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Coffee Co, Tennessee was established in 1836 from Franklin, Warren and Bedford Cos TN. In 1844, Grundy Co was established from Warren and Coffee. No Combs are found in Coffee Co on the 1840 census (the county's first); however, this county has not been actively researched as yet. See also RW Soldiers of Warren TN and Surrounding Counties.

So far as is known at present, the only early Combs-Associated family in Coffee Co, Tennessee was (probably) that of the PRICES who are found with Combs in Southwest Virginia, most notably Russell County.

Jun 1849 (1850 US Mortality Schedule, Coffee Co, Tennessee. Extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Orton)
Dolly PRICE, female, age 80, born VA, Died June 1849 of Dropsy.

Notes: Dorothy "Dolly" CODY was the widow of Reuben PRICE and d/o William and Sinai STACY Cody of Russell Co, Virginia, the latter the d/o Simon and Judith TOLSON Stacy (Pettit) of Stafford and Frederick Cos VA, and Surry Co, NC. Two of Sinai STACY Cody's siblings, Benjamin and Seth, married Ann and William Combs (respectively), the latter two the children of Mason Combs, Sr., also of Stafford and Frederick Cos VA and Surry Co, NC.

Note: The PRICE Families lived in that part of Coffee which was earlier in Warren County, Tennessee

Saturday, May 31, 1890. Welcome Tidings (Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, Kentucky newspaper) "Mr. H.W. COOMBS of Glasgow [Barren Co, Kentucky], spent a few days in town [Tullahoma, Coffee Co, TN] to visit his brother, Mr. A. L. COOMBS --Tullahoma, Tn Guardian. Mr. H.W. COOMBS is a cousin to Mr. A. H. COOMBS of that city and also to City Marshal, W. W. COOMBS of Elizabethtown and who are brothers, and Mr. A. L. COOMBS is one of Coffee County's prominent farmers and traders and a large real estate owner in Tn." (Extracted from newspaper microfilm copy by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp)

CW Notes: H.W. is Horace Wintersmith Combs, s/o William Frankin & Martha BROWN Coombs (author of the manuscript) of Hardin Co, Kentucky; however, A. L. was not his brother, but his 1st cousin, Archibald Letcher Combs, s/o Thomas Finley & Chloe A. WILLIAMS Combs, as was A. H. (Adin H.) COOMBS and W. W. (Walter W. "Wattie" Combs (See William Franklin Coombs Manuscript). The first part of this article came from the Tullahoma Guardian and was picked up by the Elizabethtown newspaper and then the Elizabethtown paper added the last part. I was confused when I first read this as to who was who (too many initals) so I got out my family sheets on this family to get them straight. If I'm reading this right, A.H. and A.L. are both in Coffee Co., Tn.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives