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Lincoln County previously known as Shorter County, was formed in 1860 from unorganized territory. It was named after President Abraham Lincoln, and the name changed was approved on 11 Dec. 1861. North Platte is the county seat.

1900 Lincoln Co, NE Census

Whittier Precinct

p. 222, Sheet 6, ED 148 19 June 1900

89/101 Combs Judson Head W M 38 Nov. 1861 Md. 19 yrs IL OH OH Farmer
Emma Wife W F 37 Oct. 1862 Md. 19 yrs 6ch/6 living IL IL IL
Edelburt Son W M 18 May 1882 Single NE IL IL At School Farm laborer
Lona Dau W F 16 Mar 1884 Single NE IL IL At School
Saml Son W M 14 Jan 1886 Single NE IL IL At School Farm laborer
Ethel Dau W F 11 Sept. 1888 Single NE IL IL At School
Talmage Son W M 4 c/r 1896 Single NE IL IL
Bertha Dau W F 1 Jan. 1899 Single NE IL IL

Myrtle Precinct

p. 245 1 June 1900 ED 151 Sheet 1

6/6 Combs Wilson H. Head W M 63 Aug. 1836 Md 42 yrs OH VA VA Farmer
Sarah E Wife W F 59 Nov. 1840 Md 42 yrs 3ch/3 living OH VA OH

6/7 NEALE Oscar H. Head W M 26 Dec 1873 Md 1 yr OH MD NJ Principal of High School
Cora D Wife W F 24 Mar 1876 Md 1 yr 1ch/1 living NE OH OH
Glenwood V Son W M 1 Apr 1879 Single NE OH NE

Notes: Wilson H. Combs married Sarah Ellen McGREW on 1-08-1857 in Knox Co, IL. He was the s/o of John Milton Combs and Mary DAVIS of Highland Co, OH and Knox Co, IL. In 1870 Wilson was in Lancaster Co, NE. In 1880 W. H. Combs wife and family (son Eugene daughters Stella and Cora and brother N. D. Combs age 47) are found in Nemaha Co, NE. Wilson and wife Sarah still alive in 1910 in Lincoln Co. (not yet abstracted).

p. 246 6 June 1900 ED 151 Sheet 2

27/28 Combs, John L. Head W M 37 June 1862 Single IL OH OH


North Platte Cemetery North Platte
Founded: 1874 Sec 29 Twp 14 Rng 30 Hinman Precinct
Directions: 800 Rodeo Road. From North Platte West on Rodeo Road

Combs, A C b. Aug. 17 1870 d. Aug. 9 1959

Combs, Archie V. b. May 2 1901 d. Jan. 30 1992

Combs, Beama B. b. Apr. 12 1901 d. Jun. 2 1964

Combs, Clydia G. b. Aug. 9 1879 d. Jul. 15 1961

Combs, Glen A b. Oct. 17 1906 d. Mar. 3 1942

(Source: Abstracted from

Fort McPherson National Cemetery Maxwell

Combes, Harold Smith 07/06/1907 d. 07/03/1967 US Army TEC5 Plot: G 0 129 bur. 07/10/1967

Coomes, Harry R d. 09/26/1943 Plot: F 0 1177 bur. 05/24/1949

(Source: USGenweb Lincoln Co, NE Cemetery Burials)

World War I Draft Lists

(Source: Lists from newspaper articles USGenweb Lincoln Co, NE)

1314 - Howard B. Combs Payne Tuesday July 31 1917 North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune Examining Board will Issue Summon

Notes: One Howard B. Combs (age 25) was listed as son of Eugene M. Combs (age 61) in the 1920 Payne Lincoln Co, NE census. Eugene M Combs was the s/o of Wilson H. Combs and Sarah McGREW per census records and therefore a grandson of John Milton Combs and Mary DAVIS.

Howard B. Combs Bignell
August 14 1917 North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune List of those not filing exemption claims

Howard Combs
September 18 1917 North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune County Men Exempted by the District Board.

Howard B. Combs
January 29 1918 North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune Summon Registrants for Physical Examination

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