Tulare County was established in 1852 from parts of Mariposa. Descendant counties include: Fresno formed in 1856; Kern and Inyo formed in 1866; and Kings County formed in 1893. The county seat is Visalia.

1852 Tulare Co CA State Census

No Combs

1860 Tulare Co CA Census

(Combs Researcher Barbara S. Mathews)

Township No. 3

Visalia P.O. and Tule River P.O.

p. 32; Enumerator: Hugh B. McElhanon

177/155 COMBS, William 23 M  W  miner KY

1870 Tulare Co CA Census

Tule River

p. 259b

COMBS, Thomas J 24 M miner KY [boarding house. No other KY births in HH]

p. 271

COMBS, Thomas 25 M farm laborer MO 271 [boarding house]

Town of Visalia

p. 299

COM, An 26 F C prostitute China 299

(US GenWeb Archives, Tulare Co, CA - See Copyright Restrictions)

1880 Tulare Co CA Census

Township 1

p. 18

291 COMBS, Fielding A. WM 54, physician, KY-VA-KY. Wd.
Howard M., son 30 MO-KY-VA
Mary S., dt 27
Sydnor C., dt 25
Nanie L., dt 23
Sarah C., dt 20
James E, son 18.

p. 24

414 COMBS, John C. W M 58, farmer, KY-VA-KY.
Harriette F., wf 46, MO-KY-KY
Mary S., dt 24;
Susan H., dt 22
Samuel S., son 21 farm work
Martha dt 18
Catharine dt 16
Irene dt 15
Fanny dt 11
Etnae dt 7.

(US GenWeb Archives, Tulare Co, CA - See Copyright Restrictions)

Notes: Fielding Alexander and John Cuthbert COMBS were both sons of Ennis Evans COMBS, Sr. and Mary Sydnor HINDE who m 17 Apr 1817, Montgomery Co, KY. Evan Ennis COMBS d 18 Jun 1849, a resident of Lafayette Co, MO. Fielding Alexander & Elizabeth F. CARTHRAE Combs m 15 Aug 1858, Saline Co, MO. John Cuthbert COMBS m 23 Jan 1851, Jackson Co, MO, Harriet F. SHORTREDGE. He is buried in the Hamilton Cemetery, Tulare Co, CA.

Also Note: See the Tulare Co, CA, biography of Fielding A. COMBS, from the "History of the State of California and biographical record of the San Joaquin Valley, California: an historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time ... Also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present," James Miller Guinn, The Chapman Publishing Co. (1905)

See Edna F. Hightower Collection for more regarding the family of Evan Ennis & Mary SYDNOR Hinde, Sr., s/o Cuthbert & Sarah "Sally" EVANS Combs, Sr.

1888 Great Register of Tulare County, California voters.

Dr. Fielding A. COMBS

1888 Tulare County Business Directory.

Dr. Fielding A. Combs

(US GenWeb Archives, Tulare Co, CA - See Copyright Restrictions)

1890 Greater Register of Tulare County, California voters

(Precinct is local residence, date is date registered)

Visalia Precinct

P. 13; 7 Aug 1890
COMBS, Fielding Alex., 46, b Kentucky

P. 19 17 Oct 1890
COMBS, Howard Matthew 38, b Missouri 19 17 Oct 1890

Sand Creek Precinct

P. 13 06 Aug 1890
COMBS, Arba Edrie 23, b Michigan
COMBS, Willard Wheeler, 27, b Michigan
COMBS, Benjamin Clarkson, 50, b Ohio

Farmersville Precinct

P. 16 06 Sep 1890
COMBS, Samuel Shortridge, 32, b Missouri 16 6 Sep 1890

(Combs Researcher Valarie Watkins)

1898 Greater Register of Tulare Co, VA

(VW: The register for 1898 is the same except for these new additions):

Visalia Precinct

James Ennis COMBS age 30, b Kentucky
James Hinds COMBS age 27, b Missouri

Orosi, Visalia Precinct

Zenas Clarkson COMBS age 21 native of Missouri, residing in Orosi, Visalia, California

(Combs Researcher Valarie Watkins)

Tulare County, California Marriages

Source: ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ca/tulare/marriage/tcg93209.txt
(Submitted by Combs Researcher moravia@doitnow.com)

Grooms Index

Combs, Charlie C. married ANTRIM, Lillian M. June 8, 1906

Combs, James E. married BROWN, Maude Nov. 11, 1902

Combs, Samuel Shortridge married LEE, Nettie Eliza Nov. 11, 1895

Combs, Willard W. married BROWN, Alice M. Apr. 28, 1902

Combs, William Cullen married HAMBLEN, Ethel May Sept. 24, 1904

Combs, Zenas C. married SALLEE, Minnie W. Dec. 18, 1902

Brides' Index

Source: ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ca/tulare/marriage/tcb1893.txt)

Combs, Irene C. married BUCKMAN, Clement T. Sep. 13, 1882 C-176

Combs, Kate married HILLIARD, W. C. P. Oct. 30, 1889 E-247

Combs, Maggie married DALEY, J. P. Oct. 15, 1882 C-187

Combs, Mary S. married JORDAN, William F. Feb. 15, 1887 D-441

Combs, Sue H. married DILLON, Delbert May 10, 1881 C-22

Source: ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ca/tulare/marriage/tcb93209.txt)

Combs, Etna married RANSOM, Frank Dec. 26, 1894

Combs, Marion S. married DUNCAN, J. F. May 15, 1900

COOMBS, Janette Abbie married REED, James Hardesty Dec. 31, 1908

Tulare Co CA Wills (Index)

Howard M. Combs will probated on July 2, 1907

Benjamin S. Combs will probated on June 5, 1912

Samuel S. Combs will probated on January 15, 1919.

Combs Researcher Valarie Watkins

Tulare County Probate Petitions

Combs, Benjiman C., Case #2223, Superior Court, Estate, 5 June 1912

Combs, Howard M., Case #1651, Superior Court, Estate, 3 July 1907

Combs, Samuel S., Case #3147, Superior Court, Estate, 15 Jan 1919

COOMBS, Irwin G., Case #2213, Superior Court, Estate, 1 May 1912

(Tulare Co, CA Probate Index, US GenWeb)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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