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Cleburne County was formed in 1883 from White, Van Buren and Independence Counties. The county seat is Heber Springs.

All records, unless otherwise stated, compiled and submitted by Combs &c. Researcher Timothy Combs

1900 Cleburne County Census

Pine Township, District 18

33/34 COMBS, Benjamin 62 Head IN KY NC Farmer; Single
Nellie M 19 Daughter MO IN IN

Notes: Benjamin was born in Green Co Indiana to Edward and Barbara FRY COMBS; Benjamin is in Jasper Co Missouri in 1880; Crawford Co Kansas in 1870 and Green Indiana in 1860 and 1850.

35 37 Combs, William H 35 Head IN IN IN Farmer; wed 12 years
Mary E 30 Wife AR AR AR
Levinia C 11 Daughter AR IN IN
Stella 5 Daughter AR IN IN
Aramous? 4 Son AR IN IN
Lillie P 812 Daughter

Note: William H is the s/o William B and Lucinda ELLIS COMBS of Green Co Indiana; Benjamin is an Uncle of William. William is in White Co in 1880 and in Hopkins Co Texas in 1910. Lillie P weds Andrew RUSHIN before 1920; Andrew RUSHIN is in Hunt Texas in 1910. Andrew and Lillie P COMBS RUSHIN are in Sevier Co, AR in 1920 and Fisher Texas in 1930.

Peter Creek, District 16

47/47 FOUST, John A 49 Head MS TN TN Farmer; wed 25 years
Mary L E 39 Wife AR TN TN Children 7 - 5 living
BOOKER, _____die? 20 Daughter AR MS AR Divorced
FOUST, Levi W 19 Son AR MS AR Laborer, Farm
Rosanna E 16 Daughter AR MS AR
William E 14 Son AR MS AR Laborer, Farm
Mary H 9 daughter AR MS AR

Note: Rosanna/Rosie E FOUST wed Robert P COMBS, s/o William B and Lucinda ELLIS COMBS, 1907 in Cleburne Co. Rosie and Robert are in White Co 1910, 1920, 1930. The FOUST'S were previously in Van Buren Co, AR

1920 Cleburne County Census

Heber Springs, District 9

398/433 HARDING, Shepherd 70 Head Il NY NY Carpenter, House
Emma 70 Wife NH Can NH
Leon 48 Son MI IL NH
MYERS, Aleen 12 G-Daughteru TN TN IA

Note: Aleen MYERS wed James COMBS (son of John T and Artie) 1931 in Cleburne Co. Aline is with her Grandparents in Shelby Co, TN in 1910

572/627 COMBS, John 45 Head KY KY KY Laborer, Farm
Artie 29 Wife AR GA AR
James 8 Son AR KY AR
Myrtle 5 daughter AR KY AR
Eugene 312 Son AR KY AR

Note: J.T. COMBS wed Arta Davis 1910 in Cleburne Co

Clayton, District 5

152/152 DAVIS, Willie W 54 head GA GA GA farmer
Belle 37 Wife AR KY KY
Minar 2 son AR GA AR

154/154 HOLIMAN, Arthur 51 Head AR KY KY farmer
Maud 27 Wife AR GA AR
Cecil 15 Son AR AR AR
Carl 3 son AR AR AR

155/155 DAVIS, Waren 20 Head AR GA AR
Hony/Amy? 17 Wife AR MS AR

198/198 KENNEDY, Lawrence L 49 Head AL NC AL farmer
Minerva A/H? 42 Wife AR KY TN
Hettie M 19 Daughter AR AL AR Laborer, Farm
Ethel 15 Daughter AR AL AR Laborer, Farm
Linnie 11 Daughter AR AL AR
Lena 7 Daughter AR AL AR
Lois 5 Daughter AR AL AR
DAVIS, Homer B 22 Boarder AR GA AR Teacher

Notes: Willie DAVIS is the Father of Artie DAVIS COMBS; Maud DAVIS HOLIMAN is a sister of Artie COMBS; Warren and Homer DAVIS are brothers of Artie COMBS

1930 Cleburne County Census

Heber Springs, District 12

68/78 COMBS, John T 55 Head AR KY KY Wed 35 y/o
Artie 38 Wife KY - AR Wed 19 y/0
James 18 Son AR AR KY Laborer, Factory
Myrtle 15 Daughter AR AR KY
Eugene 10 Son AR AR KY
J.T. Jr. 7 Son AR AR KY
Ernest 4 Son AR AR KY
BROWNFIELD, Thelma 19 Niece AR IL AR Wed 19 y/o

142/171 COMBS, Peter W 68 Head IL IL IL Laborer; wed 22 y/o
Mary 62 Wife TN TN TN Wed 21 y/o
Perry 14 Son OK IL TN
Johnnie 12 Son OK IL TN
Jessie 9 Son OK IL TN

Note: Peter W Combs wed Mary M HAGAR in Cleburne Co in 1929. Believe Peter to be the son of Lewis and Telitha NEWKIRK COMBS who wed 1852 in Perry Indiana. Peter is in his Father's H/H in Lawrence Co, AR in 1880; Peter is in Madison Co, AR in 1900 and Tulsa Ok in 1920

Heber Springs, District 13

142/145 HARDING, S.D. 82 Head IL NY NH Wed 23 y/o
Emma 82 Wife NH Can NH Wed 23 y/o
L.E. 50 Son MI IL NH Salesman, Dry goods
MORRIS, Arline 20 G-Daughter TN TN IA

Note: Arline MORRIS is actually Aline MYERS who wed James COMBS (son of John T and Artie) 1931 in Cleburne Co.

Cleburne County Marriages

MACOMB, Sallie WELCH, J.C. 31 Mar 1889 Book 1 Page360

COMBS, R.P. 30; White Co FOUST, R.E. 24; Ida 22 Sep 1907

COMBS, J.T. 25; Heber Springs DAVIS, Arta 19; Heber Springs 6 Nov 1910

COOMBE, Bessie V; White Co GINOCCHIO, Louie F; Pulaski Co 24 June 1917 7 583

COMBS, Marcie E; White Co MORRIS, Russell J; White Co 2 Aug 1925 10 81

COMBS, P.W. HAGAR, M.M.; Faulkner Co 23 Oct 1929 11 131

Cleburne County Land

Arkansas Donation Lands
Published by Arkansas Research Inc. Conway Arkansas

3 Jul 1882 - 6 Dec 1887

COMBS, W.H. #23188 12 Aug 1886 Cleburne Section 24 Township 10 North Range 8 West

COMBS, Benjamin # 23117 13 Jul 1886 Cleburne Section 24 Township 10 North Range 8 West

Cleburne County Cemeteries

Heber Springs Cemetery

COMBS, Artie I 16 Jun 1891 18 Nov 1977 wife of John T

COMBS, John T 12 Oct 1878 6 Sep 1951

COMBS, Charles H 25 Jan 1932 15 Aug 1981

COMBS, Emma A MEYERS 16 Feb 1908 17 Jan 1986

COMBS, Eugene T 12 Oct 1919 24 Jul 2002 FFC US Army Air Force WWII

Cleburne County Taxes

Cleburne County Personal Property Tax Records Arkansas History Com. #1033461

Book 1 1889
COMBS, W.H. (Pine); Berryman (Pine)

Book 2 1890
COMBS, Benj. (Pine); W.H. (Pine)

Book 3 1891
COMBS, W.H. (Pine); Benj. (Pine)

Book 4 1892
MACOMB, Dick (Pine)
COMBS, W.H. (Pine); Ben (Pine)

Book 5 1893
COMBS, B (Pine); W.H. (Pine)

Book 6 1894
COMBS, B (Pine); W.H. (Pine)

Cleburne County WWI Draft Cards
WWI Draft Registration Cards

COMBS, John T; Ser# 884 Order# 218; Heber Springs Ar; 45 years old - 12 Oct 1872; White; Farmer - Self, Heber Springs Artie COMBS - nearest relative; Tall - slender; Blue eyes - brown hair; 12 Sept 1918

COMBS, Amos Bar__?; ser# 5; Dike, Hopkins Co Tx; 21 years old - 27 May 1896 - Cleburne Co, AR; Farmer - Self Father and Mother; Single; White; Tall - slender; Brown eyes - dark hair; Crippled hand; 5 Jun 1917

Cleburne County WWII Army Enlistment Records 1938 - 1945

COMBS, Earnest D; Born : 1925, Cleburne Arkansas; White; Grammar School; Lumberjack; Single - no dependents; Air Corps - Panama Canal Dept; 12 Aug 1945

Note: Earnest is the son of John T. and Artie DAVIS COMBS.

Cleburne County SSDI

Name Birth Death Last Residence

COMBS, Fielden 10 Feb 1905 Apr 1969 Quitman, Cleburne Co. Arkansas

COMBS, Artie 16 Jan 1891 Nov 1977 Heber Springs, Cleburne Co Arkansas

COMBS, James V 30 Nov 1911 4 Oct 1998 Heber Springs, Cleburne Co Arkansas

COMBS, Albert L 29 Sep 1933 21 Oct 1998 Heber Springs, Cleburne Co Arkansas

COMBS, Eugene T 12 Oct 1919 24 Jul 2002 Heber Springs, Cleburne Co Arkansas

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives