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Source: Marriages and Deaths St. Mary's County Maryland 1634-1900 by Margaret K. Fresco, 1982, published by same. This source is a compilation of marriages and deaths taken from a variety of public records, church records, newspapers, family and local histories, bibles, and numerous others). The author's sources (88 in number) have been coded by the author and each marriage or death entry includes the sources used. The author also tried to indicate whether marriages were the first or second for the individual. All entries are from Fresco's compilation unless otherwise noted. Some additional notes have been provided by Combs researchers.

Combs, Abraham (#684), of St. Clemeent Hundred, d. 1684, m. Margaret, wdow of Thomas BASSET & Edward FISHWICK. She m. (4) by 1685 John Van RESWICK (d. 1697). Abraham Combs had dau. Sarah CLARKE by prev. marr. (84)

Combs, Albert Ford, d. 13 Oct. 1872, age 9 yrs, 7 mo., s/Dr. Philip Ford Combs & late Ann Virginia Combs, & gr.s/late Col. William COAD. Beacon 10/17/1872

Combs, Alexander, 65, d. 11 July 1880 at res. Zach. Mattingly, Leonardtown. Tombstone at St. Francis Xavier, Newtown. Beacon 7/15/1880.

Combs, Alice Stone (miss), youngest dau/Jospeh, d. 27 Dec. 1898, Beacons 1/12, 2/16/1899

Combs, Amelia, 55, buried 30 March 1872 at Newtown, consumption. (2)

Combs, Ann, wife of Perry Combs, & dau/Ann TARLTON, d. 4 March 1848, Balto. Sun 3/11/1848.

Combs, Ann, 54, d. 29 April 1862, consort of Wm. A. Combs. Beacon 5/1/1862


Combs, Anna G., 78, relict of Edward P. Combs, d. 3 Feb. 1885 in 2nd District. Beacon 2/12/1885

Combs, Bennett, d. 2 July 1815 (14)

Combs, Bessie, dau/William W. & Isabel J. Combs, d. 19 Oct. 1884 age 3 yrs. Beacon 10/23/1884

Combs, Bessie, infant dau/John F. & Cora E. Combs, d. 4 Dec. 1893 age 3 mo. 24 days. Beacon 12/14/1893

Combs, Catherine, 81, wife of George Combs, d. 8 March 1887, Beacon 3/24/1887

Combs, Charles A., 24, d. 3 March 1891, s/Wm. F. & Sallie Combs. Pallbearers: Roger and Manning Combs, Geo & Robt. Loker, Peter SPALDING, Harry FENWICK. Buried at St. Johns, Beacon 3/5/1891

Combs, Col. Cornelius, d. 10 Nov. 1865 age 86 at res of his nephew L. C. Combs in Factory dist. Beacon 11/16/1865

Combs, Cornelius W., 36, d. 2 July 1902 at res of his bro in law, Judge R. M. HEBB. Beacon 7/10/1902

Combs, Emily, b. 12/20/1815, dau/Clement & Mary Teresa McWILLIAMS & wife of Dr. James G. Combs, d. 28 March 1872 near Surratsville, Md. Buried at Newtown. (61)

Combs, Enoch, d. 9 Jan. 1826 (24)

Combs, G. Edward Sr., merchant at Great Mills, d. 11 Feb. 1896 at res of his nephew & niece Thomas BEAN & Miss Mary BEAN in 8th dist. Beacon 2/27/1896

Combs, George, 89, b. 17 June 1799, d. 19 June 1888 was Registrar of Wills for 22 yrs (1835-1857). Buried Medley Neck. Beacon 6/21/1888 (16)

Combs, George H., 23, d. 26 July 1883 at res of Zach. MATTINGLY in Leonardtown. Beacon 8/9/1883.

Combs, Henry, 60, buried 15 Nov. 1870 at St. Aloysius, consumption (2)

Combs, Henry, 35, d. 8 Jan. 1882, at res of his father in law, F. F. FLOYD in 6th dist. Beacon 1/12/1882

Combs, Fr. Ignatius, S. J., born near Great Mills 27 July 1794, entered the Society of Jesus 5 Feb. 1815, d. at Newtown 21 June 1850. Nat'l Intell 7/10/1850, (11)

Combs, James Nathaniel, 73, d. 3 April 1893, of 2nd District. Member of M. E. Church, converted at Camp Meeting held 1840. Tombstone on Comb's home place at Callaway's, St. Mary's Co. Beacon 4/20/1893.

Combs, L. C. (Mrs.), 35, d. 20 Feb. 1866 at her res in Factory dist. Beacon 3/1/1866.

SE Note: She was Mary Elizabeth COAD, 19, dau/Wm. COAD & Eliz. Rodman SMITH of Cherryfield. She m. 11 July 1848 Lewis Cornelius Combs

Combs, Louis, 68, d. 21 Jan. 1839 of pneumonia. (40)

SE Note: Lewis Combs who married in 1805 Margaret D. FORD, d/o of Capt. Philip FORD? He was the s/o of Ignatius and Mary FENWICK Combs.

Combs, Louis F., d. 12 May 1888 at res in St. George, age about 74. Beacon 6/7/1888

Combs, Lewis P., 37, farmer of 2nd dist., s/Dr. Ford Combs, d. 2 Feb. 1897, buried at St. Georges. Beacon 2/25/1897

Combs, Lulu, 2nd dau/Dr. Charles & Rosa Combs of Leonardtown, d. 17 Aug. 1886 age 18 yrs. Beacon 8/19/1886

Combs, Margaret, buried 2 March 1819 in Newtown graveyard, wife of Lewis Combs & dau/Capt. Philip Ford. (8)

Combs, Mary, 44, widow, d. Nov. 1859 (35)

Combs, Mary A., 21, d. at her res in Chaptico 4 May 1878, wife of George W. Combs & dau/M. J. MATTINGLY & gr.dau/late Joseph HAYDEN. (Balto. Sun, Port Tobacco Times & Kansas papers, p1 copy) Beacons 1/12/1874, 5/29, 6/5/1879

Combs, Mary F., d. 28 Oct 1865 age 3 yrs. dau/Lewis F. & Eliza Combs, dyphtheria (33)

Combs, Mary Genevieve, only dau/A. N. & E. A. Combs d. 3 March 1870, age 2 mo., 1 day. Beacon 3/10/1870

Combs, Nannie, 47, d. 10 Oct. 1884, wife of Joseph S. Combs in the 6th dist. Beacon 10/16/1884

Combs, Nora Cecilia, infant/Mary E. & Benj. Combs of St. Inigoes dist., d. 11 Jan. 1887 age 4 mo., 17 days. Beacon 2/17/1887

Combs, Paul Professor, 2nd s/Hon. Robert C. & Ellen Combs, drowned in Bretten Bay 27 Dec. 1888 age 21 yrs. Sailing for ducks when the jibing of the sail three him into the water wearing heavy boots & clothing & pockets of his shooting coat heavy with shells. Had a yr. ago graduated from Western Md. College & about 7 mo. ago been chosen Professor for Md. Agricultural College. The Faculty & Students of Md. Agri. College resolution in memory resolved that a crayon portrait be placed in the College & draped in mourning remainder of the season, Beacons 1/3, 17/1889

Combs, Perry, bro. of Col. Cornelius Combs, engaged in the battle of New Orleans on 8 Jan. 1815 & was 1 of 13 men wounded behind cotton bales of New Orleans. He d. in City Hospital 9 Feb. 1815 (Balto Sun)

Combs, Perry, 53, d. 27 Feb. 1862 of consumption at his res on St. Mary's River. Beacon 3/13/1862

Combs, Dr. Philip Ford, 60, d. 29 Oct. 1878 at his res in 2nd dist. Beacons 11/7, 21/1878.

Combs, Rebecca, 39, buried 10 Jan. 1870, wife of James Nathaniel Combs at St. Johns RCC. St Aloysius records give dropsy & 1870 Mortality Schedule gives tumor of the abdomen (2) (36)

Combs, Richard, 16, d. 29 Nov. 1872 at res of his parents in Patuxent dist. Beacon

Combs, Robert C., child of Robert C. & Ellen R. d. 23 Nov. 1877 age 2 yrs. Beacon 11/30/1877

Combs, Robert M., 56, dd. 30 June 1870 in Wash. City. Beacon 7/7/1870

Combs, Sarah, see death, Robert CLARKE

Combs, Sarah Jane, 36, d. 29 June 1887, dau/John R. & Mary J. EVANS, & wife of John F. Combs, buried July 2nd at St. Andrews. Beacon 8/11/1887, (4)

Combs, Susie, dau/W. W. & Belle Combs of Medley Neck, d. 28 Aug. 1888. Beacon 8/30/1888

Combs, Ursula, 81, d. 23 June 1892 in Leonardtown Beacon ?

SE Note: Ursula TAYLOR, second wife of William A. Combs (see marriage record). Living with stepdaughter Susan LOKER in 1870 St. Mary's Co. census

Combs, Virginia, wife of Dr. Philip Ford Combs, d. 9 March 1869 at res of her husband in Factory dist. age 42 of pneumonia & her son Edwin age 1 month d. same month of convulsions. Beacon 3/11/1869, (36)

Combs, William, 60, buried 30 May 1870 of consumption (2).

SE Note: Could this be William A. Combs?

Combs, William Franklin, 62, d. at his res "Patuxent" in 6th dist. 6 Nov 1891. Leaves a wife & a daughter., only child of a numerous family. His son Charles d. 3 March 1891. Mr. Combs was the bro. of Hon. Robert C., Dr. Charles, William F. & George Combs. Beacon 11/12/1891

SE Note: William Franklin Combs, s/o of William A. Combs and Ann WOODWARD. The list of brothers included a William F. but that is likely an error for brother William W., as shown in census and other records.

Combs, William W., of Medley Neck lost 3 children in 60 hrs of scarlet fever, age 6, 4, 3. Beacon 12/9/1875

Combs, Willie, 27, of 2nd dist., d. 23 Dec. 1884. Beacon 1/1/1885

Combs, Zachariah Morgan, s/Geo. W. & Elizabeth Combs of 5th dist., d. 24 July 1888, age 3 yrs, 3 mo., 20 days. Beeacon 8/2/1888

LOKER, Susan (p. 419), d. 11 Feb. 1910 at her res. in Leonardtown relict of William A. LOKER & dau/late W. W. Combs. Survived by 3 bros. States Atty. Robert C. Combs of Leonardtown & George Combs of W.D.C., 4 sons & 3 daughters: Geo P., Wm Meverell, Robert C. & Henry all of Leonardtown & Mrs. Lucy SPALDING & Mrs. May deWaal both of Leonardtown & Mrs. J. E. M. RALEYy of Balto. Buried Medley Neck graveyard. Beacon 2/17/1910.

SE Note: Susan Combs LOKER, d/o of William A. Combs and Ann WOODWARD.

TARLTON, Mary M. wife of George R. TARLTON & dau/late Col. Wm Combs. d. 12 Mar 1888 at her res. 23 East Hill St., Balto. She m1 ---- MOORE. Beacon 3/29/1888. (p. 463)

WILLIAMS, Mary, 56, consort of Benjamin WILLIAMS, d. 3 Aug. 1814. Tombstone at St. Inigoes (31). Capt. Benjamin WILLIAMS, d. 15 July 1821, ae 73, buried same place St. Inigoes RCC (31).

SE Note: Is this same Combs, Mary, m1. 1804, Benjamin WILLIAMS. If so, then was it a second marriage for her?

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