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Prepared by the Combs &c. Research Group for the purpose of assisting researchers in locating likely Combs Counties of Record for their Combs Ancestors. (See Also the Combs Marriage Index. Note: This listing is neither complete, nor (in many instances) accurate, since the sources are many, and varied in percentage of errors. It is not a source reference, but a finding aid. All materials used to create this compilation were provided by members of the Combs &c. Research Group from their personal holdings specifically for the use of the Group. Most copyrighted sources can be located in either the Combs &c. Research Bibliography and/or the Combs County of Record. In return for making this compilation available as an online tool for all Combs Researchers, we ask that you please advise us of additions, errors and omissions by email to the Combs Research List.

* Variant Spellings include COM, COMB, COMBE,COMBES, COMBESS, COMBIS, COMBO, COMBOW, Combs, COOMB, COOMBE, COOMBES, COOMBS, COOMS, COUM, COUMBS, KOM, KOME, KOMES, KOOME, KOOMS. See Also Combs &c. Nicknames for possible variations in spelling of given name.

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Combs of the U. S. in 1830
Given Names J-K

First NameLast NameSTCountyComments
J. StephenCombesNJ Monmouth
JabezCoombsVT Windham
JacobCombsIL Edgar
Jacob S.CombsIL Morgan
JacobCombsMA Worcester
JacobCoombsME Cumberland
JacobCombsME Waldo
JacobCombsMI Wayne
JacobCoomeNC Davidson
JacobCoomesNY Steuben
JacobCombsOH Highland
JacobCombsOH Pickaway
JacobCoomesPA Clearfield
JacobKomePA Somerset
JacobCombsVA Hampshire
JacobCombsVA Russells/o Wm. & Anna THOMPSON Combs
JamesCoombsAL Madison
JamesCoombsGA Twiggs
JamesCombsIL Fulton
JamesCombsKY Bullitt
James H.CombsKY Henry
JamesCombsKY Perrys/o Henry & Rachel CLEMENTS Combs
JamesCombsMA Worcester
JamesCoombsME Cumberland
James W.CoombsME Hancock
JamesCombsME Kennebec
JamesCoombsME Lincoln
JamesCombsNJ Middlesex
JamesCombsNJ Middlesex
JamesCoombsNJ Salem
James Jr.CombsNY Montgomery
James R.CombsNY Madison
JamesCombsOH Clermont
JamesCombeOH Morgan
JamesComesOH Muskingum
James W.CombsTN Giles
JamesCombsVA Hampshire
JamesCombsVA Russells/o Wm. & Anna THOMPSON Combs
JaneCombsKY Perryneè Richardson, w/o Mason Combs
JarvisCombesNY Queens
JeffersonCombsVT Orange
JennsCombMD Frederick
JeremiahCombsKY Perrys/o Nicholas & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs
JeremiahCombsKY Perry
JeremiahCombsNC DavidsonWho is this?
JeremiahCombsTN Warrens/o Mason & Dorothy Combs
JerushaCombsCT Fairfield
JesseCombsIL Sangamon
Jesse B.CombsIL Shelby
Jesse Jr.CoombsIN Clark
Jesse Sr.CombsIN Clark
JesseCoombsIN Clark
JesseCoombsIN Marion
JesseCombsIN Posey
JesseCombsKY Perry
JesseCombsME Hancock
JesseCoombsME Hancock
Jesse C.CombsME Oxford
JesseCombsNC Bertie
JesseCombsNH Hillsborough
JesseCoombsNJ Cumberland
JesseComesOH Hocking
Jesse E.CombsVT Addison
JethroCoombsVT Windham
JobCombsNY Greene
JobCombsOH Highland
JobCombsOH Preble
JoelCoombsIN Washington
JohnCombsCT Fairfield
John W.CoomDE New Castle
JohnCombsFL Hamilton
John L.CombsGA Richmond
JohnCombsGA WilkesSee Also RW John Combs of GA
John D.CombsIL Madison
JohnCombsIL Morgan
JohnCoombsIN Clark
JohnCombsIN Greene
John Jr.CombsIN Johnson
John Sr.CombsIN Johnson
JohnCombsIN Parke
JohnCombsIN Putnam
JohnCombsKY Barren
JohnCombsKY Green
JohnCombsKY Hopkins
JohnCombsKY Monroe
JohnCombsKY MontgomerySee Also John & Lydia Combs
JohnCombsKY Nelson
John Jr.CoombsKY Nelson
John Sr.CoombsKY Nelson
JohnCombsKY PerrySee Also RW John Combs
JohnCombsKY Perry
JohnCombsKY Simpson
JohnCoombsMA Essex
JohnCoombsMA Essex
JohnCoomesMA Hampden
JohnCoombieMA Suffolk
JohnCombsMA Worcester
JohnCombsMD Allegany
JohnCombsMD Allegany
JohnCoomsMD Frederick
JohnCoombsME Cumberland
John C.CoombsME Cumberland
JohnCoombsME Hancock
JohnCoombsME Kennebec
JohnCoombsME Lincoln
JohnCoombsME Waldo
JohnCombs MO Cooper
JohnCoombesNC Jones
JohnCombsNC Tyrrell
JohnCombsNC Wilkes
JohnCombsNH Hillsborough
JohnCombsNJ Gloucester
JohnCombsNJ Middlesex
JohnCoombsNJ Salem
John R.CoombsNJ Salem
JohnCombsNY Delaware
John J.CombsNY Delaware
JohnCombsNY Jefferson
JohnCombsNY Montgomery
JohnCoombsNY New York
JohnCombsNY Oneida
John L.CombesNY Queens
JohnComesNY Westchester
JohnCombsOH Adams
JohnCombsOH Butler
JohnCoombsOH Hamilton
JohnCombsOH Hamilton
JohnCombsOH Highland
JohnCombsOH Licking
JohnCombsOH Perry
John Sr.CombsOH Perry
John M.CombsPA Allegheny
JohnCombsPA FayetteSee Also Clark Co IN
John K.CombsPA Philadelphia
John R.CombsPA Philadelphia
JohnCombsPA Susquehanna
JohnCombsPA York
JohnCombsTN Bedford
JohnCoombsTN Fentress
John C.CombsTN Jefferson
John J.CombsTN Lawrence
JohnCombsTN Sullivan
JohnCombsTN WarrenWho is this?
JohnCombsVA Greenbrier
JohnCombsVA Hampshire
JohnCombsVA Loudoun
John M.CombsVA Stafford
JohnCombVT Chittenden
JohnCombsVT Franklin
JohnComeVT Washington
Johnathan B.CombsOH Butler
JohnathanCombsTN Sullivan
JonahCombsIL Sangamon
JonahCombsKY Henry
JonasCombsVA Hampshire
JonathanCombsIL Gallatin
JonathanCombsMA Franklin
JonathanCombsME Kennebec
JonathanCombsME Kennebec
Jonathan Jr.CombsME Kennebec
JonathanCoombsNH Hillsborough
JonathanCoombsNH Stratford
JonathanCombsNJ Middlesex
JonathanCombsNY New York
JonathanCombsPA Bucks
Jonathan B.CombsNY Yates
JosephCombCT New London
JosephCoombsIN Clark
JosephCombsIN Johnson
JosephCombsIN Warrick
Joseph RCombsKY Clark
Joseph ACombsKY Woodford
Joseph MComesMD Kent
JosephCoombsME Cumberland
Joseph SCoombsME Cumberland
JosephCoombsME Lincoln
JosephCoombsME Lincoln
JosephCoombsME Lincoln
JosephCoombsME Lincoln
JosephCoombsME Lincoln
JosephCoombsME Lincoln
JosephCombsME Penobscot
JosephCoomsNH Rockingham
JosephCombsNJ Monmouth
JosephCombsNY Delaware
JosephCombsNY Otsego
JosephCombesNY Queens
JosephCombsOH Adams
JosephCombsOH Hamilton
JosephCombsOH Highland
JosephCombsOH Holmes
JosephComesPA Franklin
JosephCombsTN Carter
JosephCombsVA Grayson
JosephCombsVA Hampshire
JosephCombsVA Monongalia
JoshuaCombsCT Hartford
JoshuaCoombsME Lincoln
JoshuaCombsNY Tompkins
JoshuaCombsNY Tompkins
JoshuaCombsNY Warren
JoshuaCombsOH Pickaway
JoshuaCombsPA Tioga
JosiahCombCT Hartford
JosiahCombsIL Monroe
JosiahCoombsME Hancock
JosiahCombsNC Wayne
JosephCoomsOH Preble
JudithCoombsME Waldo

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