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Hardin County

1840 Hardin Co, OH Census

(Original census images, Ancestry.com)

Pleasant Twp

p. 100, line 5

Jonas Combs
2 m (<5); 2 m (5<10); 1 m (10<15); 1 m(30<40)
1 f (<5); 1 f (30<40)

Note: This Jonas Combs (b c1800-1805) believed to be the same as who married Peggy KOONS in Lawrence Co, OH. If so, he obtained land in Lawrence on July 10, 1834. The ancestry of Jonas isn't determined but he appears to have been born in what is now West Virginia (see 1880 census records for both Jonas and his sons). In 1850 and 1870 Jonas states he was born in Virginia but is more definite in 1880 by stating WVA. In 1860, he states Ky. which may indicate some time in Ky. or some connections. Jonas Combs is a name found in Hampshire Co. (now WVA). Also helpful may be the clue that he states in 1880 that his father was born in New Jersey and his mother was born in Ireland.

1850 Hardin Co, OH Census

(Original census images, Ancestry.com)

Pleasant Twp

p. 119/235, July 11, 1850

197/197 Jonas Combs 47 mw Farmer, RE=$4000 VA
Peggy 41 fw OH
John 20 mw Farmer OH
George K, 18 mw Farmer OH
Jas M, 16 mw Farmer OH, Far
Catharine 14 fw OH
Wm H Harrison 12 mw OH
Saul S (or D) 10 mw OH
Nancy A, 5 fw OH
Thos 1 mw OH

Note: By 1860, sons John and William are gone, son George K is married and living in Logan Co, OH. George was in Wayne Co, IA by 1870. His biography states he was born in Ohio in 1831. Could the initial “K” stand for Koons?

1860 Hardin Co, OH Census

(Original census images, Ancestry.com)

Pleasant Twp

Kenton PO

p. 444/51, July 23, 1870

390/382 J Combs 60, m, Farmer, RE=$4000, PP=300 KY
Margaret 55, f OH
Daniel 15, m OH
Thomas 11, m OH

Note: No Daniel is shown in Jonas' 1850 census. Perhaps he is the same as Saul A (or D).

397/389 E CORY 38, f, Seamstress, RE=$700, PP=$75 VA
Alenson 19, m, Farmer OH
Benj 17, m, Farmer OH

397/No. 7 N Combs 15, f OH
J CORY 15, m, Farmer OH
Naomi 13, f OH
John 11, m OH
Harriet 8, f OH

Note: N Combs appeared to be living in the E CORY household but her family number was listed as No. 7. Could she be the Nancy A Combs in Jonas' 1860 census record, and is she the same Nancy who married in 1866 and is shown as Nancy A SHINGLE in 1870?

1866 Marriage: Henry M. Shingle to Nancy Combs 17 July 1866

(Source: Miscellaneous Hardin County, Ohio Marriages From County Records)

1870 Hardin Co, OH Census

(Original census images, Ancestry.com)

Macdonald Twp

Yelverton PO

p. 464, June 27, 1870

128/128 Combs James M 22 mw Day laborer OH
Orilda 33 fw Keeping House OH
DIXON Ann E 10 fw At Home OH
Mary C 8 fw At Home OH

Note: Couple next found in 1880 Allen Co, OH. In 1900, he is styled as Milton Combs. One Milton Combs served with the Ohio 153rd Regiment (Co H)in the Civil War.

Kenton-Pleasant Twp

PO Kenton

p. 472/9, July 6, 1870

68/64 SHINGLE, Henry M 29 mw [c/r name] Grocer, RE=$3000, PP=$3000 PA
Nancy A 26 fw Keeps House OH
Bertie M 6/12 mos fw OH
GARWOOD Nancy 17 fw domestic servant OH
GIPSON Guy 20 mw clerk in grocery OH

(Original census images, Heritage Quest)

Note: Appears to be Nancy, d/o of Jonas Combs and Peggy KOONS. Couple found in 1880 and 1900 census records.

p. 485/36, July 13, 1870

264/259 Combs Jonas 65 mw Retired Farmer, RE=$2800, PP=$500 VA
Margaret 61 fw Keeps House OH

266/261 Combs Daniel W 30 mw Teamster, PP=$300 OH
Almira J 23 fw Keeps House OH
William 3/12mos (b March) mw OH

p. 488/42, July 14, 1870

314/310 Combs Thomas 21 mw Saloon Keeper, PP=$100 OH
Melissa E 26 fw Keeps House

1880 Hardin Co, OH Census

(Original census images, Heritage Quest)


p. 139, ED 101, June 6, 1880

230/241 Combs Helon domestic 48 fw single, domestic svt OH OH OH

Note: Living with Ida A GILFORD's household and listed with some type of disability (can't read).

Kenton 1st Ward

ED 106

p. 221, June 7, 1880

175/197 Combs Jonas 77 mw md, Retired Farmer WVA NJ Ireland Margaret, wife, 71 fw md, Keeping House OH Virginia [??], VA

p. 226, June 9/10, 1880

265/300 Combs Daniel 40 mw md, Keeps Saloon OH WVA OH
Elmira, wife, 31 fw md, Keeping House OH VA OH
William, son, 10 mw single OH OH OH
Lewella, dau 8 fw single OH OH OH
Olla Belle, dau 5 fw single OH OH OH
WARNER Angeline, mother-in-law, 62, w fwd, Weaver OH VT PA

p. 239, June 14, 1880

360/401 Combs Thomas 32 mw md, Clerk in Grocery OH WVA WVA
Malissa, wife, 38 fw md, Keeping House OH OH OH
Cora, dau 8 fw single OH OH OH
Nellie, dau 5 fw single OH OH OH

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives