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Old Tennent Church (Presbyterian)

The Old Tennent Church, Manalpan Twp., Monmouth Co, NJ,  was first established in 1692 “by a group of Scottish Dissenters who had fled their home land to escape James II's severe persecution for their beliefs.  It has occupied its existing building since 1751, and the structure has undergone little fundamental change…” (Old Tennent Church)

Christenings (1742-1818)

Old Tennent (Scotch Presbyterian) Church, Monmouth, NJ.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie H. Combs who adds that all surnames are COMBS)

Chronlogical Listing

DateGiven NameFatherNotes
11 Jun 1742WilliamJonathan
28 Aug 1743JosephThomas
24 Apr 1744RobertJonathan
1 Jun 1746JohnJonathan
9 Apr 1758SolomonThomas
18 Oct 1761RachelThomas
14 Jun 1764EstherThomas
25 Aug 1771JohnJohn
27 Jun 1773DavidJoseph
17 Oct 1773JonathanJohn
5 Feb 1775ElizabethJoseph
18 May 1777ThomasJoseph
4 Jul 1784HannahJames
12 Sep 1784RobertNone Given
12 Sep 1784LydiaNone Given
1787Hannah SmithSolomon
26 Jul 1789JosephJames
1790AnnaNone Given
2 Oct 1790JonathanSamuel
1800RebeekahNone Given
1800ElijahNone Given
1801RebekahIsabel*((Misc) Spouse of Rd. CRAIG)
16 May 1802Rebeekah ClaytonElijah
28 Sep 1804Lewis Lerton*Robert
17 Oct 1806ThomasElijah
13 May 1809Aaron ReedElijah
28 Jul 1811JosephElijah
1813Elizabeth ReidElijah
24 Jun 1814GilbertRobert
24 Jun 1814RachelRobert

*LHC: I'm sure that “Lerton” should read “Lorton”.


Joseph COMBS  d: 6/30/1834..92y,7m,6d [b 24 Nov 1741]
Lydia COMBS, relict of Joseph d: 9/25/1836..79y,7m,19 [b 6 Feb 1757]

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Bob Combs from History of Old Tennent Church, Symmes (1904)…Monmouth County, NJ)

Notes: If this is Joseph and Lydia GORDON Combs who m 7 Jan 1823 in Monmouth, Joseph would have been in his 80s, and Lydia in her sixties, thus surely a second (3rd, 4th, 5th?) marriage? Also note that, based on his birth and death dates, this is not Revolutionary War Pensioner Joseph COMBS (1832-1835 Monmouth records).

Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from History of Old Tennent Church with biographical sketches of it's pastors, written by Rev. Frank Symmes, fifteenth pastor, Manalapan Township, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, 1897. The present corporate name of the Tennent church is “The First Presbyterian Church of the County of Monmouth”.

“During the Pastorate of Rev. William Tennent, Jr.

Note:.--The pages of this old Record are so soiled, broken and worn with age that in some cases it is impossible to distinguish the full dates and names. Some unhappy references in the original record have been omitted in this printed list. The records are mostly in the handwriting of John Henderson, clerk of the congregation.”


Joseph COMBS, S. T., had bap. David, June 27, 1773; Elizabeth, Feb. 5, 1775; Thomas, May 18, 1777. Joseph COMBS had bap. Elizabeth, Oct. 12, (???); Mary, (???) 15, (???).

John COMBS, son of Thomas, had bap. James, Dec. 14, --5; Charles, Sept. 9, --9; John, Aug. 25, 1771; Jonathan, Oct. 17, 1773

Jonathan COMBS, had bap. William, June 11, 1742; Robert, April 24, 1744; John, June 1, 1746

Thomas COMBS, Jr., had bap. Solomon, April 9, 1758; Rachel, Oct. 18, 1761; Esther, June 14, 1764.

Old Tennent Cemetery

E. COMBS, died 1777.
T. COMBS, died 1777.
Campbell COMBS, died July 6, 1778, in his 22nd year.
Dr. David COMBS, died Jan. 11, 1795, in his 22nd year.
Esther COMBS, died Mar. 20, 1796, in her 33rd year


[The following list of the names of soldiers, with their army connections, buried in Old Tennent Cemetery, was prepared with much labor some years ago by R. Perrine Craig, who was sexton of the church and church yard from 1868 to 1889. The author acknowledges the kindness of Mr. Craig in permitting the use of this list in this book, and also in furnishing assistance and information in the compiling of this History.]


COMBS, Joseph, Capt. Walton's Troop, Light Dragoons; Serg't, ditto, Monmouth
COMBS, Thomas, Captain, Rangers, Middlesex.
COMBS, John, Capt. Waddell's Co., 1st Regt., Monmouth.

Notes: See Capt. Thomas COMBS d Jan 1785.


COMBS, William

Old Tennet Church Deaths

Extracted by Combs Researcher Kate C. DiBlassio from the "History of the Old Tennent Church", second edition, compiled by Rev. Frank R. Symmes, published in Cranbury, NJ, in 1904:

John COMBS, s. Jos. & Matilda d. Dec. 28, 1842, 2 yrs, 11 mos, 12 da.
Ann Amelia COMBS, d. Jos. & Matilda d. Nov. 9, 1842 5 yrs, 4 mos, 12 da.
Elizabeth COMBS, d. Aaron R.& d. Feb. 23, 1840, 1 yr., 17 da.
John Vanderveer COMBS, s. Aaron R. d. Aug 7, 1837, 2 yrs, 4 mos, 2 da.
Elijah COMBS, s. Aaron R., d. Oct. 17, 1842, 11 yrs, 6 mos, 19 da.
Hannah (V.D.) COMBS, w. Aaron R., d. Feb. 26, 1868, b. Oct. 21, 1803
Rebecca COMBS, relict of Elijah, d. Aug.15, 1842, in 62nd yr. [b 21 Oct 1780]
Elijah COMBS, d. Oct.24, 1830, in 56th yr. [b 8 Jun 1775]
Rebecca C. COMBS, d. Elijah, d. Aug. 30, 1804, 2 yrs, 11mos, 2 da
Rachel COMBS, d. Elijah, d. Nov 20, 1821, 5 yrs, 11 mos, 23 da.

Notes: See also Elijah Combs Family Records below.


Joseph COMBS  d: 6/30/1834..92y,7m,6d [b 24 Nov 1741]
Lydia COMBS, relict of Joseph d: 9/25/1836..79y,7m,19 [b 6 Feb 1757]

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Bob Combs from History of Old Tennent Church, Symmes (1904)…Monmouth County, NJ)

Notes: If this is Joseph and Lydia GORDON Combs who m 7 Jan 1823 in Monmouth, Joseph would have been in his 80s, thus surely a second (3rd, 4th, 5th?) marriage?

Record of Graves in Old Tennent Churchyard

Martha COMBS died Aug. 28, 1804 in 72nd yr. [b ca 1733]
Thomas COMBS died 12/22/1819, aged 87, 4, 20. [b 2 Aug 1732]

(HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL MISCELLANY, by John Stillwell, M.D., Vol. II, 'Record of Graves in Old Tennent Ch,' p.321)

Notes: Martha COMBS, d/o Robert COMBS who d 1781 Shenandoah Co, VA, and mother of Rev. War Soldier Gilbert COMBS.

Old Tennent Church, Monmouth Co, NJ. Baptised

Thomas, s/o Thomas COMBS [sp.?], baptized 24 Sep 17--.
Elizabeth, d/o Thomas COMBS [sp.?], baptized 9 Feb 17--
Joseph, s/o Thomas COMBS [sp.?], baptized 28 Aug 1743

(George D.A. Combs' 1925 Manuscript, hereinafter GDAC, 1925)

Notes: GDAC lists all three of the above children as born to Thomas COMBS, s/o Thomas COMBS, d 1724, Monmouth Co, NJ. He states of these three children that all were born in Freehold, Monmouth Co, NJ; that Thomas was born 2 Apr 1732, m. Martha ----; and that Joseph was born 24 Dec 1741, and m (1) Jane ENGLISH and (2) Lydia -----. This information is believed to be incorrect (see web report).

The Parish Registry of Christ Church Shrewsbury, N.J.


26 Nov. 1752 Phebe, daughter of Joseph COMBS Freehold, Public

28 Aug 1757 Ann, Daughter of John and Sarah COMBS, Freehold, Public

22 Jun 1766 Hannah COMBS, an adult Freehold

(Combs Researcher Judy Accord)

28 Aug 1757 Combs, Ann, d/o John and Mary
Combs, John s/o John and Mary

2 Sep 1764 Combs, Jane d/o John and _____

Early Church Records II by Charlotte D. Meldrum p. 189

Old Presbyterian Churchyard, Shrewsbury

(From the Book of the Dead of Monmouth) Church organized prior to 1734; incorporated 1749 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Monmouth NJGenWeb,

COMBS, Jemima Clarke, wife of Thomas, b. Apr 2, 1803; d. Oct 2, 1883
COMBS Thomas E., d. Jul 24, 1854, aged 48y 1m [b abt Jun 1806]
COMBS Elijah, son of Thomas E. and Jemima S., b. Dec 22, 1828; d. Apr 7, 1869

Quaker Cemetery, Manasquan, Monmouth Co, NJ

(Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

COMBS Lydia (CURTIS) wife of Robert, d. May 6, 1864, aged 68y 7m 18d [b 18 Sep 1795]

Families of Monmouth Co, NJ

Note: The following is unintelligible, started playing around, then gave up pending more wills, deeds, estate records needed.

Thomas COMBS, d 1723, m (1) Unknown by whom he probably had Robert and Rachel; and (2) by 1714, Elizabeth by whom he had Thomas, Joseph, Jonathan, John, and Elizabeth.

John COMBS m by 1714 Elizabeth, abt whom no more is known?

Robert COMBS, s/o Thomas d 1723, fathered one natural child by Anne COOK by 1723, and a second by Mary SOLTAR by 1726; may have been same who married Mary ROBERTS, widow of Thomas MORRELL, d 1733, by whom he had Martha COMBS, b ca 1733, m Thomas COMBS, ancestry unknown; and Job COMBS, b ca 1740, m Deborah UNKNOWN.

Thomas COMBS, father of Joseph baptised 28 Aug 1743

Thomas COMBS, father of Solomon baptised 9 Apr 1758, Rachel baptised 18 Oct 1761; and Esther baptised 14 Jun 1764 (Old Tennent)

Solomon COMBS, s/o Thomas & Martha COMBS Combs, baptised 9 Apr 1758,  ???; d ???; m (1) Unknown, by whom he had Hannah Smith baptised 1787, Old Tennent; m (2) 1797, Catherine CONOVER, by whom he had ????

Jonathan COMBS, father of William baptized 11 Jun 1742; Robert baptised 24 Apr 1744; and Jonathan baptised 1 Jun 1746

John COMBS, father of John baptised 25 Aug 1771; and Jonathan baptised 17 Oct 1773

Joseph COMBS, father of David baptised 27 Jun 1773; Elizabeth baptised 5 Feb 1775; and Thomas baptised 18 May 1777.

Robert & Lydia COMBS who were baptised in 1784, Old Tennent, have not yet been identified.

James COMBS, father of Hannah, baptised 4 Jul 1784; Joseph baptised 26 Jul 1789; and Margaret baptised 1795

Samuel COMBS, father of Jonathan baptised 2 Oct 1790, has not yet been identified.

Anna COMBS, baptised 1790, Old Tennent, has not yet been identified.

Isabel COMBS, mother of Rebekah COMBS, baptised 1801, has not yet been identified. Was Isabel a widow of a COMBS who afterward m Richard CRAIG?

Robert COMBS, father of Lewis Lerton (Lorton?) baptised 28 Sep 1804; and Gilbert and Rachel baptised 24 Jun 1814, also had older sons, James (b ca 1794) and Charles.

Notes: In a letter dated 24 Feb 1863, Philadelphia, PA, from Jane, wife of Gilbert COMBS to James COMBS, she addresses him as "My Dear Brother James" (brother-in-law), refers to "Brother Lewis," "Sister Rachel" and "R. Lorton" (COMBS, a nephew?). Census records indicate that James COMBS was born ca 1794 in NJ and in the records of Old Tennent Church, Monmouth Co, NJ are the baptisms of Lewis Lorton COMBS, baptised 28 Sep 1804; and Gilbert and Rachel COMBS, baptised 24 Jun 1814, all three identified as children of Robert COMBS. Per census records, Lewis Lorton was b ca 1803, and Gilbert ca 1814 (Rachel m Miles McDERMOTT,  not yet located in census), with James, their elder brother, apparently unrecorded in Old Tennent records. The father, Robert COMBS, has not yet been specifically identitified as yet, but it would appear highly likely, based on naming patterns, that he was closely related to (possibly brother or nephew of?) Rachel COMBS who m 23 Dec 1752, John LORTON, Jr., both of Middlesex Co, NJ. (See James Combs Family Archives)

Elijah Combs Family Records

From Loose Papers with COMBS FAMILY BIBLE - Transcription deposited with the Virginia State Library Archives, described as “Loose pages from bible, with New Testament page, which indicated it was published in New York by James Pott and Company. No date. In possession of Mrs. Paul S. Cooke of Alexandria, Va. McNairy County, Tenn. (Bible of G. W. and Sarah C. COMBS) New Jersey, also. Entries seem to have been written by one person.” The pp. include the following record on a Loose sheet in Bible, from the New Jersey Family. Neither the source, nor the basis for the statement of relationship are known:

Elijah COMBS (son of Thomas & Martha, brother of Gilbert) Born June 8, 1775.
Rebeckah - his wife, born Oct, 21, 1780
The birth of their children:
Nancy was born Nov. 3rd 1799.
Rebeckah Clayton was born Sept. 1801
Esther was born Feb. 9. 1804
Thomas was born May 24th 1806
Aaron R. was born Nov. 8th 1808
Joseph - was horn March 2lst 1811
Elizabeth R. my mother June 20 1813
Rachel Combs was born Nov. 27 - 1815
Guilbert Combs was born Jan. 29 - 1825

(Virginia State Library Archives, provided by TN Combs Researcher Mary Gregg)

The above records compare with those of Old Tennent, which indicate:

Elijah COMBS m 6 Aug 1697, Monmouth Co, NJ, Rebeckhah REED Combs. It appears that they and daughter, Nancy, were all baptised in 1800, followed by the baptisms of their children,  Rebeekah Clayton  16 May 1802, Easter (Esther) 1804,  Thomas 17 Oct 1806, Aaron Reed 13 May 1809, Joseph 28 Jul 1811 and Elizabeth Reed 1813.

Notes: George W. COMBS of the Bible Record was the s/o John & Susan ETTER Combs and gs/o Rev. War Soldier Gilbert COMBS, b 1759, Freehold, Monmouth Co, NJ, d 1836, McNairy Co, TN. Elijah may have been his younger brother (full, half or step).

Smith Family Papers

(Extracted by COMBS Resesarcher Kate C. DiBlassio from Publications of the GSNJ, Smith Family papers):

Jasper SMITH, b. 1740, d. April 10, 1820 (Upper Burying Ground, Lawrenceville) consort- Jemima do. Daniel LANNING of Ewingville, d. Aug. 28, 1836 in 93rd year (from gravestone).


  1. Daniel b. 1765 in Maidenhead Twp., d. April 10 in Milton, Northumberland Co., Pa.
  2. Asher d. after 1817, m. Sarah SMITH, b. 12 Oct 1773 d. after 1810
  3. Hannah m. Daniel CLARKE of Maidenhead, d. intestate 1803, in Maidenhead.
    1. Charles CLARKE m. Elizabeth LYONS, Sunbury, Pa
    2. Mary CLARKE m. Joshua ANDERSON
    3. Elizabeth CLARKE m. Henry RUNYON & KINGMAN
    4. Jemima CLARKE m. Thomas COOMBS of Freehold
    5. Enoch CLARKE m Mercy GREEN of Easton, Pa.
    6. William m. Sarah GRAHAM of Phila
    7. SMITH (CSTE, pg. 40)
  4. Sarah b. 1770; m. Elias SCUDDER
  5. Elizabeth b. 1771; d. 28 Jan 1837 (stone in Presb. Chyd., Ewing Twp) m. Richard HILL
    Enoch, b. 1763 in Maidenhead, d. 9 Feb 1817 in Sunbury, Northumb. Co., Pa.
  6. Prudence, b. 1778; d. 6 June 1867 in 99th yr. (stone in Presb. Chyd., Lawrenceville) m. William MERSHON

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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