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Brown County was established in 1836 from Monroe, Jackson and Bartholomew.

15 Aug 1838 Brown Co, IN BLM Land Patent. Combs Henry (of Brown Co) Y N Indiana 12293 Y August 15, 1838 Jeffersonville 1 SESW 2/ 7 N 2 E N 2nd Principal 40 Brown IN2720_.262 (Combs BLM Land of Indiana)

Note: This land is in the same township as Combs-owned land in both Jackson and Monroe Cos, IN, and in an adjacent township to Combs-owned land in Lawrence Co, IN. Henry's "neighbors" in this section of land were:

EAST, JAMES G 04/15/1853 23509 IN2940__.378
FLEETWOOD, ADAM 09/09/1835 4827 IN0290__.316
FLEETWOOD, SOLOMON 04/15/1853 23447 IN2940__.320
FLEETWOOD, THOMAS 05/01/1845 19146 IN2860__.102
FLEETWOOD, THOMAS 05/10/1848 19336 IN2860__.290
FLEETWOOD, THOMAS 12/01/1849 22053 IN2920__.212
HOLLEY, CHARLES 07/01/1857 25399 IN2980__.054
JOHNSON, DAVID 09/16/1835 5436 IN0300__.425
POLLEY, JAMES 12/01/1849 22202 IN2920__.093
POLLEY, JAMES 07/01/1852 23252 IN2940__.129

Notes: Is this Henry "8" Combs, Sr., one of the "eight" (sons of John Combs, Sr.) of Perry Co, KY? He m (1) 1788, Montgomery Co, VA, Rachael CLEMENTS; m (2) 1832, Perry Co, KY, Phoebe FRANCIS, and according to Dickey Diary Interviews, he removed to Indiana where he raised a "large second family." See also Combs Land of Salt Creek, Indiana and what "looks like" Old Henry of Greene Co, IN.

1840 Brown Co, IN Census Index

No Combs by Surname

Hamblin Twp

p. 182
Robert HICKS

Johnston Twp

p. 196

Notes: Could this be Robert HICKS, Sr., h/o Winnifred Combs Sumner? See above-referenced Combs Land of Salt Creek, Indiana.

04 Dec 1887 Brown Co IN. Married: William R. Combs & Louisa PENNINGTON.

Notes: William Riley Combs , b Aug 1810, Kentucky, d 9 Jan 1899, Jackson Co, IN; m (1) 1 mar 1831, Lawrence County, Indiana, Sylvia SUTTON; (2) 28 Mar 1834, Jackson Co, IN: (3) 17 Jul 1841, Jackson Co, IN, Lucinda HARDING; (4) the above Louisa PENNINGTON; and (5) 10 Mar 1894, Jackson Co, IN, Melinda Jane JOHNSON. See also the above-noted Combs Land of Salt Creek, Indiana.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives