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Lancaster County, an original county, was formed in 1856. The county seat is Lincoln.

See Linda Berney's Family Report on Michael and Job Combs. All info given below about Michael and Job Combs, if not otherwise sourced, is contained in the family report written by Linda Berney. Michael and Job can be found in the 1860 Monroe Co., IA census.

About 1867 - Nebraska became a state, and Michael Combs is listed as a minister performing early ceremonies in the state.

(The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record Vol IX found online at NEGenWeb)

Dec 1867, Job Combs files for divorce from Olive Combs in Lancaster County, Nebraska

(Vital Records from Nebraska State Journal page 1, found at Nebraska State Historical Society)

Combs vs Combs Div. Job Combs of Lan Co. Nebr. Plaintiff vs Olive Combs of Iowa, defendant. Petition filed Nov 23, 1867 in District Ct. Lan Co. Nebr to be answered on or before Dec 16, 1867.

Job Combs and wife Olive McNEIL are found in the 1860 Monroe Co., IA census. She appears to have been a second wife.

2 May 1868 - Job Combs died (obit by brother Michael Combs in The Christian Record, Vol II - No. 8, August 1868, pages 223-224)

…I have the mournful intelligence to communicate of the death of my dear and only brother, Job Combs, aged sixty-six years, four months, and two days. Departed this life May 2d, 1868…

Jan 1869 - Michael Combs helps start church in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

(Lincoln the Capital City and Lancaster County by Andrew J. Sawyer, 1916, Vol 1, page 261, found at the Nebraska State Historical Society)

On January 24, 1869, D. R. DUNGAN, chaplain of the Legislature, held services in Lincoln in the interests of the Christian denomination He found here about twenty-seven persons who had formerly been members of the Christian Church and on the 24th of January of that year they were legally organized. Michael Combs and Joseph ROBINSON were the first elders of the society …

24 Feb 1870 FRANCE, Richard H., age 21 and Combs, Mary I., age 16

Source: USGenWeb Project Lancaster Co, NE Early Marriages

Feb 1870 - Michael Combs performed wedding of his grand-daughter

(Nebraska & Midwest Genealogical Record Vol 10, part 1, Jan 1932, Nebraska Marriage Records -Lancaster Co. page 14-18 found online on NEGenWeb)

Feb. 24, 1870 (Feb 23). Richard H. FRANCE of Lancaster co, age 21, born in Shrewsberry, England, son of Richard S. and Anna (JONES) FRANCE, married Mary J. Combs of Lancaster Co, age 16, born at Terre Haute, Ind, daughter of A. C. and Francis J. (Eddy) Combs, by Michael Combs at the home of A. C. Combs.

LB Note: I believe A. C. is probably Michael's son Alexander, who was listed on the Clay Co., IN 1850 census with the family.

1870 Lancaster Co, NE Census


Lincoln PO

p. 127; 29 Sept. 1870

242/274 McCONIGA, S. 42 M W Register US Land O MO RE=$26,000 PP=$2200
J. P? 37 F W Keeping House MO
James 15 M W MO
Ida 11 F W MO
Harry 4 M W NE
Combs, Mary 25 or 28 F W Domestic Servant MO
DRINKWATER, Sarah 19 F W Domestic Servant MO
Combs, Mary 7/12 F W NE

No Twp

Lincoln PO

p. 180 24 August 1870

862/862 Combs, Wilson 34 M W Farmer OH RE=$1400 PP=$650
Sarah 29 F W K House OH
Eugene 12 M W IL
Stella 7 F W IL
STREET, Henry 22 M W Farmer IL RE=$500 PP=$600

Notes: Wilson H. Combs, s/o of John Milton Combs and Mary DAVIS of Highland Co, OH and Knox Co, IL. Married Sarah Ellen McGREW 1-08-1857 Knox Co IL. Interesting that Wilson relocated briefly to Lancaster Co. where brothers Michael and Job Combs of TN and IN were living.

p. 184 30 Sept. 1870

917/917 SHAW, Warren 38 M W Farmer Canada PP=$2052
Lydia 36 F W K House OH
Orin 14 M W Works on farm IN
Samuel 11 M W At School IA
STREET, Sidney 26 M W Brick Maker IA

Notes: The above household of Warren SHAW included because they had STREET living in their household (as did Wilson Combs) and they were also living next door to William Combs. Not known if there was a relationship between these two Combs.

918/918 Combs, William 40 M W Farmer IN RE=$1200 PP=$3000
Cordella 33 F W K House OH
Jenny Lind 6 F W IA
JACK, Louisa 14 F W OH
GRAY, VanBuren 25 M W Carpenter VA RE=$2500 PP=$250 VA

4 March 1872 - Michael Combs died. (The Christian Record, April 1872, page 190-191)

LB Note: “We have just received a copy of the Daily State Journal, of Lincoln, Nebraska, of March 8, in which we have a full account of the death of Eld. MICHAEL COMBS, one of Indiana's pioneer preachers. From this we learn that Eld. COMBS died on the 4th day of March, 1872, at 7:30 P. M., in the 73d year of his age.”

1890 Lancaster Co, NE Veteran's Census

(Source: Original 1890 veteran's census images,, abs by SE)

Little Salt

ED 135

76/78 Milton Combs [no other information stated]

Cemetery Records:

Yankee Hill Cemetery Record of Burials (May 2005) provided by the Yankee Hill Cemetery Association.
Yankee Hill Cemetery is one of the oldest, if not the oldest cemetery in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. It is located at 1100 West Pioneers Blvd. Source: USGen Web Project Lancaster Co., NE Cemeteries)

Section 4* Lot 36 Space 7

CHARLES, Eva C. Littleton Combs, b. Feb. 15, 1880, d.May 1, 1909, age 29 years
(buried next to Arthur Jay CHARLES)

Section 1*, Lot 54, Space 4

McCALL, Ninna L. Combs, b. Jan. 31, 1865, d. May 31, 1952, age 87 years
(buried next to William F. McCALL)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives