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Prepared by the Combs &c. Research Group for the purpose of assisting researchers in locating likely Combs Counties of Record for their Combs Ancestors. (See Also the Combs Marriage Index. Note: This listing is neither complete, nor (in many instances) accurate, since the sources are many, and varied in percentage of errors. It is not a source reference, but a finding aid. All materials used to create this compilation were provided by members of the Combs &c. Research Group from their personal holdings specifically for the use of the Group. Most copyrighted sources can be located in either the Combs &c. Research Bibliography and/or the Combs County of Record. In return for making this compilation available as an online tool for all Combs Researchers, we ask that you please advise us of additions, errors and omissions by email to the Combs Research List.

* Variant Spellings include COM, COMB, COMBE,COMBES, COMBESS, COMBIS, COMBO, COMBOW, Combs, COOMB, COOMBE, COOMBES, COOMBS, COOMS, COUM, COUMBS, KOM, KOME, KOMES, KOOME, KOOMS. See Also Combs &c. Nicknames for possible variations in spelling of given name.

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Combs of the U. S. in 1830
Given Names S-Z

First NameLast NameSTCountyComments
SallyCombsNY Oswego
SallyCombsVA Richmond
SamuelCoombsDE Kent
SamuelCombeDE Kent
SamuelCombsIL Morgan
SamuelCombsIL Sangamonh/o Rachel GRAHAM & Jane HASH? (See Also Greene Co KY)
SamuelCombsIN Spencer
Samuel RichardsonCombs KYClarkh/o Theodosia HOLDER & Margaret W THOMPSON; s/o Benjamin & Sarah RICHARDSON Combs
SamuelCombessKY Mason
SamuelCombsKY Perry
SamuelCoombsME Lincoln
SamuelCoombsME Lincoln
SamuelCoombsME Penobscot
SamuelCoombsME Penobscot
SamuelCoombsME Waldo
SamuelCombsNC Mecklenburg
SamuelCombsNJ Middlesex
SamuelCombsNY New York
SamuelCombsNY Otsego
SamuelCombesNY Queens
SamuelCombsOH Portage
SamuelCombsTN Washington
SarahCombsIN Switzerland
SarahCombsKY Estill
SarahCoombsME Cumberland
SarahCombsTN Grainger
SarahCoomVA Berkeley
SarahCombsVA Fauquier
SarahCombsVA York
Seth N.ComeOH Trumbull
SeymourCoombsCT Litchfield
ShadrackCombsKY Perry
SilvanusCoombsME Lincoln
SimeonCoombsMA Plymouth
SimeonCombsNH Hillsborough
Simeon F.CombsIL PikeSee Also Adair Co KY
SimonCoombNJ Cumberland
SimonCombsTN Warrens/o Mason & Dorothy Combs
SolomonCoombeKY Green
SolomonCoombsME Waldo
SolomonCombsNY Oneida
SophiaCombsKY Clarkw/o John H. Combs?
SophiaCombsKY Jessamineneè HICKS, w/o Edward Combs
StephenCombsKY Perrys/o Henry & Rachel CLEMENTS Combs
StephenCoombsME Lincoln
StephenCoombsME Waldo
StephenCombsMO Coopers/o Stephen & Barbara ALLEN Combs?
StephenCombsNC Surry
StephenCoomsNH Grafton
StephenCombsNJ Burlington
Stephen Jr.CombisNJ Monmouth
StephenCombesNY Queens
SusanCoombsMA Bristol
SylvanusCoombsME Hancock
TaltanCombsKY PerryTarlton, s/o Mason & Jennie RICHARDSON Combs
TheodoreCoomsNH Merrimack
TheresaCoomesKY Nelson
ThomasCombsAL Madison
ThomasCombsIN Vermillion
ThomasCombsKY Allen
ThomasCombsKY Allen
ThomasCombsKY Fleming
ThomasCombsKY Henry
Thomas J. M.KomeKY Logan
ThomasCoomesKY Nelson
Thomas A.CoomesKY Nelson
ThomasCoombsME Cumberland
ThomasCombsMI Wayne
ThomasCombsNC Wilkes
ThomasCombsNJ Hunterdon
ThomasCombsNJ Middlesex
Thomas Jr.CombsNJ Middlesex
Thomas E.CombsNY Essex
ThomasCoombsNY New York
ThomasCombesNY Queens
ThomasCombesNY Queens
Thomas S.CombsNY Seneca
ThomasCombsOH Clermont
ThomasCombOH Warren
ThomasKomesPA Greene
ThomasCombsPA Philadelphia
ThomasCombsTN Hawkins
ThomasCombsTN Sullivan
ThomasCombVT Chittenden
TimothyCoombsMA Barnstable
UriahCombsIN Orange
Uriel W.CombsNY Onondaga
UtlyCombessKY Fleming
WalterCoomsKY Nelson
WalterCoomesMA Hampden
WalterCoomesMA Hampden
WashingtonCombsKY Perry
WidowCombLA Orleans
WidowCoomesMA Hampden
Wiley L. P.CombsNC Wilkes
WillCombsKY Green
WilliamCombsAL Madison
WilliamCombsCT Hartford
WilliamCombsCT Hartford
WilliamComesCT New Haven
WilliamCombGA Jackson
WilliamCombsGA Monroe
WilliamCoombsIN Clark
WilliamCombsIN Vigo
WilliamCombsIN Owen
WilliamCoomsIN Union
William Jr.CombsKY Clark
William RichardsonCombs KYFayettes/o Benjamin & Sarah RICHARDSON Combs
WilliamCombsKY Fleming
WilliamCombsKY Henry
WilliamCoombsKY Nelson
WilliamCombsKY Perry
WilliamCombsMA Essex
WilliamCombsMD Allegany
WilliamCoombsME Cumberland
WilliamCoombsME Hancock
WilliamCoombsME Lincoln
WilliamCombsMO Jackson
WilliamCombsNC Iredell
WilliamCombesNC Jones
WilliamCombsNC Rockingham
WilliamCombsNC Wilkes
William Jr.CombsNC Wilkes
William of Fred.Combs NCWilkes
WilliamCombesNJ Monmouth
WilliamCombisNJ Monmouth
William A.CoombsNJ Salem
WilliamCombsNY Chautauqua
WilliamCombsNY Kings
WilliamCombsNY Ontario
WilliamCombesNY Queens
WilliamCombsNY Warren
WilliamCombsNY Westchester
WilliamCombsOH Crawford
WilliamCoombsOH Licking
WilliamCombsOH Perry
WilliamCombsPA Philadelphia
WilliamCombsPA Philadelphia
WilliamCombsPA York
WilliamCombsTN Humphreys
WilliamCombsTN McMinn
WilliamCombsTN Sumner
WilliamCombsTN Washington
WilliamCombsVA Grayson
WilliamCombsVA King George
WilliamCombsVA Russell
WillieCoombsME Penobscot
WoolyCombOH Pickaway
ZebulonCoombsME Lincoln
ZelphaCombsKY Anderson

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