Ozark County was established in 1841 from Taney (its name was changed in 1843 to Decatur, then back to Ozark in 1845). Descendant Counties: 1857, Douglas (from Ozark and Taney); and 1857, Howell (from Ozark and Oregon).

1850 Ozark Co, MO Census

(no Combs by surname)

#28 HICKS Robert 46 KY
Catherine [SWEETEN] 36 KY
Jane 19 IN
John 17 IN
Arthur M 16 IN
Wm 13 IN
Elizabeth E 14 IN
John H 12 IN
Isaac W 9 MO
Julina 5 MO
Mary 3 MO
Mahaly 1 MO

#29 HICKS William r 24 IN
Rutha 21 KY
Margaret E 2 MO
Samantha A 5/12 MO

#31 FLEETWOOD Isaac 40 VA
Winney [INGRAM] 22 IN
Martha F 13 IN
DAVIS Rebecca 9 MO
Hiram P 23 KY

#3 HICKS James 44 KY
Rebecca [RILEY] 35 VA
Richard R 15 KY
Elvi (f) 13 IN
Franky (f) 11 MO
Darcus 9 MO
Jeremiah 5 MO
Leanna 3 MO
Isaac 2 MO
Robert 20 IN
Ellen 16 MO

(Combs Researcher Gloria B. Carter)

Notes: Robert and James HICKS were s/o Winnifred Combs by her second husband, Robert HICKS, Sr. See the 1898 Dickey Diary Interview of John S. Combs, s/o Jeremiah C. "Chunky" Combs and Synthia SUMNER (the latter the d/o Winnifred Combs by her first husband, Samuel SUMNER) wherein he states: "Two of my uncles HICKS lived on the Ozark Mts in the edge of Arkansas, when I was there" (He and his mother were on a trip to Salt Creek, Monroe Co, IN to visit his grandmother, Winnifred who later d in Wright Co, MO). Also note that Robert HICKS was earlier in Ray Co, MO (1840 census). For more about Robert HICKS, Sr. and his descendants, see Pat Orton's House of Hicks.

1860-1880 (not checked)

3/19/1899 Ozark Co, MO Marriages. Combs: James md. Miss Carrie CHRISMAN both of Ozark Co., MO

(Combs Researcher Barbara S. Mathews)

1900 Ozark County, MO Census

63/63 Combs, Lorenzo 42 Mar 1858 IN IN IN m 14 years
Sarah 39 Dec 1860 OH OH Wales
Mary M. 13 Nov 1886 MO IN OH
Susan 10 Nov 1889 MO IN OH
Ben H. 7 sep 1892 MO IN OH
Rachel 6 Apr 1894 MO IN OH
Hiram N. 4 Feb 1896 MO IN OH

86/86 Combs, George 47 Feb 1853 IN KY NC m 26 years
Mary 45 Nov 1854 KY KY ENG
Winney 19 Apr 1891 TX IN KY
Evva 15 Oct 1885 MO IN KY
Bony? 13 Mar 1887 MO IN KY
Oliver 12 Feb 1888 MO IN KY
Earnest 4 Aug 1895 MO IN KY

87/87 Combs, William 80 Oct 1819 OH? NY? OH? h/h m 28 years
Cumber?, Angeline 67 Nov 1832 OH OH VA (WIFE) 8/7 children

(Combs Researcher Barbara Mathews)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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