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East Tilbury, a parish in the hundred of Barstable in the county of Essex, 5¼ miles southeast of Grays-Thurrock. The parish is bounded on the southeast by part of the Thames, called the Hope, where, on Hope point, is a battery for the defence of the river below Tilbury Fort. Only a few miles away is West Tilbury, directly opposite Gravesend, with which town and the interior of Kent there was traffic by virtue of a ferry. (Lewis…, 1831). East Tilbury lies about three miles from Horndon

West Tilbury, "a parish in the hundred of Barstable, county of Essex, 3-3/4 miles east from Grays-Thurrock, containing 249 inhabitants. The living is a rectory, in the archdeaconry of Essex, and diocese of London… in the patronage of the Crown. The church is dedicated to St. James. The parish is bounded on the south by the Thames, and lies directly opposite to Gravesend, with which town and the interior of Kent there is a constant traffic, by means of the ferry-boats stationed here for the conveyance of foot passengers, cattle, carriages, and merchandise. In a chalk hill near the village are several caverns, termed Danes' Holes, curiously constructed of stone, being narrow at the entrance, and very spacious at the depth of thirty feet. A medicinal spring was discovered in 1737, which is beneficial in hæmorrhages, scurvy, diabetes, and some other complaints. Tilbury Fort, partly in this parish, and partly in that of Chadwell adjoining, was originally a blockhouse, built in the reign of Henry VIII.; but after the memorable attack of the Dutch fleet, in 1667, upon the English shipping in the Medway, it was converted into a regular fortification, to which considerable additions have since been made. It is encompassed by a deep wide fosse, and its ramparts present several formidable batteries of heavy ordnance, particularly towards the river. It contains comfortable barracks, and other accommodations for the garrison, which at present consists of a fort-major and a detachment of invalids. Some traces of the camp formed in the neighbourhood, to oppose the invasion of the Spanish Armada, during the reign of Elizabeth, are still visible. According to Bede, Tilbury, or Tillaburgh, was the seat of Bishop Cedda, when, about 630, he was engaged in baptizing the East Saxons…" (ibid.)

24 Sep 1601 Fonds Court in Sessions Roll, Michaelmas 1601. (Reference Code Q/SR 155/65,66) Recognizances of Stephen PYTSEY of Chadwell, yeoman, and Jones AYER of the same, husbandman, for John WILTSHEIRE of the same, husbandman, to keep the peace towards Michael PULISON of the same, gentleman, who released security of the peace against him on 28 September, 1601. Taken as above. (SEAX) [SW: WILTSHIRE]

See Michael PULLISON of St. Antholin Budge Row, London who was paid for services during the Spanish Armada and may have been the s/o Thomas PULLISON to whom John COMBE was apprenticed in the 1570s.

06-19 Mar 1602/3 (Essex EN Wills, 47/23) Will of John CAMBER of East Tilbury gentleman, 6 March 1602. To Anne my well-beloved wife 200 marks and my household stuff, except my plate which during the minority of my sonJohn shall be in my executors' custody, the joined bedstead and court cupboard in the chamber over the parlour, and the wainscot, glass and glass windows in my mansion house, which she shall have for life; to remain to such person to whom the inheritance of my house shall descend by my will; on condition that she enter into a bond in £200 to my executors not to stub or fell the two elm springs on the back-side of my house, one end abutting on my woodyard on the west and the other on land belonging to South Hall on the north. To my cousin Isabel HARRIS £10. To Margaret EGLESFYLDE £5 and to every of the rest of the children of my cousin William EGLESFYLDE and his late wife Margaret 40s. At 21 or marriage. To my godson Thomas PHIPPES £10 at 21 and every one of my godchildren 10s. To the poor inhabitants of East Tilbury 50s. and south Benfleet 50s. To poor and needy people at the day of my burial 5 marks.

The residue of my goods to John. I appoint him as my sole executor at 21 and during his minority my well-beloved friends Robert RICH of Lincoln's Inn and Richard GISLINGE of Stow [Maries] gentlemen. They shall have his education and bringing up, finding him meat, drink, apparel and all things meet for his degree and putting him to school wherein I desire he may be trained as soon as he shall be capable; towards which they shall allow an annuity of £34 due to me out of the lands of Roger APPLETON esquire, until he be 10 £15 a year and from 10 to 16 40 marks a year, and shall make a true account to him at 21, for which they be allowed for their pains 200 marks, to be equally divided. To Robert CAMBER my nephew, son of my brother Thomas, my lease of the marsh grounds called Court Weekes [Wicks] and the stock of cattle therewith letten. The rest of my goods which besides the lease should have bee due to my son on this account I give to Robert, Isabel HARRYS and my cousin Thomas PHIPPES, to be equally divided. I appoint as overseer my assured good friend Ralph WISEMAN esquire, and for his pains £10. To my executors during my sons' minority, with one part of the profits of my lands to repair them and with the other part to defend causes of law if any be. To him my lands at 21, with remainder in default of issue of my lands in East Tilbury and Little Burstead to Robert, to whom an annuity of £5 out of my lands in Little Burstead. Witnesses: John DUNINGE, George GESLINGE, Edward CHARNOCKE scrivener, and Owen BETT his servant. Codicil, 25 February 1603. Touching lands I purchased since my will, the evidences shall be in my executors' custody until my son is of full age. To Anne my wife 200 marks. Witnesses: John DRYWOOD, Edward CHARNOCKE, William HOLMES and Owen BETT. Proved 19 March 1603. Sentence, 4 June 1603, confirming Will in case between (1) Richard RITCHE and Richard GESLINGE executors and (2) Anne CAMBER widow, Thomas CAMBER brother, Isaac GESLINGE nephew and Edward PHIPPES next of kin of the deceased. (Elizabethan Life: Wills of Essex Gentry & Merchants, Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, F.G. Emmison, Chelmsford: Essex County Council, 1978, E.G. Ellis & Sons, Willow Street, Chingford, E4 7EQ) Search Words: EGGLESFIELD DUNNING PHIPPS HARRIS

See Cammock-Rich Families. See Also Will of Thomas FULLER of Chigwell , dated 07 Aug 1568, which includes mention of "Appleton's messuage." Also note that Thomas WISEMAN of Castle Canfield, Essex, h/o Alice MILLS (d/o Robert of Sutton, Sussex), was the father of Robert WISEMAN d 1650, St. Mary's County, Maryland , whose granddaughter, Mary WISEMAN m Cornelius MANNING by whom she had Mary MANNING wife of (1) John MILLS; (2) Enoch COMBS (Fannie Combs Gough Manuscript). See also Archdale-Combs-Harris of Oxfordshire in 1629.

Note: The following entered in this section rather than separately due to reference above to Birstead.

7 Jan 1661 Essex Sessions Roll Epiphany 1661 Bastardy Order made by the undersigned justices, reciting that Elizabeth GROOKE of Great Burstead, "att, before and sithence her delivery" of her child, before the midwife and divers others and on examination saith that William COOMBES then of the said parish but now of London, victualler , is the father, they therefore order that the reputed father shall pay her or the overseers 12d. a week monthyly at the parish church on the sabbathday betwixt the hours of two and four o"clock in the afternoon, from the date of its birth until it attain the age of 12, "and for that it is doubled", if he the said COOMBES should have the keeing of it, "it may be carelessly looked unto, and not well used", she shall and will nurse and bring it up and shall bear the rest of the charge of nursing and bringing it up, the punishment of the reputed father and so is the punishment of the mother for that she seems to be very sorrowful and pentient for her fault and also is weak and infirm of body, and is charged with the nursing and bringing up of the child.
Signature of: (sir) John TYRELL, with armorial seal, and Gec. [George?] WALTON. (Abstract of fonds, Reference Code: Q/SR 387/81, Essex Record Office, Essex Archives Online. Note: Ordering information for copy of record is available at this locale)

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