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Umatilla County was established in 1862 from Wasco. Descendant Counties include Grant (1864) and Morrow (1885). The County seat is Pendleton.

22 Feb 1911 Martin COMBS, a bachelor, died intestate near Milton, Umatilla County, Oregon. The names of those inheriting his estate as per proofs filed with the Court are shown hereon…Diagram prepared by N. A. DAVIS, Administrator, Milton, Oregon showing Relationship to Deceased of the Various Heirs.

(Provided by Combs Researcher Bob Combs who adds: This transcribed from a faxed copy from descendant Jim Gaddis of Lenoir Co, NC who obtained it from a grandaughter of Harvey COMBS #20 below)

Bob Combs Notes: Martin COMBS was the s/o Mahlon COMBS, b 1780 in PA; d 1855, Guernsey Co, OH, believed to have been the son of Joseph COMBS who who died in Holmes Co, OH in 1827, son of Andrew COMBS I of Tonoloways (d Loudoun Co, VA)

Martin COMBS, deceased, son of Mahlon COMBS and wife, both deceased.

Full brothers & sisters:
1) Benjamin COMBS-deceased
2) John COMBS-deceased-no lineal descendants
3) Joseph COMBS-deceased
4) William COMBS-deceased
5) Elizabeth [COMBS] Huffman-deceased
6) Sarah [COMBS] Gaddis-deceased
7) Amelia [COMBS] Carter-deceased

Half brothers & sisters: [no children or grandchildren listed]
8) Aaron COMBS, Freewater [Umatilla Co],Oregon
9) Andrew J. COMBS, Belknap(?) [Davis Co],Iowa
10) Mary Jane [COMBS] Howell, Ottumwa [Wapello Co],Iowa
11) Elma* Ellen [COMBS] Wells, Ottumwa [Wapello Co],Iowa

*Transcribed as Eliza E. on 1850 Guernsey Co, OH Census

Children of Benjamin COMBS [1 above]:

12) Mahlon COMBS, Winterset [Guernsey Co], Ohio
13) James N.COMBS, Freeport [Harrison Co], Ohio
14) John H. COMBS, Akron [Summitt Co], Ohio
15) Agnes A. [COMBS] Anderson, Winterset [Guernsey Co], Ohio

Children of Joseph COMBS [3 above]:

16) Martha [COMBS] Jeffries, Inglewood [Los Angeles Co], Calif.
17) John W. COMBS, Upper Middletown [Fayette Co], Penna.
18) Miss Elizabeth COMBS, Upper Middletown [Fayette Co], Penna.
19) Martin COMBS, Upper Middletown [Fayette Co], Penna.
20) Harvey COMBS, Upper Middletown [Fayette Co], Penna.
21) Miss Harriet G. COMBS, Upper Middletown [Fayette Co], Penna.
22) James F. COMBS, Uniontown [Fayette Co?], Penna.

Children of William COMBS [4 above]:

23) Mary Catherine [COMBS] Lanning, Cambridge [Guernsey Co], Ohio
24) George W. COMBS, Winterset [Guernsey Co], Ohio
25) James G. COMBS, Byesville [Guernsey Co], Ohio

Children of Elizabeth [COMBS] Huffman [5 above]:

26) Henry HUFFMAN, deceased
27) Sarah Elizabeth HUFFMAN Allison, deceased

Children of Sarah [COMBS] Gaddis [6 above]:

28) Oliver GADDIS, deceased
29) James GADDIS, deceased
30) Pricilla [GADDIS] West, deceased
31) Elizabeth [GADDIS] Field, deceased
32) Caroline [GADDIS] Graham, Chicago [Cook Co], Ill.
33) Emily [GADDIS] West, Uniontown, Penna.
34) Mary [GADDIS] Strong, What Cheer [Keokuk Co], Iowa
35) William GADDIS, Upper Middletown [Fayette Co], Penna.
36) Jonathan GADDIS, no lineal descendants
37) Harvey GADDIS, no lineal descendants

Children of Amelia [COMBS] Carter [7 above]:

38) Samuel CARTER, Brownsville [Fayette Co?], Penna.
39) William CARTER, deceased, no lineal descendants

Children of Sarah [HUFFMAN] Allison [27 above]:

40) Mary ALLISON, deceased
41) Henrietta [ALLISON] Mc__de, Cambridge [Guernsey Co], Ohio

Children of Oliver GADDIS [28 above]:

42) Louise [GADDIS] Arison(?), Uniontown [Fayette Co?], Penna.
43) J.E.GADDIS, Republic, Fayette Co., Penna.
44) Miss Antionette GADDIS, Pittsburg [Allegheny Co], Penna.
45) Elizabeth [GADDIS] Bailey, Uniontown [Fayette Co?], Penna.
46) Miss Drusilla A. GADDIS, Beaver [Beaver Co?], Penna.
47) Mrs. Robert D. [GADDIS] Thompson, Beaver [Beaver Co?], Penna.
48) Charles B. GADDIS, Republic, Fayette Co., Penna.

Children of James GADDIS [29 above]:

49) Elmer GADDIS, Dayton [Montgomery Co], Ohio
50) Miss Olive GADDIS, Uniontown [Fayette Co?], Penna.

Child of Pricilla [GADDIS] West [30 above]:

51) Miss Jennie WEST, Upper Middletown [Fayette Co], Penna.

Children of Elizabeth [GADDIS] Field [31 above]:

52) James FIELD, Smithfield [Fayette Co], Penna.
53) Gaddis FIELD, Uniontown, Penna.
54) Enos FIELD, Portland [Multnomah Co], Oregon
55) Miss Emily FIELD, Portland [Multnomah Co], Oregon
56) Ida [FIELD?] Skiles, Uniontown [Fayette Co?], Penna.

Milton-Freewater IOOF Cemetery

COMBS, Martin, 1823-1911, R-2

(Extracted by C. Hammett from US GenWeb Archives, Milton-Freewater IOOF Cemetery, Umatilla County, Oregon-C, Copyright by Iris E. (Scroggin) Wilson & Garland E. Wilson. 1984,
ORGenWeb Archives Umatilla County.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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