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Important: Combs Counties have not yet been created for all of the following. Where county not hot-linked, see also the Combs Research List Archives.

1850 Allegheny Co, PA Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs who adds: Joseph COMBS listed on Census Index for Allegheny Co., Lower St. Clair Twp. p.182: NOT FOUND)

Roll 746

Pittsburg Ward

p. 291b
Prestly COMBS 44 M no occupation VA
Ann 40 F VA
Mary 20 F VA
George 18 M VA
Ann 15 F OH
Gertrude 13 F OH
Francis 10 M OH

Notes: According to the DAR Lineage (Vol. 30) of the above Gertrude COOMBS [sic]  (later w/o Noble Thomas CAMPBELL), she was born in Mt. Vernon, Knox Co, OH, d/o Presley COOMBS & Ann Stuart RYAN, and gd/o "John COOMBS and Nancy VINNANDER his wife." See the Combs &c. Research Report for Rev. War Soldier John COMBS who m (2) 18 Jan 1797, Loudoun Co, VA, Ann "Nancy" GREEN, widow of George VENANDER (Loudoun marriage Bond 2 Jan 1794) No marriage record has been located as yet for Presley and Ann Stuart RYAN, who are on the 1830 Loudoun Co, VA census, and had moved on to Allegheny between 1840 and 1850 based on that county's 1850 census.

1850 Armstrong Co, PA Census

Roll 749

Freeport Twp

p. 124

HH 126 William COMBS 33 M Brickmaker England
Sarah 27 F England

HH 127 Joseph F. ANTHONY 44 Shoemaker England
Elinor 42 F PA
Priscilla 11 F PA
Mary A. 6 F PA
Samuel 4 M PA
Joseph 1 M PA
David L. MOORHEAD 19 M blacksmith PA

1850 Bucks Co, PA Census

Roll 758

Plumstead Twp

p. 219b

HH 133 William BRADSHAW 69 M (no birthplace listed)
(and family)
Ann COMBS 53 F (no birth place listed)
Pamiah R. COMBS 28 F (no birth place listed)

Southampton Twp


HH __ Jacob M. SAND farmer PA
(and family)
John COMBS 25 m black farmer PA

Roll 759

Bristol Borough

p. 30a & 30b

HH 425 William S. TYLER 38 M merchant CT
(and family and others)
John COMBS 25 M Boatman CT

1850 Chester Co, PA Census

Roll 764

East Bradford Twp

p. 229

HH 109 Anthony TAYLOR 68 farmer $25000 b. (Persions/Persia?)
(and family and others)
Samuel COMBS 35 M black laborer

W. Bradford Twp

p. 249b

HH 155 Joshua BATTIN 27 farmer PA
(and others)
Rebecca COMBS 9 F PA

1850 Erie Co, PA Census

Roll 777

North East Twp

p. 137b

Joseph JOHNSON 31 M mason NY
(with several other laborers)
John COMBS 20 M Laborer b. NY

Roll 778

Elk Crk Twp

p. 359b

HH 130 Sylvanus COMBS 41 M farmer $500 NY
Jane 27 F NY

1850 Fayette Co, PA Census

Roll 779

Georges Twp

p. 65b

HH 261 Henry V. COMBS 43 M hatter NY
Elizabeth 42 F PA
Irvine 16 carpenter VA
John K 13 VA attended school within yr
Mary E. 6 VA
James K. 5 VA

Notes: Perhaps the "stray" Henry COUM of 1830 Frederick Co, VA?

Roll 780

Dunbar Twp

p. 247
Irnni COMBS 14 M PA (living in HH 271 of:)
Uriah CARTER carpenter PA (and family)

1850 Franklin Co, PA Census

Roll 781

Guilford Twp

p. 129a
Isaac COMBS 39 M Shoemaker PA
Elizaberth 37 F PA
Levi 15 M PA
Otterbrin 8 M PA
Susan 1 F PA

1850 Lancaster Co, PA Census

Roll 787

Manor Twp

p. 168

HH 330 Daniel STUMP 28 M Laborer PA
Sarah B. COMBS 8 F PA

1850 Lucerne Co, PA Census

Roll 794

Abington Twp

p. 120b

HH __ CA (COMBS or COWLES*) 32 M tin plate worker NY
Judith 53 F NY
Edna 28 F NY

*DC Note: According to the census index, this is CA COMBS, but I read CA COWLES

1850 Philadelphia Co, PA Census

Philadelphia City

Roll 813

Pine Ward

p. 304

HH 408 Ann COOMBS 65 F PA
William 45 M PA
Mary 36 F PA
Margaret 19 F PA
Mary 16 F PA
Annie 11 F PA
Annie Mc ????(McGARK?) 13 F PA

Spruce Ward

p. 369a

HH __ Joseph FURRAH 60 M Black laborer birth place not known
(and family)
Priscilla COMBS 35 F Black DE

p. 377

HH __ Daniel COMBS 42 M Black Waiter DE
Sarah 37 F Black DE
James 10 M Black PA
Sarah 8/12 F Black PA

Roll 815

South Mulberry Ward

p. 305b

HH 1140 Charles De WARREN 35 M merchant PA
(and family)
Sarah COMBS 56 Domestic PA

Roll 816

Upper Delaware Ward

p. 121

HH 494 Adam ECKERT 40 M carpenter PA
Margaret 30 F PA
Elizabeth 10 F PA attended school with yr
John H. 8 M PA attended school with in yr
Annia M. 6 F PA
William Francis 3 M PA
Emma 1 F
Hannah COMBS 54 PA

p. 123

HH 518 Stephen ABBOTT 39 M NJ
(and family and other shoemakers)
Joseph J. COMBS 37 M shoemaker PA

p. 94

HH 191 Catherine MORGAN 50 PA
Willet COOMBS 34 M clerk PA

(DC: with many others; looks like itís a boarding house, but not identified as one)

p. 127

HH 540 Graf P. MORSE 38 carpenter
Benjamin COOMBS 22 M machiniat [machinist?] PA

(with many others; looks like it may be a boarding house, but not identified as one)

High Street Ward

p. 310

HH __ Margaret BURR 67
Lydia COMBS 25 NJ

(DC: looks like a Boarding house, but not identified as one)

Roll 817

North Ward

p. 307

HH __ Mary PEARCE 60 F PA
Eliza PEARDE 34 F PA
William COMBS 20 (MA?) TN
living in boarding house

p. 310b

HH 1100 Anna E. KYLE 36 F NJ
Margaret COMBS 40 F PA
(boarding house)

New Market Ward

p. 419a

HH 920 John F. COOMBS 33 M leather dealer PA
Angeline COOMBS 30 F PA
Francis 8 M PA
William 4 M PA
John 3 M PA
Sarah DUCOING 70 F France
George HUGHES 16 M Currier France
Sarah CROSBY 18 F Ireland
Thomas COOMBS 1/12 M PA

Roll 818

Spring Garden Ward 2

p.430b & 431a

HH __ Martha COOMBS 41 F PA
Charles SAVAGE 27 M Clerk PA
(Alecia?) SAVAGE 17 F PA
Cornelius COOMBS 11 M PA attended school in yr.
Edward COOMBS 7 M PA

Spring Garden Ward 3

p. 449b

HH 49 Gilbert COMBS 36 Teacher NJ
M. 32 F PA
Robert M. 12 M PA
Joseph (?) 5 M PA
Caroline MARE 25 F PA
Penelope SMITH 35 F PA

Notes: Gilbert COMBS operated the Combs Conservatory of Music, and was christened 14 Jun 1814, Old Tennent Church, Monmouth Co, NJ, s/o Robert & Mary COMBS. See the James COMBS Family Archives. This is Gilbert and first wife [Mabell Alcott KING? Source?]. By 1859, he was married to Jane UNKNOWN per her 1863 letter to her brother-in-law, James COMBS, in which she stated "R. Lorton is tall and thin resembles his mother in countenance but is also a Combs in some respects... Joseph K. is in the country about 25 miles from here learning to farm. He is a fine boy, now eighteen years of age and resembles his Father very much. Mary R. is thirteen." Robert Lorton [sic], Joseph K. and Mary R. (Mary Ranolds) COMBS (born ca 18950?) were her stepchildren, all named in this same letter. Robert Lorton was apparently(?) the Robert M. above.

HH 706 George SMITH 30 M cabinetmaker PA
Susan COOMBS 25 F PA
(and others)

Spring Garden Ward

p. 510

HH 848 Joseph COOMBS 24 M Blacksmith PA
Elizabeth DABINOT 22 F PA

Roll 819

Spring Garden Ward 4

p. 109b

HH 629 Samuel COOMBS 59 M Black Laborer DE
Eliza 53 F Black DE cannot read or write
Catherine 13 F DE

Spring Garden Ward 6

HH 453 Robert GLASSEY 24 carpenter
Charles COMBS 25 laborer DE
(with others)

Spring Garden Ward 8

p. 27b

HH 226 John R. BRICK 63 leather merchant NJ
(and family)
Priscilla COMBS 34 black DE

Roll 820

Penn District

p. 177

Girardís Coliege (sic)
Robert D. COMBS 8 PA
(residing at with many other boys)

North Liberties Ward 7

HH 1107 Catharine DOWNING 46 PA
Elisabeth COMBS 75 F PA

Roll 821

Southwark Ward 2

p. 163b

HH __ Harriet PARDON 45 F (Tailoress?) PA
Elizabeth COMBS 70 Dressmaker PA

p. 179

HH 1200 Harriet ALLAN (boarding house)
Abraham COMBS 27 M millwright ME

Southwark Ward 3

p. 224b

HH 659 William COMBS 40 black laborer DE
Rachel 38 F Black PA
Thomas 10 M Black PA
William 5 M Black PA
Josephine 2 F Black PA
Violet GREG 60 F Black DE

p. 228a

HH 707 Richard COMBS 30 M Laborer PA
Anna 23 F PA

Roll 822

Southwark Ward 5

p. 400

HH 954 Thedley ROSS 49 M NJ
Ruth COOMBS 87 F NJ cannot read or write

Roll 824

Blockley Twp

p. 56

Philadelphia Alms House
Rachel COOMBS 26 F DE pauper
Elizabeth COOMBS 9/12 F b. Philadelphia pauper

(DC: both living in with many many women)

1850 Schuylkill Co, PA Census

Roll 827

Blythe Twp

p. 89b
James COMBS 30 M Miner England
Sarah 28 F England
William 3 M PA
Sarah 1 F PA

Newcastle Twp

p. 136b

HH 1965 Catherine COMBS 66 F PA
David 33 M carpenter PA
Jeremiah 21 M carpenter PA
George MYERS 32 M Blacksmith PA married within year
Catherine MYERS 28 F PA married within year

p. 142a

HH 2055 Henry (HEIDE?) age 3(-?) M laborer b. Germany
Catherine COMBS 17 F b. Germany living in household

p. 176b

HH 2629 George (DERRICKS?) 49 M Blacksmith b. PA
Mary 43 F PA
Emma COOMBS 2 F PA living in household

1850 Tioga Co, PA Census

Roll 830

Jackson Twp

p. 112B

155/158 Morell George 27 M Laborer 600 NY
Susan 19 F NY
Combs David 22 M Laborer NY

See USGenWeb Census Project

p. 116

207/214 John COMBS 36 M Laborer 50 NJ
Pamelia A. 34 F NJ
E. J. 11 F PA
Ellen 8 F PA
Martha 4 F PA

USGenWeb Census Project - Note: 1860 census, Jackson Twp, page 348

Chatham Twp

p. 140a

64/65 Alexander COMBS 30 M laborer 100 PA
Addaline 19 F NY
Massid 1/12 M PA

Note: Living in Household 64 with a family of Andrews' who are listed as family 64, head and wife both also born in NY, possibly Audaline's family. USGenWeb Census Project lists Massid as Marsed and age 5/12.

Middlebury Twp

p. 165

26/28 Peter COMBS 26 M laborer PA cannot read or write
Anna 17 F PA
Emily Hanum 18 F PA
Elvilla COMBS 1/12 F PA

USGenWeb Census Project - Note: 1860 census, Middlebury Twp., page 479 - Sylvia in 1860 census, page 479.

p. 166

35/38 Harrison COMBS 23 M farmer $300 PA
Rebecca 64 F NY

See USGenWeb Census Project

Delmar Twp

p. 211b

27/29 Rodney COMBS 22 M farmer PA
Mary 20 F NY

See USGenWeb Census Project

1850 Warren Co, PA Census

Roll 832

Elk Twp

p. 373b

HH 2162 William H. COMBS 30 M farmer $400 NH
Grace 30 NY
Cecelia 8 F NY
Angeline 6 F NY
George 4 M PA
Loisa 2 F PA

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