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Jackson County was established in 1816 from Clark, Washington and Jefferson. Based on Dickey Diary Interviews and numerous other sources (to be added shortly), numerous Combs-Associated Families came to Salt Creek, Jackson Co, IN from Perry Co KY, including CODY, CORNETT, FLEETWOOD, HICKS (SUMNER), RIPPEY Families. Much more work to be done on this county due to “missing” Combs from East KY.

1820 US Census Index

No Combs

2-20-1830 Jackson Co IN Marriages. COMBS, Polly & FINDLEY, Thomas (Index to Combs Marriages of IN)

Notes: A Sarah FLEETWOOD m William FINLEY in 1848 in Brown Co IN (created from Jackson, Monroe and Bartholomew in 1836 - no early Combs marriages found there). See below re Sarah FLEETWOOD Combs and see also Hardin Co KY re Thomas Finley COMBS.

1830 Jackson Co, IN Census Index


Page: 428

Page: 430
HICKS Robert

Page: 434

Notes: Robert HICKS m Winnifred COMBS, widow of Samuel SUMNER, and d/o William & Sitha STACY Combs, Sr., and they are found in Perry Co KY as late as the 1820s. John CODY, s/o William CODY & Sinai STACY (the latter sister of Sitha STACY Combs), m 14 Mar 1809, Clay Co KY, Elizabeth SUMNER, d/o Samuel & Winnifred COMBS Sumner (Hicks). In 1820, John CODY Family was in Floyd Co, KY; and in 1840 in Pulaski Co, MO. Robert HICKS may have been same who was in Brown Co, IN in 1840.

3-28-1834 Jackson Co IN Marriage License. COMBS, William & WILKERSON, Eliza (Index to Combs Marriages of IN)

Provided by Combs Researcher Steve Combs from the Jackson Co IN Genealogical Society (all sources not yet known): "Wm Riley COMBS, born 1810 in Kentucky, and died January 9, 1899 in Jackson County, Indiana. He married (1) Sylvia SUTTON March 01, 1831 in Lawrence County, Indiana. He had one child by Sylvia, named Silas born Abt. 1835 (?). He married (2) Elizabeth Jane WILKERSON March 28, 1834 in Jackson, Co., Ind. He had Edward born Abt 1835, Sarah Sallie Born Abt. 1837, James born Abt 1838, Joseph born Abt 1838. He then married Lucinda SIPES [HARDIN?] July 17, 1841, in Jackson Co., Ind. He had Thomas born 1843, Elizabeth born 1844, Mariah born 1847, Rebecca born 1848, Nancy born 1850, Ellen Born 1852, John H born 1854, Hester Ann born 1857. He then married Louisa PENNINGTON on 12-4,1887 in Brown Co., Ind. His fifth marriage was to Melinda Jane JOHNSON on March 10, 1894 in Jackson Co., Ind."

Ed Notes: See below re SIPES vs. HARDEN. Also note that in Perry Co KY, Jeremiah L. & Sarah KELLY Combs named a son, William RILEY (b ca 1849).

11-30-1836 Jackson Co, IN Marriage License. Jane COME or CONCE or CORNE & Matthew GRIFFIN

1840 US Census Index, Jackson Co IN

p. 01

p. 13
William R. COMBS

p. 16
Samuel COMBS

p. 32

Notes: Who was the above Samuel COMBS? Census Records Needed.

7-17-1841 COMBS, William R & HARDEN, Lucinda (Index to Combs Marriages of IN)

Notes: According to the above brief, William R. m Lucinda SIPES, not Hardin. A search of the Indiana State Library, Genealogy Division, Index to Indiana Marriages, does not reveal a SIPES/HARDIN marriage. SIPES (SYPES, etc.) marriages of possible interest: (1) Lucy SIPES m 13 Aug 1843, Monroe Co, IN, John G. JOHNSON; (2) William SIPES m 02 Oct 1843, Lawrence Co IN Lydia SMALLWOOD (See RW William Combs of Bath Co KY). No early Jackson Co IN SIPES marriages found. A search of HARDIN (& var. sp.) marriages in Jackson Co IN elicited: Berry & Elizabeth BROWN Harden (1849); Hiram and Matilda HARDIN Fleetwood (1834); and Spencer & Mary Ann TINDER Hardin (1848). Other Combs-Hardin Connections are found in Stafford VA; Henry KY; and Callaway MO (among many).

1848-1856 Jackson Co, IN BLM Land Patents.

COMBS, William R* Y N Indiana 20839 Y May 10, 1848 Jeffersonville 1 SWNE 22/ 7 N 2 E N 2nd Principal 40 Jackson IN2890_.330

COMBS, William R* Y N Indiana 23301 Y July 1, 1852 Jeffersonville 1 NWNE 22/ 7 N 2 E N 2nd Principal 0 Jackson IN2940_.177
COMBS, William R Y N Indiana 23301 Y July 1, 1852 Jeffersonville 2 NWSW 22/ 7 N 2 E N 2nd Principal 80 Jackson IN2940_.177

*Patent Certificates: William R. Combs of Jackson Co, IN

COMBS, William Y N Indiana 23300 Y July 1, 1852 Jeffersonville 1 NENE 21/ 7 N 2 E N 2nd Principal 0 Jackson IN2940_.176
COMBS, William Y N Indiana 23300 Y July 1, 1852 Jeffersonville 1 SESE 21/ 7 N 2 E N 2nd Principal 80 Jackson IN2940_.176

COMBS, William R* Y N Indiana 25312 Y September 1, 1856 Jeffersonville 1 NWSE 21/ 7 N 2 E N 2nd Principal 0 Jackson IN2960_.323
COMBS, William R Y N Indiana 25312 Y September 1, 1856 Jeffersonville 2 SENE 21/ 7 N 2 E N 2nd Principal 80 Jackson IN2960_.323

*Patent Certificate: William R. Combs of Jackson Co, IN

Notes: This land is at the juncture of Brown, Jackson, Lawrence and Monroe Cos, IN. See Combs Land of Salt Creek, Indiana.

1850 Jackson Co IN Census

Salt Creek Twp

p. 120

351/354 COMBS, William R 40 KY Farmer
Lucinda 31 KY
Silas 17 IN Farmer
Edward 15 IN
Sally 13 IN
Joseph 12 IN
James 12 IN
Mary J 11 IN
Thomas 07 IN
Elizabeth 05 IN
Mariah 04 IN
Rebecca 03 IN
Nancy 5mo IN

(1850 Jackson Co IN Census, Salt Creek Twp, US GenWeb)

Notes: No Combs found in other Jackson Co IN townships. Ditto for Thomas and Sarah Combs Finley. Surnames found on p. 120 are (in consecutive order): STEWART, FLEETWOOD, FARRIS, RIDER, STARNES, FINLEY, FLEETWOOD, ROBINSON, Combs, LUTES, MITCHINER, ALEXANDER, NELSON, HANNAH, BROWNING. On p. 21 is found CORNETT Families (See Dickey Diary Interviews, includes a William CORNETT, b 1790, VA), followed by DAVIS, INGLE, CALLAHAN, FOSTER, O'NEAL, METLOCK, MARTIN, MICHAEL, NORMAN, LANE, HUTCHINSON, DAVIS, DALE. On p. 119 is found: NOE, SUMMA, OWEN, BOWMAN, GOBLE, ACTON, PARISH, BROWN, PRUETT, HILL, WINKLER, LUTES, DOBSON, MITCHENER, STEWARD, FINDLEY, AUTHER, FLEETWOOD, STUART.

5 Nov 1857 Jackson Co, IN. Married: Joseph COMBS & Sarah A. FLEETWOOD (Combs Researcher Steve Combs who adds that Joseph was s/o William Riley and Elizabeth WILKINSON).

1-12-1899 Brownstown Banner (newspaper) Brownstown, Jackson Co, Indiana. “Houston Haps and Mishaps”

“Uncle Riley” COMBS of the west end of this township, who in his 88th year is dangerously sick of la grippe".

Jan 19 1899 Brownstown Banner (newspaper) Brownstown, Jackson Co, Indiana. “Houston Haps and Mishaps”

Uncle Riley COMBS, who we stated last week to be seriously sick, died on the 9th. He was 89 years old last August and was a pioneer settler of Salt Creek Township and was well known by all the old settlers of Jackson county and was highly respected by all his acquaintances for his sterling principles of true citizenship”.

(Combs Researcher Steve Combs)

Burkholder Funeral Home Records, Jackson County, IN

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick)

Combs, Deams H. 318 Age 75y 7m 8d died Dec. 21 1935 Parents Unknown Burial Reddington, Indiana

Combs, William G. 828 Age 69y 6m 0d d. Feb. 2 1945 Mother's maiden name Sarah Ann FLEETWOOD

Combs, Anna PRATHER 1055 Age March 21 1868 d. May 11 1950 Parents Cass PRATHER and Elizabeth SPURGEON Burial Reddington Cemetery

Combs, Charles M. 1773 Age Feb. 3 1884 d. Nov. 22 1969 Parents Demus H. Combs and Anna PRATHER Burial Reddington Cemetery

Combs, Clarence 1774 Age April 12 1904 d. Nov. 17 1961 Parents Charles Combs and Dora STEWART Burial Vallonia Cemetery

Combs, Edith LaVonne 1775 Age April 30 1912 d. May 10 1958 Parents William CAMERON and Ethel McMICHAEL Burial Riverview Cemetery

Combs, Inez Irene 1776 Age 62y d. Dec. 18 1966 Parents Charles Combs and Elizabeth SAGER Burial Riverview Cemetery

Combs, Lloyd O. 1777 Age Aug. 1 1918 d. April 15 1970 Parents George Combs and Ruth FOIST Burial Riverview Cemetery

Combs, Shanon Sue 1778 b. & d. Oct. 12 1975 Parents Archie Combs and Barbara HOLTON Burial Scottsburg, Indiana

Combs, Curtis G. 3674 Age June 27 1912 d. March 8 1991 Parents Charles Combs and Elizabeth SAGER Burial Riverview Cemetery

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives