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Prepared by the Combs &c. Research Group for the purpose of assisting researchers in locating likely Combs Counties of Record for their Combs Ancestors.

Note: This listing is neither complete, nor (in many instances) accurate, since the sources are many, and varied in percentage of errors. It is not a source reference, but a finding aid. All materials used to create this compilation were provided by members of the Combs &c. Research Group from their personal holdings specifically for the use of the Group. Most copyrighted sources can be located in either the Combs &c. Research Bibliography and/or the Combs county of Record. In return for making this compilation available as an online tool for all Combs Researchers, we ask that you please advise us of additions, errors and omissions by email to the Combs Research List.

* Variant Spellings include COM, COMB, COMBE,COMBES, COMBESS, COMBIS, COMBO, COMBOW, Combs, COOMB, COOMBE, COOMBES, COOMBS, COOMS, COUM, COUMBS, KOM, KOME, KOMES, KOOME, KOOMS. See Also Combs &c. Nicknames for possible variations in spelling of given name.

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Combs of the U. S. in 1850
Given Names X - Z

Zebulon R.CombsNYKings
ZirCombsTXDallasZur David COMBS
ZurCombsMOMorgans/o Elijah

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