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John Lipsey b abt 1785 d 1830/40 Wayne Co., KY married 14 June 1804 in Lincoln Co., KY. John Lipsey family was in Garrard Co, Ky in 1810. Pulaski Co, Kentucky in 1820, in Wayne Co. Kentucky in 1830.

(Son of William Lipsey died 1791 in Jones County, North Carolina.)

Angeletta Combs b. abt 1785 VA d. 1850 Hensley Township Johnson Co., Indiana. Angeletta is the daughter of Stephen Combs and Barbara Allen.

Children of John Lipsey and Angelletta Combs:

  1. Jerusha Lipsey abt 1805 Mrs. James E. Gibson
  2. Nancy Francis Lipsey abt 1806 Mrs John Francis
  3. William Lipsey 18 April 1808
  4. Lavisa (Louisa) Lipsey 1810 Mrs George Eller
  5. Raney Lipsey 1815
  6. Rebecca Jane Lipsey abt 1818 Mrs. Samuel F. White
  7. Heather Ann Lipsey 15 Aug 1819 Mrs. Aaron M. T. Zook
  8. John Lipsey abt 1820
  9. Elizabeth Lipsey 1823 Mrs. Hance (Hansford) Phillip True
  10. Mary Lipsey 13 Dec 1826 Mrs. Richard Roberts
  11. Asa Martin Lipsey 1827

Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files. Vol II F-M abstracted by Virgil D. White 1991. p. 2091: Lipsey, John or John Lepse R 6375. PA line solder was born 1733 in County Tyrone in Ireland: Lived at Redstone PA at end and after Revolutionary War: moved to KY, say service against the Indians and was stationed at Riddles' Boone's Brian's stations; later moved to Mercer Co., Ky, then to Rutherford Tennessee, then to Illinois. Applied 30 Apr 1835 Hancock Co., Illinois; on 17 Aug 1835, heir not named, were refereed to.

Angelletta Combs born about 1785 in Virginia died in 1850 in Hensely, Johnson Co., Indiana Married 14 June 1804 to John Lipsey born about 1785 and died between 1830 and 1840 in Wayne Co., Kentucky.

Also give marriage date as 4 Jan 1804.

CENSUS: 1840 Indiana, Morgan County. Listed as Letticia Lipsey.

Will probated in Johnson Co., Indiana in 1850

Will of Angeletta Lipsey: I, Angelletta Lipsey, being very ague and infirm and believing I cannot live long by reason of desease and age, do herby make and authorize to be Published on my last will and testemant the following. VIZ that in my desease that my body be commited to its follow earth in a plain coffin without pomp, show , or parade. Secondly, that funeral expenses be paid out of my real estate, and that some be sold in 12 months credit with approved security in ne payments of the same and when fully paid to be deeded infor simple by my Executor to the Purchases being 40 Acres of plain only being and lying in the Hensley Township and County of Johnson and state of Indiana, that the hundred and fifty dollars be equally devided between my four sons, William Lipsey, Raney Lipsey, John Lipsey, and Asa Lipsey as soon as collected by my Executor, the balance after paying funeral expenses to be divided equaly between my four daughters. VIZ Jerusha Bartlett, Rebecca Jane White, Hethier Ann Zook, and Mary Roberts, with the exception of one dollar, to be paid by my Executor to the heirs, VIZ Nancy Francis and Elizabeth True and the Heirs of Levesa Eller. Third, it is my will and wish that the proceeds in sale of all my personal property be equally divided between my 4 first name daughters, provided the same said heirs can agree on the division with sale. Fourth: it is my wish and will that on my decease, that Raney Lipsey and Aaron Zook take immediate charge of all my estate, both Real and Personal and act as my executors, and in all things carry out in the most full and simple manner my will and wish or expressed in the forgoing will.

signed , sealed and delivered in the Presence of
E.H. Salisbury, and William Long.
X       Angeletta Lipsey, her mark.

Be it remembered that on the 26 day of September 1850, Personally appeared before me, Jacob Sibat, Clerk of the Probate Count of said County, William Long, one of the Subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will, and being by me duly sworn an oath says, that he as one of the subscribing witnesses was present at the execution of the last of the last will and testament of Angelletta Lipsey, deceased. hereinto annexed that he saw the said testator subscribe her name to the Said will and heard declare the same to the last will and testament and that at that time doing so the said testator was lawful age and sound mind and memory and not under any restraint of coercion whatever and that be signed the same in her presence and at her request in the presence of the other subscribing witnesses.

William Long
Sworn and subscribed before me the day and date above written. Jacob Siebert.

30 Sep 1850 Franklin Examiner (Death Notice 1846-1869 Johnson County Indiana Newspapers, compiled by George Curry, 1969. From the Franklin Examiner 1-5-1850 to 2-14-1852)

The undersigned has this day taken out Letters of Testamentary with the will annexed, annexed, on the estate of Angeletta Lipsey, late of Johnson County, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment and those having claims against the estate will present them duly authenticated for settlement. Said estate is probably solvent.

Aaron Zook
Raney Lipsey Exr's

Note: The above article appears in the same newspaper on the following dates of 5 Oct 1850, 12 Oct 1850, 26 Oct 1850. See will of Angelleta Combs Lipsey Submitted by Mary Wilson.

John Lipsey family was in Garrard Co, Ky in 1810. Pulaski Co, Kentucky in 1820, in Wayne Co. Kentucky in 1830.

Son William is in Morgan Co., Indiana in 1830, Johnson Co., Indiana in 1840, Shelby Co. Illinois in 1850, Wise Co Texas in 1860, Sebastian Co. Arkansas in 1870, Wise Co. Texas in 1880.

CENSUS: 1810 Garrad Co., KY

Lipsey, John
3 males under 10
1 males 10-16 (William ?)
1 male 45 and up
3 females under 10
1 male 45 and up (Angeletta)

CENSUS: 1820 Pulaski Co. KY

Lipsey, John
3 Females under 10
1 male under 10
2 Females 10-16
1 male 10-16
1 Female 26-45
1 male 26-45

CENSUS: 1830 Montgomery Co., Indiana

Lipsey, John
1 male under 5
1 male 20-30
1 female 20-30

CENSUS: 1830 Montgomery Co., Indiana

Lipsey, William
1 male 20-30
1 female 20-30

CENSUS: 1830 Wayne Co., KY

Lipsey, John
1 under 5 1 male under 5
1 female 5-10 2 males 5-10
1 female 10-15
1 male 15-20
2 females 15-20
1 male 40-50
1 female 40-50
1 male 70-80 (who is this person)

Charles Ferguson feels that our John Lipsey is the son of William Lipsey who is on the 1800 Census in Mercer County Kentucky as John is listed in the will. William on the 1800 Tax list in Mercer Co, Ky married in Jassamine County Ky, Sept 1800.

From Anna Lee Gresham.

I have found many of the N.C. Lipseys went to S.C., GA., Al and Miss. In the 1830 Census there is just one Lipsey left in N.C., I think it was Sarah Lipsey a widow. Most of the younger generation had gone by 1810. I believe, but I have no proof of it, that John, who married Letty Combs, William of 1800 Mercer Co., Derusha, Susan, Jenny and Thomas 1810 Pulaski Co., are all brothers and sisters and possibly children of Old John Lipsey who applied for a pension for Rev. War.

Anna Lee Gresham writes that there is a John Lipsey who filed a pension application for the Rev. War and he said he was born in 1733 in Ireland. Other things he said in the pension application have turned out to be true. An older John Lipsey was in Mercer and Pulaski Counties in Ky and she feels that he has to be the grand-father of John that married Letty Coombs but can not prove it. She has researched Lipseys in North Carolina a great deal but can not find a connection.

HISTORY: "Virginians in the Revolution

page 478 is listed Lipsey John who was in the Illinois Papers. A collection of rolls of militia and the regulars in the Illinois Department now in the State Library, indexed in the State Archives. John applied for a pension in Hancock County, Illinois 1835.

Charles Ferguson writes that William Lipsey who was living in Mercer Co Ky in 1800. Was on a Tax list dated 1799. He signed the marriage license for his son John in John's first Marriage or second marriage to Angeletta Combs.

This list is from before 1995:

TAX LIST: Kentucky, Mercer Co. John Lipsey, Householder, 1795 3 horses , 7 cattle.

TAX LIST: Kentucky, Lincoln Co. John Lipsey 1797, 1804 to 1811

CENSUS: 1810 Kentucky , Garrord County. Lipsey , John: 3 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 45 and up, 3 females under 10, 1 female 45 and up.

CENSUS: 1820 Kentucky, Pulaski County. Lipsey, John: 1 male under 10 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 3 females under 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 26-45

CENSUS: 1830 Kentucky, Wayne County. Lipsey John: 1 male under 5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 40-50, 1 male 70-80, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 40-50.

Who the male between 70 and 80 is not known. Anna writes that this could be "Old John" who might have been "our John's father". This is not a proven fact.

John Applied for pension form Hancock. Co 188 1885.

A John Lipsey Died between 1830/1840 in Wayne County Kentucky.

From John R. Lipsey Nov 1993.

Other Records:

  1. New England Marriages Prior to 1700, Clarence Almon Torrey, 1985. Lipsey, Elais & Elizabeth ? ; b 1689; Boston.
    (Means 1689 is birth date of first born child. (Kin?)
  2. DAR Patriot Index, National Society of The DAR, Washington, 1966.
    Lipsey, John born 1723, died Jun 1835; Pvt Virginia. Wife Catherine.
  3. Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois. Lipsie, John born 1723 died 1835 in Hancock County, Illinois, Buried Belknap Cemetery; served from VA; was pensioned.
  4. The Scotch-Irish Families of America- Pennsylvania page 64- Immigrants to PA during early 1700's
    Cumberland Co. 1745-1750
    Readstone Country- Fayette 7 Westmoreland Co's 1768
    On into Ohio- Jefferson Co. 1779
  5. John Lipsey listed on payroll 18 Jul - 25 Aug 1780 on George Rogers Clark Expedition against the Indians 1780 18 July- 21 Aug 1780, pp 66-67.
    pay/ day/ 1/4 2 pounds, 6 schillings, 8 pence.
    Time men found own rations 33 days, time found in service 1 Settled 1 pound, 13 Schillings, 0 pence.
  6. No Lipseys in Pulaski Co. Kentucky Cemetery Records, 1977 No Lipsey wills listed in Pulaski Co. Kentucky records.
  7. Kentucky Land Grants= Part I by Jillson
    Grants south of Green River
    Lipsey, Jno- 200 acres Pulaski Co; water course Brush Creek; Book 29, p. 145; date of survey 28 Jun 1799.
    (This is old John Lipsey from Lincoln and Mercer Cos)
  8. John Lipsey sold 95 acres in Pulaski Co. Kentucky 2 Aug 1821 to Richard Barnes (from original county records)
    (this could be old John Lipsey; ours did not own any land.
  9. First Census of Kentucky 1790- by Charles B. Heinemann, 1971 No Lipseys listed from Tax record (why? John Lipsey appears on Mercer Co. 1790 tax records)
  10. Second Census of Kentucky 1800 - G. Glen Clift Compiled from state tax lists of 42 counties in existence a. Lipsey, John; Pulaski County, 29 July 1800 (Same John as #6) b. Lipsey, William - Mercer County 1800
    (William Lipsey Signed as bondsman for Old John's marriage and was insolvent on taxes in Mercer Co. 1798.)
  11. Early Kentucky Tax Record- Department of State Archives Mercer Co. Tax list 1795. Lipsey, John Blacks 0 Horses 3, Cattle 7
    (Same as John #6 & #9)
  12. Early Kentucky Tax Records- from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society
    Mercer Co. Tax Lists 1795- taxable property within district of Gabrial Slaughter, Commissioner.
    1. Lipsey, John; Blacks 0 Horses 3, Cattle 7
      (same as John #6 & #7)
  13. Early Kentucky Landholders 1787 - 1811 - Compiled by James F. Sutherland from Lincoln Co. Tax Records.
            name              date                  book TM
    1. Lepsey, John 30 May 1797    3.19   1 (Same as #6 & #9)
    2. Lipsey, John 11 June 1895     1.10   1
    3. Lipsey, John   20 Jun 1806     1.13   1
    4. Lipsey, John 18 May 1807     1.14   1
    5. Lipsey, John   10 Jun 1808     1.21   1
    6. Lipsey, John      6 Jun 1809    2.17   1
    7. Lipsey, John     - - - - - 1811    1.45   1
      b. - g. is our John Lipsey.
  14. Lincoln Co. Records, Vol I Michael Cook, C.G. Marriages performed by John McGraw.
    1. John Lipsey and Caty Francis, widow of John Turnester. dec'd, 5 Jan 1797
      Another mistake in a book
      (Original bond reads John Lipsey to Caty Femister, Widow of John Femister
      (Same John as # 6 & # 9.
  15. Lincoln County Records, Vol II - Michael Cook, C.G. a. John Lipsey to Letty Cawler* 14 Jan 1804 (mistake went back to original Bond) (*Original bond ready Letty Combs 14 Jan 1804) b. 21 May 1783 p. 59 John McAdams Vs John Lipsey on Debt. Neither party appearing, order dismissed. (This is old John- it is earliest record I have found on him; Cumberland Road as it progressed through his land in late 1780's; Mercer formed from Lincoln Co. in 1785 so all of the above makes sense; book also said John was a constable in 1792)
  16. American Genealogical--Biographical Index Lipsey, Anthony, 175- PA; PA archives ser; 5:7: 1011, 1928. John 174- VA - Rev War Records VA: 478
  17. Names of persons who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania between 1777-1789 by Westcott, Thompson

Passenger & Immigration Lists Index: 1986-1960 cumulation

Henry Lipsey PA 1786 (earliest immigrant I have found) These 16 notes were from James R. Lipsey. From Rebecca Hornung

John Lipsey 1732 - 1835 is the first ancestor I can definitely trace to our branch of the family tree. He served in the Revolutionary war and is buried in Belknap Cemetery in Carthage, IL, his pension number is R6375, act number is 6-7-1832, He served in VA & PA. He married Catherine who died in Kentucky in 1833. His daughter Eleanor married a Thacker and was widowed, she them married Joseph McCubbin, they settled in Ill and raised 6 children. Elenor died 11-11 1860 and Joseph died 1-4-1881. Elanor's brother William and his brother John were our direct decedents. There were cousins in Ohio who were Quakers, Amansa Lipsey was among those who started the Friends in Ohio and was very active in his church. The Lipscomb, Johnson, Lipsey relative lived on a Plantation in VA and them moved to Mississippi. Julia Toy Johnson was born and Portsmouth, VA 3-24-1867; married at Winchester, Tenn, 11-22 1889 to Dr Plautus Iberus Lipsey; died 12-28-1937; and is buried at Clinton Mississippi: their children are: John Johnson, Plautus Iberius; Julia Frances, James Hollins, Crawford Hall, and Mary Winston. from Rebecca Hornung

John Lipsey (Lipsie) b. 1732 in Ireland died June 1835 in Hancock Co., Ill at age 103. Buried in Belknap Cemetery. Married in Ky. in 1792.

It is not known when he came to America, but we do know that he served in the Revolutionary War with the Virginia troops. He was in what is known as the Illinois Campaign and was in General Charles Polke's company of Militia, commanded by Col. William Lewis, under the command of Co. George Rogers Clark. that was an Expedition against the Indians in 1780, as will be seen by a copy of some official data on another sheet, herewith.

Mrs John Lipsey's given name was Catherine (Possibly spelled with a K instead of a C.) I have found were Katharine's last name may have been Seimester. This was in some information from the Lipsey Family Reunion in Dallas Texas. She passed away in the county in which Abraham Lincoln was born. The writer's father, Meigar Anderson Mosley told her that we were related to Abraham Lincoln and this may have been the connection, since I cannot prove any other.)

After the death of his wife, John Lipsey made his home with his daughter, Eleanor and her second Husband, Joseph McCubbin, who were then making their home in Green Co., Ky. Lipsey moved with them to Hancock Co., Illinois in 1834 where he passed away in June of 1835. At the time of his death, John Lipsey was 103 yr. old. His remains were laid to rest in what is now know as the Belknap Cem., in the eastern part of the county.

The local chapter of the D.A.R. has placed a marker at the head of John Lipsey's grave, and have also mounted a tablet in corridor of the courthouse in Carthage, the county seat, on which is inscribed the name of John Lipsey, together with four other Revolutionary War Veterans, who are buried in the County.

John Lipsey lost a leg while in the service for Independence, and as a result of that injury, he was compelled to walk with a wooden leg, in the fork of which he would rest his knee. That old artificial limb, after having been preserved 40 years was destroyed by a careless hired man who used it to build a fire under a soup kettle.

Lipsey learned the shoemakers trade after he lost his leg. His old cobblers pliers are now in the museum of the Fresno County Historical Society in Fresno, California.

Eleanor, daughter of John Lipsey, was born Jan 27, 1796, place not known. She married Richard Thacker about 1812 and they had one child named Joel.

Eleanor and Richardson Thacker separated and afterwards Eleanor married Joseph McCubbin on 2 Nov 1822 in Green Co., Ky. He died in Hancock Co, Ill Nov--- ........... the remains were later moved to the Oak Grove Cemetery on the old McCubbin farm about one mile distant.

Joel Thacker was born in Baron Co. Ky Sept 27 1813 and he married Mariah Brumley in Miller Co., MO about 1837 and died at Mill City, NV Feb 28, 1871. Eleanor married William Booz in Woodford Co., KY they had son Richard Booz born in 1810.

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