Dec 1874 John J. Combs and Louisa E HARRISON. Must be second (or third?) marriage of John J Combs; is Mary daughter of Louisa from a previous marriage?

Benton township

p. 82B

Norton COMBS Self M m W 37 KY Farmer KY IL
Lorinda Wife M f W 33 KY Keeping House KY KY
Lyddia Dau S f W 15 MO At Home KY KY
Samuel Son S m W 13 --- At Home MO KY
Jacob Son S m W 10 MO At Home KY KY
Ella Dau S f W 6 MO KY KY

(Combs Researcher Lisa Combs Rainwater)

LCR Notes: By 1900, Norton, Larinda, and Jacob were all living in the Jackson County MO area. Norton and Larinda lived in the same household of Samuel. Between 1900-1910, Samuel died, and so did his son Jacob. In 1927, Larinda died in OK, in what we believe may have been the household of her grandson.
(See also Linda's homepage at: http://members.aol.com/nrainh20/index.html)

Notes:See 1850 Estill Co, KY Census and Davis Combs, b ca 1842, s/o Cuthbert and Lydia DAVIS Combs, Sr.

Mound City

p. 93B

John COMBS Self M m W 43 IN Carpenter KY OH
Emma Wife M f W 44 IL Keeps House OH IN
William Son S m W 18 NE Farmhand IN IL
Flora Dau S f W 13 MO At Home IN IL
Rosa Dau S f W 10 MO At Home IN IL
Charles Son S m W 8 MO IN IL
Francis Dau S f W 7 MO IN IL
Opha Dau S f W 5 IA IN IL

24 Sept. 1920 DC#29118 Holt Co.
John J Combs, died 24 Sept 1920, Holt Co, MO., a resident for 53 years. He was age 83y, 11mos, 9 days, Male, White, Married;
Born: Green Co, Ky.;
husband of Louise Combs.
Cause: Arterio Sclerosis
contributory: Shock from fall on floor while putting on pants.
Father: John Combs, born Ky
Mother: Susan JONES, born Ky.
Informant: Louisa E Combs
Buried: New Liberty Cem, 26 Sept 1920

(Source: abs. by SE from Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1957, Missouri State Archives, original images)

Miscellaneous Cemetery Inscriptions, Newspaper Extractions, Etc.

Extracted by Combs Researcher Berta Lee McDonald from Gone Home by Eileen Derr:

Alma Stoner Combs - 1899-27 w of Silas Combs - Mt. Hope Corning

George William Combs - d 1895 aged 40y 2mo 24d - Oregon

Bessie Cooksey Combs - b Bedford [Taylor Co] IA Nov 20 1865 -Jan 26 1943 - dau of David and Mary Cooksey, w of Geo. Wm Combs (HCMP)- Oregon
“As a wife, devoted As a Mother affectionate As a friend, ever tried and true.”
(A picture of a child and a Woman. Caption: Bessie Cooksey Combs and son Neal")

Mary J Combs - d Oct 3 1867 age 2y 4mo 12d - dau of J.S. & E.J. Combs - Canton

Ralph E. Combs - Oct 22 1892 Feb. 13, 1895 - son of J.F.& H.C. Combs - Tarkio Chapel

Della May Combs - d May 1903 aged 3y 5m of whooping cough - day of M.N. Combs -Tarkio Chapel

Infant son of Mrms M.N. Combs of d Apr 20 - hus Dulcenia Binegar: hus of Louisa Harrison - New Liberty

Note: “John J. Combs came to MO from KY when a small boy with his step-father, Jim [sic] WHITNEY, and a male negro slave. They settled in the locality 4 3/4 miles south of Craig, known for many years as Rush Bottoms. When John J grew up he built a story and a half log cabin, heated with a large fireplace. It was to this house he brought his wives and where raised his twelve children.” (Cl. info)

Combs Ed Note: See 1850 Holt Co, MO household of Thomas WHITNEY. If the above statement is true and in reference to Thomas WHITNEY and step-son, John Combs of 1850, then John J.'s mother apparently remarried in KY, and his father may have died in Green Co, KY rather MO.

Louisa Harrison Combs - Apr 11, 1857-Jun 8 1922 w of John J Combs mother of his 10 children - New Liberty

Miss Mary Combs - Oct 1 1879 - Mar 16 1900 dau of John J & Dulcenia Brinegar Combs (HCMP) New Liberty

William Combs - d Oct 23 1892 (no age given)

Weaver Combs - d July 28, 1892 son of John J. & Louisa Harrison Combs (no age given)- New Liberty

Blair Burl Combs - Sept 25 1880 - Sept 19 1950 - son of John J & Louisa Harrison Combs - hus of Esther Cunningham (HCMP) - Craig

James Combs - Oct 14 1864 - 1941 son of Mrms Jack Combs, hus of Ida Johnson, hus of Ada Lovell (HCMC) Mt. Hope M.C.

Estella Asada “Ada” Lovell Combs - Sept 11 1876 - Aug 14 1907 - dau of Jacob & Mary Jane Lovell, w of James Combs (HCMP) - Mt. Hope M.C.

James Harrison “Harry” Combs - Apr 28 1906 - Oct. 1950 - son of James & Ada Lovell Combs (HCMP) - Mt. Hope M.C.

Mrs. Jane G Combs, mother of William Fletcher COMBS and Mrs. A. M. HOBBITZELL of Craig [Holt Co] MO. was born in Knox Co TN & died Jan 7 1879 aged 58y (Craig Enterprise - Jan 1879)

Note: The above reference appears to be to Jane G. SWAN, w/o Jefferson Lee COMBS. See 1850 Bureau Co, IL census notes and 1860 Nemaha Co, NE Census. It is “possible” that Mrs. A. M. HOBBITZELL was Amanda Martha (not researched yet).

Silas Christopher “Shorty” Combs - May 6 1896 - July 20 1978 - Son of John J & Louise Harrison Combs, hus of Alma Stoner, hus of Grace Morris bur. Graham [Holt Co] MO (HCMP)

The infant son of Silas Combs d Apr 17 1917 (F.R.) - New Liberty

George Washington Combs - May 20, 1865 - Aug 23 1927 (HCMP) - Mt. Hope M.C.

Elmer Burl Combs - d Nov 3 1962 aged 76y son of James & Ida Johnson Combs bur Wadsworth [Leavenworth] KS (HCMP)

John William Combs - Native of Bigelow [Holt Co] MO d Levenworth [Leavenworth], KS hospital Aug 1976 aged 66y (HCMP)

Miss Combs died at her home near Forest City [Holt Co] MO Monday and was bur Tuesday (People's Advocate - Dec 31 1887)

Arche Granville Combs - Nov 24 1909 d Holt Co MO May 10 1950 - son of Walter and Addie Powers Combs, hus of Pearl Combs, services at Maryville [Nodaway Co], MO (F.R.)

Charles Combs a young lad of 15y living near Mound City [Holt Co] MO d Feb 24 1887 (HCMP)

Mrs Charles Combs, sister of S.F. & Ward Proud d at Fairfax [Atchison Co] MO Feb 6 1912 aged 41y (HCMP)

Jacob Combs d at Kansas City [Clay/Jackson Cos] MO Jan 23 1906 aged 35y son of Davie Combs hus of Carrie Perkins (HCMP)

John Combs at San Diego, CA Sept 6 1923 aged 69y (ydr)

John Combs d Blue Springs, KS Mar 6 1921 aged 67 y (ydr)

John Combs b IN d Mar 12 1884 aged 48y [b ca 1836] (Co Court Rec)

Note: According to Combs &c. Researcher Larry Combs this is the brother of James Wilson Combs (b. 11/3/1833 in Clark County, IN) based on the following information;

“Mr. J. W. Combs received a telegram yesterday to the effect that his only brother, J. M. Combs, died yesterday morning at Mound City, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Combs took the 4:00 train for Mound City last evening. The deceased was well know to many of our citizens, having resided here from 1871 to 1877. He had been seriously ill for nearly two years prior to his death.”

(Taylor County, Iowa Newspaper 13 March, 1884)

Also Note: He found confirmation of that in a book Going Home, by Eileen Derr, which is a directory of the deceased and other things about Holt County, Missouri, the county where Mound City is located.

Hettue Catherine Hines (Combs) Morris - b Waveland [Montgomery Co] IN July 30 1874 - Jan 1928-dau of Geo P & Mary G Hines w of J.F. Combs w of J.D. Morris bur Falls City [Richardson Co] NE (HCMP)

James Combs of Rulo [Richardson Co] NE lost his 12 y old son last week. The boy took a revolver from a bureau drawer. It accidentally discharged and the ball hit the cartilage of his nose, entering his brain killing him instantly (Willow Slough Item - M. C. News Jan 11 1890)

Miss Bess Combs former Holt Co MO Presbyterian pastor d July 19 1978 aged 90 bur St. Joseph [Buchanan Co] MO (HCMP)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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