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St. Paul's Cathedral
1.24 miles north of the centre
of the City of London

St Paul's Cathedral (non-parochial). Parish records are at the Guildhall Library: marriages 1697-1740, burials 1706, 1734/5, 1760-1812. Some registrations of burials at St Paul's Cathedral are in the registers of St Gregory by St Paul for the years 1559-1626/7. Other registers for baptisms 1708-13 and post-1875, marriages from 1740, burials from 1814, are held by the Registrar, St Paul's Chapter House, London EC4 (Ed. Note: St Paul's registers are apparently not in the IGI?)

Probates and administrations for the following parishes were the bailwick of The Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's:
St Faith Under Paul
St. Gregory by St. Pauls
St. Helen, Bishopsgate
St. Giles Cripplegate (including Whitecross street prison)

Extracted from St. Paul's Cathedral, London, St.Paul's Cathedral. London. Probate Act Books, 1647-1837 (FHC 1594951) by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff:

1. In an unpaginated section at the beginning of the Probate and Administration Act Book, 1646-50 and 1660-5 (MS.25,625,1), at the date indicated (this source also includes surname LAUVOTT (LOVETT)):
16 Oct 1648 COMBERS, John
2. From the same record group (MS.25,625,1), "Calendar of Caveats 1647-9/1660," in the Probate & Administration Act Book" (MS.25,625/1), invereted at back,at the date indicated (this source also includes surnames, PIGOTT and AYETT):
13 Jul 1665 COMBES, William

20 Jul 1665 COMBES, William

30 Aug 1665 COOMBES,William

4 Sep 1665 COMBES, William

5 Sep 1665 PROSSER, Richard
3. Within the same record group, "Index to Probate & Administration Act Book 1665-72" (MS.25,625/2), there are no COMBES, but also includes GOFFE and PALMER.

4. Within the same record group, "Index to Caveats 1665-74, there are no COMBES, but includes BROOKS and WILLIS.

5. From the "Index to Probate & Administration, Act Book 1672-81" (MS.25,625/3), which also includes the surnames, AYLOTT, HAVEY, PIGOT, SANDERS, WELBOIRNE:
1672-81 (categorized by folio # and manuscript #MS.25,625/4)


PALMOR, Willimus 93
6. From the "Index to Probate & Administration, Act Book 1682-89" (MS.25,625/4), which also includes the surnames, BONNOR, BILLINGS, PALMOR, SAUNDERS, UNDERWOOD:
COMBORS, Johannes gent 41
COMBORS, Johannes Tanner 41
COMBOR, FIDOS? ad cum T. 119
COMBERS, Maria 149
COMBE, Richardes 114 Adm
7. From the "Index to Probate & Administration, Act Book, 1689-97" (MS25,625/6), no COMBES, but also includes MANNING & UNDERWOOD.

8. From the "Index to Probate & Administration, Act Book, 1697-1708" (MS 25,625/6), no COMBES.

9. From the same record group, "St. Paul's Cathedral - Peculiar Court of the Dean and Chapter Copy Indexes to Probate and Administration Act Books, 1709-1837:"

1709-24 (MS 25,625/7)

155 Dec 1722 CUMBER, Elizabetha
(Also includes CRISPE)


1725 COMBERS or COMBES, Robertus Apor.84
1731 CUMBERS, Jolies Mar 49

1766-1837 (MS 25, 625/9)

No COMBES, but also includes AYLET)

10. From "St. Paul's Cathedral Index to the Volumes of Wills Preserved in the Record Chamber. Aug. 1863" are records dated 1535-1643,1660-1672: No COMBES, but also includes the surnames: ANSWORTH,AYLETT,AYLEWORTH,BLOUNT,FLEETE,GOSS,GOFFE, GOUGH,HARVIE,INGLETON,KNEVETT,LOVETTmNEVITE,PALMER,POPE,ROW,ROUSE,ROWE, SAUNDERS,SANDERS,UNDERWOOD,VESEY,WELCH,WILLIS.

11. From "St. Paul's Cathedral,London,Wills 1672-1837" (MS 25,627A), Peculiar court of the Dean and Chapter - copy calendars to registers of wills 1672-1837 comprising photocopies of calendars in MS,25,626/7-14; Paper,vol., Kept in Mss reading room:
1672-83 (MS 25,626/7)
COMBERS, Johannes 395

1684-93 (MS 25,626/8)

COMBERS, Maria 213
COMBERS, Johannes 266

1693-1704 (MS 25,626/9)

1704-1713 (MS 25,626/10)

(Also includes CRISP)

1714-1723 (MS 25,626/11)

CROOME, Johannes 51
CUMBER, Elizabeth 346
(Also includes AYLSWORTH)

1724-1733 (MS 25,626/12)

COMBERS or COMBE, Robert 50
(Also includes AINSWORTH)

1733-1749 (MS 25,626/13)

C's too hard to read.

1749-1837 (MS 25,626/14)


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